OWS Occupies The Guardian Op-Ed Page

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We have occupied Wall Street for nearly two months. It is now time to Occupy the opinion pages of newspapers across the world.

Even as Mayor Bloomberg attempts to evict us, we journey on, occupying the imagination of people across the globe

Writers and storytellers from across the Occupy Wall Street movement are launching an Op-Ed campaign to make our voices heard.

To launch the OWS Op-Ed campaign, we are occupying the pages of The Guardian Comment is Free America website in coordination with Occupy London, throughout the day today, Tuesday November 15th .

Come read thoughts and voices from across the spectrum of OWS from Oakland to Egypt, Wall Street to the London Stock Exchange. Stay tuned for many more Op-Eds from OWS writers in a paper near you.

4 Responses to “OWS Occupies The Guardian Op-Ed Page”

  1. Yvonne Brown

    It’s about time someone has the courage to stay and keep the dialogue going. I’m tired of sitting home on my comfortable piece of earth trusting that our elected officials know best and they will accurately reflect me since I studied and voted for the “best.” Doesn’t take them long to relax in their post and come up with new policies and committees to waste more time and money. The occupiers are right. Get back to the basics and realize the corporations do not care about us. The congress are only trying to “come up with something else” that will justify their existence. I’d rather vote on everything myself. Bigger isn’t better. And we can survive. We Are Americans. Prove it and stop letting everyone else speak for you! As a wife, grandmother, farmer, unemployed printer, and the mother of an NYC occupier, I say “stay and fight for the right to be heard” and to encourage other American’s to open their eyes and mouths!

    • juliusmartinmedwin

      You express my thoughts so well and I thank you. The phrase “I’d rather vote
      on everything myself ” brings up “Why not?”…. some system making use of the
      internet to harness all the technical skills that corporations have developed to manipulate our thoughts.

  2. BankerSpy

    i have been arguing for using the internet for weeks but the occupiers refuse to do that because they would lose control.