NYC Operational Spokes Council Minutes 12/9/2011

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Date/Time: 12/9/2011 /


Facilitators (F): NONE


[Note from Minutes: Facilitation participated as a working group but not as facilitators, there were many people that functioned as facilitators throughout the meeting. There were others but Becky, Carrie, Sage were the most prevalent speakers in the center of the room.]



84.1.  Working Group Report Backs

84.2.  Agenda Items

[If the speakers did not identify themselves the shorthand SC will be used]


SC: Do we have signs tonight?


Danny: Mic check, my name is Danny, can you hear me? I’m the spoke for Facilitation tonight. We have been talking about how to proceed from the great things on Wednesday options. The spokes is open, do we want to use a Facilitation team from the spokes in general. We are at your service if you would like, we want to put it out there.

SC: Since we had the open meeting last time and discussed really great things…I think it would be valuable to have a facilitated SC this time.

Nan: Until Facilitation can earn everybody’s trust maybe another group should facilitate.

Sage: A bunch of twinkles for a facilitation meeting, it seems equal portion of people that did not twinkle then Nan said some things about facilitation trust issues, whether you agree or not, some do some don’t.

SC: Who suddenly nominated you to take over this meeting?

SC: He stepped up.

SC: Ok I’ll step up to, let Facilitation facilitate, let’s get it going.

SC: I distributed remotes to everyone that will make this really easy, in one second we can make a decision or we can use hand signs.

Ashley: I’m sorry, I would like to make a statement. The only reason I came back that some people said Wednesday was really good and flowed through because there was no Facilitation group, that has not been acting neutral. Facilitation is supposed to be neutral and they haven’t been…I think the SC should run this meeting not a power hungry clique.

SC: We are entering into some conflict, first issue is um calling for facilitators so do we need facilitators?

Sage: I am coming to the end of my resources for being here. I wanted to do this because I like taking stack for soapboxes, making it easier for people to do what I do. First question is how we are going to frame this vote?

Nan: A lot of people do not trust Facilitation.

Sage: I think we need to vote.

Leo: It seems like there are a lot of different important conversations that people want to have and I don’t want to say one is more important than another. The one I would like to have is working towards activation the spokes council … if this is not the space, let’s go find that space and go have that conversation.

Sage: Do you want to vote on a facilitated council, do you care if other people don’t want to have a facilitated SC. For the people that do want to do a facilitated spokes council…

SC: Can we do a temperature check?

Sage: I personally wanted to do a hybrid, but I feel like people have an issue with me. I pushed the issue into a further extreme, thank you old white lady for starting the yelling.

SC: Mic check I wanted to say quickly, obviously we have to have some sort of facilitation to the conversation. There are too many people. I was kind of a fan of the way Sage was doing it, I think we should have Leo from facilitate.

SC: You should ask Leo before you nominate him.

SC: I was making a request.

SC: I nominate Nan.

Leo: I’d be happy to facilitate but I would ask for other members of this group to take stack and keep time.

SC: Can you shadow that person…

SC: Do you have objections to have Sage help out?

Daniel: What we started to see last night was valuable and having the SC opened up into a place where we can talk about the SC and issues that exists within it …it’s be a lot of argument. I think we are in a place where we can discuss problems and I think moving into a fully facilitated meeting…only spokes speaking …we are just going to go back into the same problems we have been having. I think we have an opportunity to work out some of those issues.

SC: I would like to say something in defense of Sage, Facilitation took a step back to allow, I think … Sage stepped up because no one was doing anything… I would propose that we do have a collaboration between Facilitation and others interested and try to do a SC and maybe at the beginning do an open stack to air things and maybe get some work done too.

Temp check?

SC: We are kind of saying we want to be less formal, have a 50/50 stack.

Town Planning: Town Planning is stepping out of this process….I’d like to coordinate with other groups …to host a meeting where you don’t allow disrupters in, let’s start have a coordinators meeting where … the squat is fucking amazing and I will spend my time there.

If people want to have the same discussion TP wants to have I propose we move to 60 Wall Street right now….that’s where I am going. This gathering doesn’t meet my needs for operational… if other people want to coordinate with Medical I suggest you follow me there.

