Draft Proposal for Thursday 12/1 General Assembly: Doug

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A Proposal to NYC OWS GA for the Necessary funding for our homeless supporters plus a meeting place to call our own.

Many people don not understand and realize the significant role that our homeless supporters have played in helping to hold the center of the OWS Movement. At least 100 homeless people held down the center of th our movement in Zuccotti Park  by staying there and occupying the ground 24/7. The night of the “Ice Storm from Hell” at the end of October 2011 when most of the occupiers went to the warm confines of the parents or friends abodes, a small enclave of 36 homeless  souls remained vigilant and occuppied Liberty Park. Wet, cold, and frozen to the bone, that night I remained as well.

The NYC OWS movement has brought in over 700,000 dollars in funds and donations from supporters in the U.S. and throughout the worlds. Repeatedly tabling out front on the sidewalk in Zuccotti Park, hundreds of people came up to me and thanked me for holding the space here at Zuccotti.

I then realized what a significant role our homeless people had been silently playing the entire time as evidenced by this most important truth: since the NYPD commando raid on November 15, 2011, our NYC OWS Donations have completely dried up!

Today, right now, most of our homeless occupiers are angry and upset with the General Assembly because they feel they have been dismissed and truncated.

Therefore I propose that in honor of the role that our homeless occupiers have played and continue to play in holding the sacred space at the center of our movement, that this NYC OWS General Assembly allocate and pass the sum of $150,000 to lease or purchase a building or empty lot for our movement and homeless to occupy.

Respectfully submitted by Homeless Occupier Douglas W.

A 20 year international activist and independent journalist.

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  1. JHNConnect Jr

    This is such an important issue ,, but the world is watching you OWS – to see how you handle this. Don’t blow it.

  2. Dawn Thomson

    This is a great post and it needs attention, I have seen much of this first hand, I can not be there 24/7 or I would be but have prior commitments to work to attend to. My husband and I showed up as soon as we had taken care of our work on the 15th and marched around the park with everyone else waiting to reclaim it, not that I think in reality that having the park is the definition of the movement, but on the other hand it is very important to many who had come to stand in solidarity and then left homeless once again in their lives. For many this was the first semblance of home and belonging that they had in a long time, something that our government chooses to overlook almost as if to say OWS has created homelessness because that is what they do, lie, deny and distort reality. Getting back to it the air around the park on the eve of the 15th was once again electrified, challenging and demanding the park back, which was good in my eyes because what happened was disgusting and wrong, and how else can you take a stand without creating violence which is not the answer, and if everyone does not have somewhere to stand together, they pick us off one by one, so we must all stand together. Bloomburg talks nice out one end while planning his next devious move out the other, I haven’t been able to distinct one end from the other so I can’t clarify, but his actions for a third term should of been clear to everyone exactly what he is made of. Back on point on the 16th after work we returned to the park only to find a handful of people milling about seemingly lost it was very disheartening, I have put my entire being behind this movement, every moment I have has been devoted to being present at anything I could to help to further the movement, just a body, or further educating myself to be able to help further. When I saw so few people and started to hear what they were saying it nearly devasted me, but I knew that the 17th was the day of a big action and so we went to work explaining to everyone that everyone was working hard on preparing for the next day, we talked to reassure, we argued gently with those who were saying negative things, we bought food, gave out cigarettes and bought coffee for anyone who wanted it, provided a shield for one guy who had just gotten out of jail and was extremely exhausted he needed to sleep, someone did get some foam in the park to help with the sleeping and finally about 4 am someone delivered some much needed food, when the sleeping guy got caught by the park cleaners he left and went to the subway to sleep. At 6 am the park slowly began to come to life and by 7 am it was going all out, thankfully, I wasn’t looking forward to my lynching, I never really had any doubts, but it sure was not looking good until 6 am and was a very long night. I am 53 and pulled a 42 hour stretch with no sleep because for the first time in my life I felt I have a voice and I have hope and I am not alone in the problems I have faced throughout my life, that’s what makes this so important to me. I attended the marches while my husband and one other guy kept “our” ground in the park, there was a point where they were cleaning and would not let anyone else in but did not kick those two out which was very important. They still laugh about being guarded by 150 NYPD and only two of them, but they had been there all night. I may have said too much but my point is that all those who still stay are doing so because they are keeping “their” home and many for the first time in their lives are standing up for themselves, and while they may not fully understand all that is going on they are fighting for not only their rights but ours as well as the park has become very symbolic, I just want to say that they should be treated and cared for with the utmost respect, that night we were all cold as it was misting a cold rain and the wind was blowing and until there is an alternative, we should be providing anything to keep them comfortable, someone from comfort, SIS or whatever should provide them with a direct link to call to keep them warm, dry and in any and all ways comfortable. This may also solve some of the problems that are coming up with hecklers, (I believe many of them are plants) but I do also know that many have felt abandoned and we can not be like our government and allow anyone to fall through the cracks, we are better than that. I know that with all my heart. Sorry, not “our” government “that” government! I will help in any way I can, and every minute I can.

  3. JHNConnect Jr

    “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” One huge catalyst for this movement was/is the massive foreclosures on people’s homes. The American people are disgusted by the ruthless and irresponsible actions of the bankers. A huge segment of the population is becoming homeless (many, literally homeless, not just houseless). I believe the spiritual core of this movement, OWS, is how you treat your homeless supporters. Remember, the master washed the feet of his disciples.

  4. Curt Day

    Better late than never but this should have been brought up before. At least it is being addressed now.

    If we are to have more of a direct democracy and leaderless movement, then we must do all we can for those who have the least and do this recognizing that without this component of OWS, we might not be able to continue.