NYCGA 12/31/2011 (Summary)

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NOTE: This is a brief summary that is posted prior to formal minutes. This summary is NOT all-inclusive. It includes only major highlights (discussion topics, proposals, and meeting dates/times/locations announced). This summary is compiled via Livetweets and Livestream viewing.


– Announcements

*Proposal being presented tomorrow regarding occupying the New Hampshire primaries, January 10-15. Be at the GA to learn more and come join this action!

*Walkupy ( has put out a Spring 2012 call to action. Find it on their website and be a part of it.


– Proposals

*Register a new working group: the Anti-War Working Group. RESULT: CONSENSUS

*Strong Women Rules proposal: Audit Finance. RESULT: TABLED

*Politics and Electoral Reform WG, subgroup to End Corporate Personhood proposal: Endorse constitutional amendment and support New York City council voting on amendment to stop unlimited campaign contributions via corporate personhoods. RESULT: GA FRAGMENTED BY NEW YEAR’S EVE ACTIVITIES, GA ENDED PRIOR TO CONSENSUS PROJECT. TABLED.

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