NYC Operational Spokes Council Minutes 11/18/2011

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Date / Time: Friday 11/18/2011 / 7:00pm EST


Facilitators (F): Lisa, Leo


[Note-takers note: A list of discussed priorities as well as questions from Finance are included at the end of these notes.]



63.1.  Group Introductions

63.2.  Agenda Discussion

63.3.  Legal, Housing and Kitchen WG Updates

63.4.  Discussion of Priorities

63.5.  Discussion on Spaces to Occupy

63.6.  Finance Discussion

63.7.  Announcements

63.8.  Combined Priorities List

63.9.  Combined Finance-Improvement List

63.10.  Finance WG Survey

[Facilitators ask for temp on them facilitating (positive)]

A: Announcements from someone other than the Facilitators

F: We are so privileged to have a gentleman over here that is going to open this for us who is one of the elders of our movement.  Harry Belafonte to welcome us tonight! (Clapping)

HB: … Speaking so soon! It’s hard, there are moments … reward and since I was invited here as an elder and somebody who represents a link to what was to what now is in itself its own privilege and reward. I have been to events here in New York and OWS and visited and stayed as quiet as I could. I wanted to marvel in the environment of all these faces that I’d never seen before and all the spirits that have risen to such heights that I didn’t know was in existence because I was at a point where I was saying, “What is happening to the younger generation? Where are they? Where did we miss handing off the baton?” And one day I woke up and there you all were, and I felt that the way I could most align myself would be to quietly move about, not just here but other places.

To hear, to feel and to be instructed to what makes this like the history I have known and what it makes about … and experience of new ideas and thoughts. I am very pleased to know that I have impacted you and SEIU you’ve done to us … because this is the building in which I reside. I am here every day spiritually and professionally. I work with the 99% and a lot of time with … the young people that make up the rank and file of this union, and my task is to service them and my task if there is any to make my relationship with this …that is growing every day …make a contribution. I’m still somewhat confident that the arrogance of power has been so clumsily displayed by those who sit in the seats of power of what mayor Bloomberg has been doing. It is interesting to me when you look around the world, when power seeks to intervene, … mass need and change and by invoking the instruments of power instead of oppressing them all they do is ignite. I thought mayor Bloomberg would be much smarter, as going as far as he has gone will only serve to inspire and make … our time is here again. At the age of 84 I am absolutely delighted …Martin Luther King … those that made up my generation, those in the struggle. If you look back King was 24 when he stepped into the fray …

Those young men and women who got on the buses to make the Freedom Rides were all 18 and 19 years old. To have the youth … I am not surprised … many people to be awakened again … to be of service in any way that I can, doing what we are doing with these resources!  Let me know what I can do.

F: We have so much to learn.

F: There is an Elder’s council Sunday night, all coming together to support the upcoming generation and intergenerational exchange. Thank you again, Mr. Belafonte, for joining us tonight.

F: The only other disclaimer to open is to acknowledge that we are not meeting within walking distance of Liberty Park. It is our goal. We want to say we‘ve done the best we can. There is a legitimate grievance we are working to better in the future, this is not ideal but it’s the best we can do.

F: Next, housekeeping. First, we must be out by 10pm sharp. Thanks our host. We need to get out by 10 pm to keep using this great space. Second, keep the center clear to make sure we can see and hear each other.


63.1.  Group Introductions

F: Introductions: Say your name and working group.

Shawn – Library; CJ – Direct Action; Lopi – Fire Safety; Kreta – Mediation; Jeff – Town Planning

Daniel – Facilitation; Annie – Service; ? – OWS En Espanol; Chris – SIS; Josh – Comfort; Ethan – Movement Building; ? – Mobile Occupation; ? – Press; ? – Outreach; ? – Solidarity; ? – Safer Spaces; ? – Community Alliance; Legal; Medical; WoW; Kitchen; Organization; Finance; Screen Printers Guild; Carrie – Minutes; Design; Tech; Info; Sustainability; Occupy Dignity; Occupy The Hood.


63.2.  Agenda Discussion

F: I know that no one can read this unless you have good eyes. This is the proposed agenda. Does it meet people’s needs? We want to move to critical work. …. We’ll start with priorities, financial accountability, advancing the process we are in on completing SC streamlining.

