NYCGA Minutes 12/8/2011

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Day/Time: 12/8/2011 / 7pm

Location: Liberty Park

Facilitators (F): Negesti and Zac

Stack-taker: Alec. Time-keeper: Sully. Minutes: Robina.



83.1.  Working Group Report Backs

83.2.  Agenda Items (Mobile Occupation proposal, Medical Clinic proposal)

83.3.  Announcements

F(Z): Hi guys my name is Zack. I’m from Daytona Florida.  I’m from Operation Occupation…I travel around occupations collecting stories from people that love and support you guys.  Can I have 8 volunteers please?  Real quick I just want you to hold something.

F: What I have here are flags from occupations across the nation.  I don’t have as many as I would like today.  Of course there are some occupations who didn’t have time to make them, or didn’t have the resources to.  People across the nation love you, support you and care about you.  I would like to share a few stories with you guys.  If you’re interested in hearing more, come find me.

I’m going to jump around and pick a few random ones really fast.

[Zack reads entries from Matt in Orlando, Florida; David in Orland, Florida; Steve and Phoebe in Wilmington, North Carolina, Sean Murphy from Wilmington, North Carolina; and someone here at OWS.  Minutes taker could not follow and attempted to contact him to get copies of these stories but never heard back.]

F(Z): I’ll cut it short there. If you guys are interested in hearing more you guys can come find me.  My organization is planning a day of action in early February…we will be riding skateboards from Daytona to NYC and then to California…. to Cali. Solidarity everyone.

CQ:Will they be longboards or skateboards?

F: Anything you like.  Could be bicycles.  Whatever you can keep up on!

F: So at this point we want to do working group report backs.  Please see Alec to get on stack.


83.1.  Working Group Report Backs

83.1.1.  Minutes: Lauren: Hi everybody, I work with the Minutes working group.  We need help.  We’re looking for people who can type at an intermediate or advanced level to do what Robina is doing right now, capture words verbatim. Minutes are awesome! Please help us.

F: Any other working group report backs?


83.2.  Agenda Items

F: Well I think we’re going to start with the first proposal for the day.  So why don’t you come up here?

83.2.1.  Mobile Occupation Proposal  Kelly: Hi everybody. It’s really funny not using the People’s Mic at Zuccotti We were on the march on November 9th to Washington DC.  We were on the road a couple of weeks.  I’ve only been back to the park a few times.  I’m in shock.  I know some people are used to it and thinking about the future but I’m… Anyway, it was really fantastic, the march. We had GAs at Rutgers, Princeton, University of Maryland. People gave us donations, gave us accommodations…One night there were 40 of us in one house.  We were indoors every night except at encampments where we camped out like Occupy Philly, Occupy Baltimore, Occupy Trenton, and other places.  The reason we’re right here right now is we’re part of Mobile Occupation, which is a lot of the crew from the green bus tour including Charlie and those guys…but we’re more from the walking half of that: the highway march part.  There were 9 people that decided to keep walking and now they’re on their way to Atlanta, Georgia.   It’s day 8 for them…anyway so they’ve had little publicity and little funds because they planned a 700-mile march in a couple of days…They wrote up a proposal that we’re going to read to you guys.

I’ll just read the whole thing as they wrote it: “Nine people who participated in NYC march to DC have begun another march.  Five of these nine people completed the entire trek from Zuccotti Park to McPherson Square.  This new march began December 1st at the MLK, Jr. monument in Washington, Dc.  We will march approximately twenty miles per day for the next forty-five days in order to arrive in Atlanta Georgia in mid-January.  Our date is arrival is not exact as daily schedules are always subject to change according to health and safety concerns.

Along the way we will visit other occupations and public spaces such as Universities.  Our facilitation team will hold instructional GAs in order to introduce and spread the concept of horizontal leadership and we will discuss the history and significance of marching and non-violent civil disobedience as forms of protest.

We feel that these methods of demonstration are the next logical step that should be taken beyond stationary occupations.  Mobile occupations attract attention ot the occupy mvmt while allowing us to reach out to the public in person.  They demonstrate the dedication, determination, and conviction of the Occupy movement.  They provide a mobile example of the community Occupy is working to create.  Long distance marches also demonstrate our willingness to sacrifice even our health, comfort, stability, and safety in support of the Occupy movement and its ideals.

Our nine marchers need money for food because we did not have the spectacular media kickoff the NYC march to DC had.  We have relatively few online followers.  Donations so far have only totaled $50. Understanding that the stability of OWS has been compromised we are only asking the NYCGA for a short-term solution until enough public attention and support is generated to increase our donations.

We currently have $500 which was leftover from the NYC march to DC WePay account.”

What they’re requesting is $1,000 from NYCGA.  Estimated funds for entire march would be $3,390 dollars for food, gear (cold weather gear in particular), and medical supplies.  But the proposal right now is for $1,000 for the march to Atlanta, Georgia.”

F: Can everyone hear? Did everyone hear the proposal clearly? I’d like to open this up for clarifying questions.  Clarifying Questions (CQ)  CQ: Are they going to be asking for that extra $2,000 in the future?

