NYCGA Minutes 11/8/2011

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Date/Time: 11/8/11, 7pm

Location: Liberty Plaza

Facilitators (F): Chaliko, Christina


53.1.  Agenda Items (Theoretical Praxis Breakout Discussion, Screen Printers Guild budget proposal, Occupy Edmonton  Solidarity/Funding Request, Principles of Solidarity Emergency Proposal)

53.2.  Working Group Report Backs

53.3.  Announcements

Time: Captain Duggers ; Stack Taker: Fanchen; Stack Greeter: Alejandro; Facilitation Greeter: Fred [information about process, etc.]; Minute Taker: Spencer

F. Greeter: Review of Process: Hi! Welcome to our GA. A few housekeeping items. If you can please come forward there is a lot of room and we would love for you to have a seat on the stairs but also try to keep a few areas open so people can pass through. So like this front area here.

[Stack process review: greeter comes to you if you have a concern during the concern period.]

We use hand signals so we don’t have to yell but can still express how we feel. Twinkle fingers means I feel good, I like what I’m hearing [Fingers wiggled upwards]. Next, not so twinkly fingers, but not disappointed [Fingers wiggled horizontally]. This, is I don’t like what I’m hearing [fingers wiggled downwards]. It doesn’t mean shut up, just means I don’t like it. Next, is Point of Process [fingers held in a triangle shape]. Use this when your neighbor starts asking questions when it’s not time to ask questions. This [Fingers in a rolling motion] means someone is talking too much and has already made their point and we understand their point and we want them to wrap it up. We use this with great compassion and understanding. We use this [a C] to say I have a question, a clarifying question. It’s used when we are discussing a proposal and have opened stack for CQ about that proposal. This is point of information (PoI) [one finger in the air]. This is used when you have factual information pertaining to the proposal which we are discussing and not some other proposal. The last symbol is a block [arms crossed]. This means that you are morally opposed or have significant safety concerns with what is happening. We use a block if we are seriously opposed, morally or for safety.

Everybody clasp your hands and raise them over your head, inhale to the left, exhale to the middle, inhale to the right, … and relax.

Progressive stack: If you want to speak, I will put you on a list and you can speak. Here we use progressive stack, that is, when we place people from historically marginalize communities at the front of the list. But everyone has a chance to speak. We also encourage you to keep in mind a guiding principle known as step up step back. This is when we ask that you think about whether or not you have been encouraged to speak and have spoken a lot and maybe step back so that someone who has not had a chance to speak can step up and speak their part. Rock on!

So tonight we have four agenda items, two of which are budget items. Do you want to hear what they are? Temperature check: [positive]


F: 1.Breakout with Theoretical Praxis, 2. Screen Printers Guild budget proposal, 3. Solidarity and a funding request from Occupy Edmonton, 4. An emergency proposal concerning the tents brought forth by Principles of Solidarity.

After that we will have working group report backs and announcements, and following all that we have Soapbox, which we won’t be facilitating but we encourage you to speak during that time if you have concerns or rants or songs or whatnot, and you really just want to get them out there. Hang out by the red sculpture afterwards and do that. Before we start, we have an announcement from the Movement working group.

Movement working group: Hi, we are subgroup of Movement Building in conjunction with Mobilize Occupation. We are leaving from here tomorrow at noon marching to DC. I have flyers if there are any last calls from you who want to join the march. I also want to encourage you all to walk with us to the ferry to send us off. Thanks, you are all beautiful. If you want to make awesome signs or anything else tonight for us to carry, make it happen and do it and find us.


53.1.  Agenda Items


53.1.1 Theoretical Praxis Breakout Discussion Hola! Theoretical Praxis is a discussion group interested in pursuing new strategies and reflecting on our movement so we propose …in the pursuit of true democratic pursuit and revolutionary changes, we have proposed the topics for around a 30 minute discussion in our GA. The questions are: Where do you see the occupy movement going and what do you think will come next? Two, what is the purpose for occupying public spaces like parks and plazas? Is there a strategic role for creating public encampments in our struggle? Three, how do we build the bridges between our community and the world as it is? How are we going to engage with the old system? We want people to form groups of five to ten to discuss one of these questions for about 20 minutes. After the discussion, we will ask you take 5 minutes to synthesize the thoughts within your group into key ideas and write them on these sheets which will be collected. We will try to put them together and represent them at a later GA so we know what we are all talking about. The last 5 minutes can be a report back from each group on what the key ideas were. As well as suggestions for other important topics and questions to be considered in future GAs. Ok. Who wants to discuss the first question, we will ask that they meet under the red sculpture. If you want to discuss the first question raise your hand.

Repeat: 1. Where do you see the movement going, what will come next?

