Proposal for 12/29: NYE Deposit Budget

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We are asking for a budget of $2000 as a deposit on borrowing silent disco equipment for our new years eve afterparty. This money would be refunded upon receipt of the equipment, which is being distributed based on a tree of trust system of accountability.

2 Responses to “Proposal for 12/29: NYE Deposit Budget”

    • Dallas

      it’d be good if you detailed

      –who is holding this $2000 deposit,

      –what equipment is involved,

      –who is assuming responsibility for the equipment if shit happens

      –where/when this party is happening

      –who assumes responsibility for the GA’s $2000 if shit happens, yada, yada, yada.

      Just wanted to get the tedious responsible adult stuff out there right up front…. but as long as you’re talking legit equipment from a legit business and you’re willing to have your butt on the line for the equipment and deposit, this sounds like the move.