Proposal for 12/20: Mobile Screen Printing Labs

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Mobile Screen Printing Labs

The OWS Screen Guild has brought screens, ink, squeegees and other supplies to three Occupations outside NYC so far – Newark, Boston, Washington DC, with money authorized by the GA last month. We’re coming back to the GA for authorization to do more of these Mobile Print Labs.

When we can do these w donated supplies, we do, which is how we were able to make three kits instead of the two we had GA money for.

Budget for 20 kits: $3000
We’ll do this $150 at a time, which is the budget for one kit including 2 squeegees (2 x $15= $30), textile ink (2 x $15/qt), ready to go screen (2 x $40) + $10 assorted (tape, spray bottle) Sometimes those numbers will be slightly different — we probably won’t mail tape to anybody for instance, but we’d need postage

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