Proposal for 12/31: Antiwar Working Group

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Proposal to create a new OWS working group.

Name of Group: Antiwar

Contact emails:,

Is your group open for anyone to join? Yes

How does your group actively try to include the voices of people who are marginalized by larger society? Our members include people from women’s organizations, people of color, and immigrants.

If you have regular meetings, when and where are they? alternate Tuesdays, 6PM @ 60 Wall St. (public atrium)

Movement Group: How do you contribute to the OWS movement? While we struggle to keep our homes, jobs, hospitals, schools and libraries, our money is being laundered for wars. These wars are waged by corporate and government forces for profit, causing untold death and destruction to life and earth. Our group works to abolish these destructive forces, through nonviolent direct action and education, and stands in solidarity with those facing war and other forms of oppression.

4 Responses to “Proposal for 12/31: Antiwar Working Group”

  1. Yoni Miller

    This proposal means War! (I want to keep the group busy…oh wait…they will be plenty busy… >.>)

  2. Eureka Springs

    War resistance is brutile, I’ve been resisting forever. Glad to see someone working on this within occupy. Good luck!