NYCGA 12/1/2011 (Summary)

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NOTE: This is a brief summary that is posted prior to formal minutes. This summary is NOT all-inclusive. It includes only major highlights (discussion topics, proposals, and meeting dates/times/locations announced). This summary is compiled via Livetweets and Livestream viewing.


– Working Group Report Backs
*Medical: Now split into two groups, Clinic Medics and Street Medics
*Tech Ops: Working on building a global wide area network and going to bring a proposal to GA to oppose SOPA
*Street Medics: Tomorrow, at noon, in the Park, a Winter Survival teach-in by Solo
*Direct Action: Sunday, from 2pm to 6pm, Action Council to discuss 12 Dec action supporting OccupyOakland and OccupyLA west coast action
*Training: Holding anti-oppression training in prep for the actions of December 6th. 5pm, this Saturday, at Liberty Park; also available every weekend in January
*Open Source: PermaBank launched (a wish-list project); also, working with Light Works to create platform for open-source Livestream, Twitter and Paypal to all work together, to avoid repeatsof recent DDOS attacks
*Occupiers: Working on proposal regarding points of unity, culture during assemblies and spokes council; also, scheduling and focus of those meetings; anyone can help develop this proposal
*Bob (not representing PoCC, not sure who he’s with): demonstration being announced in Chinatown on the 15th
*OccupyPhilly: regional gathering on Dec 10
*Minutes: If you don’t want your name published in the formal minutes on, do not state your name at the GAs or SCs
*Comfort: Mobile Comfort stations are carrying bags (soon to be uniform color) instead of bins, and now have metrocards as well as hygiene products
*Occupy477: Provided boiler and heat to senior and disabled residents, many thanks

– Proposals
*Arts & Culture: $2,000 for 24-hour occupation and performance in Times Square on Broadway, starting 6pm tomorrow. RESULT: CONSENSUS
*Housing: Emergency Proposal: Two points of proposal. First, 200 weekly metrocards at $29/ea to be distributed at 60 Wall St at 6pm tomorrow. (Details included about distribution, tracking, etc.) Total of $5,800. Second, $200 for next two nights to provide coffee for homeless occupiers staying in McDonalds to prevent arrests for loitering. RESULT: CONSENSUS

*Direct Action: $6,400 for tools to fix up a specific house (and future houses as part of similar actions). RESULT: CONSENSUS
*Screen-Printing Guild: Wants GA consensus to switch to co-op model since they’re not allowed to print at Liberty Park. No funds needed. (not yet part of co-op consensed two weeks ago). RESULT: CONSENSUS
*Anthony with Humanity First: $40 to buy tents for people to sleep in at Fort Bennett Park. RESULT: WITHDRAWN
– Announcements
*No meetings announced, but a few info announcements that will be in the formal minutes

5 Responses to “NYCGA 12/1/2011 (Summary)”

  1. Scott

    $2,000 for Occcupation and performance in Times Square? What does that consist of? That sounds like an awful lot of money to be spending.

    $29 for weekly metrocards? I suppose you could not get monthly cards which could be much cheaper? Is this due to a diligence problem? I know it is illegal to have more then one person using any one metrocard. But Cmon, who obeys that law? I am sure this is all well thought out. So I assume that there was not a cheaper method of transport.

    $200 for McDonalds sounds very good. I have no quarrels with those who are homeless and have sacrificed more then most others.

    $6,400 for tools to fix up a house? What tools are you buying?

  2. Scott

    In a few more years you will be able to buy a house for $6,400. Maybe we should hold off on this for now.