Draft Proposal for Thursday 12/1 General Assembly: Direct Action

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Proposal from Direct Action
The Direct Action Working Group is taking action to put foreclosed families back homes into homes. On December 6th, we’re launching our anti-foreclosure fight with a high profile action that will inspire others to fight back against the banks and stay in their homes. For this action we will need tools that will make the home habitable, build materials that will illustrate what we’re fighting for and help us hold the space.
We worked with a network of activists who have lots of experience liberating homes to put together a list of necessary tools. Our allies have contributed many materials — the follow are the remaining needs. The tools will be held in a secure location by the Direct Action Working Group and will be available to others for actions to liberate space. The action team will prioritize saving the materials for future actions and has a plan in place to protect them. Direct Action is working on a further proposal to finalize the details of the process to obtain the tools.

Total: $6,388.83 for tools and materials

More Information About D6
D6 is a national day of action to occupy our homes-reclaiming homes that were taken from our communities by the banks and defending the rights of families to stay in their homes. Our communities have been ravaged by the banks who have taken their wealth, their housing, their neighbors, and we are using a direct action tactic to create solutions to the problems that the banks created. We will be moving a family in publicly to a bank-owned property as the launch to an ongoing campaign to occupy homes in New York. (explain more of logistics of day-block party, etc.).

Communities of color; these neighborhoods have abandoned buildings and the people there want to see people in those homes and living in them.
Tools will be kept in a secure storage place and be kept by OWS and allies who are doing this campaign ongoing.

D6 and the larger campaign to take back homes that is being launched nationally through d6 directly relates to goals set of doing actions withing communities of color, taking from the symbolic to the real, from wall street to Main Street. We are a direct action movement to advance the cause of equity. This action is an opportunity to bring together communities on the front lines together with the OWS movement. This is also a national campaign happening in dozens of other cities and towns around the country.

Why Public?

Because there is a long history of successful public actions related to reclaiming housing, there is a need to do a symbolic gesture that publicly says that this is our plan going forward. This is an opportunity, a turning point, for regular people to understand the movement we are trying to build and see how it is relevant to them. The ongoing work using the materials requested will be for more clandestine actions to successfully house people and occasional public actions to get wider public support and help shift the narrative around this type of work

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