Carrie: I really respect what you just said. I would propose we don’t need facilitation though I love them. Can we agree that we have working group report backs and then after we finish that we can have a soap box and then maybe …I feel like that could be the most productive this meeting could be….working group report backs then other…stack taker that we don’t object to….that seems good time me.

SC: Who wants to take stack?

SC: Becky.

Becky: is everybody cool with that?

Carrie: Working group report backs or important factual information.

SC: Raise your hand and leave it up and I’ll point at you.

I have four groups on stack and I’ll go around and get everybody else.

We are going to start with Sustainability.


84.1.  Working Group Report Backs

84.1.1.  Sustainability: I am Sarah. Next Sunday we are having a holiday bazaar at Citylife at 75 Frost St in Brooklyn…skill shares, gorilla gardening, alternative economies, food at 6pm. Live music. We want anybody and everybody to get involved. Library is involved, Screen Printers Guild is involved. You can email us at:  owssustainablty@gmail. We are trying to get people in this space to barter and exchange. Citylife Wellness 75 frost Brooklyn Sunday the 18th.

84.1.2.  Danny from Facilitation: Hi, Facilitation has announced this before. We have changed our schedule: our full working group meetings on Sundays and Thursdays at 4pm at 60 Wall if you would like to be a part of those meetings come. Strike that Saturday and Tuesday still at 60 Wall and still at 4pm .you can submit proposals online, there will be someone at 60 to collect proposals. Thank you.

Sage: We could do sixty report backs in two hours.

84.1.3.  Visions and Goals/Structure: Thank you my name is Patrick.  I’d like to read you what we have got in a draft. It’s your document and to the extent that we do our job properly we are going to well represent you. I am reading you something that is your working draft. We have been at the GA all week.

“What follows is a living document that will be revised through the democratic process of the General Assembly. From the General Assembly of the Occupy Wall Street movement, to the People of the World, we offer a Declaration of our Vision.

Mic Check: We are the 99%. System Check: The system is broken. Fact Check: The environment is collapsing. [and a multitude of other wrongs are affecting us, promulgated by the human condition of excess greed] Reality Check: There must be change.

We envision a truly free, democratic, and just society, built on the following principles:

Liberty: whereby we secure the full spectrum of human rights – [economic,] political, civil, economic, social, cultural, and environmental – against violation or infringement, particularly by unchecked corporate power and unjust governments;

People Power: whereby government, in every form and at every level, exists by the will of those governed, and where neither wealth nor history alone will justify power;

Solidarity: whereby all people come together to make decisions through consensus; a process by which everyone’s voice is heard, and no one is marginalized, [and where the currently marginalized members of our society are afforded the dignity and right of having their voices count with our own];

Accountability: whereby all who reap society’s benefits accept a fair share of society’s responsibilities;

Fairness: whereby economic, social, political, economic, and environmental systems work to benefit all, not just a privileged few; these systems should be restructured or replaced when they fail to do so;

Peace: whereby we learn to live in harmony and embrace principles of compassion, appreciation, and respect for diversity and the differing views of others;

Equality: whereby we reject all forms of institutionalized discrimination and oppression, on any basis, including race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religion;

Non-violence: whereby non-violence is embraced as a way of life, and we resolve to always carry a good message as we work out our differences;

People Before Profit: whereby we value human dignity and needs over monetary gain, because when people lack security or a standard of living adequate for their well-being, effective democracy is impossible;

Meeting Human Needs: whereby human needs are elevated to a place of primary importance: among these are the right to meaningful and fairly rewarded work, decent housing, comprehensive healthcare, and education;

Environmental Stewardship: whereby we work together to protect the global environment and preserve all species to ensure that life is sustainable, and that future generations will have safe and clean air, water, and food supplies.

Mic Check:  We are the 99%.

Our occupation will continue.

We will make this vision a reality.”