F: Urgent updates from Legal and Housing, processing priorities

F: Financial accountability, completing council

F: Support tonight: time keepers, stack takers. We are not going to be making tons of decisions but deepening our work, making this a more functional process for all of us. Some announcements at the end.

Legal: I spoke to Brookfield. We are going to have a meeting and we have to put together a group of people, we need people to work on that.

F: Anything else?

Legal: We might consider adding getting our property back seeming as today was the last day and many were in jail.

F: What else?

Kitchen: Kitchen would like to make an announcement related to basic needs.

F: Maybe they should be added to urgent updates or at the end. We’ll figure it out.

Q: Could you repeat the agenda?

F: First, updates on urgent things. Second, set priorities for larger community. Then, financial budgeting procedures. Then, how do we get the council to be whole to keep moving forward instead of many hours on who is in and who is out?

F: We are going to be strict on time because this is a process but we have a lot of work to do.

Q: Current status of 60 Wall Street?

F: We will put it up and see what we know.

F: We’ve been building some meeting agreements, what we agreed upon as a group: Listen don’t interrupt. WAIT (Why Am I Talking). Stay on process. Respect. Don’t shout down others. … both productivity and respectful conversation. Rotate Spoke.

SIS: I am the only member of SIS and I was the spoke last meeting so I am going to step back and not be a spoke.

F: Thank you for modeling that.

Queering OWS: I am also the only member here from Queering OWS and I will also step back and be an active listener.

F: Seeming as how the last ones have gone, let’s do a check on who is not going to follow the process.

F: That is important. Is there anyone who can’t live with this? We need to work together and honor agreements, if you can’t live with that say it now.

A: Don’t make assumptions,

A: When we had the woman who didn’t get to speak …, how can we make room for that?

F: There are many forums to have your voice heard, GA, movement groups, working groups, caucuses. Your voice can come through those other venues to be heard through this forum. If we need that, we will take it, but it means we will lose on time and not spend them on other things.

Strong Women Rules: Nan: Stop spreading rumors.

A: What happens if the rumors are true?

(cross talk)

F: We are going to keep the process going.

A: No name-calling.

A: Active de-escalation, its super important.

F: Let the facilitators deal with it unless we ask for help.

A: White noise, can we close that door?

F: Yes

F: If you’re not a spoke, work through your spoke, speak to the group and not to individuals.

F: Awesome, can everybody live with this? [positive]

F: Who is representing the Occupiers tonight?

F: Is there a spoke for Occupiers? We should be mindful we have many stakeholders.

F: In our council process, we have some flexibility. We are trying to have the spoke speak. We recognize observers as well.


63.3.  Legal, Housing and Kitchen Updates

F: Now we’ll take updates from Legal, Housing, and the Kitchen.

63.3.1.  Legal: Lisa from Jail Support: Everyone one who was arrested the night of the raid has been released. Yesterday, we had about 300 people arrested. There are still 60-100 in jail. Lawyers are bringing habeas corpus emergency papers to a judge to show us where they are and get them out now. It’s happening now, so it would be helpful if anyone knows people that haven’t been found, call jail support and give there information: name, date of birth, and where they were arrested (774) 257-4697.  Also give this information to the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) at (212) 679-6018.  Legal: We got confirmation from the city they are extending the deadline to retrieve property to Tuesday Nov. 22. Folks can go on Monday 21 and 22 from 8am-4pm.  Q: I was told they won’t let you in after 3:45 or actually 3:30. Young lady went in today at 11 and they turned her away.

Legal: Can we talk after? Sure. Dept of sanitation district 7 garage W. 56th Street between 11th and 12th Ave.  Q: Can we dial collect to jail support?

Legal:  In that case call NLG.

F: I appreciate all the input and I think these are important to the group. With this update only questions relevant to the entire group, if not, talk to them after.  Q: Has anyone gotten their stuff? Was it damaged to bits, useless, or gone? Will we be reimbursed?

A: Lawyers are working on it.  Q: I want to let you know I went with a friend to get her computer and have photos of the damage.

