Proposal Instructions

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How to get a proposal to the General Assembly or Spokes Council.

Read on for the policy for brining new proposals to our decision-making bodies.

  1. Develop the Proposal. Proposals to the General Assembly can come from individuals or Working Groups of any kind. Proposals to the Spokes Council must come from either an Operations Group or a Caucus. Any proposal from a Working Group should pass through the group’s consensus process before moving forward.
  2. Seek Relevant Input. In the case of requests for funding, groups are strongly encouraged to consult with the Finance Working Group before moving forward. Depending on the nature of the proposal, it might also be good to consult with Legal and/or any other Working Groups directly connected to the issue being discussed.
  3. Submit the Proposal to Facilitation. Get your proposal to Facilitation by submitting THIS FORM (PDF) to the Info Desk or by emailing Proposals for the General Assembly should be submitted by 4:00pm on the day before the assembly on which you want to be on the agenda. (Emergency Proposals can come forward with less notice; this only pertains to time-sensitive proposals with immediate external deadlines that were not previously knowable). Note: Facilitation holds no power to decide the merits of your proposal, only to assist you in getting it on the agenda.
  4. Review Period. Facilitation will post your proposal on the page below and have a hard copy available for view at the Facilitation table in Liberty Plaza. During this time, people will have the opportunity to post comments with questions and concerns. You are encouraged to review these comments before the assembly, and if possible, adjust your proposal presentation to account for this feedback.
  5. Confirm Place on the Agenda. You or another delegate from your Working Group mustgo to the 60 Wall St. Atrium to meet with the facilitation team at 6:00pm before the assembly when you will present your proposal. The facilitation team will confirm your place on the agenda and discuss time limits and any other concerns related to the handling of your proposal.
  6. Present the Proposal. Present your proposal to the assembly at the assigned time on the agenda. Be prepared to respond to questions, concerns, and friendly amendments. If at any point in the process, it is clear that your proposal is not achieving consensus support within the assembly, you are encouraged to table the proposal and consider what, if any, changes could bring it closer to consensus. If you do this, a revised proposal should go through this process again starting at (1) above.

17 Responses to “Proposal Instructions”

  1. Jeff Ackerman

    I suggest a “vote-check” a memory for each voter, so they could call in, give their soc. sec. #, and see if their vote has been correctly registered. We no longer believe in results reported from voting machines with active programming on their data disks.

  2. Tyler Cash

    In all due respect I don’t believe anyone in this G.A. really understands what they are doing. There is nothing that can be learned from Egypt that will benefit the occupy movement but insisting there is while ignoring what needs to done in America will most likely create that need somewhere down the road if you persist.

    My intention is not to put the G.A. down or claim your doing everything wrong because you haven’t. The operational logistics, support services and supply chain that built this movement is nothing less than remarkable. However, it is now apparent that the experience of the G.A. has reached its end and instead of asking for help from within the movement you panic and start making stupid decisions.

    It hurts me to tell you this but this movement is following in the footsteps of those ‘intellects’ that cost this country 60,000 American lives in Vietnam.
    The G.A. has no battle plan and no end game. You think there is something to gain by occupying space, losing it and reoccupying it etc…in the process of doing so you are losing support from the 99% that you won’t get back and its support you can’t afford to lose.

    There is no excuse for bringing grief upon those who support this cause the young people who have feet on the ground for this movement deserve better than what they are getting. A non-violent peaceful movement is a powerful opponent for any adversary as long as they understand they have declared war on an enemy that isn’t sitting around doing nothing.

    One last thing, you say the G.A. admire the spirit and determination of the Egyptian people. That’s fine I admire them also. I admire the youth in this occupy movement more and more than anything else I want them to reclaim a future that is bright. They’ve been robbed, cheated and short changed in the land of the free and home of the brave. Victory is theirs unless the G.A. continues to follow a path that will lead to defeat.