SC: Can I get a temperature check on the words that this man spoke? [Temperature check did not happen]

Visions and Goals: We will be at the GA Saturday and Sunday with breakout groups…the name of the group is Visions and Goals this is not goals, this is more visions. We are working on the goals at the same time. There is a meeting of the Solutions clusters, VA demands and others. We are going to talk about that 4pm at the red structures.

Becky: We are doing report backs, how do people feel about keeping them short.

I think the GA is the place for questions.

V&G: A number of us have been talking about reforming the Structure working group, no judgment… we would attempt to point at how great the last SC was…I feel like we should chat. We haven’t set times. I would like to take emails and meet you and discuss how…

84.1.4.  Women Occupying Nations: We have meetings every day at 40 at the Atrium. This Sunday we are going to do a petitions to find out what’s going on in the prisons….male police officers were in the female ….we tried to bring it up at the GA…. it was said it wasn’t an urgent concern and we had to wait until the end. We want to examine what is important and who deems what is important and this Sunday we will discuss what…if there is a group or a sauce that …4:30 60 Wall Street, hope to see you there. Every Sunday 4pm.

84.1.5.  Jordan form Sanitation: Sanitation has been working on the Vermont house we do need help with clean up we are doing demo work… difficult with the police security is tight anyone interested in helping I am going to leave a number and email so we can get everyone’s contact and give you times. That’s it.

84.1.6.  Kevin from Info: Info is going to be debut, our first mobile table in the city. It will be at 9th and Ave B 4pm-7pm tomorrow so if you want to check it out you should stop by. If you have fliers you want passed out please bring it to use, drop it by the office …we need a lot of help with this mobile info both in the park and stable places in the city…if you want to help that would be great. Info loves you…also from Comm cluster, we are working on a project to do change language to ——-google spelling Frank Lunts—– doing some combative linguist strategy to counter conservative dialogue also we want to get rep from PR and media we are trying to discuss our roles. 2pm at the atrium Monday and Thursday

84.1.7.  Kathleen with Wow: Self-defense training on December 18th. Twenty-four spaces open right now. If anyone wants to come join email Teach anti-oppression de-escalation and self-defense meeting, this Wednesday at 6pm, on Wednesday at 60 Wall Street to bring up anything you want addressed.

84.1.8.  Samantha from Kitchen: Tomorrow we are going to make another proposal from Kitchen…break down of the budget…we will be at GA tomorrow. It will also be posted at Tomorrow we will have printed copies, please come tomorrow and check out all the details from the announcement tomorrow at GA.

84.1.9.  Wikileaks: Heather: For the last week some people in the truck, the anti-war group … Occupy DC have been working on the global day of actions for Bradley Manning. Dec 16th and 17th. December 16th is the start of the hearing. We are taking a bus down, fifty spots, OWS people first. We are going to camp at McPherson …march on Saturday…open to anybody. We set up a gmail account, we need help reaching out….the email is If anyone wants more info we are going to bring a proposal tomorrow to the GA….

84.1.10.  Tech: Devin and Mathew: I’m Matt. We have built a phone system that is now giving automated event information. Write down this phone, we are waiting …it allows you to get coordinated event information. The number is toll free and can be called (855) 203-7763 for the context of this conversation. If you speak the word ‘announcements’ you can record your announcements. Say the word feedback to tell us how you feel…

Devin: On Sunday the 18th, we have access to sixty sessions at Pace University, ten rooms, six session per room. We are calling it called the Occupied Un-conference. Participants can make their own schedules. We will be marketing through new channels. We are going to try and get people without a lot of exposure to the movement….we are also organizing lots of training from the Tech group ….we’ve got some tools at …to make life easier we are encouraging all working groups here ….go to and request a reservation for a room, or just go the day of ….opportunity to do trainings in rooms with AV and quiet lots of people … ….in the next two to three days there will be a more conventional website. I hope you can make it to the event it should be fun.

84.1.11.  Comfort: Christine from Comfort is now Comfort and Roaming Comfort. Roving Comfort mostly works in Zuccotti Park. Comfort works in churches…laundry showers, orders you can email us if you need clothing hand warmers… tomorrow we need volunteers to do laundry at Park Slope Methodist, the house at Park Slope, if anyone is staying there if you could volunteer. It will be early around 7am if anyone has gone to Yorkville Food Pantry. Please email me with your comments on your experience.

