NYC Operational Spokes Council Minutes 12/5/2011

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Date/Time: 12/5/2011 / 7pm

Location: 56 Walker Street

Facilitators (F): Ethan, Christine


Stack Taker: Danny. Time Keeper: Melanie

F: We would like to start right now, if we could end side conversations and bring it in to the center that would be great.

F: Margarita is going to do an opener.

Margarita: We are going to take a couple of minutes to group ourselves. Please put your food aside for a couple of minutes, find your group under your feet or under your bottom, let your eyes close, lower the gaze. Notice, very simply, where you are, how you are doing. Notice the quality of your breath. Check out what kind of mood you are in today. When you hear the sound of the chimes let yourself be drawn into the sound, just whatever it feels like.

Whether you are sitting on the ground or in a chair with your eyes closed or your gaze lowered we are feeling the pull of gravity keeping us form floating up. As we all breathe here together perhaps letting go of the day whatever happened to bring you here letting yourself arrive in this moment right now. Grounding into the earth into the present moment of the experience. I am going to sound the bell three more times and I invite you to develop the idea of ground even further by bringing to mind your intention for being here really connect with what brought you here today. We’ll conclude by taking three breaths together exhale all the air out, inhale b breathing all the air in exhale breathe out. Inhale breathing in. exhale out. Inhale, exhale.

PoP: We have a point of process. I find that kind of stuff oppressive. I don’t know if that person is on the Facilitation committee or whatever working group, then you guys are running it and holding us captive before our meeting and that is not ok and I think there are a lot of people that feel this way. We should be weary of spiritual even if we don’t use the word because it looks like a cult.

F: If we could focus in here and stop side conversations. We all heard that and we respect it. We don’t have the time to address it, it’s a concern that is here that we can talk about it.

SC: Since you set the agenda you can put it in wherever you want

F: Before we start I’d like to ask, the neighbors aren’t too pleased to have us stand right outside the door, please go down the block a bit to do that. Thank you.

SC: Hi my name is Ethan I’d like to co facilitate this meeting if that’s ok. [Positive]

F: I’m Christine I’d like to offer my love and skill to facilitate tonight. I see some downs but mostly up so I am going to move forward.

F: Hi my name is Danny I’ll be taking stack tonight. I’m up here so hopefully I’ll have a good view.

SC: You should be on the same level as everyone else.

F: We are going to get to our community agreements in a second, one is staying on process. Please don’t yell without a point of process or being put on stack.

F: My name is Melanie and I am going to keep time. The reason I am up here is so everyone can see them.

F: Part of the team is to keep people accountable and I am going to ask people to stop talking out of turn.

Anyone else? Vibes?

F: Hi I am Janet I’ll be scribe.

If it’s ok with you my name is Ted I’d like to do vibes if you are ok with it. [Positive]

F: We are going to jump into community agreements.

Nan: Honestly that makes me uncomfortable with two people up higher than the others. Two part of the Facilitation team. Why are you higher?

F: To address this it’s really hard in this long space to see everyone, is that ok?

Nan: Just wanted to make sure

F: We have never opened dialogue during the facilitation introduction.

F: Community agreements over the past few weeks we have decided to all come here together towards progressing our movement in whatever way we agree upon as a community about how we want to treat each other in this space so we can all be heard and move forward to do the work together in this space. We are going to read the ones we have and if we want to add any we can. Just a few things that will really help me to hear everyone’s voice PoP and PoI are nonverbal cues, we don’t want to use these to shut anyone down. If you have one we will address you, Christine will too. Let’s try to respect each other. Also please try and keep side conversations please take them outside. We want to be focused here on the work. Is there something that wasn’t clear?

Q: Who is this important looking officer?

F: Perhaps we can do that when we do introductions.

Nan: Can we go over hand signals?

F: [Up Twinkles] This means this is the best things I’ve ever heard, or I’m pretty into that

F: [Middle Twinkles] this means I’m on the fence.

F: [Down twinkles] This means I’m not so into that, I don’t like what I am hearing.

F: [Triangle with two hands] This is a PoP when we have gotten off process; this is not an excuse to interrupt somewhere. We will acknowledge you.

F: [One finger in the air] This is a PoI this means you have a fact for every things person in the room, not a place to give your option.

