1/3: Occupy the NH Primary

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Proposal Summary: OWS will join with Occupy NH to Occupy the NH Primary from
Thursday January 5th – Wed January 11th to participate in a series of direct actions aimed
at political targets of both the Republican and Democratic Parties to confront the problem
of corporate money and the wealth of the 1% buying elections and controlling and
influencing our political system.

This proposal comes from interest in some people at OWS combined with a request
from Occupy NH for support. People from other Occupies around the country will be
joining Occupy NH and Occupy the Primary, so this will be an opportunity for national
movement building and relationship building with other Occupiers.

Program: The five days of action in NH will include a series of Direct Actions

Direct actions on scheduled events including Republican Primary Debates;

Bird-dogging candidates and raising our issues and concerns during candidates

Taking over the office/offices of National Democratic Targets;

Targeting a corporate political donor of both parties;

Talking to Republican Voters and organizing mini general assemblies and speak
outs at polling sites.

A General Assembly and Speak Out across from the Hotel where the acceptance
speech of the winner will be made to show what real democracy looks like; and,

NOTE: This action is NOT about disrupting the voting process. Occupy NH has made
it clear that it is not seeking to stop people from entering the polls or to disrupt the
voting process. Disruption will be of candidates events and other targets not associated
with the voting process.

Message: Occupy the NH Primary will address growing economic inequality and the
disproportionate economic and political power of corporations and the wealthiest 1-
percent. We want to highlight our concerns, which are often absent from the candidates’
speeches and media reports. We will also raise the issue of corporate money and the
wealthy buying elections and destroying true democracy in the US. We will raise the
issue of Wall Street buying both Republican and Democratic Candidates.

What We Need: We are asking that Direct Action join other Working Groups in
supporting this action in the following ways:

1 – to identify people who would want to come to NH for a number of days to engage in
direct actions and organizing work that are being organized and to help be the lead on an
action on a Democratic Target.

2 – to support our ask for funding to cover travel and some food and lodging costs to NH
and the cost of logistics at the Occupation Site in Manchester.

3 – to think of a small direct action in NYC to do during the Primary on January 10th to
secure media coverage in NYC that will echo and support the media coverage in NH and

3 Responses to “1/3: Occupy the NH Primary”

  1. Sam Redman

    How about a budget breakdown? $5000 sounds like a “off the top of the head” figure. How many people are you booking for this trip? What hotels have you chosen? Have reservations been made? What kind of restaurants? What sort of transportation are you planning? What group and what person is coordinating this effort (who would get the money)?

    It’s strange to submit a request for funding without having done the research sufficiently to provide an anticipated cost breakdown. Get a sheet of paper, write down some categories and go on the internet and do some cost checking. Submitting a proposal without a cost breakdown causes it to lose credibility.

    • Sam Redman

      Check out some of the other proposals here to see models of how to submit a budget breakdown. Often after your workup is done and published, others can help you come up with ways to do your project more economically. Not showing a budget at all is a good way to get the proposal tabled or rejected.