F: Can we hear the end of the update?  Legal: For everyone here, on Wednesday Gideon told everyone about the emergency lawsuit. It is going forward.  Judge Stallman wants to have a meeting at 2:30 on Tuesday. Our lawyers and the city’s lawyers and Brookfield lawyers, a few of the OWS legal team will be present in the room. We want to make sure all voices and concerns are addressed. E-mail us at We are also asking about what problems you are having at the park.  Legal: The meeting will be about if we can come to an agreement about us using the park and what is going on right now and how we are prevented from using the park. E-mail before Tuesday, let us know what problems. Fire Safety, Town Planning, Medical, Occupiers, obviously any specifics about what systems we had in place that made it a safe community. We want that. We want to hear from everybody and we will come back with a report back.

F: Two questions, are they relevant to everybody?  Legal: We went to the GA to last night and we passed a proposal. We have lawyers working on the collective stuff that was taken. We are empowered to get lawyers to take action on that, not individuals but collectively.

F: The correct phone numbers will be on the wall.  Q: You mentioned that the lawsuit is going to move forward.  Q: Is there an update on OWS paying any fines people had to take?

A: We have spoken to individuals; it’s something everyone has to decide collectively.

F: We need to move on, this is critical.  Q: For personal losses, fill out this form up to 90 days. But for collective things do not fill out the form?

A: Yes.  Communications: We’ve been utilizing a comm hub out of 50 Broadway. The more people who plug in, the more it will work. The goal is to get report backs and process and also to connect volunteers with projects. We are distributing info On how to get connected, everything has changed since last night. All new. Phone (917) 524-8732. New e-mail is  Also get text alerts text @owscom text 23559.

63.3.2.  Housing: We now have a housing phone line (646) 397-4544. E-mail If it’s urgent please call. You can also go to, Resources tab, under Housing. Support for tonight, we have four churches: St. Paul & Andrew at 263 W. 86th  St. between Broadway and West End has 140 spaces for tonight, closes at 12:30. They have showers and we will try to get food there.  Q: Please write the address on the wall.

F: They are.  Housing: If someone is stuck downtown, you can sleep at the Staten Island Ferry terminal. Also we need volunteers, it’s crazy, they are all requiring thorough security mental health check-in at night and in the morning it’s huge, we are breaking under it.  Q: How do we access that?

A: Call or e-mail.  Q: Do you have meetings?

A: No, come to the office at 50 Broadway. You can’t always go up, best to call first. I am going to go there now. Please leave with me if you can.

F: See Max to the side if you have questions.

63.3.3.  Kitchen: We lost everything. Trying to get food to people is hard for us. We are trying to do one meal a day, maybe more if we have the resources. Trying to deliver the food, we are going to try really complicated. Bear with us serving out of the truck. If we can, dates given to com hub, we are thinking 500 meals. We are having meetings about Thanksgiving dinner. We need volunteers. We’ve lost the ability to gather people quickly, we are posting a signup sheet on the door e-mail:


63.4.  Discussion of Priorities

F: Next step, priorities, of the community at large. At the moment, priorities are different than they were four days ago. We want to build on what we started discussing on Wednesday: needs of each working group and what each can offer. We are going to break into working groups. We would like three priorities for the larger community. We will give 10 minutes to break out, then your spoke will report back. We will write them. Big next step! Working groups break out again and rank the priorities.

F: Once they are up all will have a chance to choose top three on the list.

F: First step, break out into working group. Each group articulate three priorities for the community at large, is that clear?

F: If you are an observer, gather together and contribute—your ideas are important too.

[Ten minutes for breakout]

F: Song to bring us back, “We are rising up, we are rising up, we are rising up like a from the fire higher …”  [Group clap.]

F: If you can hear my voice, clap once. We hope those conversations were productive. How we are hoping to do this, one person from a working group made a suggestion that made a lot of sense. Some priorities are immediate and others are long term. We would like to separate between the two and we want to create a ranking synthesis. As we go, if one of us feels like it’s already included, maybe we are going to ask if we can include it as a check mark next to a previously stated priority. We are going to ask for a show of hands once a priority is stated. We are going to ask for a show of hands as to who already had that. Is that clear? We will identify with check marks for multiple mentions.

F: Three pressing priorities for the community as a whole.

63.4.1.  Direct Action: We thought that our three are space to occupy, clear communication between working groups, and occupations elsewhere, and justice for what has been happening this week. [much clapping]

63.4.2.  Fire Safety, Arts & Culture,  Town Planning: Food, getting food to everyone. Housing, long and short term. Transportation since we are now spread out. And action, giving people something to do and visibility.

