Draft Proposal for Sat. 12/3 General Assembly: OWS Constitution Working Group

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Contact Persons: Bob and/or Judith

Working Group (if applicable) : Constitution

Contact Email: honoramerica@gmail.com

Contact Phone: 518 656 3578


1.  On November 2, 2011, Bob and Judith – organizers of the Constitution Working Group – presented a report-back to the General Assembly in the form of a Statement of Beliefs which had been agreed by the Working Group as a platform for future action.  The Statement re-affirms the Fundamental Principles of America’s constitutional form of government; the individual unalienable Rights of every individual; and clarifies the cause ofAmerica’s current distress as well as a general approach to getting the Nation back on track.


It was announced that a website called www.occupytheconstitution.org had been established and all were invited to visit the site, ponder the Beliefs where they are now posted and sign their approval.  Since posting, there has been a steady stream of Americans reading and signing.


2.  The General Assembly is now invited to accept these Beliefs as a platform for specific further action to address major issues of importance to the Occupy movement using the tools of the Constitution to seek specific Redress and Remedy from the government.


3.  To that end, the OWS Constitution Working Group would like to submit to the GA – for official circulation, review and consideration –  seven FIRST AMENDMENT PETITIONS FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, which address major violations of the Constitution which are significant to the Occupy movement and are devastatingAmerica’s economy, reputation and pauperizing her people.


4. These First Amendment Petitions officially identify the issue; substantiate the People’s Right to Petition government; cite the specific provision of the Constitution which has been violated; provide facts which substantiate the need for the Petition; and give REMEDIAL INSTRUCTIONS to government to stop the violations, restore constitutional governance and give relief to WE THE PEOPLE.


5. These Petitions are in a legal and professional format appropriate to Serve on elected officials in Washington D.C. and each of the Several States, as appropriate.  The People have a legal Right to hold government accountable to the rest of the Constitution through this Petitioning process.


6.  There is a specific First Amendment Petition to address each of the following violations of the Constitution which continue to undermine America, her people and her resources along with INSTRUCTIONS to government to stop the violations and get America back on track:


Petition on Unconstitutional Bailouts of Private Corporations and Foreign Countries


Petition on the Unconstitutional Federal Reserve System


Petition on Money and Monetary Policy –our debt-based, fiat money is prohibited by the U.S. Constitution


Petition on Unconstitutional Public Debt – the People are only responsible for “constitutionally-valid debt”


Petition on Public Education and the Constitution – no system of public education inAmerica should be devoid of instruction on the history, meaning, effect and significance of the principles, restrictions, prohibitions and mandates of the Supreme Law of the Land – our State and Federal Constitutions. No system of public education should withhold knowledge regarding popular sovereignty, the natural, unalienable Rights of individuals, and the republican form of government that is Fundamental toAmerica’s Reason for Being.


Petition on The Public Nature of Elections – under the principle of the public nature of elections that emerges from our State and Federal Constitutions, the People of America have a constitutionally guaranteed Right to know their votes are being accurately counted without special, expert knowledge, a Right that is violated by electronic voting systems.


Petition on Violations of the War Powers Clauses of the Constitution– the People have a constitutionally guaranteed Right to an Executive Branch that does not apply the armed forces of theU.S. in hostilities overseas without the approval and authorization by the People’s representatives in the U.S. Congress.


7. We would like to officially submit these Petitions to the General Assembly on Saturday evening December 3, 2011 for a one week period of review and consideration with a view to having these officially approved on Sunday, December 11 if the Assembly is agreeable.  We seek the assistance of the Communications, Volunteer and Internet Working Groups to assist with the information and communication process to ensure all are informed and have ample opportunity to discuss and consider the Petitions.


We request assistance as to the best means to ensure all have access to this information and are encouraged to review and consider the contents.  We plan to give a copy of the “Petition Packet” to each of the facilitators and would like to have additional hard copies to hand out after our presentation to the Assembly.  Is there any financial assistance for printing costs?


We would be grateful for any suggestions you might have in presenting this material at the Assembly to honor the process.


8. If agreeable, the Petitions will be posted on the www.occupytheconstitution.org website and would be posted by the Occupy outlets across America for approval by the American people.


9. We would undertake a massive grassroots information campaign seeking the written endorsement of 3-5% of the population of the United States (9-15 million people) by January 20, 2012, or as soon thereafter as possible.


10. If the goal is accomplished, the Petitions would be Served on the President, every member of Congress and the appropriate members of the State legislatures.


11. We believe that Civic Education without Civic Action is for naught, as Civic Action without Civic Education is for naught.  These Petitions and the Will of the People to secure a responsive response will ensure the Voice of the Constitution is heard.


To summarize, we would like to stand before the General Assembly on Saturday, December 3:

*Seeking Official support for the Statement of Beliefs

*To officially submit the seven Petitions for consideration and review

*To confirm a one-week time period in which the GA as individuals and groups can discuss the Petitions, the proposed Remedies and Instructions and consider the action steps to serve them on the government;

*To return the following Sunday, December 11 to seek the official approval of the GA for the First Amendment Petitions for Redress of Grievances.


We are available to answer any questions or fulfill any other requirements of the Proposal Process as requested.


We plan to meet with the Facilitators to their satisfaction as directed at 6pm on December 3, to discuss our place on the GA Agenda at 7pm.  If other meetings are suggested, we can be at the park in the afternoon on Saturday.


Respectfully submitted


Bob and Judith

OWS Constitution Working Group

518 656 3578

2 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Sat. 12/3 General Assembly: OWS Constitution Working Group”

  1. liza

    i would like to see working groups with huge projects like this to post and open them to discussion online for at least 2 weeks before presenting to the GA for consensus.

    the issues presented in this proposal are huge and need to be debated in an open forum and moderated accordingly. 30 minutes at the GA are not enough for serious discussion of a proposal like this.

  2. Darrell Prince

    I disagree.. the conversation will not have the impetus, and will be ignored on line if not brought to GA.. I would suggest making sure that it comes to a vote before the 30 minutes is up, and having a resubmit date in mind if it doesn’t go through.. but this is what needs to happen… Are you in contact with the Occupy philly people… they are doing a constitutional event on July 4th 2012.

    I would love to help in anyway I can with this, though I will not return to the city until monday.. prince.darrell@gmail.com