Draft Proposal for Thursday 12/8 General Assembly: Occupied Farms

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Move out of the parks and into the farms!

Occupy Farms is a new avenue in which the Occupy movement can literally grow in
a more profound and sustainable way. Many in the farming community, who have
been effected by Big Bank swindling, are about to lose land that they have owned
for generations. These local farmers are at the heart of the economic hit placed on
hardworking Americans. When Occupy Wall Street launched two months ago, local
farms were our first responders, with truck loads of donated produce. They fed and were
an integral part of our success. And now when OWS has been evicted from it's home
base camp, the farmers rally again, with a generous 56 acre donation of farmland in the
Woodstock vicinity.
Farm Details:
What does 56 Acres look like? Located in Binghamton and Woodstock 4 hrs drive north
of NYC, the land houses a 150 foot onsite well and a bordering stream. Is sitting on
the NYC watershed (a fault-line for global fracking activism), offers an outdoor ampi-
theater, plenty of farmable land, as well as, 3 structures: a 2 story house 36’x27’, post &
beam, a 3 story barn and a 3-sided small horse shed with 9 rescued horses on the property
that the owners would like to be cared for.
Collective Talents:
Our team/working group consists of farmers, naturalists, mycologists, bee keepers,
gardeners, herbologists, organic environmentalists, writers and green thumbs. We
encourage more to join us as we believe this will become a potentially vital part of the
OWS evolution and public image.
Sell the Dream:
Imagine if you will:
- An Occupy Farmer's market at Zuccotti and all over the city.
- Enough produce to feed the growing movement.
- A meeting ground for Pow Wows with other camps visiting from across the world.
- Yearly harvest festivals with bands, teach-ins, and crafts workshops.
- Connection with nature, mother earth and the inherent lessons on self-sustainability.
- Building a network with disenfranchised Native Americans and Farmer's throughout the
country to discuss how to reclaim and protect the land from the greed that threatens our
existence as a society and as a species.

The first step is taking a core team up to meet our benefactors, survey the grounds and
report back so we can prepare a detailed and informed plan of action. Required for the 2-
3 day expedition to be inclusive of transportation, tenting and food provisions is $1,000.

The next step is to build alliances with various working groups Legal, Sustainability,
Media and Kitchen. Building relationships with various other agricultural organizations
and farm groups that have an interest and can contribute to the mission.

The last step is to occupy some farmland!

4 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Thursday 12/8 General Assembly: Occupied Farms”

  1. Boris

    Hi, in France we have one cooperative which call “terre de liens” translate “field for link”. Everybody can buy actions. the actions don’t give profits. The goal is only to maintain the value vs. the inflation. With the stocked capital, the cooperative buy field and insert new farmers. Many cooperative and innovative projects are financed by this cooperative. This a cooperative because all stakeholder have only one voice. Don’t care about the amount of money you put on the table. One guy, one voice. We have another tool : “les ruches”, translate by “bee’s houses”. Here you can lend money or ask a loan to launch one ethical project. The rate is near zero. We have a cooperative bank too: “le credit cooperatif”. This is the same way: you can put your money on table but you agree to avoid interests more than inflation. Your money serve ethical projects like organic food, sustainable development, fairtrade… We organize AMAP too “Association pour le Maintien d’une Agriculture Paysanne” translate by “NGO to maintain farmer production”. Clients suscribe a monthly contract and farmers gives in consequence. Then clients receive each week a basket with different vegetables and fruits. Currently I’m working to create a big cooperative e-shop to link all little producers with consumers… my goal is to cut the link with the 1% in using their tools! Cameleon technics! 😉 I’m sure you know that in France when we know a new GMO field, we run to cut it! :-) But France is not idealistic… lots of pollution and big food is overall. But i can see that we have more organic supermarket. People agree to pay a little bit more to get a better consumption because your way of consumption is important like to vote. Then, if you’re interested by this subject, I agree to present you different ideas. I work a long time in farms, I had animals before, and today I’m working to improve ethics and sustainable development in countries. I’m staying at New-York to the 14th december and I’m here to follow Occupy Wall Street!! then, don’t hesit, I’m happy if I can do something for you.
    (sorry for my wrong english…. I’m better to produce cheap cheese!)

  2. Gabriel

    My life’s dream is to return to a village in Russia, where my grandmother has a cousin who has a farm with animals, cows, sheep, other cattle. I think the family may be deposed now, but I should be able to find their surviving relatives. I think going back to the roots and working in your occupation is a great thing. I am looking to get involved here in the U.S., where I currently live and where a lot of my family lives with other farmers and farm lovers. I think the tradition of loving the farm, the experience of farming, the animals, the land, the products, is lost and needs to be regained. I want nothing more at thos point than to be able to reclaim my piece of land, have my cattle, my herd, and herd and work with animals, their needs and products day and night. I am planning to sell the little I will produce to the local village, and want to be in the driving distance to a town. I am an old fashioned ruled person who fully supports a more humane treatment of land, crops and animals.
    Anyone who is interested to work with me on helping me to establish connections with Russia, farm, land, villages, please get in touch with me. I am planning at extensive trip, occupations and success.
    The end goal is to have a collective farm which can create a positive and needed exchange of products and good among the neighbors and in the global economy.
    I have contacted my only contact with the old land, but he apparently left in 1988, so he has lost all his contacts. I need to re-establish contact and be able to start working immediately. I truly feel sick without the land, animals, crops, herding.
    Waiting to hear back from friends and allies.
    Sincere and real herdsman