63.4.3.  Volunteer Services: Clarity about working groups, working group and volunteer needs, better info for new people coming to the park, schedule of events and meetings, etc.

63.4.4.  Facilitation: Stable and reliable communication and locations for networking; housing and working/reworking the process; and the structures we use for decision making, proactive response to police violence and the motives the city has been using.

63.4.5.  SIS: Organize with the churches and Food and Medical and bring materials they need to their locations.

63.4.6.  Comfort: Check on space to occupy, more tasks to people to volunteer for and more DA or just action.

63.4.7.  Strong Women Rules: Nan: Metrocards, more food for the people at the church in the mornings, clothing and better communication for the occupiers. They have a lot of things in the park, they feel left out, the best thing is to make a text network if possible. I would like to access to SIS so that I deal with women’s working group. I have to have something for the ladies.

63.4.8.  Mobile Occupation: Unfreeze the money to streamline the process, unfreeze backlogged proposals, and space to occupy and find out what are the other occupations doing about these shared issues.

63.4.9.  Press: Finding a space to occupy, replacing the stuff that was lost and damaged, coming up with a plan for the next time we are evicted.

63.4.10.  Herbal Tea: Finances unfreezed, most of the stuff is already on the list.

F: Say which two.

63.4.10. (continued) Herbal Tea: Space and communication and finance, we need to be able to give to other working groups and we need reimbursement.

63.4.11.  Outreach: Solidify and expand our base in NYC, through community organizations already in existence, prevent fragmentation and splintering, and have good communication within ourselves, and spaces to occupy thinking national and long term.

63.4.12.  Mediation and Safer Spaces: Creating community and rebuilding community, whether it’s a physical space or not; community building and rebuilding so the community moves towards being participatory and safe, creating healing circles.

63.4.13.  Safer Spaces: Come together to build community agreements; anti-oppression, consent and accountability and accessibility; community agreement.

63.4.14.  Media: I’m the only one here; media is filming at Sanitation. We decided that echoing a lot of the same concerns, better communication between groups and finance situation being resolved, how to get funds and draw up budgets and physical space.

63.4.15.  Legal: Probably related to all, more people to join the movement and focus on communication and shelter for now and future, reestablishing finance. People first, finance last.

63.4.16.  Community Alliance: Communications has been a huge problem which seems to me has been the main problem without a shared space, shelter. Housing and building on communication, I have heard about Occupy Buildings and don’t know where that’s at and also safety for those in the park and living in shelters and churches.

63.4.17.  WOW: Our first one is multipurpose safe space for living, sleeping and working, food and direct action, long and short term.

63.4.18.  Kitchen: Space, resources. Our farmers stopped delivering to us last week. Feed the people and also direct action. I am passing around a volunteer signup sheet.

63.4.19.  ?: Coordination. If and when we occupy another space, what will you do differently? Let’s learn from our mistakes and make a better space, learning from our mistakes.

63.4.20.  Finance: Financial polices moving forward and group communication, space for groups for the movement, for occupiers, for whatever. Identify what that means and creating new concepts about what that means and being flexible. Identify which groups are still active and which are still needed and which new groups do we need and how do we support them.

63.4.21.  Screen Printing Guild: Space. Where are we printing and other occupations and kind of the third point previous, who do we become, where are we doing it, do we want to be on-line?

63.4.22.  Occupiers: communication space, occupation and financial policies, …

63.4.23.  Movement Building: space, localization of the movement not wasting all of our energy to be sucked into the logistics of the occupation; we want neighborhood GAs, trainings, and nonviolent direct actions.

63.4.24.  Minutes: Communication between groups, finding a space to occupy, and keep planning future DA to remain in the public eye, especially DAs outside of lower Manhattan.

63.4.25.  Wellness: Occupy space, so we don’t have to spend our energy on logistics, suitability of the movement, taking into though its somewhat of a political and economic movement training to win over the other 98% of the 99%

63.4.26.  Music: We made two lists—general movement: physical needs, top priority housing food, safety, medical, solid information, collaboration between everyone, financial situation crisis ,making sure we embody our principles of transparency and come up with solutions to do better than before. We want to encourage autonomous actions but we want to enable acting in an ethical manner and have accountability

63.4.27.  Design: A bunch of things that have been said, something new: Right now we have some level of public sentiment. If we are going to win anyone over by getting kicked out of the park, we need to pursue a campaign, YouTube or something more expensive. It wasn’t the park, it was them smashing our shit that impeded our First Amendment rights. It wasn’t just the protest. I am going to stick with that one thing.

