NYCGA 12/8/2011 (Summary)

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NOTE: This is a brief summary that is posted prior to formal minutes. This summary is NOT all-inclusive. It includes only major highlights (discussion topics, proposals, and meeting dates/times/locations announced). This summary is compiled via Livetweets and Livestream viewing.

– Working Group Report Backs
*Operation Occupation: Planning a day of action and a skateboard trip from FL to NY
*Minutes: Need minute-takers: intermediate typists!
– Proposals
*Mobile Occupation: $1,000 to support marchers. RESULT: CONSENSUS
*Medical Clinic: $800 to support the clinic and prevent expensive situations from cropping up. (Note: this is just a temporary fix while they come up with an ongoing budget proposal)
– Announcements
*OccupyNH could use care packages of buttons, socks, etc, to support upcoming actions around presidential campaigns
*Fracking/hydraulic fracturing for gas Action Saturday at Waldorf at 3 and 5, where Gov of PA will be.
*Follow DCmarch2GA via
*OccupyBoston facing eviction tonight
*”Law and Order” staging a fake ‘Zucotti Park’ for an episode depicting OWS eviction tonight at Foley Square – plan to occupy it!

2 Responses to “NYCGA 12/8/2011 (Summary)”

  1. Dan Long

    Yeah, glad I read the minutes, lol. You’re doing a bang-up job of stamping out corporate greed.

    • Sam Lazarus

      Yeah, glad I read your comment, lol. You’re doing a bang up job of taking part in a movement designed to enfranchise you.