R: According to the proposal they’re hoping that money will come in from online support…they’re now 12 walkers and will be at 20 by Raleigh.

F: Any other CQs?  You know in about 12 days we’re going to have the winter solstice and that’s the sign the days are going to get longer and that’s our hope.  We have to save as much money as we can and get ready for the spring. We have a long days ahead of us… thank you for coming but the point is we need to spend as least as we can and make the best and the most of it  And the reality is the spring is coming and we’ll come back with a vengeance.

F: That’s not a CQ; that’s more a commentary on the season. And I agree but are there final CQs about the proposal?  CQ: Is the thousand part of the $500 leftover [from the march to DC]?

R: There was $500 leftover from the WePay.  We were given $3,000 from the GA for the march. The record of all the expenditures is on our WordPress.  I think there’s like $112 earmarked for something already bought.  We use donations first and GA funds second….basically that’s not any GA money from here, that’s from the WePay.  CQ: I just want to ask will this money coming through in any way help to promote the march better than it was the last time? A lot of us were excited last time but it didn’t get much coverage.

R: I don’t know if the money will help.  Right now it’s just a little bit of money for food for them…Yeah I’ve been in contact with a few people at Occupy DC…the media coverage has been a little less than our march from NYC to DC. We thought that was crazy because we planned it in 1.5 weeks. They planned theirs in a couple of days! They felt so positive doing that they wanted to jump the gun and do that right away.  The money is for if there’s an emergency, if someone’s shoes get stolen…they’re going to be on the road for 45 days so there’s a lot of time for the media to catch on.

F: Any final CQs?

F: This looks pretty good to me, so I’m going to close stack if I don’t see any and move to concerns about the proposals at hand.

F: Stack is open for Concerns. Any?

F: None.  Great.

F: Any FAs?

Mobile Occupation: Feel free to give them more money!

F: Okay, I’m not seeing any Concerns or FAs so right now I’d like to move on to the process of testing for consensus. I’d like to introduce standasides, which is something we’ve been using a little bit so we have it as part of our vernacular.  A standaside is I’m not going to block but I don’t full support it so I would like to step away from this conversation.  Do people understand what I mean by that?

F(Z): As long as we’re doing this can I just say standasides should be recorded in the minutes?

F: This is just a way of saying that people had concerns. Are there any standasides about this proposal at hand?  One. Do we have two? Two.

F: Do we have any blocks?  A block is a severe ethical, moral, or safety concern that this proposal fundamentally jeopardizes the movement and you would step away from this movement.  Any blocks? I don’t see any blocks.  Are you blocking Zac?

F(Z): I was wondering if the two standasides could share their concerns?  Standasides  Standaside 1: I’m standing aside because I haven’t been to many of these situations.  I’m worried about the preparation people put in before they start on such a march.  Perhaps there should be a precedent of organizing media and towns you’re going to visit before you start.  Standaside 2: It’s basically the same thing.  I feel they kind of threw it together.  A little bit of prep would have been better, they could have gotten money from donations or something

F: I’m going to go back to blocks with that.  Any blocks? I’m not seeing any?

F: I’m going to say we’ve reached consensus on that. So it looks like that money has been allocated.

F: Next we have an emergency proposal.  An emergency proposal has an external, previously unforeseeable deadline.  You’ll hear the proposal from medical clinic and then we’ll take a TC on whether this is an emergency proposal

83.2.2.  Medical Clinic Emergency Proposal  Hi my name is Paulie. I represent the OWS medical clinic. This is Zephyr. He is a well-trained therapy dog. So, basically [this is] what has happened with the Medical Clinic… recently we separated from Street Medics, which is now its own working group and Medical Clinic which is now its own working group.  The reason we did that is the Street Medic is a very basic level of care. They’re most first responders. Medical Clinic is a higher level of care; we deal with doctors, nurses, all those people and EMTs. We even have chaplains and support from acupuncturists, herbologists, things like that. We’ve run into a kind of issue. I’m not very good at running the process with OWS.  I’m kind of new at it so I didn’t know we have to submit twenty-four hours in advance so I just came here.  Basically we need to do an emergency budget right now. I have many patients that are dependent on us to help them with their meds.  People approach me in the subway and say “I have something going on I need to see a doctor.”  We had to separate from the Street Medics and in doing that we had to pay a few debts to get us to zero balance and that cost us money and we have no money.  I need to do an emergency budget of at least $500 for the next two days.  I want to mention Comfort will be supporting Medical Clinic to go to people in the shelters and doing laundry for them because that’s a medical problem. We’ve had problem with things like scabies and other things like that…Its out obligation to protect the churches and the people within OWS, the occupiers…. We want to start this now we have to do this now or it might lead to more expensive…I want to apologize but here I am doing my best.  Total of $800.

F: Consensus about hearing this as an emergency proposal? Okay, that looks pretty good. Can everyone who doesn’t feel positive raise their hand as well? [No hands.] So it looks like we want to hear this proposal.  Alec will take stack for CQs.  Clarifying Questions  CQ: Did you say $800 or $100?

