Re-Occupation Plans

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The NYPD raided Liberty Plaza in the middle of the night. Our re-occupation plans are already underway.

This movement can’t be contained in one square block in lower Manhattan. It is bigger than that. You can’t evict an idea whose time had come.

Show your support. Turn out en masse….

Here is the current list of critical events on Tuesday 11/15/11:

    • Restraining Order Against Eviction of Zuccotti!!!
      City Hearing Today at 11:30, 71 Thomas St.
      Temporary restraining order issued at 6:30 am prohibiting evictions from Liberty Park (unless “lawful arrests for criminal offenses) allowing protestors back in with tents or other property previously utilized, and prohibitng enforcing “rules published after the occupation began.Attorneys associated with the New York City Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild working as the Liberty Park Legal Working Group obtained a temporary restraining order against the City of New York, various City agencies, and Brookfield properties directing that occupiers be allowed back on the premises with their belongings. See link for the order:
    • SOLIDARITY EVENT INFO: From Movement Building:
    • Government due to appear in court (71 Thomas Street) at 11:30 am today to respond. For actions:
      • hug a lawyer
      • show up at the courthouse at 11:30
      • know that, given this order, protestors have the right to re-enter the park with belongings.  and if the government prevents that before 1130, they will be defying this judge’s order.  people could print this out and go there peacefully and lawfully.
      • keep the lawyers informed of police interactions, reliable information sharing is how they are able to put these kinds of things together; NLG num 212-679-6018
    • GA TONIGHT at 7pm in Zuccotti Square
    • Facilitation Meeting: Discussion of GA Agenda Items at 4pm in 60 Wall St.
    • 12:00 N: SDNY Pickup, 650 W 57st street. According to a flyer distributed early in the raid, people can pickup anything that was not destroyed by the NYPD. To us, that doesn’t seem to leave much, but good luck.
We are the 99% and we’re still here. Please donate to help us rebuild.

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  1. Nicola Paris

    Dear OWS,

    To you I send my support and my solidarity.

    In Melbourne, Australia we recently suffered a violent eviction. Some bruises are fading, some remain, marked in hidden places. There is understandable reluctance by some to challenge the state again, and receive similar punishment…others want to use the situation to provoke further violent response.

    For myself – I sit in between. I believe we should challenge, rise again, peg our tent space for democracy. But peacefully, with discipline. With organisation, with understanding and with clarity. And if they use unjust laws, then we should absolutely break them. Willingly and cheerfully, and peacefully.

    You have provided inspiration to many, and I believe you will be creative, and smart, and show leadership, in this leader-less movement.

    We rely on you, as you rely on us. The battle for sanity, for respite, for kindness, for a way forward is going to be a long one. But it is here, it is the beginning, and the response worldwide shows we are heading in the right direction.

    The strength you have, which we did not have time to gather here…is in your community. The people who shared the same space for two months, and fought and argued and believed and cried and threw up their hands in frustration. Who fed each other, tended to each others wounds, and smiled.

    You will see each other through. Because you have to.
    Because we all need to.

    With much love, from one activist on the other side of the world, to many others.
    Love Nicola Paris

    PS – I mean really – who destroys libraries anyway?! Oh – I remember.

  2. Andrew

    It is not you park. You did not buy it. Your “library” was nothing but an illegaly rasied tent. You are denying a public parks use to others besides yourself. You had no homes in that park. Your methods are creating anger because you are intolerant to others who do not share your views.

    • beau

      sort of like amreica in general. if your not a blood sucking capitalist and share the views of this twisted republic, then you dont get a voice. most of the land in this country is private property. which means you are I dont get to enjoy it. what if i dont share that view? that would seem like an intolerance as far as what you have just described.

    • Accra

      @Andrew – Zuccotti Park is a public park. That means it belongs to everyone. New York City in an unusual agreement allowed the park to be owned and maintained by a private entity, Brookfield Management. However, it is still a public place and is an appropriate venue for public assembly. I’m not sure if you are familiar with New York, Andrew, but there are few open spaces here. It is common for protests to occur in public parks. The park was fulfilling one of its main purposes in hosting the protest.

      And if you must know the truth, it is a dismal patch of pink granite with spindly trees. Virtually no one visits because it is nearly always dark and gloomy. So it is not as if the protesters are keeping throngs of visitors from the park.

      Lastly, the implication of an us-versus-them mentality which runs through your post is misplaced. There is no “them”, there is no “you people” there is only us, Americans seeking to speak. And you, Andrew, are obviously included as we are now in dialogue on this web site.

    • Shawn Carrié

      When have we ever web intolerant of anyone with different views? We welcome and even thrive on these types of discussions.

  3. Glenn Morton

    Hello OWS Patriots,
    I write to you with a heavy heart knowing that your movement, as presently constituted, is coming to an end. This may sound shocking to you, and I pray that it does, but it is true nonetheless. You have been out-maneuvered by your opponent, and should heed these lessons well for any future actions.

    You were not the only ones to observe the uprisings in the middle east. Our government did, as well. In fact, they assisted those uprisings, and know exactly what it takes to begin, maintain, or end civic protests. In simple terms, your “movement” was not confronted (which would have made people angry), but was absorbed by those who profit from your presence and, when the energy of your efforts turned towards maintaining your territory rather than expanding your objectives, the police moved in across the country to disband your encampments, like taking out the trash once the bag got too full.