    • andyx

      You mention the American deaths, which is all well and good, but please think of who else suffered. Estimates of Vietnamese deaths, largely civilian, range from one million to 3 and even 4 million. It would be nice to consider their lives as well, seeing as how it is their country and all. I think it is extremely important to point out that by giving only American death figures you erase the real story of the massacre that went on in that tiny country for the 20 years the American armed forces were there, to say nothing of the French, or Japanese for that matter. In fact, people there are still suffering when unexploded ordinance (usually cluster munitions) that were dropped are accidentally detonated in farmer’s fields, often by children that mistake them for toys. They are also still suffering from the malingering effects of “agent orange.” Lives are lives. “American lives” just sort of smacks of exceptionalism. We need to undo this way of thinking, maybe… I don’t mean to be a wise guy, I just wish we would acknowledge our crimes for what they are so as to avoid repeating them if that is possible and I’d like to think that it is,

  3. odd ah

    G.A. Egyptian proposal 11/19/11>
    I feel ‘certain members’ of movement building manipulated G.A. process by debating the Egyptian trip till the late hours of the night, basically wearing down the opposition to sending and spending until those who blocked left or gave up!!!!
    I am disappointed with OWS movement buildings decision tonight to follow through on spending $29,000 sending multiple people to Egypt for a weekend despite the urgent needs of our currently displaced OWS comrades here in New York and our dire need for people power and resources to repair, rebuild and stabilize our fractured OWS movement here in New York and the U.S.
    I feel extremely disillusioned with the G.A and facilitation process which took place tonight; there was tonight, and has been a clear and vocal opposition to this proposals budget and motivations since its approval became public knowledge. Tonight this opposition was voiced, a female Egyptian activist urged people to not go to Egypt at this time, stating that it would better serve the movement to take care of our own, and have Egyptian solidarity marches here in the states, she left at midnight. Some people stayed till 1 am debating the issue of postponing the trip to Egypt, cancel it or buy tickets for Nov., 25th, finally in the end, when only 50 people remained, a vote was called at 1 am; 21 votes were counted as being in favor of postponing the trip (and a possible renegotiation of funding) and 17 opposed to postponement…Now one would think 21 votes would be the deciding factor, but not in the G.A facilitators eyes- it was the 17 votes which prevailed, the tickets would be bought! Perhaps, I am undereducated, but I truly do not understand this counting method or voting logic. I feel the situation was manipulated to the favor of a few members’ desires in movement building. I sincerely believe and feel the decision to spend $29,000 sending 20 people to Egypt for a weekend when these resources are needed here and NOW is an act of self indulgence and reeks of the pervasive American attitude of privilege before good conscience and right action. Despite the fact that I was active in Egyptian solidarity marches here in the states and do support the international vision for liberation I stand firm in my Block on this particular Egyptian trip Proposal!
**Block: one has very strong moral or ethical reservations about the proposal and will consider leaving the movement if it passes.

  4. BankerSpy

    Odd AH. You nailed it. OWS is a payramid standing on its point. There is a world of ideas and $450,000 in the pyramid but it is all controlled by a handful of people.

    Basically what happenned is that 1% of OWS wrote the rules in such a way so that only the 1% retains control of the government of the movement.

    Ironic isn’t it.

  5. Charlie

    There are definitely issues to work out in order to make everything more inclusive and transparent. I agree that it is still very young, and needs more people to get involved and help develop in that direction.

    However, there is also a lot of misinformation going around…

    The Egypt trip was done with haste, but the confusion is that the folks who created the proposal aren’t going and were trying to figure out the right process to say that after it had been previously approved. This was confusing to everyone at the 11/20 GA because they thought they were voting against sending people to Egypt rather than for not sending people to Egypt…

    Without a physical space to occupy, things have become a little scattered and we need to regroup. I don’t think it is fair for a small group of people to try to fix all the problems and continue the momentum without taking a step back to re-evaluate and get people back together. I’m not sure how this will happen, but know it must…and I continue to suggest that everyone needs to go to the GA and make it function properly.

