Draft Proposal for Thursday 12/8 General Assembly: Mobile Occupation

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Proposal Requesting Funds from the NYCGA: 

Nine people who participated in NYCmarch2DC have begun another march. Five of these 9 people completed the entire trek from Zuccotti Park to McPherson Square.
This new march began December 1st, at the Martin Luther King Jr. monument in Washington, D.C. We will march approximately 20 miles per day for the next 45 days in order to arrive in Atlanta, Georgia, in mid-january. Our date of arrival is not exact, as daily schedules are always subject to change according to health and safety concerns.
Along the way, we will visit other Occupations and public spaces such as universities. Our facilitation team will hold Instructional General Assemblies in order to introduce and spread the concept of horizontal leadership, and we will discuss the history and significance of marching and non-violent civil disobedience as forms of protest.
We feel that these methods of demonstration are the next logical step that should be taken beyond stationary Occupations. Mobile Occupations attract attention to the Occupy Movement while allowing us to reach out to the public in person. They demonstrate the dedication, determination and conviction of the Occupy Movement. They provide a mobile example of the community Occupy is working to create. Long distance marches also demonstrate our willingness to sacrifice even our health, comfort, stability and safety in support of the Occupy Movement and its ideals.
Our nine marchers need money for food. Because we did not have the spectacular media kick-off that NYCmarch2DC had, we have relatively few online followers. Donations so far have only totalled $50. Understanding that the stability of OWS has been compromised, we are only asking the NYCGA for a short term solution until enough public attention and support is generated to increase our donations. We currently have $500 which was leftover from the NYCmarch2DC WePay account.
We are requesting another $1000 from NYCGA.
Estimation of funds needed for the entire march from D.C. to Atlanta: $3,390
$1,800 ($200 per person for the entire 45 days)
Gear (because indoor accomodations are not garanteed, marchers who do not already have it will need camping gear): 
$350 for 4 cold weather sleeping bags
$200 for 2 two-person tents
$30-40 for one pair of hiking boots
Medical Supplies (we spent $400 on this during the two-week NYCmarch2DC. This estimation is based on that figure)
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