    Military history demonstrates tactics you might consider to turn this strategy against your opponents. Movement is key. Don’t just occupy one place…occupy one place at a time. In other words, MOVE AROUND. Surely, if new residents, and elected officials, were confronted with your mission in their backyards, you would gain support and piss people off at the same time. This would generate energy and attention, and allow your movement to be sustainable over the long term. Some places might even prepare for your arrival, which would be a welcome change…YOU WOULD DRIVE THE NARRATIVE.

    You don’t want to be comfortable. If you are, then so are your opponents, giving them more opportunity to plan your demise. You want to be uncomfortable, so the thoughts and ideas that spring from that feeling move your cause forward. Uncomfortable people demand change; comfortable ones set up kitchens and libraries..

    Furthermore, while you are leaderless, and that has a certain appeal, you are also FACELESS, and the average person in America (whose support you NEED) does not identify with you as a result. EVERY CAUSE IN AMERICA HAS A PERSON ASSOCIATED WITH IT, and yours must as well or it will die. If you had a person speaking on your behalf to the media…someone in a SUIT and TIE, who is ARTICULATE and PASSIONATE about your goals, then he/she would advance your cause in a way NO encampment/occupation ever could. ONE PERSON.

    Yes, that requires trust, coordination, and communication, but you NEED those things to WIN, so embrace them. If you don’t, you will FAIL, because you will not have ANY CONTROL over how you are shown.

    For example, did you SEE the video commercial that was released ON YOUR BEHALF to Fox news? It showed you in positions of weakness, getting manhandled by authorities, instead of STRENGTH. You gained NO ONE, and only got to publicly show law enforcement as authority…not you. It made you seem vagrant, and hopeless. If you had a leader, he/she would have known that and disavowed it IMMEDIATELY. Winning is the goal…not just being right or just in your cause.

    Third…you need ONE ISSUE to address. Decentralization feels good, but is ineffective when it comes to protests movements. Look at our history. Slavery…womens suffrage…Vietnam War…civil rights…all of them had as a rallying cry a SINGLE OBJECTIVE. It would give those not willing/capable of camping out commonality with your cause. Wall Street has the financial resources to control what is seen/heard in the media, and profits from NEWS STORIES. Once your movement grew, your words were worth MONEY to the ones reporting for, and against, your presence. There is just as much money made in your rise as in your fall, but none to be made in your presence alone. Media thrives on DRAMA, and just being there offers no food for the hungry 24 hour news cycle.

    If you came out strongly in opposition to ONE LAW, then you would WIN on that issue, and that would be VERY DRAMATIC, and ensure you hold a position of strength from that point forward…allowing you to be feared and WIN on other issues.

    May I suggest Obamacare? This law allows the health insurance/health care portion of Wall Street the power of the IRS to collect money from NON-customers, without having to provide any INSURANCE in return. It is theft, pure and simple, and represents the BIGGEST CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE OF OUR TIME. I passed out several books I wrote on this issue last Wednesday called “Passing Obamacare” that details why this is bad, and offers a better solution.

    Pleae visit to learn more but, trust me, your goals and the ending this law are perfect for each other. Americans NEED someone to defend them from this law, and you are in the perfect position to do it. As a bonus, you would once again DRIVE THE NEWS CYCLE and gain the help of the best ally you could ever hope for…another citizens movement that is more mature than yours, and who would be very grateful if you joined them on this issue. The Tea Party.

    I am still planning to visit OWS NYC tomorrow, though I’m not sure where to go now. Please consider a change in tactics. Our government expected us to follow, or copy, the Arab Spring, and was ready to win should it happen here. But those people HAD to change their government in that way, as they were NOT educated and had no financial resources. We Are AMERICANS! We are better than that, and much more capable of adapting and winning in new ways.

    You are leading the world, OWS…LEAD IT.

    God Bless you all, and God Bless the United States of America!

    Glenn Morton
    Author – Passing Obamacare

  4. Supportive Neighbor

    At the foot of Wall Street is Pier 13 which is owned by the NYC Department of Business.
    The pier is adjacent to the FDR overpass, a public right-of-way.
    Maybe OWS should occupy this area:
    1). It is protected from rain and snow by the overpass.
    2). it is strategically located at the foot of Wall Street.
    3). it is minimally in the face of uninvolved businesses and residential buildings.

  5. Accra

    It seems possible to occupy Zuccotti Park in shifts given the number of people now participating in the protest. Instead of the park being given over to tents, there could be a program of protests and tutorials aimed at educating visitors.

    Details would obviously need to be worked out, such as where “off-duty” protesters would sleep. Coordination with New York City residents would be necessary. However, meals could be provided by push carts in the park. If the food was free I’m not sure permits would be needed.

    What do others think?

  6. Zachary Brady

    After reading some of the comments I want to share my view.
    The idea that the movement is over because Zucotti was raided is ridiculous.
    First of all, OWS is not the first occupy to be raided and most of the raided camps reemerged.
    Yes, OWS is a huge symbol for this movement. It was one of the sparks that made the “Occupy” movement global. But we place too much weight in symbols.
    OWS is NOT the entirety of the movement but just one part. Do not mistake a set back to a part as the end to the whole.
    Even if OWS was to end this movement would still continue.
    However, if OWS did end many, who place too much significance to this symbol, may think that the whole is crushed. So we must consider that while symbols are empowering too much importance can be placed within them.
    Perhaps if we must have symbols, because symbols ARE empowering, we attempt to make the ENTIRE movement a symbol. Or in better words, let’s make sure that OWS is mistaken as the whole.

  7. meno

    The world see’s this as a bunch of slackers fighting to squat in public spaces. Is that the message this is about?