Proposal for 12/20: DA Budget

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Proposal from Direct Action to convert $100 daily allotment of general funds to $700 weekly allotment. Funds will be used to finance variety of direct action projects as determined by working group meetings.

4 Responses to “Proposal for 12/20: DA Budget”

  1. Yoni Miller

    This can only be done, if DA seeks approval from the GA for it’s actions. The Church occupation was very unpopular amongst many members, and perhaps I am mistaken, but we never had a conversation about its merits and demerits.

  2. Sam Redman

    Was the seizing of the private property of a church, which ironically had helped OWS, approved by the GA? Will the church be reimbursed for the expense to repair the damaged fence?

    This adolescent prankish nonsense probably caused more of a negative public reaction than any previous activity. How anyone thought that forcibly taking property from others who had befriended the movement would in any way relate to OWS objectives is beyond comprehension.

  3. JZ

    DA is extremely necessary but recently I’ve been questioning the methods and visions of determining what are strategically intelligent actions to pursue. Constructive criticism helps maintain balance. I question the arrest rate as well. As fun as the Winter Garden was after the Goldman Sucks demonstrations last Monday, it was somewhat ridiculous at the same time to see all the arrests. I witnessed elements of a mob mentality at the Winter Garden.

  4. Daniel

    OWS is decentralized. Everyone should be doing a great many more autonomous actions. If anyone has problems with the impact of an action, then I suggest those that disagree do something that they feel will garner more support from the public.

    The media’s perception of us is largely out of our control. No amount of reasoned speech will dispel the myths that have been established. If one were to take the time to scan through conservative blogs and news outlets, then one would see what some people think of us. Trinity owns something like 5 or 6 million square feet of property in New York – they’re land barons. They can suck it up if they’re upset about a fence, somebody give them a tissue.

    Private property rights being enforced at the cost of humanity is one of the reasons we are here. Open space belongs to all of us, if there is a spare room in an apartment building or an empty house, it should be utilized. Exactly the same thing goes for factories (and even better! farms!). Trinity has a lot, we need a lot, Trinity will be just fine without the lot, they don’t use the lot, they rent it, I’m of the opinion that they don’t need any more money.

    As the “99%” we’ve been getting our teeth kicked in since the dawn of organized economies. When will we stop caring about our masters and doing what needs to be done to better our lives? And please don’t write, “But there’s a right way to go about things.” Is it right to starve people? Is it right to assault, blind, maim, rape protesters? Is it right to deny the majority of humanity a peaceful, fulfilling life? No. This is what happens to people if they do not obey. It happens all over the world and our government funds much of it. It will happen here before too long.

    The police are there to defend the status quo AGAINST us. Anyone that wants to preserve the status quo might as well grab a helmet and shield and stand on their side of the line.