NYCGA 12/10/2011 (Summary)

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NOTE: This is a brief summary that is posted prior to formal minutes. This summary is NOT all-inclusive. It includes only major highlights (discussion topics, proposals, and meeting dates/times/locations announced). This summary is compiled via Livetweets and Livestream viewing.

-Emergency Proposal: RAHKA (Revolutionary Homeless Kicking Ass) did not use the money they were allocated last week for metrocards; brought a proposal to the GA to ask to use the money instead for their McDonalds program, which allocates $2/day for people who are unable to stay in the churches (primarily for safety reasons.) The money is used to make sure people spending the night in McDonalds have a coffee or food in front of them so they don’t get kicked out.  PROPOSAL PASSED using modified consensus.

-Visions and Goals: Asks the assembly to take a look at their revised Visions and Goals document; take feedback, invite people to their meeting at 60 Wall Sunday at noon — or give feedback on

-POC Proposal: People of Color Caucus brings a proposal asking for $400 from the GA to rent Unity Hall (235 West 23rd Street) for four hours for their racial justice workshop on December 14th. The event is open to anyone and will take the place of spokes council on that night, though working groups can come to the space early –from 7-7:30– to touch base with each other. PROPOSAL PASSED.

-Kitchen Proposal: Kitchen brings a proposal asking for a weekly budget of $10,501 for three meals, plus snacks, at multiple occupier’s locations. PROPOSAL PASSED.

-Medical Proposal: Medical has split into two sub-groups: medical and street medics. Medical asks for a budget of 1,050 a week for medical observers, supplies, mobile clinics, equipment, prescriptions, with the goal of building a permanent free clinic. PROPOSAL PASSED

-Housing Proposal: Housing requests $5,757 for 175 unlimited weekly metrocards.  PROPOSAL PASSED.

-Occupy Oakland: Occupy Oakland asks for up to $4,500 per city (5 total- Oakland, Portland, LA, San Diego, Seattle) from the GA for Monday’s action.  PROPOSAL DOES NOT GO FORWARD.

-Wikileaks Truck Proposal: Asking for $21,000 for a chartered bus on Bradley Mannin’s Birthday (December 17th) to leave from Zuccotti Park and travel to Occupy DC, where occupiers from New York will spend the night and then travel to Fort Meade to stand with Bradley on his Birthday.  $800 Will be covered by the Bradley manning support network if the proposal passes, and they’re asking for people who take the bus to pitch in 5-50 dollars, which will be given back to the GA.  PROPOSAL PASSED.

-Politics and Electoral Reform: P & ER Working Group brings a visioning statement to the GA — breakout groups look it over, give suggestions, and consent that it is a living document.

-Statement to End Congressional Insider Trading: Statement from Chris — tabled, asked to get more feedback from working groups.

3 Responses to “NYCGA 12/10/2011 (Summary)”

    • s.t.

      yes it was important.
      unfortunate no consensus was reached on any support. ended up being a stalemate between $10k and matching funds (~$4-5k).
      comment heard during deliberations :
      “We’ve got our own problems.”

  1. Jordan Soreff

    Clarification/Correction: WikiLeaks Truck Proposal is for $2,100 and NOT for $21,000 as reflected incorrectly in the minutes