Occupy Christmas Proposal

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Occupy Christmas Proposal

Working group Occupy Dignity is holding a 24-hour Christmas vigil on December 25th in Liberty Park, starting at midnight on Christmas Eve. The event is intended to provide comfort, fellowship and solace to those of us who are typically isolated on Christmas Day, and to those of us who reject the current cultural expression of the holiday.  Like the Occupy movement as a whole, we propose a concept of “family” that is inclusive, and a value system that prioritizes relationship over commerce.


The day will include Music, Food, Multi-Faith worship, Meditation, Art and Poetry, plus anything else people would care to provide as personal expressions of the holiday and this movement.


The kitchen working group consented that they will have neither enough volunteers nor appropriate facilities to prepare the meal. They suggested that, as was the case on Thanksgiving day, we use a caterer to provide individually packaged meals, at an approximate cost of $10 per plate. We propose an order of 500 meals for $5,000.


We are coordinating with kitchen for the delivery and serving of the meals. In the event of very bad weather, we will have a back-up plan coordinated with the housing working group to deliver meals to the places where people are staying.


We are also seeking a budget to provide for basic needs in the park on Christmas Day. We propose:


$400 for hot drinks

$300 for water

$800 for food

$200 for rain ponchos

$450 for travels cards (100 X $4.50)


For a total of $2,150.


All money spent will be carefully accounted for and any money not spent will be returned to the GA general fund. Any travel cards not distributed on Christmas Day will be given to the housing working group for distribution to occupiers on an as-needed basis. Unused rain ponchos will be given to SIS for distribution as needed. Every effort will be made to use only local non-corporate businesses to acquire all goods for Christmas Day – Friendly amendments and further help in organizing this event are very welcome.

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