Proposal for 12/27: J17 Occupy Congress Solidarity

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A mass protest is being organized in Washington, DC on January 17th.  Occupy DC is actively involved with a group called Occupy Congress.  The thought is to have day-long actions on the 17th through 21st because the 17th is the first day the House of Representatives is in session for 2012.  It’s an opportunity to bring our grievances to the nation’s capitol and interact with occupations all over the country.

I propose we express solidarity with the event on the 17th and use all means at our disposal to promote it.  I propose we begin organizing a contingent of OWSers to go to DC and offer our support.  Occupy Congress is asking for a liaison between OWS and them, so if we express solidarity with the event we should reconvene at another GA to choose liaisons, or not and just organize autonomously.

Solidarity isn’t an endorsement.  I don’t believe it’s necessary to endorse the action, unless we want to, because solidarity with them is enough.  Each occupation is invited to bring its own list of grievances or to simply send individuals to participate.  We don’t need to decide on any grievances, but protest and participate like we’ve done at other mass actions here in New York.

Occupy Congress may be contacted on Facebook or

All individuals are welcome to participate autonomously; this proposal is only to seek consent for an expression of solidarity and the use of our social media to promote the event.

The 21st of January is also the anniversary of Citizens United – another opportunity to voice our concerns.

I have copies of their call to action for review by the GA (or find it here:

15 Responses to “Proposal for 12/27: J17 Occupy Congress Solidarity”

  1. Anne

    Just want to point out that there will be actions here in NYC re the anniversary of Citizens United…
    If you do go to DC I suggest familiarizing yourselves with the Congressional resolutions that have been introduced to counter Citizens United…I recommend the Sanders/Deutsch bill.

  2. Yoni Miller

    45 bucks is a bit much, when I can be paying around 10 bucks for round trip with Megabus.

    • Daniel

      Occupy DC is on the Occupy Congress listserv and has been advising on police issues, permits, etc. They’ve given their endorsement, from what I’ve heard.

  3. Paul

    Has the required permits been done? I can not find any information on this point. The detractors of OWS keep saying free speech is limited noting that one can not yell fire in a crowed theater.

  4. JZ

    Also: the loophole that allows congress persons who have investments in Delaware incorporated companies to regulate those companies … I have to do more research on that … if any1 has more detail on that message me please.

  5. Yoni Miller

    If the proposer doesn’t bring it up tomorrow, a twitter organizer requested that I will read off the proposal. I have read up on the info and will do my best, :)