F: so they are going to change that up a bit. It might be easier and more time efficient if you can get with ten people around your area and discuss the questions. How do we feel about that?

Breakout: I would recommend just focusing on one because they are really hard to answer.

F: Is everyone clear about what’s happening, see some frown fingers. So, if you have questions, you can form a group of ten people or five people and come up with thoughts on one of the questions. You can do it right where you are at, just get to know your neighbor. Show some love, that’s what happens here.

PoI: We could just move apart a bit so it’s easier to discern who you are talking with.

53.1.2 Consultation and report backs from breakout groups.

F: Please synthesize your work into two concise statements. As soon as you are ready and have a spokesperson, get their name to Fanchen right here. Thanks!

F: The person you have elected to voice your concerns and ideas should come down here right now. You are going to get on stack with Fanchen. If you can’t get down here, put up your hand and we’ll get your name.

F: We only have four names on stack, so if you want to get on stack, last call because we will close stack and then share ideas, so come on down or put your hands up and recognize who you are and you will get on stack.

F: Also, if you have written anything on your paper we really want to know what you wrote down so pass you papers forward to Jess, he is right over here, so pass ’em forward!

F: We encourage everybody’s participation with the human mic so everybody can hear. Thank you. The first person on stack is Stanley. Breakout Group Presentations Hi I’m Stanley. The question that my group addressed was question three, how do we build the bridges between our community and the old regime? We had three suggestions: education, leadership, and occupy network. For education, we decided the best way to educate was to go to communities and inform others of the issues that matter the most. As well as how to articulate them. Leadership, we discussed in the meeting that it may be a good idea to have someone who is involved in politics who can push for the issues we deem the most important, it’s not the most popular idea, but to be realistic, we need a voice. The last one, was to create an occupy network, a social network, ???? Where all the occupiers and support can join in and have a venue to discuss issues and communicate. This network will be run by the occupy wall st movement. Thank you. Nicki: The question that my group discussed was question number one, which I don’t remember right now… where is the occupy movement going? Two suggestions that we came up with were to come up with more personal actions, and to have more marches dealing with different sectors. Thank you. Valerie: Hi I’m Valerie. We talked about the first question in our group. That is what is next for OWS? We talked about two options. Doing what we can do right now, number one is sustainable agriculture so that we can feed ourselves autonomously, divest ourselves from the capitalist status quo and poisonous food supply. Second, alternative currencies we can use with sustainable agriculture providers so we can feed ourselves and participate in a network of food providers that support our cause, ensuring our autonomy. Alternative currencies we have talked about the best idea being time making because it’s something we can use here. The other idea we came up with is to push for purchasing and in addition to working with farmers to achieve these ends. Thank you. Christine: We had a kind of freeform discussion that went in and out of topic. It was great! We talked a lot about whether or not we should interact with the political system that is already in place. Some of us said yes, some of thought no. One thing we agreed on that this movement is a baby step toward a revolution that strives for all to be able to live with dignity through having access to the things we need. Such as healthy food and shelter, health care, and education without a corporate price tag. We agreed that this place serves as an educational space to shift the dialogue about what people are already talking about and see the struggle against capitalism through a different lens. Thanks!

F: In the interest in everyone having a chance to speak and be heard, please limit your comments to three minutes or less. Skeet: We did number three. We have one sentence. We are skeptical of our ability to meaningfully engage with the old system on their terms without being co-opted. But we are also skeptical in light of what I just said, of being able to advance our movement without a more active confrontation of that system. Daniel: We talked about question two which was about the importance of occupying public space in this movement. Our conversation fell into three categories. The importance in general, the specifics of an occupation, and ideas for actions. First, an occupation is a visual symbol that we are here to stay. It is an embodiment of an alternative, a show of force; it keeps open the rupture that DA crests. Two, it is important that the space is open to wanders, that is interactive and that it is a working space to build a movement. Three, action! Assist other occupations in other cities, and finally, occupy more space!!!!! Pam: We addressed question two. What is the strategic purpose of occupying public space? First and foremost, to teach other people the practical skills that we have learned to use here to occupy this space. This allows this process to become repeatable. Different situations and different audiences will be suited to different environments and communication styles so we want to encourage occupying other different spaces, such as the workshops and the auditoriums and central park… The purposed to meet our needs, especially for people that have slipped through the cracks. To keep our energy up especially as it gets colder, to be a form near a symbol, to be too big to ignore. I am Lex. I am Brian. Brian: Today we are choosing to address the first question. Where do you see occupy movement going? In a word, where we take it. Ok that’s four words. One of the main points of where this movement needs to go is horizontal. We need to take it home. Everywhere! All the homes, not just the cities, not just the tents, Lex is going to talk about barber shops. Lex: In my hood, we have barber shops. See! This this their fine work. In barber shops in the hood, social ills are addressed constantly. We can take this very real active and potent movement directly to where a captive audience is available 365 days a year. Can you feel me!?!? Hi I’m Dan: we addressed question three. We decided as regards to the first part, we already succeeding at building those bridges. The occupy open space model is also the bridge and we are giving people optimism that did not exist in September. Finally, the way to move forward and engage and reach goals is to stay with it and those will develop. Thank you. My name is Melissa: we had question three about building bridges. The first thing we talked about was disengaging from existing systems, acknowledging that we would have to do this only as much as is possible. We thought it is good to outline baby steps like we did from moving to big banks to credit unions. We need to engage our friends, families and colleagues sharing with them; the power of the beloved community that is developing here. One baby step that we identified with the upcoming holidays, we can invert the system in ways that economic impact and suck the consumerism out of the holidays, redefine the season.