F: [Arms crossed in an X] This is a block, so a block means you have a moral ethical or safety concern that is so for real you would consider leaving the movement.

F: Basically in the SC a block means you do not want the proposal to go through; we have talked about using stand asides when within your group there is not consensus.

F: [Hands Rolling around one and another] This means we understand what you are saying, I would ask that whatever signals we do use to use them compassionately.

F:[Heart made with two hands] Point of affection this means I love you all.

F: [“C” made with one hand] This means you have a clarifying question.

F: Nan is throwing a nontraditional one, so we are going to move on.

F: [Triangle over your head] This means respect the house this is not to be directed at an individual this is used when we want to respect the space we have created together.

F: Honor intentions to be here together.

F: So maybe if folks want to read the community agreements.

Listen and don’t interrupt

WAIT: Why. Am. I. Talking.

Stay on process

Be respectful

No shouting people down


No name-calling

CQ: This is different than the one on the website.

F: We have been using this one and that’s why it’s crinkled.

CQ: This group is not set so can’t we change the process?

F: Yes we do have the power to chance the process at any time.

CQ: I know, but the process might be inherently wanky.

PoI: There are systems to address those concerns.

F: I think this is a really important concern and that it is valid and something we have been struggling with for a long time to make this as product and translucent space as possible I think this is important event thought its off topic. There are other mechanisms facilitation has been putting together to collect suggestions aside from a 4pm meeting.

F: Just like last time we left that last half hour open ….

F: So maybe as a suggestion for how to move forward, can anyone who really cares a lot to refine this process can meet at the end of the meeting.

CQ: This is a question we need to have as a body.

F: We can make a space but this is not that space.

F: Only spokes speak to full group, so if you have the same spokes from last time can be the spoke this time please switch out or intend not to speak.

Progressive stack.

Take responsibility for this meeting.

Assume best intentions.

Do not gossip about individuals or groups.

Trust nothing anyone says is trying to hurt you.

SC: [Announcement made from the door] With all due respect I am looking for Peter.

F: We are going to move on.

F: I am going to beg people to stay on process I know folks have needs.

F: Next we would like to do a roll call we would like to the spoke to stand up with their sign so we know who we are going got hear from. If you want please determine your working group’s superpower.

F: Who would like to start?

Jay, Alternative Currency: The more we spread information the more powerful we will be

Jen, Occupy DC K Street Barn Raiser: mind readers

Rick, Music:

Matt, Design: Leap tall buildings in one single bound

Nan, Strong Women Rule: We are drafting a proposal that will be online. I feel like most of you do not know exactly what we are doing. The Constitution statement, we are the 99%, will not be alerted and this constitution statement. I waited to have my turn so now when you guys talk you expect me to respect you I am not going to do it, it’s not going to happen, that was fucking rude. If you were really concerned about languages you would not do what you did.

F: That was a misunderstanding, Nan had asked before the meeting to read her mission statement, I think it was just a miscommunication.

Nan: Also I have a guest we will deal with that later.

Debra ,Anti-Oppression:

Silas, Solidarity: Power of love

Lauren, Sanitation: So fresh and so clean clean

Sean, Town Planning: Dealing with endless frustration

Jeff, Housing: Occupy everything

John, Stop “Stop and Frisk”: We would stop police brutality and mass incarceration

Alex, Labor Outreach Committee: The ability to make meetings end on time

Charlie, Library: Invisible to people in yellow vests

Chen, Organization, Defy gravity

Ravi, Volunteer Services: Read minds

Lisa, Mediation: Change the world

Daniel, DA: It’s all right here.