63.4.28.  Best Practices: Vision and goals. A lot of the decisions we need to make communication when we have top goals, a lot of that his to go across many groups and up until now we haven’t had a place to talk about …  Specifications for the spaces that we want, be it work space on the LES, we need another warehouse. The thing is space to occupy getting justice and define our relationship with Brookfield and the city. How can we leverage that the mayor was in contempt of court? Brookfield doesn’t make money off that. … I have been putting together campaigns. If you want to talk to about this, find me after the meeting.

63.4.30.  Tech: Three check marks: space to occupy ,space in which to train and teach each others, finance should be decentralized, efficient and transparent, and those exact three principles should be applied to communication.

63.4.31.  Info: Our three things were mentioned: improving communication specifically including people without access to technology, reestablishing at the park or elsewhere, fundraising in an accountable and transparent way, that’s it.

63.4.32.  Occupy Poetry: Maintaining the OWS community, PR and visibility. The GA is incredibly important and PR and some people have some seriously broken shit and we need to get that into the media ASAP. In addition, our Fourth Amendment rights have been violated, smashed to pieces. Our third category has also been covered: We would like to focus on specific outreach outside of Manhattan. Get out. Physical notice boards around the city would be useful positing news.

63.4.33.  OWS en Espanol: First is inclusiveness in the group. What will make outcomes much bigger and that adds to the space is not only for us. I know there are other occupations happening, specifically in Harlem. It would be great to communicate with them and think of space in a broad, decentralized way. Better communication about who we are there are people of color and native Americas etc. It’s always good to know we are an inclusive group

63.4.34.  People of Color (POC), Occupy The Hood: The park got fucked up, that’s terrible but that was just a space. This is Zion! Babylon failed and we meet with connectivity and communication. People are occupying different spaces and we have the technology to connect to a whole so it won’t have to be a mess all the time.

F: So is communication and space one of your priorities?

63.4.34. (continued) POC: Moving the movement into the neighborhoods where people of color are. We know the issues about oppression. You chant about banks got bailed out we got sold out. We got sold. For us to get people of color and people in the more oppressed on our side, you have to go into their community and do something that presents change, these produce results. Occupy 477, we got them heat and hot water, stop thinking about occupying abandoned buildings. Set precedents in a community and the community needs better more efficient communication with mobilizing the revolution and information. People of the truths that have gotten us this far a lot of you are just experience struggles, what is that, “justice for last week.” Look at the stats, just us. Know that what y’all are going for we have faced just being people of color. I am glad you’re all in the fray with us now. [much clapping]

F: I think we have gone through all the groups. I am going to say that might I… formed Sanitation, group over here, Library last round.

63.4.35.  People’s Library: Misses all of you [awww]. On that note, our priority is space to occupy so we can get you some books, communication amongst ourselves and those that can’t get online or have no phone, and the vitals, food, shelter. All of the above.

63.4.36.  Observers: Food, housing, shelter are the most stressful, volunteers.

63.4.37.  Occupiers with Restricted Diets (Sage): My main concern is accountability and honesty and to endure yesterday. The park wasn’t accessible to people with large bags, someone with Abraham went into we were just going to let the soapbox run, facilitated incompetence, if you don’t believe in it you are not going to get it done, someone tried. …

F: Let me see if got you so far, decision making.

63.4.37. (continued) Sage: If I say “Hey hey hey,” that’s my point of process, there is a line between the haves and have-nots of language. I know this isn’t story time. If in my opinion it’s a story and if it’s a story to me, it’s story time.  This is taking a long time because I’ve been interrupted. Not that my train of thought has been derailed. I would like to encourage that person could come up to me and say, this is what it is often time, the phrase “It’s not about you,” is facilitated hypocrisy. When you says it’s not about you it is. People can be assholes because, Nan and I can admit we don’t like each other’s company. That’s why I am here—to create the loyal opposition. Let me know what you put on the wall.

F: Revising the decision making process. How about respect for diversity of speech?