  6. Mark Reid

    I made a proposal using this form three weeks ago for me to donate 84 top grade sub zero sleeping bags to Occupy New York City, but I wanted to ask the GA for partial reimbursement. I originally was going to donate all of them, but would have allowed OWS to reimburse me up to around half, which I expected it would. Excellent Sub zero bags are $150 to $500 each. These were used in good condition, and I won them at auction for $40 dollars each. My expectation was that GA would have happily paid half ($20/each). In fact, I imagined that GA would offer to reimburse me fully, but I would have refused since I really felt good about helping to keep the Occupiers warm throughout the winter. I just could not afford to pay for all of them myself.

    I filled out this form, which seems okay I guess. However, the proposal was rejected. I Occupy in NYC once or twice a week, and I worked hard to try and find another way to get things arranged but I could not. Since I imagined it would be rude or useless to submit it again, and since talking to many other people did not yield a solution, the only thing I felt I could do was ask the auction corporation for a courtesy default of sale and pay the $400 penalty.

    Always, I have love for NYCGA. And I do not have hard feelings about this. But I wished that there was more clarity as to how and why the decision was made not to allow me to make my proposal. Perhaps, I could have revised my proposal had I known what I could done to fix it.

    I own some expensive equipment that I want to donate, and I want to try and see if I can motivate others to try and help me find solutions to the fact that many Occupiers do not have smart phones or pads or laptops. Occupiers not having such devices creates a situation where they were handicapped badly from keeping up with the movement. I wanted to help fix that situation, and I made a proposal that described and with a realistic depiction.

    This too was denied. I own that equipment, and so I can fill out this form and try again. But there is nothing I have seen saying how or when someone can do that.

    Nonviolence, compassion, and solidarity

    • Yoni Miller

      That’s because there are a few assholes in the GA who have nothing but malicious intents. I am CERTAIN, most members voted for it, with lots of appreciation and love. I am sorry if this reply is late. I made two proposals to clear the GA of disruptive people and other jerks. :)

      Solidarity Mark!

    • Tom Gillis

      Mark – you may want to get in touch with Occupy Newark as my understanding is that they still have an active camp site (and less dysfunction in their GA)

  7. Judith

    We, the organizers of the OWS Constitution Working Group submitted a MAJOR proposal form today at 3pm to be on the agenda for Saturday’s GA. Why is this not posted? Those involved with this group have had a strange time getting through the system for some reason…We are waiting to see our proposal up with the others.

  8. Don

    submit our most voted on idea to congress via this “how to” link below ;

    Otherwise we are just making conversation !

    Our system works when all participate and counter corruption !

    The only problem we have now is the lack of voting , via a button for vote up or down on any suggestion , which is our chaos derived from no voting and submission of those votes to congress !

    Without a vote and a submission of those votes to congress we are just ignored voices in the wind to the American public , as well as our voices in the streets !

  9. Don

    submit our most voted on idea to congress via this “how to” link below ;

    Otherwise we are just making conversation !

    Our system works when all participate and counter corruption !

    The only problem we have now is the lack of voting , via a button for vote up or down on any suggestion , which is our chaos derived from no voting and non submission of those votes to congress !

    Without a vote and a submission of those votes to congress we are just ignored voices in the wind to the American public , as well as our voices in the streets !

  10. Dan Long

    I’m an outsider, from the state of Delaware, and although you people have just a little infighting going on amongst you, you are doing exactly what is required. You have set the course for a change in the social consciousness of a nation, and you are all to be applauded. Until every American sees an opportunity to escape the control of the many versions of oligarchy to which we have enslaved ourselves, your job is not finished. We are watching, learning, teaching others what you teach us in the hopes of having just one opportunity for a jailbreak from the corporatocracy that surrounds us.

    “I freed over a thousand slaves, and could have freed another thousand if only they had realized that they were slaves.” — Harriet Tubman (The Underground Railroad)