Lippy, Safer Spaces

Zepher, Activist Legal working group: Break in and out of jails

PJ, WoW: power to wake people up

Sage, Occupies with Restrictive Diets: To show up with the food you…

Leo, Facilitation: To listen to multiple voices at once

Courtney, Education: Empowerment bend the space time continuum so we have

Translation: No babble

Ethan, Kitchen-Replicators so everyone could have what they wanted

Mathew, De-escalation: Be able to replicate any good people who can deescalate situations

Roni, Outreach: Power of friendship because friendship is magic

Jeff, Minutes: Rogue who can take all of your superpowers

Jeff, Press: Sarcasm

Andrew, Tech Ops: Grow extra hands to type faster

Screen Printers Guild: no super power just wanted to print in the park

Tyrone, Light Source: Incorruptibility

Patrick, Visions and Goals: x-ray

En Espanol: Bring more Spanish speakers to OWS

Alex, Accountability: The ability to go ….[missed]

Booker, Mediations and Wellness: To hold space for love and compassion even in SC

Judith, Constitution working group: Elected officials to obey constitution

Jason, Minneapolis Mobile Occupation: We would be like the Flash

Razor, RAHKA: Fighting marginalization within OWS, occupy our own occupation in a cool way

Monica, I’m for everybody, but I’m alone, but I’m for God: To rid everyone of negativity.

[Minutes would like to apologize: the nuances of the superpowers were not captured]

F: Let’s get a round of applause for everyone who is here tonight. [applause] It’s really inspiring to see so many people here doing amazing work.

F: We are going to review the agenda for tonight and jump right in.

F: First working group report backs, then Housing announcement discussion. Finally a Facilitation proposal discussion and the last thirty minutes are for people who need to network or solve something for this meeting.

F: We have report backs thirty minutes, ten minutes for Housing proposal, half hour for Facilitation.

PoI: We have already seen how rumors can delay someone from getting to the end of their sentence, people will stop stalking if you let them.

F: How does everyone feel about this agenda?

PoI: The second one there, this is not coming from Housing, could it be labeled its coming from Nan and not Housing?

F: It’s labeled Housing because it’s about where people might live.

Nan: I also deal with housing. I don’t see the problem.

F: We have a lot of groups working on housing, are we ok to move forward with working group report backs?

Q: If there are so many housing groups why are there people still struggling for places to stay?

F: Housing groups will have a chance to report back and help them find places. We are going to open up stack for working group report backs. Please take only one minute and identify key dates so we can build a calendar together.

F: We are going to wait until all the side conversations stop. Voices are dispersing and you all rule.

F: If you have a report back please raise your sign and have Danny put you on stack.

F: If you aren’t on stack yet, hold your sign up.


80.1.  Working Group Report Backs

80.1.1.  Constitution WG: I’m Judy and this is Bob. We formed on October 8th….We made a proposal to the GA last night. It’s really important, we want to make sure everyone knows about it. We are in a week long review time there are seven first amendments….

Bailouts, fed reserve monetary… public education counting of our votes in secrete and there is one on unconstitutional undeclared wars, each one deals with a separate violations of the constitution each is have an adverse effect…they are all now posted for review at we are leaving hard copies in this box here. When this is done we are we going. We will be back on Sunday to host a teach in on Friday. Conference telephone call to talk through that on Sunday we are going to be asking for consensus form the whole occupy movement.

80.1.2.  Direct Actionn (DA): Hi I’m Daly. We went over to Newt Gingrich and kicked his ass as best we could. Tomorrow we are moving a family back into Levenna and Pennsylvania in Brooklyn 1pm. On the 12th… Long Beach up to Anchorage are shutting down the ports. We are in solidarity squid significance. Dec 6th tomorrow at 1pm Levanna and Pennsylvania and marching to the location afterwards. Dec 12th 7:30 am at the red cube for port solidarity.

80.1.3.  Wellness: Booker, I am from Medical and Wellness, who are a group of people who come together to bring medical and activists together. Our intention is to bring grounding to this movement so what we have done so far in. we started with a large medical tent in the park moving forward dial medical until evection since last Wednesday we have been doing ever GA. Starting with groundings these are a way to bring the energy up there to do here. To take a movement to ground is just about all of us taking a collective breath whoever is here.

80.1.4.  Kitchen: Kitchen has been working to refine their system since the evection the offsite housing locations have been enabled to take care of themselves we are concentrating on feeding the park GA and SC and 60 Wall. We still struggle on transportation daily.  We are trying to work that out. Three meetings a week Tuesday and Thursday 3pm.

80.1.5.  WoW: Setting up a self-defense course then we will teach it to the whole community because there doesn’t seem to be a mechanism to respond to unsafe behavior. Aiming for December 18th in the Pace University space.

F: Please keep the side conversations down.

