NYCGA Minutes 11/29/2011

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Date/Time: 11/29/2011 / 7:15pm

Location: Liberty Park

Facilitators [F]: Ilene, Captain Duggers

Stack – Francis; Greeter –Alec; Minutes – Spencer



74.1.  Agenda Items (Town Planning Proposal, Medical Proposal #1, Medical Proposal #2, Direct Action Proposal, Mobile Info Network Proposal, GA Proposal, Emergency Metrocard Proposal, Emergency OccupyAtlanta Proposal)

F: Review of process.

74.1.  Agenda Items

74.1.1.  Town planning  Town Planning: I now work with our ad hoc housing group.  I do not have enough copies for everyone if that’s ok, because we can share.  We are requesting from the GA an amount of funds to help pay the costs for church that has donated space to house occupiers that were displaced from liberty plaza during the raid.  They were very generous they are housing 40-60 people every night to sleep eat shower.  We made an agreement that we would help reimburse the church $40 a night to pay for their extra guardian onsite at the church.  It’s been $2,560 dollars.

[Lots of crowd disruptions, yelling and screaming from people who felt strongly against this proposal]

F: At this point the best way to keep our integrity is to keep the process we created going.  If no one’s familiar, we keep the stack open.  Clarifying Questions.  Clarifying Questions (CQ)

F: To better understand the proposal, we will open stack for clarifying questions, then concerns, then friendly amendments, then move to consensus.  CQ: Now here’s what’s going to happen, the reason the gentlemen is upset is because we have certain people that feel that one what they are saying is not being addressed.  I’m going to be brief, as a black man, I’m not trying to be prejudice; I’ve seen the shit that can go down.  It’s nice to be peaceful and I’m for peace, but you have to understand is that for this protest to survive you have to understand the environment.  A black man in America had a mop shoved in his ass by the NYPD.  When we march, every issue must be addressed, so if we are march to end racism, we are also marching against abuse against women, as long as we address very issue, this will go….[lots of crowd noise, people yelling point of process]

F:  Just to point out that was out of process, as a facilitation technique, to let that man have his voice heard, If you want to talk about it we can after GA.  Right now, we are going to get back on the proposal.

F: The stack is open for clarifying questions.  CQ:  Will this money be going to and be dealt with by the church or someone from occupy?

A:  The money will be going from Occupy to the church, and the church will pay the custodian directly.  CQ: why are you not supporting the movement that we are trying to get at Fort Bennett.  The only national park in the five boroughs where you can camp, where you can eat and where you can utilize facilities for bathrooms. Why are we still paying those that are in power?

F: While I appreciate it, it is not a CQ about the proposal.

F: You can share your opinions with us, and …[crowd disruption]  Robert: Is this a one-time dispersal or ongoing?

A: It’s for the last two weeks, if we need more, I’ll come back.  Mike: My question is, I’d like to know, the church that you have, why is it only for certain people, people like me have nowhere to go, is not financed with a metrocard, but you have metro cards, in your pocket only for your people.  Why is that so?

A: There are multiple locations for people to go.  In fact, there are metro cards available for people at other locations.  But I am not responsible for those locations.  You may speak with someone responsible for those locations.  Hi, I’m Hydro, the peoples hero.  All you have to do is listen to me.  I want to get this point across, I have five acres of land in Newark.  We are an affinity group, if you need anything, we got you!  We are the peoples heroes,…..[crowd disruption]

PoP:  That’s an announcement, this gentlemen felt like hijacking the GA, he was asked to make it during announcements.

F: Are there anymore CQs?  CQ: I’m from Kitchen, is there still Kitchen?

PoI: Please go to the Kitchen meeting, there is one at 8pm at 60 Wall. They are going to make decisions whether or not should they keep the outside kitchen.

F: I’m going to stop this, because it’s another discussion.  We answered that question, let’s get back to CQ on THIS PROPOSAL. By the way, we are all human beings, no, no process is perfect, together we can do our best…we appreciate your patience.  Any more concerns.  Concerns

F: Any concerns? I’d like to ask everyone to keep mic check with Facilitation to get the GA through, if it’s important, come up to stack taker and we will get it out and heard.  ?: Two concerns.  There are existing directions for this proposal which are being voiced quite loudly and objections to this meeting in general, I think we need to address those concerns before the meeting moves forward or else we can’t hear ourselves talk.

F: I hear what you are saying, and I understand aspects, but I as facilitator am doing my best to keep in on process, it’s my only job. If everyone here takes responsibility to keep this on process, this GA will roll.  ?: I was here before Zucotti Park was raided, I remember you sir made a proposal about two generators, I only ask for a receipt for this.

A: We get receipts for everything.