63.4.37 (continued) Sage: If we are facing we are ready to admit when we fetishize a process, so we need a process for admitting it.

F: Accountability and respect for diversity of voices. Respect for a diversity of methods, expression

63.4.38.  Sanitation: Building and rebuilding community.

63.4.38. (continued) Sanitation: We’ve been enjoying and relishing cleaning up after you for months. Slowly DA with … to barricades, basically we become a DA group going to jail.

F: We are trying to get the priorities that you think are imminent.

63.4.38. (continued) Sanitation: Getting things done in communities, to effect change and meet people face to face that I know. I want to see change in the neighborhoods I have lived in.

F: Calling priorities for the whole community.

63.4.38. (continued) Sanitation: Accountability is fundamental for everything we do. We all have the ability to account for our actions. We had to change the process as little and our next piece is finance.

F: Space to occupy is pretty important, communication, weigh the charts of need, food and getting stuff to the basic human needs met, housing, justice and action were running strong at the beginning. We should combine them, funds and transportation, and the other thing that was really coming through, outreach. How we are connecting to other communities. So communication, I think, is a big umbrella. This is what we would like to suggest for tonight and see if there is a home for where this goes so someone is working on all of them.

63.4.39.  Comm: First, there is a Communications working group. They are not here anymore tonight.

F: There is a communications cluster.

F: Is anyone here a part of that cluster? Do you feel you can take back to the cluster that the whole community needs you to get that ship tightened? Let’s have the communication cluster say where we can find them, where and when do you all meet?

A: Usually 60 Wall Street, I don’t know the status now, open in the afternoons 6pm Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. That’s the Internet working group, which is a big part. The other thing is training space. Unless people are training in how to use the tools they won’t be using the tools and unless we have space they won’t be able to use them.

F: Communication is working electronically. That’s going to be enough, please make sure there is a board in the park with meeting times.

Info: Tomorrow at 5pm at 60 Wall Street, if you want access to that.

F: Clustering is going to be very valuable for us. We need these groups to get things in place very quickly. Talk to each of these groups. I’m not going to call on hands because we need to get to finance. Communication, everyone is clear on that? [positive]


63.5.  Discussion on Spaces to Occupy

F: Next, space to occupy, space to use which is not the same, space to share.

F: Is there anyone one group that is dealing with space either to share or other options?

Sage: Meshi has some info about squats for one hundred arrestables to maybe keep the space.

Tech: We are working space though.

F: We are really looking for people to take responsibility for these problems.

Tech (Katie): Two things I know about: Center for Constitutional Rights that will give us access to space. Also there’s an affinity group that put together 50 Broadway, but they are organizing that space at the moment to find this space.

F: We need working space, sleeping space. Should we have an ad hoc meeting with the people who know about space so we can get this done? I really feel like space is a big issue. What groups want to be involved?

F: DA, Library, Kitchen, Community Relations. Is there one of these groups willing to anchor this, to call the meeting? Let’s not compete here. Can there be a session tomorrow at 60 Wall Street tomorrow to deal with space?

Nan: I think we should have people working for housing who should handle the meeting tomorrow.

Sage: I want to offer an alternative way of doing this. I don’t think relegating it to groups is going to work. Maybe we could try working groups. Maybe we can try working by projects. If we could organize in that way which may be less competition, for example if anyone has any projects that might lead to housing, please raise your hand.

F: Many needs on hand, different information. Different groups. This a community-wide issue. We cannot speak details at 60 Wall but if we parse we are not going to have all the details we need. For everyone who is a stakeholder.

Q: To include more people, should we meet at the park.

I would like to second what Sage is saying. We are having difficulty dealing with the working group structure, it’s not that hard to break things into projects when it involves space, accountability can still be tracked in projects. There is something about our culture that is preventing leadership from emerging. We are not getting anything done. We need to allow for temporary hierarchy.

[negative responses]

F: Only spokes should be speaking.

F: I want to repeat what I was saying. We are off on process, on spokes only speaking. I am not trying to create a new working group. A variety of needs and variety of resources. Can you get together and then break back out? Can we say that people are meeting at Liberty Park to at least meet up. We just need a starting place. Red Cube at noon.  If you have resources on housing, please send someone to this meeting.

