Draft Proposal for Saturday 12/10 General Assembly: OccupyOakland West Coast Port Shutdown Assembly

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Greetings from OccupyOakland West Coast Port Shutdown Assembly!

Five major west coast ports are committed to the success of the West Coast Port Shutdown on December 12th, 2011.   The General Assemblies of Occupy LA, Occupy Portland, Occupy San Diego, Occupy Seattle and Occupy Oakland each approved this action and are organizing for it (Port Blockade Website.). More Occupy General Assemblies are adding their endorsement daily.

Each Occupy will face significant expenses to pull this off.  Each is scrambling to make this a success, not just for ourselves, but for the Occupy movement.

We are applying to Occupy Wall Street for funding. This action, based on the successful Occupy Oakland general strike of November 2nd, is the largest action undertaken by any Occupy to date and is rapidly becoming a national action. The most appropriate source of funding is from our national center.

We have included a draft budget for anticipated OccupyOakland expenses which provides an estimate of what is needed. We expect each Occupy port city to have similar expenses.  We are asking for $4,500.00 from Occupy Wall Street for each Occupy port city.

Occupy Oakland is also applying to act as the financial conduit for all five Occupies.  We are in routine communication with the other Occupies action committees and Port committees regarding their needs and are sharing this letter and our budget outline with them.

Our pledge to you and to the other Occupies is this:  Whatever amount is approved will be divided equally among the five Port cities. Oakland will immediately funnel the money through the Occupy Oakland account (set up already) and be completely transparent with the Occupy Oakland financial committee, the General Assembly and our own Port Shutdown committee.

We can immediately provide you with the names, phone numbers and emails of the individuals over-seeing this.  All will be immediately recognized as organizers by the Port Shutdown committee, the General Assembly and all have been part of Occupy Oakland since its inception.  No individual will be receiving funds – all items will be paid on proof of receipts.

We seek your support and commitment to this action and look forward to working with you. Please acknowledge receipt of this message and let us know who we should be talking with. Whatever can expedite this request would be greatly appreciated.


Barucha Peller, Occupy Oakland Port Blockade Assembly, 415-574-8138/macheteyamor@gmail.com
Mike King, Occupy Oakland Port Blockade Assembly, 510-859-5891/mking@ucsc.edu
Stan Woods, rank and file member, ILWU Local 6, 570-681-7224/slwwva@gmail.com
M.Treloar, rank and file member, California Nurses Association (CNA) 415-255-7297/notamedic@gmail.com
Melissa Mandel  Coordinator, Finance Oakland Port Shutdown committee    mizgranny@gmail.com



Porta-Potties    15    $140.00    $2,100.00    Daylong action;10-20K people expected;15 not enough
Buses    10    $100.00    $1,000.00
Sound Truck    1        $300.00    I heard this amt from the 11/2 crew
Water – Barrels w/ tank            $200.00    No individual size bottles
Mega-phones    4    $75.00    $300.00    Will turn over to OccupyOakland after event
2-way radios – sets    3    $80.00    $240.00
Flyers                $600 approved in OO GA – $200 used
Posters/Banners/Spicket Sticks            $1,000.00

BUDGET TOTAL            $5,140.00

Note:NO bail from these funds. Bail must be managed through the Anti-Repression Committee
No money will go to individuals, only those with receipts.
No money to Oakland unless equal amounts to LA, Seattle, Portland and San Diego

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