Draft Proposal for Sunday 12/4 General Assembly: Occupy 477 Budget

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Thanks to OWS, Occupy the Hood, Occupy West Harlem, Occupy 477, POC caucus, heat and

hot water was restaured at 477 w 142nd street Apt 2. Now becoming the hub of the community, this branch of the occupation facilitates various working groups, as well as provide housing for low incomes and disable individuals.

We asked for an emergency funding, and thanks to you we got it! thank you! We were able to have a brand new boiler installed (worth 50,000$) and inkind donation worth 30,000$). We come today to present the spending, as well as to ask for support  for further initiatives. As we are today starting a remodelling plan to provide well-being to the occupiers (electrical and plumbing work need to be done),we ask for 5,439.91 $. Attached is our budget for complete transparency, and the break down of past and future spending.

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