F: Peoples mic, let’s use it, I’m losing my voice, thanks! Nick: I’m Nick, our group addressed question three… How to bridge the gap. We asked the question on whether or not we would want to work with current politicians, or whether we want to move around the current system all together. Working with the current system of capitalism and democratic republic, we feel it would be good to ask for campaign finance reform, as well as finance reform in the election of judges, and that if we are going to work with current politicians which politicians would we look to for assistance? That’s all we got.

F: Last person on stack is Danny

F: Danny?

F: OK, everybody take a deep breath. We are going to move to the next item, which is a proposal from the Screen-Printing Guild

53.1.2 Screen-Printing Guild Proposal

F: if anyone out here is confused about the consensus process, please don’t disrupt it, get my attention and we will talk about it back there. Thanks Hi I’m David from the Screen-Printers Guild (SPG). Since the second week of this occupation we have been screen-printing textiles and tee-shirts for free over there. All of our donations come back to this occupation. To date we have netted this occupation over $10,000. Here is an example of our shirt, he is wearing one too! Last week at this GA we got a consensus for a budget to buy five hundred t-shirts and we have screen-printed all of them this past weekend and have more than made up the five thousand dollars. We are back here for another request for 4 rounds of 5000 each with the stipulation that we only ask for the next 5000 after we have made back the 5000 we just got. This is time sensitive because we’ve already gone through the t-shirts we got last week and this Friday 11/11 is going to be HUGE!!! I have so many more details, but budgeting is boring, so I’ll let you ask for the details during CQs

F: Temp check on this proposal: [Positive] it looks like everybody is pretty jazzed. If there are any concerns or CQs, ask them now. We usually like to go with questions first, so if you have a question throw up that C and we will get you on stack. Clarifying Questions (CQ)

F: Just a reminder this part is for questions only, concerns will come afterwards, thank you…. my bad, I wanted it to go faster, and I’m a stickler for policy of process…sorry Q: Mikey…I love the screen-printers guild, quick question though… Is this body still empowered to make those decisions?

A: Yes!

PoI: Just to be clear, the SC hasn’t begun addressing financial decisions, until then, the GA still does that for all financial decisions.

F: Next on stack we have Corey. Q: When you get donations and you give it over to the info or wherever, are they keeping track of your donations specifically to make up that 5000?

A: Everyday, we count our earnings, bring it to finance, and get issued a receipt so we have a total record of our earning.

F: Next on stack, Philly Q: Is this an appropriate time to ask about 11/11?

F: Questions about future events such as 11/11 which is a great question but not specific to this proposal can be answered afterwards after the GA by other people working specifically on that topic. Tam: Q: I love the screen-printers guild, rocking one now… I’ve been asking if you are using non-toxic paint.

A: Yes!

F: IF there are no more Q’s we will close stack on Q’s and open for concerns, if you have a concern just raise your hand.

F: Stack is open for concerns Concerns

F: Just make sure that your concern is about this proposal, thanks! C: It’s about the t-shirts, I had heard that there was someone else trying to get a trademark and I wanted to know if there was anything official with that or if this is the more official way to go, and what’s up with that trademark?

F: That’s not what we are talking about, we wanna get consensus on whether or not the SPG can keep printing shirts since there are no concerns we are going to move to see if there are any blocks Blocks

F: Temp check on giving money to the SPG, specifically 5000? (Temperature check good!) Consensus

SPG: Come get screen-printed over there!

PoI: TO address the young woman with the question, I suggest she go to legal.

53.1.3 Occupy Edmonton (OE)

F: Next item is expressing solidarity with Edmonton and maybe sending them some money.

