Can the Spam

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So we got word that some members are getting unsolicited emails and notifications. We’ve added spam to the ‘Report type’ drop down menu in the feedback form. When reporting spam please provide the account username along with a copy of the email or notification for verification.

Spammers suck, if you get something sketchy. Tell us.

2 Responses to “Can the Spam”

  1. Aaron

    Thanks, I tried looking to where I could submit a user but the feedback form for spam works too.

  2. Robert Pollard

    I noticed there is a “Report user” option on members’ profiles, however, when clicking on this, there is no opportunity to select the reason for reporting – spam, abusive comments, etc.- or to describe the reason for reporting the user. It would be good if the response to Report user could be modified to allow or require this information to be provided.