84.1.12.  Nicole from Direct Action:  December 17th there is a plan to reoccupy, they are looking at a space not Zuccotti. There is a meeting on Monday at 60 Wall Street, 5pm, all working groups should go. It should be great. There has been a lot of planning, it will be a nice attempt.

CQ: I thought there was a meeting tomorrow at 16 Beaver tomorrow?

A: There might be. DA will make an announcement next.

84.1.13.  NVC/Safety Cluster: Tomorrow, Saturday, from 3:30-6 at 60 Wall we are hosting a listening circle in terms of building a grievance process …how to get our grievances heard and resolved. Please come join us and be part of this circle.

CQ: Are you with mediation?

A: Yes.

84.1.14.  DA: Mark: Our next major action is D12 Monday 12/12 at 7:30. Two marches either at City Hall or the red cube, you can go to either one at 7:30. We’ll start there and converge at Goldman Sachs. It’s being done in solidarity with our comrades on the west coast. They are doing a major blockage on the west coast…Anchorage, van , San Diego we are doing this in solidarity with them. Why Goldman Sacs? They own one of the largest ports…keeping longshoreman form unionizing. Please be there. Also there is a meeting tomorrow for D17, the reoccupy meeting tomorrow at 52 Broadway

Becky: If you are interested in building giant squid puppets, come see me afterwards and I can get you in touch.

CQ: The address again for D12.

A: Two spots: West side of city hall and the red cube.

CQ: Convergence at 200 West street, the headquarters of Goldman Sacs.

Media: Peoples mic radio: We are having an audio editing workshop tomorrow at 1pm 156 Rivington, free open source program audacity. Please come if you want to learn how to edit audio near Delancy F train email …multiplatform.

84.1.15.  Jeff from TP: If you need supplies in terms of sleeping bags…for actions we still have that property. If you need to get to it some have been making requests. We are also doing the logistics between various sites and storage as well. I missed the last SC …for the last several weeks I’ve been concerned that we have stopped the process …can we ask for official recognition from this group that the Housing group that formed is an actual group so we can we have an agenda item.

[Many voices at once discussing how to make this an agenda item]

?: Does anyone have a problem with me facilitating? No.

84.1.16.  Jason from Housing: We are still very active in looking for space in all Boroughs, both temporary and permanent. We have had some luck I think part of what Jeff was talking about….we are going to be trying to be looking at a couple of more spaces on Monday. I am looking for a  space for 190 at the end of the month…we had 75 staying there…we have 30 staying Yonkers, 30 staying Brooklyn. What we are trying to do is have a shift in what we think our housing situation is. We want people from around the world to know they can come visit NY, that they will have a safe place to sleep and stay…in the future we want to involve the people who are sober safe and eating well on a good sleeping schedule, get them active and get them a force and make them the organization army. We have a lot of plans coming up. In Housing we had to come together because of circumstance. We can make lemons from lemonade …[Good natured laughing] we are looking for ideas, we are going to have 400 people that can make signs, tee shirts, back end work …if anybody knows anything about computers we want desktops…so we are looking for innovations creativity from you. What else …

SC: Small group is looking for space….

Housing: Beyond that we have individual and private hosts. That list will be solid soon. We have some squatting going on, we are going to be able to have people …they are absolutely welcome and have a good place to come when they do.

84.1.17.  En Espanol: My name is Edwin. I am part of the OWS GA en Espanol. First, last Sunday, first we meet every Sunday at 5pm at 60 Wall, everybody is welcome. Bring friend and family. Our meetings are in Spanish. I am part of the Legislator working group. As you know one of the reasons we are occupying is that for more than 235 years the 1% has kidnapped our government. We decided to take it back but they have done it in a crooked way with legislative …we elected honest politicians but the 1% under the tables vote for legislation they don’t even read. The Legislative working group wants to gather all the city council people with in Tech operations occupy city hall…bill to broadcast every single legislation before it become the law to broadcast it live ….will hear what is in this lobbyist laws they want to put into law. That way we are going to start form that point on. I want to mention on the 18th is the national mobilization form immigration we had voted to ask the Pace University training if that could be post posted because worldwide all the immigrants will be mobilizing that day. We would like that day form the training at pace to be postponed and incorporate everyone into this actions beginning tomorrow from 7-9pm we are going to be creating the occupy wall street GA in en sp radio broadcast we are going broadcast every sat form 7-9 89.3 fm digital….the director put the service in our hands to manage that space we are going to be coordinating that …I just want to create a bilingual program so we can have more people, you can email us at :

Q: Was the Pace thing postponed?

