Draft Proposal for Sat. 12/3 General Assembly: Eric (emergency proposal)

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We propose that all OWS funds be withdrawn from all accounts in increments of one hundred dollars, and that the money be put in canvas bags to be delivered to Wall Street and set ablaze.

10 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Sat. 12/3 General Assembly: Eric (emergency proposal)”

  1. Brendan

    well that’s illegal but we have to get the money out of OWS. It is poison. Donate it to a charity or something else. Or remove the donate button, the IV for poison.

    • s.t.

      yeah unfortunately it is.

      “United States Code, TITLE 18 – CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE, PART I – CRIMES, CHAPTER 17 – COINS AND CURRENCY, ยง 333. Mutilation of national bank obligations

      Whoever mutilates, cuts, defaces, disfigures, or perforates, or unites or cements together, or does any other thing to any bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt issued by any national banking association, or Federal Reserve bank, or the Federal Reserve System, with intent to render such bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt unfit to be reissued, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.”

      specifically note the phrase “other evidence of debt”, as in destroying dollars is the same as extinguishing a debt obligation. in other words, the Law claims right there that $ = DEBT.

      too bad, you have to admit, it would make one hell of a statement.

      btw, here’s a fun way to play with your FRN’s:
      contrary to popular myth, this is perfectly legal, as long as there’s no attempt to defraud or deface the serial #’s.

  2. Lopi

    I understand the sentiment behind this proposal. In the spirit of ending all the fighting and division over money, we ought to burn it! While it’s a funny and appropriate reaction to how much people fight over it, I think it would be better to take all the money, buy land, seeds and tools and get to work.

  3. Ellis

    Ive been proposing this for a long while and now that i see it’s been formalized in an actual proposal i feel some trepidation. We need to use this money to fix up squats that have already been taken by CROWS (Confederated Revolutionaries of Occupy Wall ST) As well as other groups with out the benefit of 700 dollar hotels to go to. This will fix the problem of the resentment between homeless activists and those who quite their lives to be here and students who dont want to finance a flop house for the worst of the homeless non activists. A squat is a hard place requiring hard work and is usually situated in poor neighborhoods. It is advantageous because it is the essence of revolution, as it is exproriation of the rich’s neglected property in the benefit of the people. It will develop a concrete unity and egalitarian spirit amongst our forces which we are now lacking.

  4. liza

    cute but NO.

    am sorry, money is a resource. it doesnt matter if the country runs on an economy that is socialist, communist or capitalist, you still need money.

    this is a massive derail and it would be irresponsible of facilitation to present this as an actual proposal. on the other hand, take your time on the SOAPBOX to do your shtick and talk about it.

    • Urbaned

      Yes. There is no way that OWS can exist in a vacuum. For example, the tents and flashlights for the encampments might have been made with “slave labor” in China, but we have to use them anyway. One day, when the world becomes sustainable for all, this kind of reliance on previous abusive practices can end.

  5. johnqpublic

    Is this seriously going to be considered? If it is, then the movement needs a process that can filter out frivolous proposals.