F: I think we are done on this. I think everyone has something to say. I think we should bring it to the Cube tomorrow.  There are many places to have your voices heard. Go through your working group.

F: Justice for what was happening last week and DA. We have a significant DA group, they are pretty battered today. They need a time out. Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 at 60 Wall. Monday at 2pm, the DA working group is meeting.

F: If you want to be a part of working on justice and DA, Monday at 2pm or Tuesday at 5:30.

F: There is a whole other thing about expanding our base. 7pm on Sunday, very likely at 50 Wall. We welcome any help support or ideas. If you want to add energy to growing this out that’s a good place to start.

Q: Police are shutting down big groups at 60 Wall Street. The space group identify a new public big space to meet. Please let us know.

F: You are making a choice not to do finance by putting your hands in the air. It’s 9:20.

Quick suggestion: Since it is a priority to reoccupy and we are unsure about 60 Wall can we please meet at the park?

F: Please give us patience. Two questions.

SIS: There has been a note that says SIS has been destroyed but it hasn’t. It’s still there.  Alive and well.

?: We have a list of public spaces that are potential spaces to meet. Since people are saying we can’t meet at 60, we will e-mail it to all the working groups so we can talk about this as a group.

?: The ad hoc group for housing already exists because they are already meeting at 12 noon.

F: Can they send a rep?

Response: Yes.

F: We can leave that the way it is.

F: We are doing great folks, we really are. It’s 9:25 right now, obviously this has brought up issues that we need time for, but we want to stay on process, that one we all agreed upon.

F: I am going to let this gentleman make his announcement because he is being persistent. He says it is a part of communication and wasn’t announced. Please remember when you come up and insist upon facilitation it makes this process harder, but we will hear him for fifteen seconds because he says that is all he needs

Announcement: Coordination working group has been created. I want your e-mails. Also we need a public phone list, I know there a lot of people who do not want to give out their phone number. If that is you please create a Google phone number and send those out to the group coordination department.

F: Thank you for the work on priorities, I think we got a really good list, next Spokes Council is Monday night so we should get a lot of report backs.

63.6.  Finance Discussion

F: At this point Finance will bring forward a suggestion they had about going forward streamlining Finance working group and budgets. It’s great to see that on the list we generated right now. I am going to hand it to finance.

63.6.1.  Finance: All right! First I would like start by saying I am Galen and a human being. This is the first step of a lot of steps and we are going to be involved in this, and that will help you feel involved and help us feel like we do not have to work fifteen-hour days like we have been. First, piece I would like to do take six minutes if you guys can all call out things that make you feel like you can trust the finance process.  I have a couple of examples: transparency, having a list of expenditures redefining proposal process those are just ideas.

F: A few minutes of this, we are going to take thirty seconds to talk to your spoke so you have one and we are going to point to the spokes.

F: We are all back, I assume every group has one, one thing to put up on the board to build trust for Finance.

63.6.2.  All contributions: … Where funds are going and how they are being used, physical accessibility and presences, transparency surrounding what’s going in and out, daily expenditures, finance reps or liaisons for each working group and for churches, having daily what’s coming in and what’s going out and totals each day, accessibility, number to call when they are needed so we can get the funds without chasing you, transparency and accessibility, where is money going, who has access, dictating how we spend our money, all of the information online and each physical working group has its own rep on finance committee and daily report back to that working group, participatory budget, functionality , transparency for the public so working groups can get a certain amount without asking for it , short term and long term budget, regular communication, what’s going in and out, better comm. And fewer young white males, [Finance spoke’s response: I am 37] good budgeting system, each working group more responsible, liaison idea so you can trust what’s going on, transparency, access to the Internet with posting of financial activities, online examples of which account it came from, more detail online, only budgets for each working group, project-based fundraising, ethical alternative sources of income, debit cards, budgeting some advancement, I’d like to see someone who is more senior about that—needs to change, many have questions, we would like to see some kind of vetting process, I would like to see a full-time minutes taker for finance meetings, transparency, we have been testing software solutions and we are ready to work with you launching hyper transparency, would like to see the return of petty cash, some online Kickstarter—already done, working groups more responsible for internal transparency, not just finance.

F: Did we miss anyone? Nope.