80.1.6.  Mobile Occupations: We are here from Minneapolis, we are … we formed a screen printers guild with sweatshop free hats scarves we are asking for any design s to donate we could do a screen print and give it back I

80.1.7.  Non Violent Communications: NVC crew is working on developing a grievance process so there is access to our services more easily we are here to help as best as we can. It’s still in development we need feedback and suggestions please come find me if you have conflicts going on right now.

Q: Are you on NYCGA?

A: Yes.

80.1.8.  Principles of Solidarity: Rabbi: Hello everyone, we have been working on a newsflash. One important point in this newsflash at the top discussion about how solidarity is based on nonviolent, if someone is forced to do something obviously this will break when they break free. Solidarity still has an issue. Pay fifty dollars bail for two individuals who were accused of violent changes. We are planning to get to the bottom of this because it breaks solidarity and also in relation to something that happened at Facilitation recently, men were banned from speaking. There a little incident I wanted to speak a small little word regarding this “Courage is a good thing. It is based on determination. Single focus. It is an idiomatic expression regarding me; “if men have one track minds” women, however more multitask. They think of many things at once this is common send and proven science in terms of male/female brain difference. Therefore to silence men can prevent courage, perhaps what this movement needs more than all”

[There was a lot of disruption and Minutes missed the statement as it was read. We received a copy of the prepared statement. As it was read in its entirety after the disruption settled, it is included in full here now]

SC: Oppressive language.

F: You are over time. I think we need, we also want to give respect to everyone times.

PoP: We appreciate this need for every group to report back, but this feels like…

F: What I mean hearing is that you guys could speak later,

Rabbi: You are over riding what pertains to you.

F: We’ll just let him finish.

SC: No, we have a time limit.

F: We can’t move forward if everyone is screaming. We are going to take the time to problem solve this. Can we take a deep breath, there is clearly a disagreement as to how we proceed.

F: Some people say let him finish and some are saying no.

Sage: I don’t think you describe the choice that we have clearly. There are people who if he is speaking will speak over him in protest of his speech.

F: I just want to say I thought that would help me clarify choice to give you and it didn’t do that.

PoP: For you to even say, listen and don’t; interrupt.

SC: We all agree upon a time or agree on the individual, we agreed on the time.

F: A lot of people have questions and we won’t move forward.

PoI: More than one woman was crying due to the incident and his langue includes binary hate speech.

F: For me I have got to do a temp check, do you want to hear this comment, it’s super mixed. You are going to have to give us a second to just talk because it’s super mixed.

F: Rabbi I am seeing its mixed, can you find another place?

Rabbi: No.

F: I am not making this decision, you all are showing me…

Rabbi: No it was mixed and you fell on the side of no.

F: For the interest of time we are going to hear the end of it because I think that is the only way we are going to move forward.

F: We are not going to move forward until silence.

Nan: There was the housing announcement, the person who has to make that has to leave.

80.1.9.  My name is Laya, she asked me to find a space there is a building that all of you could fit in with total privacy, no other tenants. Get together with finance and the GA and come back with yea or nay or go in to go in. Just looking for permission.

F: It sounds like the person has to go, thanks for working on this. There is no proposal is being made it sounds like groups are going to need to get together.

Rabbi: I would like to apologize if anyone was offended, it is even proven science that in terms of men and women…..

80.1.10.  Education Empowerment: We are all from think tank a subcommittee of Education Empowerment and we want to let everyone know we are in the park form 12-6 and if you ant to have a facilitated discussion please come by.

80.1.11.  Tech: Two reminders and two new, first there is an un-conference December 18than opportunity to share skills. Second a little piece of software that is collaborative tool. Two new announcements that we will be launching soon: Text to speech software to receive updates via telephone for those who do not have access to a computer. If you choose to put your phone number you get more specific information. Group creation has been frozen on the site, we have been, pending many decisions, ….we will unfreeze starting Tuesday we will be posting an explanation for how we came to this conclusion.

F: Janet is taking contact info and key dates, if you missed it its up on the board.