F: So we have a rep from occupy Edmonton

F: I ask you standing in the front and on the sides to please find some way to sit down, you are blocking. OE: My name is Eric; I have made friends with some heroic people in Edmonton. They are facing temps of 40 below, three feet of snow is normal. They inspire me. They are very creative; they have fought against a boondoggle stadium and took over a city council meeting. Their health and safety depends on having hi-tech camping gear. This is an emergency. Our brothers and sisters health is at stake. Are you moved by their determination [temp check good]? Do you want to support them? Please solute them over the live feed. See the tree! We love you Edmonton!!!! We are moved by your sacrifice your commitment inspires us.

The proposal says “We of the NYGA hereby name occupy Edmonton to be the occupation of the week of OWS. We instruct finance to provide them with the requisition $6500 worth of gear for camping plus training and public relations support.”

F: Ok that’s the proposition. Stack is now open for CQ. Raise your hand if you want to get on stack. CQ

F: We will leave stack open for a few more minutes. First on stack, is Emory. Q: I just want to clarify what is meant by the second part of that proposal to give money where its talks about support, what is that? Not the part about equipment, I get that, but I forget the exact words you used.

A: The majority of the rest of the support is training over the live feed and facilitation meetings which we will shortly be scheduling. Does that answer it?

A: Yes.

F: Next on stack is Jason. Q: This is a fairly common question with budget proposals, can you be any more specific…never mind it’s on the sheet

F: Next on stack is Steve. Q: I wanna ask who will receive immediate access to the 6500 to determine how they will be spent for the greater good of the occupy movement.

A: I believe that the 6500 will be spent on online retailers directly shipping the goods to Edmonton; we will not be sending money, but only gear and supplies. Q: Who is in charge in receiving the gear?

PoP: You already asked your question.

F: Just to be clear, the PoP you have already asked your question and it sounds like you have a follow up, maybe you should on stack for your follow-up if it’s not answered in other questions.

A: We are happy to send people we know well, a Canadian, with the gear to make sure it arrives.

F: Next on stack is Niko. Q: My question is whether or not we can coordinate with SIS to provide some of these materials without buying more materials and sending them directly from us?

F: I don’t know if this is a PoP or PoI but friendly amendments will be addressed after concerns.

F: Next on stack is Tim. Q: Hi, when we awesomely gave money to Oakland, part of what was consensed upon was that a process be created for establishing a fund for support financially of other movements, other occupations, how does that relate to this?

A: This is an emergency, there is a process that the team called movement building is attempting to define, it’s not ready yet.

F: Next on stack, Zack. Q: I’m Zach, just a quick Q; the budget in the written proposal is different than the budget proposed…I was wondering if the proposal is still for 6500, or for 7466.95?

A: My mistake, it was the 6500 plus shipping, tents are very heavy.

F: Next on stack is Mike. Q: It’s been answered.

F: Next on stack is Charley. Q: Me too (answered already). Q: Can people just a slight summary about the resources this community has for newcomers for we are all connecting, so we can be supportive but can understand what we are supporting with and from, for example, as in the previous discussion knowing that the materials sent are used will not be from sweat shops.

F: Did everyone hear that? Please repeat the question, and speak up. (Repeated) Q: Two main things, can you summarize how much money you have at this point from which you are asking this donation, and two, are you already well covering the discussion of the most environmentally and labor sound materials to send?

F: Is there anyone from Finance?

PoI: Before proposals are brought to GA, they are run by finance

PoI: Since this is an emergency proposal, I’m wondering if it was run by finance.

A: I did discuss this with a few people on finance; one thing that was mentioned is that we collect sometimes in one box, a single day, the kind of money that will help these people get through the winter.

F: The last I knew, our proposals for money are consensed upon by the GA, not finance, additionally I think we have about half a million dollars.

F: Are there any more concerns? I mean questions.

A: I would be happy to make a request that they use best efforts to source the gear and the….in a way consistent with this question (about good material sourcing).

F: So it sounds like we want Edmonton to stay warm, but we also want to make sure that they are accountable, and we are accountable for the money and supply trail and the kinds of supplies we are sending. We want to open it up now for concerns. Concerns

F: Stack is now open for concerns…right now we have two people on stack.

F: First on stack is Steve. C: I would like to know which vendors will be chosen to supply Edmonton as we know this is a movement against corporations. I would like to know that our brothers and sisters in Edmonton are being supplied with ethical and socially responsible people…accepting our money for the revolution.

A: As a Canadian, the items are beings sourced from a coop known as mountain equipment coop. I have researched them on my own in the past and say that they try to the best of their abilities to be ethically and environmentally sound, and they are local….and they rock!