A: We have the space because of the special one-time offer. Usually we don’t have access so the event can be postponed. I am interested if people have concerns. The GA gave $5,000 for the event the opportunity to get this space is rare, I guess we could entertain the possibility. I highly doubt we will postpone …

This is important and we need to put our priorities ….

Can we put that on the agenda…

84.1.18.  Occupy Farms: Chaz: We have a report back. We did a recon trip 56 upstate New York, seventeen people went, three people stayed. We are going to do a proposal for the next month of funding. We will have open accounting. Some of the task demolishing a barn, baking cookies, survey land build a snowman…if you are stressed occupy-farms.

Google groups. We want to take you up there until we get our intake.

Thirty people Tuesday December 13th Sunday 5pm at 60 Wall Street, it’s capped 30-40 people. We are starting to network. A farm in Vermont wants ten, if we send them ten they will send us one hundred chickens.

We have a farm! [clapping]

Houseless: Can I go last?

84.1.19.  Nan: Strong Women Rules: The last time before the last meeting when the realtor was here she was unable to talk to you so Monday at 12 we are going to go in to see the building. If you are interested please send us an

84.1.20.  Houseless: I want to read a sheet. Occupy Wall Street is announcing the formation of the Houseless caucus and working group: The meeting times will be Monday-Friday. Houseless Caucus 10-11am. Houseless working group 11am-12pm.  Come join us for our inaugural meeting the upcoming Monday, December 12th 10am-12pm. Thank you.

I would like to invite everyone to McDonald’s from 10pm-5am. You are welcome to hang out with us, we are there for your needs.

?: One more report back.

84.1.21.  Constitution: We have a seven-petition proposal…teach in discussion group form 1-5 summary of the petition. We also did an inter occupy call, we have an audio link ….we hope you will take this seriously we will be around all day Sunday you can talk to us these are 7 1st amendments. The audio link is posted on, Constitution working group. You can also go to

Since Darly is personally associated with the working group that the first agenda item and he wants to add something to the agenda, it’s difficult for him to be unbiased if hr is associated. He has volunteered to step back so we are willing to co-facilitate if that is ok? [Temperature Check: Positive]


84.2.  Agenda Items

Right now what came during announcements as things on the agenda: affirming the Housing working group as a working group so they can pursue a budget and also the conflicting things on the 18th seeing if there is something we can do.

Ethan: SC what are we going to about this thing?

There are a couple things that came up during report backs and were more agenda items. Should Housing group be a formal working group and the other things is December 19th with this open day to go do tech stuff, to change this day because it might conflict with immigration.

Nan: All the working groups are not here so we should table it.

Sage: The Visions and Goals wanted to talk to us too?

Nope he is going to bring it to the GA.

Sage: Is anybody want to block the meeting if we decide to talk about Housing?

Nan: Housing has to go to GA to be a working group.

PoI: Why are we talking about Housing?

Can we hear what the proposal was from the person proposing it?

Trish: No, make sure notes are being taken here, let’s all be right here.

What is your concern?

Trish: My concern is that I want this to be live streamed correctly. My concern is I thought this was a SC meeting and if it is a place where I can speak. If this is a SC meeting the recommendation on the authorization taken on a new working group is not in your jurisdiction. I just came from three hours in a housing met at 60 Wall and there are two or three separate entities addressing housing so I don’t know what entry is right here in spokes putting up a proposal. Bottom line, SC cannot sanction a  working group that’s GA, they are trying to change it, it’s is against the legislation to put forth any amendment that alters the power of the GA ….[“Let her finish” from many in the SC]

What’s the problem, I don’t understand?

