NYCGA 12/6/2011 (Summary)

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NOTE: This is a brief summary that is posted prior to formal minutes. This summary is NOT all-inclusive. It includes only major highlights (discussion topics, proposals, and meeting dates/times/locations announced). This summary is compiled via Livetweets and Livestream viewing.


– Working Group Report Backs
*Healthcare for the 99%: Successful march on Monday brought out 200 medical students
*Tech: Finished new freedom tower with wi-fi hotspot
*Occupy Dignity: working w/ faith groups to organize a festive 24-hr Midnight to midnight Xmas day vigil! To help:
*Facilitation: Meeting tomorrow in Park at 3pm to design solutions for occupiers and community

*Direct Action: Planning Occupy2012 for a new year’s action
– Proposals
*Visions and Goals present new visions document for review, will bring as proposal on Sunday
*Accounting: Emergency proposal for $550 for Occupy Oklahoma City. RESULT: CONSENSUS
– Announcements
*Constitution WG: Petitions proposal comes up Sunday, viewable at
*Black Feather: Going to set up table with tech for those without access; also, rally against false arrests at 3rd Ave + 138th in Bronx, at Lincoln Hospital
*Florindo: Thursday at 9am is a free bus to Albany to occupy the Capitol for housing rights
*Free Society WG: Meets at 60 Wall St, Sun 12-2, Tues 5-7pm
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