Draft Proposal for Thursday 12/1 General Assembly: Gilbert

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Work and Housing Solution
Presented at the General Assembly of OWS

Dec.1, 2011

By Gilbert from Liberation of the People

In Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

In light of the serious displacement of occupiers caused by the attack
on Liberty Park by Bloomberg and the 1%, the OWS is forced to take
on a next step in its development. This solution is not an all-inclusive
reparation to that attack; it is in relation to work and housing.

For those interested, we are launching orientation as to how small
groups of occupiers can get started working for ourselves in order
to begin earning an income immediately. Where Workers are
Owners – that is, to work with dignity - to not exploit anyone and
not be exploited by anyone, servicing our community and doing so
earning an income according to the value of each one’s work, and
not according to any capital that may be invested in the service.
Occupiers or Working Groups who have a service in common to offer,
or an interest in working in some specific capacity can see Gilbert as
to how they can get started.

Gilbert has 30 years practical experience in cities from six different
countries around the world, New York, Stockholm, London, Lisbon,
Paris and São Paulo, with orienting small groups of people in quickly
starting up their own self-employed businesses of many different
types. He has the same experience working with the problems that
arise in groups of people living together, and is dedicating himself to
the success of this aspect of OWS.

Also, along with occupying parks, meetings and all that rightfully
belongs to the 99%, there are many occupiers who would greatly
benefit from having their own place of residence, housing together
as many people as permitted, as community style residence is more
economical and facilitates working together.

We feel that this way of working (with residence where needed) will
establish two things:

1/ A more solid economic base for each of the occupiers as well as
the psychological dignity that comes with servicing others. This also
strengthens the entire movement by not having to go to the Finance
Working Group for everything. It’s vital that we attain living quarters

and work spaces as a basis so that we can become the activists we
are meant to be, and not just temporary activists limited to what the
police allow us to do.

2/ Getting these practical working companies going, and an OWS
residence up and operating, would act as a model for other occupied
cities to do the same. In this way, given the great numbers of people
worldwide resonating with our movement, we can begin to build the
society of truth, goodness and beauty that we insist on living here
on our Earth. And in due time we can then boycott those companies,
bankers, and money speculators who exploit humanity in favor of
those good works and honest services provided by the 99%.
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