Sage: Would everybody that is in her face please step down.

You cannot take power from the GA. Your hands are on a human being.

To the best of my understanding and please correct me if I am wrong Housing is already a working group.

I just want to point out that SC new groups may continue to propose at an ongoing basis that is not GA ….the details are a lot less…

PoI: Same thing that moving to be an operational group in the SC.

Becky this was proposed so that Housing can move forward with a budget.

PoI: The first point of info is that most of the groups in the SC haven’t been moved through. I don’t think that power is SC. Second point one of my first agenda items it is my opinion that Housing that the entire organization needs to talk about ASAP the major factor of the organization moving forward is having places for the homeless people and a space of our own, not having to check through others but to talk about that that was my first agenda item…we are going to talk about Housings s group …I was making Housing proposal. Not for the group but for spaces for OWS.

Housing: Just humbly from my understanding we are not asking to be a working group. We went through the procedure to be a working group, we established meeting…it is our understanding that the movement is larger…SC is one type of meeting format, if you want to be apart you need to propose yourselves for validation inside of the SC group. I think it’s a small issue, some groups have done it and a lot of groups might be interested if they had thought about it. We would like to validate ourselves and this SC by going forward and have a discussion about being a part of SC if we as a group…

What I am seeing after that…

I just want to clarify: for the past three weeks or so we stopped the process of determining which groups were operations or movement and…trying to coordinate since right now we don’t really have a consensus about what this body should be. It doesn’t make sense to welcome a group when we don’t really know what the purpose of the SC is.

Ashley: My understanding is the OWS movement is supposed to be political-less…. some people voting against working groups, some people who didn’t want Women Occupying Nations …we need to be careful that certain entities to not disempower certain groups because then we will be mimicking our oppressors. I think if people want to show up and sit up they should have voice…they have been targeted, they have been attempted to be blacklisted …that’s happened to many people in this room, many working groups who do not feel welcome. I think we need to be careful that the extra privileged people in this room do not manipulate this room.

Sage: I heard you say you wanted to officiate this group by getting your group officiated. That guy said ….

All I was saying was that we haven’t come to consensus about what the SC is and how we are moving forward.

Sage: I think those two things relate to each other. If we are going to go into a phase of transformation I think we should do so clearly.

CQ: I thought these two women were co-facilitating. Sage is too.

Can you give the facilitators a moment to figure this out [Group hug at the request of  Sage]


Maybe I can point out to this room that we need to be careful with our words ….

I’d also like to say something, I heard that I don’t bring my children here because I don’t think what they would think of us…I’d like that on the board when we get back going.

Seeing where the SC is in its existence, we have set aside officiating working groups into the SC. All working groups that show up are spokes by default. However, Housing is by default a part of the SC. The way they came forward is ideally then was the SC would be working. We affirm them as an operational group and they are able to ask SC for budget and we are able to give them money. That is not where we are no matter how we vote, it won’t make a difference. Can I get a temperature…

Sage: If there is anyways we can talk to Housing and ask their needs and get their needs out into the open. Do you have needs you want to discuss. Can we do a temp check on listening to the needs of Housing without officiating them? [Not consensus]

Trish: Could we have part from that another discussion concerning spokes and how they advocated and that was in their jurisdiction. I’ll bring it up afterwards, even your guy is waving his fingers. That is already on the agenda

The agenda so far is… what just happened was we had…we are still forming the agenda right now. What I have is the Housing budget, talking about the two conflicting on the 18th and trying to commiserate them and talking about the SC and what is going on this body. We were still collecting agenda items. Time check 9:07 we have less than an hour, all of them seem like big discussions. I would like to propose that the most time sensitive is the 18th because it’s one week away. Do people feel ok about moving that to the top of the list at this time? [down to middle tinkles]

Trish: My issue under that topic may be more important than the topic I would like to bring it to the topic there is nothing aggressive about me I am asking questions.

Becky: As I understood you wanted to talk about the SC.

