Draft Proposal for Saturday 12/3 General Assembly: OWS Volunteer Services Proposal

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 OWS Volunteer Services

 Requested $: 2000

This is the second time this Proposal is being submitted, the initial Proposal was withdrawn by Volunteer Services to the lack of structure at prior GA where our Proposal was to be heard, we have donated office space in Harlem, we need to purchase building materials to finish this basement into working space and need to purchase Paint, Floor Tiles, Compound, Sheetrock…Etc. this space will allow Volunteer Services to move forward and implement a working space ideally for those who wish to promote positive change through donating their time through Volunteering.

This space would be vital to the movement, and needs to be completed ASAP for all Volunteers, we have a dedicated team of 6 FT Volunteers that will work out of this space coordinating all the different needs of Volunteer Services. I HOPE that we can get this passed and not have to walk away because of lack of control through the facilitation of this meting.

E-Mail: Alexnyc11@gmail.com

Alex B.

2 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Saturday 12/3 General Assembly: OWS Volunteer Services Proposal”

  1. JZ

    There was a recent proposal for $700 for equip for a donated space in Harlem … are you connected to that operation as well? Seems like a decent amount of progress has been happening in Harlem. I have not been out there to see any of it.

    Can anyone chime in on what they’ve seen happening in Harlem?

  2. liza

    am sorry, but how would you be able to sustain this on a monthly basis? am interested in knowing more about this but this proposal needs not only more information but also more discussion time online and off. there are actual social business models for managing working space & volunteer time management that you arent addressing in this proposal.