Draft Proposal for Saturday 12/3 General Assembly: Tech Ops Budget & Training Day

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Tech Ops is supporting a training day for OWS to be held at Pace University, and held in cooperation with Organizing 2.0, an independent organization that runs tech trainings in New York City. The date is December 18th. We are requesting $5000 to help pay for the space and associated costs (security, A/V, logistics). This space can hold well over 500 people in ten rooms of varying sizes, for the entire day.

It is our hope that other OWS groups with training needs will join us in planning the event. It will be organized partly through the ‘unconference’ methodology that allows attendees to decide on their priorities, and partly by allowing recognized parts of OWS to reserve training space that meets their needs.

This is a significant amount of money. However, the quality of the space, its proximity to Zuccotti Park, and the flexibility make this an excellent value.

We hope that other groups and clusters will support this request, and join us in planning the training day, tentatively called ‘Training Day @ OWS’. The planning for this day will be open and transparent.

For more details:

Devin  devinbalkind@gmail.com

Charles clenchner@organizing20.org 202-460-5199

4 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Saturday 12/3 General Assembly: Tech Ops Budget & Training Day”

  1. JZ

    I am opposed to this proposal … “training” is not detailed nor how this relates to future value, and I think the focus of the use of funds clashes with the priority pertaining to housing needs that have been constantly expressed.

    • liza

      this wont affect any housing budget. go read the housing proposal that is going to be presented tonight. that’s what you need to support and enhance with friendly amendments. blocking much needed work from other working groups is going to turn you into a common enemy, not a supporter of #OWS

  2. liza

    i am part of the working group and have been asked by O2.0 to put together a panel. am DEFINITELY want to set up a couple of workshops as well. hit me up via twitter if you want to discuss this prior to the GA. am going to be there tonight.

  3. liza

    btw, please tell me this isnt paying for THEIR space but #OWS’. am not into funding anything other than #OWS needs.