80.1.11. (continued) Organization remains focused on internet group follow through, I will read a list first, recruitment for volunteers, open space, office space in addition to 50 Broadway storage space with SIS occupy money group, ….we will continue to help with best practice we get incubation requests for fundraisers, Occupy Money group the other is funk99 …there are several other groups so please help us do this better by coming to our meetings Tuesday Thursday 1pm

80.1.12.  En Espanol: there are many issues that we talk about solidarity of Latin America, immigration rights the information is on December 18th is the international day of the immigrant a full day of action 1:30 big march for immigrant legalization at 4pm the is  GA in Spanish, there was a lot of discomfort because of the big action that is happening also on the 18th.

PoI: If you are talking about the un-conference we want to support your activities,

80.1.13.  De-escalation: We covered the occupy Broadway we were there in case something happened to make sure two things did…we are slowly looking for outreach but we don’t want to go too fast but we want to make sure they have the skills to do it right.

80.1.14.  Library: …we are looking for a new space to house the books, books are still being seized regularly. We are trying to bring mobile units to all the actions. We are still getting 100 per day donated.

80.1.15.  Visions and Goals: Present at the next four GA’s …to show you the document we have been helping you to write we will have a visions statement that represent you. Check us out online. This document is posted on line. If you want a hard copy come see me.

80.1.16.  Legal: 1824 Shore Parkway will open Thursday I will be going if you want to coordinate a trip to get your stuff. On Wednesday we are going to bring a proposal about the legal team led by Alan Levine. We can take on individuals; if you are engaging your own lawyers let us know. If you have videos images of the night of the raid, arbitrary police treatment, send them to us.

80.1.17.  Housing: We were originally an ad hoc group. We established meeting times this week. 3:30 every day. We are trying to get ourselves established. That being said we passed two proposals this week. Metrocards and funding of shared spaces. We have a project to house individuals already in the city. We have a big job coordinating housing for future residents we are trying to coordinate squats, renting houses, apartments we know there are many people who have ideas we are trying to bring them all together to get an idea of how everyone in the community feels please come to our meetings 330 every day…this effects everybody we are trying to find the future.  One last thing we need support people and medics we are trying to find more people to volunteer.

80.1.18.  I am going to try and talk fast we ——- RAHKA Revolution activist homeless kicking ass we are the more marginalized group who are currently doing full time activists. I’d like to start off with #s $12,000 to churches $3,900 on metrocards we are paying $12,000/month to house protesters we are spending $3,900 on metrocards we are spending a small amount on keeping people in McDonals….our 5013c that is overseeing us. We cannot rent or buy according to financial. We need to find a way to…finding solutions within our needs…we are concerned that people who are chronic homeless are sleeping in McDonalds and those who are recently homeless….new working groups have been stopped from forming because they can’t get the forms. Silence people in a non-GA approved process.

F: It sounds like there are some really important issues that were raised. Let’s hear it and acknowledge.

80.1.19.  I am also here form occupy Newark.  They are great people, the need us they want us the miss us if we can start taking that PATH train.

PoI: As a person who used to occupy new. I think I can say they are not asking as many people any more, there Is emotional discourse….they are not actually looking for people as much as they were

Nan: My groups are in solidarity, and I know what occupy Newark is saying

80.1.20.  RAHKA: Damen would love support and communication going back and forth from occupy Newark.

80.1.21.  Outreach: we encourage you to come help us out with all of our effort. We are working with info to table around this city. Today outreach met with a producer at Sirius radio and they want to donate a radio station

F: We have five more to hear from.

80.1.22.  Sanitation: I will reiterate what DA said about the space tomorrow. Sanitation is going got be involved, if you want to help clean the building. We will be at the march at 1pm look for us because I am also on housing a lot of people don’t still know where housing is. I have these little pieces of paper if you already know please pass it on.

