Proposal for 12/29: Occupy Dartmouth Tent

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Proposal to donate one of OWS’s army tents to Occupy Dartmouth to support their winter survival.


Hi, my name is Lily Brown, from Occupy Dartmouth.  I’m a student at Dartmouth but live in Brooklyn, and am currently on Christmas break.  Occupy Dartmouth is a branch of the Occupy movement started by Dartmouth students, but which also includes many community members.  We have an encampment and two tents which are occupied 24/7, however one of our tents is not particularly warm, and our warm tent which we built ourselves is starting to smell and grow mildew etc.  We would love it if OWS could donate one of its army tents to us for the winter.  I will bring minutes from a GA where we talked about getting a new tent, and pictures of our encampment to prove that we are really an Occupy.

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