NYCGA 11/29/2011 (Summary)

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NOTE: This is a brief summary that is posted prior to formal minutes. This summary is NOT all-inclusive. It includes only major highlights (discussion topics, proposals, and meeting dates/times/locations announced). This summary is compiled via Livetweets and Livestream viewing.

– Proposals
*Town Planning/Housing WG: $560 to repay specific church for two weeks of extra staff ($40/day, they house 40-60 ppl and provide showers, etc). Result: TABLED
*Medical WG: $1600 for 3-day winter-specific medical training by professional trainers. Result: TABLED
*Medical WG: $1,333.50 to reimburse individual who paid for two medic tents. Result: MODIFIED CONSENSUS
*Direct Action: $2,000 for Nov 30 action. Result: CONSENSUS
*Mobile Information Network: $? to provide laptops and a hotspot to folks who don’t have access to information. Result: TABLED
*Trish: GA to meet six times a week; form GA Council of rotating WG representatives, to meet once a week to approve expenditures. Result: TABLED

12 Responses to “NYCGA 11/29/2011 (Summary)”

  1. Anne

    I’d like to know when Trish’s proposal of the GA Council will come up again. I tried to attend the GA last night but it was being drowned out by shrieking, belligerent individuals, some of whom were intoxicated. I’m amazed any work was done at all. The fact some people do not want to re-pay a church that has been housing and feeding them is an indication of those individuals’ severe senses of entitlement stemming from character pathology and mental illness that is not going to go away and these individuals will continue to disrupt decision-making, possibly leading to the incurring of debts and lawsuits by OWS; this cannot be allowed to happen.

    • Urgyen Thupten Dorje

      I love how people feel justified in writing people off, once they feel they can safely say, “they have a mental illness.’

      • s.t.

        questions : why do they have a mental “illness” in the first place? is it all genetics or are there also a myriad of epigenetic factors as well? if there are and one has a stomach for 1000 pages of dense philosophy, Deleuze & Guatarri discuss theories as to why in Capitalism & Schizophrenia:

        “Psychoanalysis was from the start, still is, and perhaps always will be a well-constituted church and a form of treatment based on a set of beliefs that only the very faithful could adhere to, i.e., those who believe in a security that amounts to being lost in the herd and defined in terms of common and external goals”

        (please note that this was included as a critique of the current state of psychoanalysis itself, not necessarily those who choose to practice it in their own individual way)

        with that said, i was (and still am) in support of this particular proposal. for those who agree, we should determine (1) what the actual concerns were (2) if they are vaild, (3) if so, how might they be resolved if possible, (4) if not, be wiling to defend the proposal next time it is presented before the GA, disruption or no disruption.

    • Charlie

      Sometimes people seem extremely disruptive or dysfunctional when they are extremely under-nourished. We need to feed these people…I’m not saying there aren’t people that are really mentally ill, but many of the disruptive folks would be more empowered to participate in healthier ways if they had proper nourishment…

      • Daryl Atamanyk

        Tongue in cheek, Charlie: I bet you that’s what “the establishment” would say about me today, sitting here pounding on my keys.

        Had a coffee and muffin this morning at 6 a.m. and not a thing since…wow, it just occurs to me, not even a glass of water. And it’s going on 9 p.m.

        I hope it’s not insanity! lol

        See you guys tomorrow…

        Love you all.

        I sure am hungry! Water………water………I need wahhhhhhh…ter……..

        • Daryl Atamanyk

          Rastafari ever livin’: what did Marley used to say? “…an ‘ungry mon is an ungry mon…” as in ” …an hungry man is an angry man…”

  2. johnqpublic

    I watched the GA via Livestream. Just wanna say that the facilitator (I think her name was Eileen) was truly brilliant. She worked solo, and even will all craziness, she was able to keep some semblance of order. Great job!

    • s.t.

      agreed, it was a work of art considering the circumstances. deep bow to Eileen.

      proposal for Eileen: please consider facilitating a facilitation skillshare, using the methods you used last night as a foundation. as you noted many times last night, there’s always room for improvement, but, imho, those methods are an extremely solid base from which to build.

  3. Anne

    Funny how some people decided the main point I was making was about mental illness, ignoring my observations of “shrieking” “belligerent” and “intoxicated.” Of course there are many mentally ill people who do not shriek, threaten or smoke crack, but I didn’t meet those people in the park last Tuesday…

  4. s.t.

    i was there anne and i share your observations for the most part. did not see anyone smoking crack though. however, placing labels on individuals will do nothing but make those individuals more dead set on exhibiting that same behavior more extremely, especially those individuals who have issues with any and all authority.

    also imho, “severe senses of entitlement” is not limited to those with mental illness, but is perhaps one of the defining symptoms of our current social sickness. perhaps those with mental illness (as defined by the DMSR) are simply exhibiting in an extreme way what infects the overall body politic.

    agree with you that the time has come to address these issues, but in order to address them in a way that will lead to health over the long-term, we must be willing to strike the root of the disease, not simply cut off its wild branches.