80.1.23.  Occupy DC: People might remember me from on Dec 7th Maine is having a city council meeting to find out what do with us we have been there for two months DC has been busy…there are two camps Freedom and K Street there has been a huge divide between those camps there is a perception that people at freedom are college kids and the other camps has nowhere else to go. Two nights ago in the middle of the night a truck delivered a warming station it was supposed to be eight feet tall and it turned out to be two stories tall. ….we said oops. We put it up and the cops showed up, we put a big tarp on and were like what structure?  We actually smuggled the parts in over a couple nights and were hidden under tarps…we are in the bad ass anarchist homeless camp when this happened we were given one hour to decide if we wanted to defend it or take it down. Thirty minutes in the police surrounded it with police line tape we couldn’t come to consensus so we split so the people who stayed and those who didn’t want to get arrested or stay stayed for the next eleven hours we were there with the people on the roof the Occupy Freedom camp came in solidarity. This is why this is important for you to know ….people were also very upset because its people’s homes and they felt like defending the structure might mean we would lose our homes.  It took two hours to up it up the cops took 11 hours to take it down….they shut down the subways, they shut down the train an armored truck. They are afraid of us they were afraid of getting in trouble for hurting people. When they moved our tent they organized it. What ended up happening they tore it down an arrested everyone they said they were going to shut down the camp because of sanitation and we told them if….that they better put us up in a hotel room so we got our camp back.

F: That was way over time, let’s give a round of applause for occupy DC.


80.1.24.  Labor: We have been helping 43 locked out workers at Sotheby’s we have biked locked our neck together the last big auction will be December 8th at 6pm after that we are going to continue a corporate campaign one of which is Diana Taylor Bloomberg’s girlfriend who is on the board of Brookfield. We have been crashing the panel for education policy. We have been doing this successfully the next meeting will be December 14th in queens.  If you want more info talk to Kevin. Labor unions are looking for occupiers to speak to rank and file members and tell them about occupy if you want to be a part of that talk to Jessie

80.1.25.  Leo: Facilitation the first this is on our NYCGA working group page there is a link to sign up for facilitator so we can get more people involved. The second this we ask is that working groups report back on their own groups. We feel it’s our responsibility to comment about the incident mentioned earlier… who identify as men have been …dominated by men and we thought we would use this as an exercise only people who ….people who identify as men were present as men and listened and the Rabbi came and was upset and didn’t let the meeting happen we have had a lot of reflection and we would like to invite him back in a respectful way.

PoP: I think I can say that there were others who were disruptions.

F: Chaim came to our meeting and did not let that meeting proceed.

80.1.26.  Anti-Oppression: This that most of you… are oppressing us you are silencing people form speaking their mind and moving on to the agenda we are drafting petition to dispose of the spokes council I am personally in favor but seriously we need to get our act together and spokes council will be disposed.

80.1.27.  SIS: Hi I’m Casper I am part of SIS I want to apologize for using I am me. I want to say I am part of a team and we divide and concur… a team for SIS direct for occupiers housing to get the stuff you,  to you guys. Shazz is an awesome individual who helped me get this….

F: It’s hard to hear with ….

Shazz helped me divide and Jeff also helped me utilize this SIS Direct is if you need clothes you can set up a list there has to be a point person liaison and one of the sis members will sing it too name telephone number for accountability.

F: Can you make yourself available after the meeting?

80.1.28.  SIS: its not set in stone we are still doing our job giving stuff out everything is going well with our team.

80.1.29.  Strong Women Rule: We have a really … challenge to Facilitation. You had a side conversation with me while this stuff is going on.  Strong Women ….if you are indeed Facilitation you should not agenda or give us ideas how to run. Also our hand movements, this is easy to see, this is hard to see. We would like to see a free speech teach in and maybe we would get Norm Segal ….what we need to do is open it up more conversation not less. Would any body be interested in Norman Segal leading a teach in?

F: If we could bring it back to center but we should take it until we can hear it we can wait.

PoI: On the 14th there is an anti-oppression teach-in all of these issues will be addressed. Please come on December 14th.

F: We are going to take a breath.

Ted: We are going to do a check in before the proposal. What we can do for twenty seconds so we can reflect on why you are here and what you are fighting for.  No we are clear about why we are and can listen to this proposal.

F: Can you give us a time? Thirty Minutes? Its 9:20 and we want to end by 10.

Sage: Can every proposal get this feel good introduction?

F: Perhaps in the future.


80.2.  Agenda Items

80.2.1.  Facilitation WG: To be clear we are not presenting a proposal. We are trying to address the question of membership in this SC is still unsettled, when financial proposals were derailed because of the question of membership. We want to be clear about what the operation spokes council based on the GA.