F: Next on stack is Jason. C: I’m sorry to waste a little time, I just wanted dot say that this is one of the most detailed and well put together proposal I have ever seen

F: If there are no more concerns after this, we will close stack. C: MikeL: I don’t want our brothers to freeze, but I’m still concerned that we set up another program to help fund occupations in distress. I think this body needs to stress importance of us knowing what is happening with that body.

F: Finally on stack, Corey. C: I just have a concern that there is going to be a gas generator… with there be a similar situation with what happened here and it being confiscated.

A: I think we know that it is allowed in the current location of the occupation of the occupation to use gas generators. I can check to be totally confident.

PoI: Just to add to it, none of the Canadian occupations, none of the police have even tried to raid or move in on the occupations.

F: So if it’s alright, can we do a temp check?

F: Can we get a temp check (good) we would like to open to friendly amendments. Friendly Amendments (FA)

F: Just to remind everyone, the proposers have to decide if the amendment is friendly.

F: Donkey FA: Donkey: With respect to the first sentence of the proposal as I suggest. This is not a competition that the first sentence read we of the New York GA express our solidarity with occupy Edmonton.

F: I think there is confusion about your FA. Can you quote? (continued) FA: The resolution says “We from the NYCGA hereby name occupy Edmonton to be the occupation of the week at OWS.” My proposal is that we say instead that we express our solidarity with OE and change that first sentence.

F: Temp check about that FA? (Temp good)

A: The idea that we who have a huge amount of press have a poster child every week forced into the media…we are national and international movement, why not start that this week?

PoP: That seems to be another proposal establishing that.

A: Friendly amendment accepted.

F: Next on stack is Jason.

F: Jason left, next is Ruth. FA: I hope that people in Edmonton with our help will be warm but I want to suggest for future when it’s not an emergency that instead of several people needing a 300 sleeping bag, for ten, 300 dollars you could build a shelter that people could share. I don’t want to block this plan but in the future that would be worth discussing, it has to do with individual or group problem solving and construction.

F: We have several PoP.

F: The first FA was passed, that wasn’t an FA but thanks. Jared: I would like to propose a FA that there is coordination with SIS to send extra supplies, thanks!

A: Accepted!

PoI: I’m Bill from SIS, I came a little late… has this been sent to SIS, we have information about what materials are requested.

A: Not yet, happy to do it

F: I think this means these two should meet up…you should meet up afterwards since you proposal is dealing with the financial and availability part right now.

PoI: I was here at the GA two nights and SIS stated that they have a large need for heavy duty sleeping bags and gear, so I’m assuming that they don’t have any to donate.

F: Next on stack is Tim. Tim’s FA: I’m hoping you’ll be comfortable changing NY to Liberty Square as this GA doesn’t represent all of NYC.

A: Accepted.

F: Jonathan. FA: He already said my concern.

F: Stephanie. FA: my FA is that instead of two gas generators we get two biodiesel generators or some other environmentally friendly generators.

A: The proposal is to give them the ability to spend 7500. I will give you their contact information about how they spend their money. This is a budget that will get modified at least a little, does that work for you. (continued) FA: I’m slightly uncomfortable with that.

F: The last FA requests that they use biodiesel instead of gas. It’s my understanding that these things might be much more expensive. If the proposer wants to accept, the dollar amount will probably change a lot.

PoI: I myself am not entirely clear, but I suspect that the type of fuel is important for such a deep cold, some of the same things just don’t work at minus 40 degrees.

F: If there are no more FA, can we get a temp check? My bad, please restate with the FA.

PoI: I was just going to add that not only is biofuel maybe more expensive but it requires outfitting the machines in a different way and it might be complicate, might not be a biofuel production facility near them.

F: We are waiting for the proposal to be restated with the FA. OE: We of liberty square GA in solidarity with Occupy Edmonton do hereby instruct finance to provide them with the requested 7500 worth of gear and supplies for camping and training and public relations support. We love you OE we are moved by your sacrifice. Your commitment inspires us.


PoI: I don’t fully know the process here, perhaps this is friendly amendment of information, but maybe we should give them a little more money if a biodiesel generator is an available to use. If not……If the amount of energy a generating can produce can provide the same heat no matter what the source…..

PoP: We are no longer taking FAs, that was a good suggestion and I think they heard it so hopefully they will consider it. At this point, I’d like to get a temp check to see how everyone is feeling about this proposal (gooood)

F: Any people with sad fingers? Any blocks? Consensus!!!

