Proposal for 12/29: GA Quorum

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Proposer: Jason Woody


I would like to purpose that no proposals can be passed through the General Assembly without a quorum of at least one hundred people.

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  1. Yoni Miller

    is Spoke allowed to make proposals for the GA? I happen to agree with it, am concerned that SC will use SC to rule the GA in future

    • vala

      I agree that we need a quorum, not sure about the number. The press is investigating our spending and will probably soon attack us; then it will be hard to get any more donations. If we meet indoors, we’ll probably get more people.

  2. Dallas

    100 people? Where are we having these GAs? I don’t really remember seeing all that many solid 100+ crowds at GA since Thanksgiving or so.,…. certainly not by the end of most GAs. Does this mean all GAs will be cut to ~45 minutes because people need to go warm up and get a coffee?

    It’s cold and GA is at night currently…. 100 may not be realistic.

    BTW, why 100? That’s the same number Trish came up with when she proposed this about 2 months ago, and it didn’t seem to be based on anything in particular (beyond irrational fascination with round numbers).

    • truthisgone

      How about 169 or pi ? We’re in the middle of the holiday season and their still trying to get stuff done. Give’em a break!

  3. Voter March

    All important decisions by an organization should require a quorum.
    Inclement weather should not be a reason to not have a quorom.
    What if there is a snow blizzard and there is an important proposal, but only 10 people present at the GA?
    Rather, inclement weather should be a reason to find an indoor space to hold the GA meetings.

  4. josh ehrenberg

    I really like this idea. One might come across a problem if we consistently cannot make 100 people. Can you create by a mechanism by which a small group may change the quorum hurdle if attendance does not pick up.

  5. NYCGA Council

    Trish presented this proposal (as and individual, rather than a WG)over eight weeks ago to the GA. She decided to table it because of the difficult she had with the issue of at least 100 in attendence. Her reasoning was that this number would represent 10% of 1000, more representive of a movement rather than 2-3 dozen people approving 10’s of thousands of dollars.

    The fact of the matter a lot of people liked this proposal but the conflict was they had proposal which may not have passed if it had passed at that time.

    Maybe now it will fly….does not matter who runs with it…just that it’s ran with…. and that person gets acknowledge.

    Here are my other proposals:

    1. Dissolving Spokes Council

    2. GA establish a Quorum before addresssing WG proposals for financial assistance

    3. Establishing a General Assembly Council

    Peace & Progress

  6. Darrell Prince

    quorum is fine.. 100 is nonsense.. try 30, in the stated locations, and 50 for an emergency GA.

  7. soothsayer

    there were 120-130 ppl at dec 22nd GA when it they started being held indoors. at this date there was one proposal that attracted a high number of blocks, that becasue of lack of time forced a modified 9/10 consensus that required everybody in the room to raise their hands to overcome the blocks and allow the proposal to squeak by. i hrd that dec 20nd GA had the same situation (i wasn’t present on dec 20).

    as for the winter garden/world financial center. because of the D12 action there, security and police are now wary of protesters gathering there. Direct Action held a small meeting there recently, and at the end of the meeting, they were greeted by police arrest teams on standby.