The SC is empowered to make logistic financial decision of OWS. We share the frustrations of the SC that those decisions are not being made here but are being made by the GA because of this proposal.

I’d appreciate if I could just go through this. What we are asking for is more feedback. I want to put it in context. Last Wednesday at SC the Facilitation working group asked for feedback. We broke out and discussed it and received feedback on what we …it was mostly supportive of the first part. All groups that have been participating are recognized and designated as operations groups or caucuses on how they define themselves.  Most negative feedback was on the second part….however we got feedback on the idea we need more accountability but not what that accountability should look like. We can’t make a clear… this proposal will enable this SC to move forward. We also want to balance that with the more feedback, not just ours but this SC proposal.  We are not presenting a proposal.

F: We are not going to continue until this room is silent.

F: Al right, now to move forward I would love it if people could be silent before we all react. So what’s happening right here, Nan if I could have your attention, I know everyone has a lot of ideas about how to help in this situation but if you could let us do this, all this talking is not helping, I would like your attention as much as you like. What I am seeing is there is not proposal right now but that there is one in the works. Whether or not we like it we are not voting on it tonight. Facilitation is trying to explain where they are in the process. In order to express our concerns we need to respect the agreements ….we will not get there if we are shouting and interrupting. I am going to ask you if it’s all right.

CQ: Is this a proposal or not? The occupiers who occupy the park will block this. I thought that group was to facilitate and not make proposals, when did you cross that line?

?: Does anyone feel like we don’t talk about anything? Now we gave facilitation thirty minutes. To talk about a proposal that is not a proposal…

F: In order to move forward lets clarify and move forward.

PoP: This is a discussion, to be very clear we are not trying to bring a  proposal to this SC tonight.

F: Can we please bring it back, we need to come back so clearly we aren’t going to move forward if everyone is yelling. You have to bring it back to the center and be quiet. There are a lot of concerns coming from right here, we will acknowledge you but we won’t talk over you.

PoI: My PoI: Is this the concerns taken back to Facilitation last time and Leo is reporting back what they ascertained from that? There is no transparency, we do not know what was sent back to you. There was also a subgroup before that the last Facilitation and you didn’t touch base with me that we go back from the subgroup …how does that feedback of spokes and the report given back at the end of the breakout …this body keeps bringing up issues and once you realize the importance of it there is no continuity.

F: We are going to call on Facilitation to finish.

F: I want to clarify how the agenda was made. Facilitation brought forward for tonight’s meeting there were no other proposals brought to Facilitation.

Time: we do not have that much time.

?: We agreed to a proposal. Other groups are not given thirty minutes discussion …we should not be giving powerful more groups more power.

F: If we can bring it in the center…

?: I will be heard. I will be heard. The GA, the people , not the spokes, the people that slept in the park, the people in the park gave you your position. You didn’t sleep in the park, you didn’t do what I did, you didn’t lose a tooth …don’t tell me nothing. I empowered you and you are supposed to help me and if you aren’t going to help then I’m not going got listen to you.

F: Please bring it in the center.

?: In a system with no leaders we must follow our own rules, we have a process, we must respect that process, let’s bring it back to the facilitators.

?: Mic check I have a CQ. I am not at SC that much so this seems kinda weird to me, but I am wondering, if you think the way Facilitation is facilitating is fucked up, why don’t you go to Facilitation and facilitate the next meeting. [many cheers!!]

?: Mic Check. Facilitation had a proposal to deal with accountability, to deal with the very problem that we are discussing here. If you want to have that discussion we would love to have it with you, that’s the point of having this space right now.

F: We are not going get anywhere! The only way we are going move forward is if you stop yelling I can’t make you do that.

F: Where we are at right now right now we have some time.

Sage: This happens every time, I don’t understand the problem, if you want to blame me for Nan’s behavior. When you hold this lady accountable…

SC: If we could all just calm down and have one minute of silence please.


SC: Facilitator continue.

F: I’d like to say something brief and this is what is on both sides of the coin. People are telling me I am not doing my job but I can control the people in this room. It is not only my job to keep you accountable. I cannot force you to facilitate yourselves. I will not try to scream over you.

