1/4: Funding for Left Forum Panel

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The OWS Sustainability Working Group is requesting funds for
participation in the Left Forum, at Pace University March 16 to March
18, 2012. This year’s theme is entitled “Occupy the System:
Confronting Global Capitalism.”

OWS Sustainability Working Group would like to present and moderate a
panel discussion / Q&A tentatively titled : Creating A Sustainable
Culture: Food, Farming, Energy and Our Future. The panel will include:
Maggie Cheney of Bushwick Campus Farms. Notable Permaculture Designer,
Andrew Faust. Lisa Depiano Instructor @ UMass Amherst and owner of
Mobile Design Lab. Dr. Susan Rubin, Master Composter and Coordinator
of Transition Westchester. It will be moderated by Winnie Wong,
Coordinator of OWS Sustainability Working Group. We have assembled a
very diverse group of of teachers, activists, community organizers,
and green innovators who have broad knowledge in the areas of
Sustainable Agriculture, Energy, Green Design, Social Activism, and
Permaculture. Together we hope to inspire, engage, and empower
participants of this panel to become more informed, and to get
involved with occupying their food supply by using their personal
energy supply in a more creative and sustainable way. We may also
screen a very short film of no more then 8 minutes in duration.
Sponsoring Journal:
OWS Sustainability Working Group


Participation: 8 Panelists * $55 per person fee = $440
Transport: 8 Panelists * $4.5 two way metro card = $36
Total Requested Funds: $476

8 Responses to “1/4: Funding for Left Forum Panel”

  1. Voter March

    The “Left Forum convenes the largest annual conference of a broad spectrum of left and progressive intellectuals, activists, academics, organizations and the interested public.” http://www.leftforum.org/ This is a worthy cause and it is important the OWS have a presence at this conference.

  2. Shawn CarriƩ

    Why should WE pay to have our speakers on a panel at the Left Forum?

    Can’t they waive the fee for Occupy Wall Street?

  3. Yoni Miller

    I agree with Shawn, but regardless, if we can’t get it waived…then let’s do it you know?

  4. Sarah Ashley Baxendell

    Hey All,
    Thanks for the feedback….

    The Left Forum is a not for profit organization and they require all conference participants to pay. We will be applying for partial scholarships although there is no guarantee that we will get it.

    This conference is very important & our panel will serve the ows community well.

    The forum is attended by the nations leading intellectuals, progressives and activists. We’re very fortunate to be able to present this panel alongside so many brilliant people, who are putting ideas into action, action into practice.


  5. Haywood

    The Left Forum is great. But if they ask poor occupiers to pay our own way to their forum when we’re the only thing alive on the American left-wing right now then they can go straight to hell.

  6. Shawn CarriƩ

    So wait, let me get this straight. Occupy Wall Street has to apply for their little partial “scholarships” and then sit around and hope that they are gracious enough to deem us worthy?

    Fuck that shit.

    OWS is going to be the MAIN EVENT at the Left Forum, and we are going to attract more people than they have EVER had. If we withdraw from it, i.e, if we Occupy Wall Street isn’t coming to your forum, that’s gonna do some serious damage to them. Let’s not forget the leverage that this community has. And let’s use it.

  7. Ravi Ahmad

    As someone who’s been going to the Left Forum off and on since I was a kid, yeah, there are some cool people there sometimes but its a lot of boring people talking to other boring people rather than, you know, doing stuff. Like we do.