53.1.4 Principles of Solidarity Proposal

F: The last proposal is from principles and solidarity. Please come forth. Principles of solidarity please come to the GA!!! Principles of Solidarity: Good evening. This proposal is designed to ideally put a stop to inappropriate persons and tent displacement when the larger community needs a space that is already being occupied by occupiers. What has been proposed by six working groups, or rather representatives of these groups is as follows: that when the community needs space, it maps it out in some matter. Anyone who happens to be occupying that space they have a right to be satisfactorily moved somewhere else, so, when we move people, we have to find a space for them. When we find a space for a person, the community then holds that area someone so no other occupier takes it until all the different spaces that are required, the community has after having taken everyone who may have occupied the space, to their rightful place that they are happy with, because a large space that the community needs may have more than one person in it. We have to balance keeping everyone happy somehow. Also, getting the space that community needs in a peaceful fashion. If there are people concerned that there is not enough space to house all the tents, people, occupiers who dwell here, so that they may be against this proposal, because it greatly empowers occupiers to recognize that while this is a limited space, there is occupy central park that is happening, and there are so many other occupations, and that they are even asking us for money. So recognize that this could be the impetus for communication of occupiers themselves between various groups. It may be that there isn’t a place that someone is satisfied here for a tent person to move to, but there could be somewhere else.

The technical proposal is: No one can be moved unless they are happy about moving and that if anyone sees someone being forcibly moved, even by forcible coercion, they should support that person and let them know they don’t have to move until they are satisfied, stay with them as necessary until they get mediation.

F: At this point, we will open this proposal up for questions. Questions

PoI: just a reminder, moving someone’s tent without their permission is illegal, I feel this proposal may be redundant.

PoI: I wanted to say that the proposer mentioned occupy central park which is not a real occupation, it’s just a festival.

F: Raise your hands to get on stack for questions.

F: It’s getting late, should we set a time limit for this discussion, fifteen minutes (temp check good). While taking stack for questions, we will hear an emergency announcement if that’s ok (temp check good).

F: We have our generators back, we want to turn them on at 10pm and we are holding an emergency DA training. We need people to be volunteers to put their bodies on the line to protect the people’s power just in case the FD or the PD try to take our generators, meet us at 10pm at the library for an immediate DA training, thank you. These are our generators that we have had from day one, the ones that FDNY took the other day.

F: Stack, first is Rachel. Q: I just want to know who will enforce this system of mapping and standing by people everything you describe because from what I know that is the town planning group, I am curious if there is collaboration if there is a master town plan being created.

A: That is not my area, town planning is the one who decides where things are going,  I’m with principles of solidarity, due to the tents that recently gone up great disruption to the unity of the camp, to the solidarity of the camp, has transpired. Large numbers of people have even left due to being so disenfranchised…hence, this proposal is to empower everyone that they could put a stop to it if they see it happening, so that everyone knows town planning or whoever is displacing people has no authority to move people even just by convincing them or by bullying them, which has been done. I will just say that yesterday…the reason why it’s so important is yesterday I occupied OWS and I refused to vacate one of the tents that was going up because it was done in such a fashion that upset people. I called for help, and no one did.

PoI: Town Planning is a working group; they do not decide where things go, they decide on proposals to bring to the GA.

PoI: If I recall, the GA approved a plan to purchase and buy these tents. There are only so many places these large tents will fit. Perhaps there is another approach. Q: Hello, many time I pass you by I didn’t find interest to be part of you, for the first time after more than a month I am sitting among you…I am interested to know who has the priority to set agenda, who has the right to stay in a tent, and who has a right to move that person out of that tent, we are all here t…. knowing this place is overcrowded, only the priority of what idea that needs the space to serve this movement better and more clear has the right to move anyone that is already occupied.

A: Just remember we lose our moral authority if we force people out of this place because then the police can say why can’t we take them they are doing the same thing…we have to be better than that.

PoI: We didn’t force anyone to leave Zuccotti Park.

F: This is really important, we don’t want people to leave and we don’t want to move people’s tents. Some are being forcefully moved because we are trying to put up bigger tents. So, there are two camps, we want people to stay in their tents and be happy, but we have to balance between putting big tents with town planning.

PoP: It my understanding that fascilitators would not be voicing their opinions while facilitation.

F: I’m sorry if that sounded like an opinion, I was trying to synthesize what I was hearing to make it concise to we can move forward and find a solution to make both camps happy.

Charlie: ……..

Mike: Hi, I have a serious question/pop/concern. We set a precedent as to What is an emergency proposal…I’m not sure this is an emergency. And proposals almost need to be written out. I’m very concerned that we might even thing about consensing on something we don’t know what we are consensing on.

A: I will say this is an emergency this was already raised. There are tents going up almost every day. There have been many people displaced d in the last few days. Just today, a terrible circumstance happened which I would like Brett to witness. Tell us what you know when comfort was putting up its new tent.

F: Please wait for facilitators to call on you. We will listen to what the witness has to say, despite we are just asking for questions that clarify the proposal. Additionally the next step is to voice concerns, and after that, we will get FAs for this proposal, after that, we will see after that.

