Draft Proposal for Saturday 12/10 General Assembly: Medical Clinic Budget

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Proposal For Medical Clinic BudgetOn Thursday, Dec. 3rd, 2011, there was officially a split between Medical Clinic and Street Medics.  The split happened to protect our licensed physicians and nurses from losing their licenses and to give the clinic its own accountability.  Due to the split, the budget that we had needs to be proposed again under a new working group name, “Medical Clinic.”The medic team had a budget of $500 a week, in addition to the $100 a day.  We also had a donation bucket, which due to the raid, we do not have anymore.  The $1200 altogether a week plus the donations we have been receiving had been used for the following purposes:

1.)   To get supplies needed to care for the health and well being of OWS attendees and occupiers.
2.)   To get prescriptions filled for patients, without insurance or income, that is written for OWS attendees and occupiers by our volunteering physicians.
3.)   To help with transportation (i.e. cab fare, bus, car, and subway fare) to location visits, hospital/emergency rooms and also to attend meetings.
4.)   Keep communication open between doctors, nurses, medics and the community.
5.)   In some cases, helping with hospital bills/clinic costs.
6.).   To supply the Street Medics with appropriate clothing for weather and packs for holding medical supplies.

Due to the raid, our supplies are very limited right now and we do not have any donations coming in as we did before the raid. We are looking to stock four mobile clinics for the time being and eventually start a free healthcare clinic.  We are evolving and doing the best we can with the little supply and space that we have.
We are asking for a budget of $1050 a week instead of $500 plus quick access to additional funding in case of emergencies or large purchases for medical equipment so we can:
1.)   Start building up our supplies again, which include first aid supplies, preventative medical supplies, legal medications, emergency and life-saving equipment and patient prescriptions.
2.)   Build efficient mobile clinics to bring medical care to demonstrations, housing, etc.
3.)   For food since we do not have always have access to OWS provided food and are a 24-hr operation without a centralized location at the moment.
4.)   Have transportation and communication for doctors and nurses and clinic staff to due rounds at the housing locations at night,  Pick up medications, and transport non emergent patients to hospitals and other more advanced clinics. And to make the medical clinic more accessible to the people.
5.)   Slowly create a licensed, free, not-for-profit housed health care clinic that will offer free urgent and general care to all in need.
6.)   To fund at least 4 teams (one doctor and one nurse) of Medical Observers made up of specially trained doctors and nurses to support demonstrators and occupiers through documentation and medical aide in cases of police brutality and other human rights situations.
  Pauly K.
   OWS Medical Clinic
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