Trish: My issue was the SC not fulfilling its mandate given to it by the GA at a meeting. I think that takes priority. The GA gave you certain mandate when it recognized you, you ignored it when it came up. That is my agenda item.

Becky: Do you truly think that we can get through that in an hour?

Trish: How do people feel about talking about this for ten minutes?

We are going to order these agenda items right now.

Sage: I just want you to decide what you want to talk about first. Does anybody want to, do you want Housing to go first?

Housing please discuss your needs!

Housing: Good evening everyone, Housing has some big issues. A lot of work trying to get through the issues, you would be amazed at the details to put people in houses shared spaces, churches, private apartments. We also have to deal with transportation. We had to pass two separate proposals at GA one was metrocards, two days later we had to pass one for temporary spaces…the problem is we are doing day to day, we are going to have future costs. We are running into …you need a 24 hour period, then wait for the GA what we are hoping to do is get  a streamlined process to ask for funds. We are actually looking for the streamlined process that was proposed by GA, passed by GA, but we want to be a part of the SC…there may be some people who do not understand that …it is clear… come forward, propose yourself and you are a part of the group. Then you can also ask for money, for what could be a more immediate need. We are looking for the streamlined process that has already been passed.

SC: The problem facilitation doesn’t know what this group is meant to be.

I need people to relax, I love you all and I want to make this work. Please work with me and not against me.

I think we have a half an hour. We are still setting up the agenda, nope we are in an agenda item.

Can you put time limits on each agenda item?

I’ll be a time keeper.

Sage: We have forty minutes; we have four agenda items, that means ten minutes per item. I need another notebook for stack, can anyone help with stack?

PoP: We have to finish the agenda.

How to people feel about capping the agenda at 4? [positive]

1. Housing budget

2. Function of SC

3. Talking about how the GA

4. The fourth item the SC abandoning its mandate regarding logistical expenditures OWS occupy movement. Even though they are still not functioning.

I asked Sage to put something on the agenda and it’s Housing. The reason why you stepped down I asked that and they stepped down.

Housing first, then 18th.  We have one min for the three people on stack

CQ: What is… what we need to do is consensus that they are officiated.

SC itself is not a group so we can’t do that

Just to respond to Jeff Evely is first you have a min

Every group should be in housing we need stability I propose that we build to equity by buying building instead of spending money on churches we need a building calling it the peoples house we need busses metrocards keep depleting our funds,….metrocards everyday we need to build some equity …and get storage for peoples personal items and storage for supplies so we can function normally like we should be

Fanya: I think this point has been made that we should reach consensus …..if we move back to that process I would say that the soonest we could do that is Monday because there are a lot of people that would be in attendance that would be in attendance that would not be here today and also this is something that I don’t have a lot of personal knowledge that there is some question about who comprises this housing group if there was so notice of ratifying the groups.

Trish: I had an agenda item

Becky: We are going in the order

Nan: I am on stack can I get everybody’s attention I am for housing I sympathize with the homeless I help out with housing I do a lot for the homeless I pay my own money my problem with this is I am with the homeless I know what’s going on I have nothing against anybody but fair and justice that’s something I always make sure…. two women got kicked in the middle of the night one woman almost lost her baby we need to understand this process how would you feel if you were sleeping and you’re pregnant and someone said you get out.  Second we order a lot of metrocards some one form conform took 360 …you can not ask for money when you are doing fucked up things you need to get you shit together.

What I am hearing.

Liza: My only concern is that we need to talk about immigration I have proposal for facilitation to slow down proposals to actually allow for people have groups put their stuff online and make it available to people who don’t have computer so we don’t have the situation where everything is rushed you have until Monday to get all your cats heard your cats and word on housing there is the ————RRRR———–group that….and by the way I’m the reason why you got the money for two weeks if had not been for me you would have gotten that money.

Sage: We are closing stack, Ashley is last we need to move on, notes are being taking, shit is being tweeted

Ashley: I agree with the woman who just spoke I appreciate this persons proposal on Monday is the Occupy strikes back a day of actions a lot are not going to be here so a lot wont be here it would not be cool if a lot were out there doing DA and were not able to be here. I do agree we need to make this real and fair before ….