A: To caveat this, I want to be very clear, I didn’t see this. As a member of the facilitation team, I agreed to hear what his witness said and repeat it back to you without adding any spin. So I cannot clarify or answer any questions beyond the very little that I am willing to say. I was told that there was an older gentleman who had been living in this camp, he suffered a head injury, went to the hospital, came back, and reoccupied his tent. Today, attempts were made to set up a new large tent. He was told to move, and his tent was forcibly taken down, he was distraught…that’s all I’ll say.

F: We have four minutes to get this complete; please let’s move along and take care of business. Josh: …..

F: Daniel Daniel: withdrawn

PoI: comfort does not have a large army tent to erect.

PiI: comfort has, another large tent to erect.

PoI: …

F: We would like to hear concerns, if you have a concern, get on stack.

F: Also, please remember to keep your concerns short and to the point, I’m sure we are all tired and very interested and concerned, so let’s keep it to one minute if possible per speaker. Concerns C: maybe its just me, if so I’m really sorry, but I have a concern that this proposal is not very clear, at least to me, I don’t know what id be consenting to. Ruth: I was wondering, if people bringing large tents have asked if anyone in small tents including anyone who faced any controversy regarding removal would be welcome as soon as possible as soon as anyone else, in the new tents, and this is the same issue as how the wider society deals with such things as they used to call urban renewal, or problems between or destroyed the community they try to develop. I hope this is a learning process and that we do well with, if there is another place we can camp without being arrested, please mention it to us. Josh: Let’s remember, this population of small tents is not the first population that will be cast out of this park when bigger tents come in because these very tents cast out a population of transient people sleeping in sleeping bags, who picked up there stuff during the day and let the whole community use it. I like that.

F: I’m reading the crowd and I don’t know what I’m looking at. Temp check about this proposal. (temp check medium, negative) Right now we are voicing concerns.

A: The facilitator had an opinion earlier, and he is again expressing it now by trying to table it. I would like to address these issues, then we could take it back to the stage, Right now we are addressing concerns and only concerns. Please get on stack if you have a concern about this proposal. WE are going to close stack about concerns. I just want to say we are hearing everything and taking it into account and appreciate everyone being patient. Let me say, taking a temperature check was not my attempt to express my opinion, just wanted to let everyone see everyone else opinion. Debra: I don’t doubt that this is an important issue but it sounds like there is more discussion to be had. My concern is that the GA does not understand it enough. I don’t think the GA should vote or consense on proposals that are not clearly understood.

F: The purpose of taking questions before this was to clarify the proposal, I heard little people asking questions to clarify what the presenter please present the actionable element of this proposal so it may be clear.

F: Are we all right to let him take a break to read his proposal.

A: The proposal is “occupiers in a space required by the community have to consent in order to be removed or consent regarding a shared used of the space” and by the shared use of the space, this fulfills your need.

F: That’s the end of the proposal. There are seven people currently on stack. Stephanie: I agree that no one should be forcibly moving anyone and I appreciate your suggestions on how to work with people for solutions, however I’m extremely concerned about the concept that anyone has proprietary ownership over a spot. Just two weeks ago we were all moving every night. I also have concern about how this is right now in the GA. It seems we skipped the process of mediated discussions and workshops. Georgey: Jeol: My concern is again with redundancy. Everything in the proposal as it was just stated is already a law. Nobody can force you to move, it’s a public park. IN the facilitation meeting today when it was brought to us as an emergency protocol, it was more about how to deal with tents that were in the way. You made it sound like we adopt new language when someone was asked to move his or her tent, a new place would be provided.

PoI: We have been providing a space for people to move to.

F: If you want to speak, get on stack! Emery: I would like to echo some of the concerns about the clarity of what this proposal would mean in everyday actions and I feel that there is a lot of discussion that must take place around the issues of tents in general however the GA format is a shitty place to have that type of discussion. Rachael: I’m concerned that this isn’t written down because I think it requires much more detail about the process of implementing this idea and I wonder if it should happen in SC because it is operational and would involve mediation and town council, so I think that would be the next step.

PoI: At the facilitation meeting today we were discussion the fact that it is unknowable when the SC will be fully operational and until that time the GA will continue to hear these matters.

F: Let’s use the peoples mic…. despite the fact that there are people that think my facilitation style is expressing my opinion, I am looking and listening I am hearing and seeing many very different opinions and structures involved with this proposal. Do you guys want to keep talking about this throughout the night? (Medium) Can we come to another decision about working through this or coming to some other decision, maybe tabling it, maybe starting a working group, or some other idea, because we have a lot of other stuff (working group report backs and announcements) to get through. So apparently this emergency proposal is possibly going to affect some displacement situations that are happening right now but what is unclear is what this proposal is going to do to actionably prevent or promote these displacements form happening?