R: $800.  CQ: Could you tell us what exactly some of that money will be used for?

R: We’re in the process of doing three major things.  One is getting four mobile clinics set up, which will cost a range of $200 each.  But we want to just get one or two open in the next two days to get to the churches…they will be staffed by nurses and doctors.  So basically it’s like a cooler we can take on subways or in cabs or a car so we can quickly transport them to where they need to be used.  The mobile clinics will also be used to support demonstrations to provide support for Street Medics and anyone else on medical staff. The 2nd big thing we’re doing – is everyone aware of the National Lawyers Guild, the people with the green hats? We’re starting a medical observation team, which is basically the same thing. They’ll be wearing orange hats and what they’ll do is look and find if there is an issue of police brutality…it will be documented by a doctor which will then give civil suits more clout so they can take it to the NLG rather than them going to the hospital sitting there and we might not get the documentation.  We’re trying to take the heat off of the NLG because they do a lot of stuff.  Third thing is more support with jail support. When you get out of jail the first thing you want to see is people there to support you…we’ll have a mobile clinic that is more specific to jail support…We need to start now. It’s going to be expensive.

F: Any more CQs before I close stack? Next up, concerns.  I’m going to open up concerns on this proposal.  Concerns  C: This will tide you over for two days and the next time you are able to foresee your budgetary needs a little better…you can come through the regular process?

R: I just sent it to Facilitation and they informed me how to do this.  This is to hold us over until we can do this the right way.

That answered my concern.

F: Any more concerns?

F: Next up are FAs.  Any FAs? Stack is open.

F: Alright no FAs.  At this point we would attempt to go for consensus on this proposal. Any standasides? No standasides.  TC on passing this proposal? [positive.]

F: Great.  Any blocks on this proposal?  Not seeing any blocks so with that being said one last TC on consensus? [positive.] Everyone feels good about this and Medical Clinic has their money! [applause.]

Paulie: A little announcement: I just wanted to say if you had medications with the clinic before the raid please come up and tell us …if we take legal action we need affidavits from everyone for that.  We will be doing meetings at 60 wall and everything we do will be transparent and online.  We’re working with Tech now.  Everything that’s not confidential.  Thank you.

F: So we had previously been under the impression that Visions and Goals was going to do breakout groups.  Doesn’t look like the person who said they were going to be here is here.  We shouldn’t be waiting idly for someone.  I think we can move on to announcements.  Let’s keep them concise and brief. This is where Sully can jump in. Alec can take stack.


83.3.  Announcements

83.3.1.  Hi, everyone, my name is Phil. I’ve been traveling around some of the northern occupies. I want to tell you about a big Direct Action Occupy New Hampshire have planned. They are essentially going to create a series of direct actions around the presidential primaries. They want as many people to be involved in addressing the presidential primaries. If you are interested please go to the Occupy New Hampshire website.  There are people who are willing to house people.  This is a vitally important issue.  I hope you get involved.

83.3.2.  Kelly: Sorry, I forgot to mention in the proposal: When sending [Mobile Occupation] this check it would be nice to send them a mini care package. If there’s buttons or any media they can distribute along the route, or copies of the OWS journal I’ll be here between 3 and 5 at 60 Wall Street … writing them a letter, socks, anything like that.

F: Okay, no one else on stack for announcements.

F: There we go we have another announcement.

83.3.3.  Hi folks, my name is Ellen. This is my first GA in New York.  New York is my home even though I’ve been living on the west coast so it’s really good to be here.  I want to bring up Fracking – I know a lot of people have heard about it. I want to remind everyone we have one month of public comments for the EPA.  The more comments we can get, the longer we have for more science to pour in.  Visit… calling Cuomo and asking him to ban Fracking we might have a chance.  Thank you; please stay connected with this issue it’s the air and the water and it’s life.

83.3.4.  Kelly: You can follow the marchers at they write daily blogs!

83.3.5.  Another thing Occupy Boston have been holding pretty strong… they’re being evicted tonight at 12 if you can get on livestream and send your love and support to them that would be cool.

F: Anyone else for announcements?

F: Okay, so it looks as if there are no more announcements

83.3.6.  Shawn: I have an announcement. Hey everybody, I didn’t know I was going to make an announcement! Right now “Law and Order” is in Foley Square and they set up a bunch of tents because they’re filming a scene of the Zuccotti Park eviction. I just heard about it in Direct Action. We’re going to go occupy that shit in some form or fashion.  If you’re feeling inclined you can head over there…

What are their demands?

Who’s better at being us than us?

F: One more announcement…

83.3.7.  I was just up there. The storyline is the CEO of the company they’re protesting is the perpetrator in a rape. They’re going to start filming at approximately 8am to 11am tomorrow. Trucks arriving at 6:30. Some of their signs are pretty good.

F: So Visions and Goals has not presented themselves to Facilitation. At this point, we’ve gone through our agenda. Thanks for being efficient and getting it done.

F: We got two proposals done. Thanks for coming! GA is important!

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