Its 9:31

What I am hearing is more things that should be brought directly to the hosing group but no the SC specifically.

CQ: If housing brings a proposal I think we have the right to know the facts behind the proposal

Next on the agenda is the 18th: we can give you three minutes. I think we are going to do a panel. We are giving you each 2min.

En Espanol: one the main reason we are OWS is the greed and everything comes down to money they have been taking all our money we have been fighting back to share and being taken away therefore there should no moral ethical bring money to the table that contradicts the 18th intention to mobilize for immigrants we are all immigrant regardless of where were are bringing…this is ethical moral issue just because we spent $5,000 on a program some training we an no say the money is more important than the immigrants here. My position, en espanol, that Pace should be postponed.

Tech: The fact that here was money spent on to the event is irrelevant, we can talk about how much money sucks over…the GAs will and the reason why it passed which it contained an endorsement the GA will was to have the event take place I know its difficult to have people at the GA …it was the will of the GA to have the event …the opportunity to have 10-12 rooms is rare its fantastic to do trainings and increase our capacity as a movement to operate I don’t want to be in a situation where I am preventing or in competition there is also an sustainability event taking place that day this is really just a discussion

Ashley: I am with Women Occupying Nations: we stand in solidarity with en espanol and immigrants this could be a teachable to do the right thing to stand in solidarity with immigrants because they do suffer the brunt of the 1% I know a lot of people don’t like talking about classism in the 99% in this room …every time we speak about it we are called divisive we do not discriminate….they are the backbone….they take care of everything…ohh well we need to spend money on the right thing we need to stay authentic to what we stand for we need to stand in solidarity with the immigrants if not its an embarrassment I want to believe I am so sick and tired of it turning into a high school  clique we need to stop letting them make this about the privileged people of the 99% I am not inspired but I want to be inspired unfortunately we need to cancel the reservation to that room the tech and media need to stand in solidarity.  Money is nothing.

Sage: We have stack for people that wanted to…reason you can also now get on stack first person on stack

Liza: One minute, I actually am with Tech Ops. I am organizing the tech ops. Of all people who should have known about the 18th should have been me. A lot of the people who are disseminating the information… this a breakdown in comm, we know that the best way to deal with breakdowns, because here’s the thing I personally… one of the things that we had spoken to was it’s going to be a huge conference. When you guys are ready to go to the GA we can take people to Liberty Plaza, it doesn’t have to be either or if we are going to have people all of the state come we don’t have to cancel this. I am here I am going to make sure this happens.

We are closing stack we have more on stack it is 9:41 we need to be out of here at 10.

You have thirty seconds for a direct response.

I trust this woman and I can feel the honesty. I think that if we can get people to help her have a march from the conference, that maybe we can have everyone be happy. Can somebody put in a resolution form tomorrow or Sunday so the GA can pass a resolution for solidarity for the 18th

If you’re on stack and you think this is a good resolution, do you still need to talk?

En Espanol: We had reached an agreement and we would like to preset it to the group:

We are going to do a temp check to hear response [positive]

Sage: You guys have one minute and if they want to get talking we have to bust down this stack.

Proposal: To join the 18th PACE with the international day of solidarity with immigrants to take it to the assembly tomorrow so the GA will endorse the day of immigrants and the 18th so we can use space there to work toward immigration rights.

Sage: Do you know what we did? I am happy.

Becky: This is what I have seen the function of SC.

Sage: Do the people on stack still want to be on stack?


Nan: I want to make an addition to the proposal. I would like you guys to send me an email so you guys can get support.

Ethan: I am in support. I want to make sure we hadn’t gone down a road where we are trying to conflict what that the GA has approved.

CQ: I understand the endorsement, there was a suggestion of a march?

Liza: We will figure out logistics.

Marlina: Ok I have two things. The first is what about having the conference on the 17th

A: There is an event at Pace which is why we can use it.


I have an addendum about the suggestion about the Housing, I would like to be in charge of that proposition.

Its 9:47, I think we accomplished something; we did some good work tonight.


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