F: What is happening right now is there are a lot of important issues …this proposal that is being brought forward is intending to address some of these issues. They are asking for feedback, issues around transparency, accountability. It’s going to be hard for them to take feedback in a constructive manner.  We have this until 1030. I would propose we extend this discussion to 10:15 so we can have some progress.  Listen do not interrupt.

Facilitation we would love for each group to discuss:

1. What are the specific exceptions and community agreements we want to hold ourselves to in this SC?

2. If groups or individuals violate these agreements and expectations what should we do as a SC?

We would like to breakout for whatever time the facilitators think is wise and then have report backs if there is time, if not written report backs….

F: We are going to have ten minutes.

Rabbi: PoI: How do you know I am derailing, I didn’t even say what I was saying. I would just like to…. Facilitation jumped for joy when everyone was told to go to Facilitation meeting…

F: We are going to take ten minutes. After this if groups can write down the answers to these questions, because I don’t think there will be time to get verbal feedback from everyone?

F: Bring it back, if you can hear my voice clap, one two three four five six times.

F: We are going to come back and harness some feedback from Facilitation.

F: If we could bring it back to the center, Facilitation would love to hear what you came up with but we need silence first. I am going to start. Facilitation would love to hear what you all came up with, especially around accountability. Spokes only put yourself on stack and please report back what you came up with. Please don’t talk. We are going to take twelve minutes of feedback and then cut it so we are done at 10:15pm. We are not asking for back and forth, just report backs. Facilitation wants people to come and talk in more of a discussion forum. Since we do progressive stack I will start with people who haven’t spoken, how do people feel about one minute report backs. Excellent one minute please.


Safer Space:

Light source: We need a new set of principles of unity that encompass… that ends are the means and you can’t fix Facilitation by breaking it and come up with a  process here we all agree on these principles and if they continue to violate the these principles they could be banned until they make amends.

Music: We would like to set up a biweekly alternate Facilitation group to allow those who feel disenfranchised to run it and show us how they would do it and provide feedback.

Occupiers: What we have here is the principles of solidarity. It’s a spokes document. One of the things in it is a principle that the only reason a group may be asked to leave is for repeated disruption or violating the principles of solidarity. I think we need to focus on this. That’s all I have to say. One more thing I think we need to figure this out now.

-Ism: We have serious concerns about the idea of exclusion as stated in the thing and I feel what Facilitation should be focusing on is accountability. Based on the amount of suspicion towards Facilitation and beginning to look at in word examination about what it is that is causing people to feel excluded and marginalized rather than moving toward that idea of excluding people. I believe SC started with the idea of exclusion…tourists, decisions on which groups belong and which do not belong is exclusionary and the source of suspicion the last amendment idea that every group that has been coming is a direct result of the disruption actually those people have contributed useful to cause facilitation to look at what …..and now we are talking about excluding people based on the way we speak. I understand it is easier to listen to people who speak in a pleasant matter…..please let’s look at all of these issues that were done deliberately. Let’s address these issues. There is a reason why POC agrees with this…can we please be very honest and address the issues that people are feeling and stop pretending it is process not people.

Tech: Hello everyone. As many of you know we have some issues on the website figuring out groups and feel like in many ways groups are the essence in many was in a representative form. We can fit a whole bunch of people in a room and ….you can breakout and come back in. I would like to see a clearer definition of what constitutes a group, maybe you are left alone in your group and you are still coming to spokes council.

F: Before we move on I think we only have two more minutes left in this space. I would like to take POC next and see where we are at.

POC: Ok, I want to save time and not repeat the -ism caucus.  I want to save time by adding the meeting agreements don’t address what he said ….how many people believe the SC was set up to leave people out. Don’t know acknowledge …what do we want to add I have nothing to add to enforcements the agreements are not a firm enough foundations …can’t police them based on that.

F: We have to be out of here by 10:30.

F: We would not like to add to these agreements. We would like to make community agreements that we can all be happy with. 3pm on Wednesday.

PoI: I am from Housing. There is a group of people that got out jail, they are the people who are the hunger strikers that were arrested a few days ago. They will be heading to the 86th and Broadway Church, which is one of the housing emergency locations. I don’t know who is going to be there, let them know if someone knows how to ID them and would be willing to go to 86th. I am asking if anyone can help.

F: That is the end of the SC.

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