12/27: The VOTER Plan

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Proposal: To The GA of Occupy Wall Street:

The international bankers send our jobs overseas, resulting in rampant unemployment. They devaluate the dollar through printing trillions out of thin air for the 1 percent that the 99 percent are expected to pay back with interest. Entitlement programs, such as unemployment insurance are under attack. Then, when bankruptcies happen, the 1 percent buy the assets such as homes, land, and businesses for pennies on the dollar. They are progressively enslaving the 99 percent with debt. We must not allow this to happen. The good news is that there is a peaceful and achievable means to bring about great and comprehensive changes.

People everywhere are waking up. The world is looking to the Occupy movement for answers. OWS has the potential to change everything. People want real solutions and they want to get involved.

The VOTER Plan (Voice Of Thoughtful & Ethical Reform) is a comprehensive plan that is the result of ten years of development. It can serve as a catalyst to unify the 99 percent, and with our great numbers, can empower us to…

* Eliminate the vast majority of the corruption in our government. This will be through:

* Creating a mass grass roots movement that is unified behind a comprehensive platform of reforms. These reforms will bring great changes and very real help to the 99 percent. Hence, it can literally get a majority of votes in MANY states!

* The movement will be powerful enough for us to vote out a majority of Congress, to vote in our own – those who commit to the VOTER Plan platform. We can also vote in a president who commits to the platform. Maybe Nader, Cynthia McKinney, or Kucinich… Imagine the potential. With both houses and the presidency, our chosen politicians will enact the full 20-point VOTER Plan platform, (with your changes,) which includes the following aspects:

* Rewrite the tax code so the 99 percent have substantial relief while the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share.

* Eliminate the fractional banking system. Reduce credit card, payday loans, and other credit avenues to a maximum of 9 percent.

* Eliminate the Federal Reserve. With the false debt to the Federal Reserve bankers nullified, there is suddenly something like 15 trillion dollars of debt that is gone. Suddenly, the nation has much more money for everything important to the 99 percent.

This plan has many more important aspects to the platform – Medicare for all; elimination of NAFTA, GATT…; Federally funded elections; etc.

This changes the whole economy. The austerity measures no longer threaten. See how this will get the vote of the 99 percent?

More importantly, in just four pages of text, the VOTER Plan provides the means for all of it; how the organization can be formed and funded and how it can help us to sort through thousands of potential candidates to help us identify and vouch as genuine the potential congressional candidates that we need to vote in.

NOTE: Everything in the VOTER Plan is flexible. It is meant as a starting point for whatever the OWS members feel they would like to create. Take what works and leave the rest behind.

The crucial point is that this plan provides a very real means of changing everything. All the money changers would be fully in check. Our candidates, having the majority, would pass the best legislation since the founding of this country. This could bring the CIA, Homeland Security, military, etc. under control, suggesting a much greater potential for world peace, as well as Habeas Corpus and privacy restored.

Please give this plan your utmost consideration. The vote is our most powerful weapon. For anyone who considers picking this plan apart – please remember that it works as it is. It is achievable; it is within our means; and it could change everything. So feel free to change it and take what works – but I hope that the final product can still change everything like it can in its current form. We can write our own destiny here. Following is one of the closing paragraphs from the plan:

Left to its own devices, the corruption in our government has become a cancer. We must stop the madness before it destroys all that we hold dear. …It is time to clean house. We are 400 million and the power brokers are few in number. If we come together, it can be done. If not, I fear for our future.

Time is short, but whatever is achieved before the 2012 elections can only serve to help. If the goals of this plan prove too undeveloped by the 2012 election, it would certainly be well developed by the 2016 election, at which time, we could realize a great transformation of our political landscape – and great changes for the 99 percent.

I will be in Manhattan from 12/26/11 through 12/29/11 to meet with you and to answer any questions you might have. You can see the full plan here: www.TheVOTERPlan.com

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