63.6.3.  Finance: The next part that we are going do was outline the power given to the SC and that is budgeting. Build budgeting power into all of the working groups. This is going to help us with accountability and help decentralize. We have to write and build a set of policies and procedures, approved expenditures. The first step to do this together, is to use the next couple of days to gather info from each working group: we built a form online, couldn’t get them printed.  We have written down the questions, long form answers. In this initial survey I want you to write down these questions and answer them with your working groups. And here is the link.

[Sully writes website, will read the questions]

[Survey can be found at]

I.      Working Group name

a.     Group mission

b.     Point person/contact info

II.    Financial spending items

a.     How much money do you need weekly?

b.     Recurring costs (how much, how often)

c.     Frequent one-off large items?

III.  Do you have a finance point person?

a.     How are you tracking spending? Receipts?

b.     How accountable within group?

c.     Internal forms/spreadsheets

IV. Notes, comments, concerns

F: 9:45. There are still some announcements.

Galin: That’s the extent of what they need.

F: I really want to move to announcements. Three questions.

Q: Should concerns about receipts of donations be listed under concerns or should we expand the language where we talk about expenditures?

A: Put that into concerns for now

Q: Since I am already doing what you say does finance have a folder for that working group?

A: Yes

Q: What do we do until it’s in place?

A: [Not addressed]

63.6.4.  Finance: Meetings in the next two days: tomorrow at 4pm in the park Kevin will be available to sit down and talk about budgets and the form. A few of us will be there and help you answer the questions. Where in the park? North east corner, where the library was [is!] and Sunday at 3, the same thing. We have one final question.

F: This is an ongoing process. We’ve got this form and gave this link.

63.6.5.  Q: How much money is in accounts right now?

F: It sounds like from the last meeting $750,000. OWS has some resources.

63.6.6.  Sage: My stomach is invested in finance working because I can’t eat this food.

PoI: It’s vegan and gluten free.

?: $326,000 in the bank and $129,000 pending.

F: So we’ve just taken one little step and trying to build financial accountability. They need information from you and you from them. For the purposes of time, I think what Finance is talking about is gathering all the needs and making a budget that can be written and passed through the GA and brought to the GA for transparency. Be at the meetings tomorrow. They are here right now. Is there a phone number for Finance?

F: I can’t answer any more questions.

Q: Where can I find the minutes? I looked online and can’t find recent ones.

Minutes: Carrie: The GA and SC minutes are at under the “Assemblies” tab. I haven’t gotten up the minutes from Wednesday because yesterday I was out marching. [cheers] And Monday’s are finished because of the raid that night and the following day’s actions. I’ve been told that Wednesday’s will be posted this evening.

F: Can we post these critical needs?

?: What is happening to all the priorities listed? Who are we talking to about movement wide?

F: This is a body that has been created for coordination that has many representatives. It is a place where we can do some work. How do we bring this process to the GA to see the…?

F: We did not get to the evolution of this council in the agenda. It seems to be working effectively so far. If any of you have suggestions on streamlining on how to make it better, … meets at 6 every day at 60 Wall. Ideas on streamlining are welcome. We have five announcements.

63.7.  Announcements

63.7.1.  ?: Many of you asked for Direct Actions. On Sunday, 2pm, we are going to hold a 24-hour drum circle around Bloomberg’s townhouse, 79th and Fifth Ave.

63.7.2.  ?: Stop Stop and Frisk will be in Queens, 103 Precinct at 1pm. Also Occupy the Hood and Occupy 477 are doing a food drive.

63.7.3.  ?: Immediately following this meeting, I am having a conference call with the marchers to DC. If you have something to say, come find me.

63.7.4.  ?: Two things: One, Monday at 3pm Tech will be testing out voting systems. We need people to show up at 60 Wall. Second, we are ready to deploy Google apps for e-mails and phone numbers forwarded everywhere.

63.7.5.  Facilitation: Facilitation working group meeting from 12-3pm tomorrow in the park.

63.7.6.  ?: Anyone that wants to get on started on community rebuilding find us after the meeting, 5:30 at the park. Rage and healing at the park.

63.7.7.  ?: The notes on the screen is VibeWall

63.7.9.  There is a GA tomorrow and the next day. Please be there.

63.7.10.  ?: Tomorrow at 60 Wall at 8pm if you are interested in helping organizing benefits involving music please come.

F: Give ourselves a hand. SC is over.


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