A: Occupiers in a space required by the community have to consent in order to be removed or consent regarding a shared use of the space.

F: I can no longer facilitate this discussion because I strongly feel this is not even a proposal and I don’t know how this work.

F: We are going to finish up stack quickly. Kerry: My concern that this goes outside all of our existing channels and working groups that we already have to deal with conflicts between security and mediation and the physical allocation of space, which is town planning, I’m concerned that the proposer didn’t consult any of these working groups, informing these working groups.

A: I did, and yesterday there was an emergency meeting due to the terrible disunity that broke out in the camp… There were representatives from principles in solidarity, security, comfort, a doctor from medical, media, we came to 100 percent agreement. Q: my concern from someone from occupy Boston who has had experience in our occupation with similar issues is that while is support the spirit of this fully, my concern is that this proposal does not establish a procedure for dealing with these issues. To highlight this a case in point we have had several instances where it was deemed important to move disruptive people. With your proposal, we would have no way of doing that. I would like to see a procedure adopted who are working with the same concerns, write a proposal and bring it back.

A: This is an emergency stop gap measure to keep unity amongst occupiers. When anyone is left behind, it breaks our unity. This is just designed to peacefully make sure that new big tents that are coming in are coming in a peacefully fashion. Stephanie: … Joyce: Good evening everyone. Here is what I feel, during the century we have been living in lies, the only…. when we know who we are, to the ear…..which…very simply, ……POP.

F: Thanks for sharing this, I think it’s important, in the spirit of the proposal I would ask you save that for soapbox after GA. Richard: a lot of our concerns have been addressed, it seems very complex and there is a sense of urgency on both sides. If it’s a stopgap measure, it should be limited in duration to 24 hours.

A: I would think at least one week.

PoP: that is a FA, we are still on concerns. Temp check about proposal.

F: We are opening a short stack for FA, and remember he gets to decide if it is a FA or not. Friendly Amendments FA: I propose we offer a time period for which this is effective of 48 hours from now.

A: That would be perfect.

F: Temp check with the proposal with the FA, please read with FA. For the next 48 hours, until the next GA, occupiers in a space required by the community have to consent in order to be removed or consent regarding a shared usage of spa…

F: Blocks? Blocks Block: I’m seriously concerned that this body is empowered to make that decision. I’ll ask one question to ask that. How many people in this body are sleeping here tonight? (some hands)

F: Can you offer a FA?

A: Stop gap principles probably aren’t worth discussion in the GA. I propose that he tables it til Thursday or bring it to the spokes council…I’ve been here since day four.

A: In response to this block, this proposal more empowers those who actually live here, which is you, so this is in your best interest.

Block removed. Consensus on the amended proposal.


49.2 Working Group Report Backs

F: It doesnt look like any WG report backs. Temp check on going to announcements (good).


49.3 Announcements

49.3.1 Jared: The subgroup of the political anda electoral reform working group and the campaign for constitutional reform, is having a house party tomorrow night at 7 pm at 60 wall st, the atrium, to plan an action to commemorate the two year anniversary of citizens united. To call for a constitutional amendment to reverse it. Please come Bernie sanders is doing a live webcast and if you happen to have one of those mobile hotspots please bring it, cuz I’m not sure if the wifi at the atrium is very good. WE can also just use phones, and that’s only part of it, it’s mostly to plan the action. Also, if you have any questions come talk to me. Thanks.

F: Please remember these are announcements, keep them short.

49.3.2 Danny: I have two things to say. A group of us have been working with media to get a radio station going here. We made some progress but we are lacking equipment. If you have any and can share thatd be great. We meet Saturdays at 1pm at the atrium, 60 Wall St for Radio. Contact us: Second, I’m also working with another group who was stated a website as a platform to collect individual experiences and stories related to the entire occupy movement. If you have something to share submit at, or to help out,

49.3.3 Seth: Yo, I can use your help, I don’t trust my landlord to give me back my security deposit so I want to occupy my apartment for the month of December, if you’re interested, meet me after the meeting. Thanks.

49.3.4 Jordan: I’m from Direct Action, we are doing a training right now in park defense specific to an issue that media brought up earlier at this GA. We are meeting for this training at the red cube right now.

F: We are gonna close GA, feel free to stick around for soapbox. If you have feedback about the facilitation tonight, find us. Also, find us every day at 60 Wall St. at our meeting where you can come and do this. We meet at 4 pm. Its really wonderful and we need more facilitators, come hang out with us. We also offer training in facilitation and direct democracy every day at 530 at 60 Wall St.

Finish @ 10:25pm

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