F: Next on stack.

F: I am about to break process, it is called, it is raining, it has been possible to move to 60 Wall Street.  I do not want to get sick…can we have a moment please, can I ask for a brief silence, one minute for Facilitation team to discuss indoors outdoors.

Interruption: The same thing happened in Philly last week, where people who aren’t part of the process want to join the movement, 300 homeless people…these people want to be part of the movement but they are being left out.  We want to be a part of the movement, but isn’t it more important to be inclusive……..

F:  Can we have, a temperature check on moving the GA, [not good]. Let’s return to…..

F:  Mic check, we are having a lot of emotion…..process is totally derailed.  We have an announcement.

F:  There is food at the church. That seems like an important announcement.

?: We are not approaching consensus, we should table this  ?: We shouldn’t give money to churches, I work with such organizations, they shouldn’t charge fees, they ask for donations.  Safe space organization do not work like this.

PoI: I’m reminding you guys that the kitchen meeting is starting now  ?: I would like to address this, One part of me says go ahead and do this.  The other, no.  The reason is that they kicked out a pregnant individual, they select individuals who they want to go in and who is out.  If we give money to a church, it should be a fair and just church for everybody.  No selection, no picking.

A: There were problems at this church, in the first days church property had been stolen as well as property belonging to other occupiers.  Church people as well as OWS people OWS occupiers, had made a decision to ask some people to leave because they were not respecting the other occupiers nor the facilities.  It now houses disabled people with wheelchairs, people under 18 and older people.  If we can’t abide by the commitment to pay for the guardian of the church, they may ask us to leave, meaning 40 to 60 people will be out on the street again.  While we need more spaces for more occupiers we do need this space.

F: We are closing stack.  ?: I’m the original security, it wouldn’t be right for 86 church to get money.  It is not needed and I’m hoping people block it.  If they are housing people in wheelchairs…..I don’t think so [major crowd disruption]

A: I just want to make sure we understand the difference between security for OWS and security for the church property.  This is for money for the church to watch their own property, regardless of who is in it.  They are not running security for who is staying, we are doing security in the day, but we need them to secure in the evening.  ?: It was implied that this was a cop, please clarify who is security for the church.

A: His name is Joe, he has worked at the church for 20 years, he is not a cop.  They have woken us up in the middle of the night for things we haven’t done.

A: I really think that Joe is sometimes an abrasive personality.  The problem is, he doesn’t work for us, he works for the church.  We are asking the church to house us in our great need.  They have offered that the church cannot afford to pay him the extra hours.  We make this decision, it is your decisions, but if we cannot help them pay, they may not be able to help us.

F: Restate your proposal.

Town Planning: $40 a night, 10 dollars an hour four hours every night.  This is not the entire amount, the church pays for the other four hours. Fourteen nights we have already been there, $560, a very small amount for all of us.

74.1.4.  Friendly Amendments (FA)

F: We open stack for FA, any FA’s about this proposal?

F: FA, please make them short.

Town Planning: Though I appreciate ……it’s a very small amount, if the church doesn’t receive the funds, they will feel it’s in bad faith, going forward will be hard. [major crowd disruption]

F: As much as I appreciate that you want to say something, we need stack!

[disruption, crowd and street construction starts]

Town Planning: I accept the part that our own security, we need our own security, but we will still need to pay the church to open the cabinets, turn on the water, fix circuit breakers, give us the mop….etc.  We cannot do these things ourselves because the church wont allow us.

F: I’d like to ask for a temp check to moving the GA all the way back [street construction]  FA: I suggest that as a first step we let the church know that this is controversial.

Response: I accept the friendly amendment, I know some feel a concern about paying the church.  I want to be clear, we are not paying for a service, we are reimbursing for something they would have to pay for anyone staying in there any night, but I’ll let them know there have been concerns about the treatment of various occupiers.

[Temp check about moving to consensus, temp check.  [good]]

74.1.5.  Blocks

F: Blocks: at least eleven blocks.

F: People’s mic will keep this alive.  At this point, we can address each block, or we can ask the proposer in this instance about addressing all of these blocks or reworking his proposal.

Town Planning: Unfortunately it’s not possible to rework the proposal, I understand moral safety and ethical concerns of the blocks.

F: The block does mean that you will probably leave the movement if this passes. Do you want to table the proposal? [lots of people blocking, yelling, swearing etc.]

Town Planning: I am willing to table this proposal.

F:  Do we want to hear about the blocks, we want resolution, should we take the time to hear these or let the GA move on? [up-twinkles for moving on]

74.1.2.  Medical Proposal #1  Medical: First proposal is about two trainings, but the evictions and the actions after had the medics doing lots of medical care, with very little time to get proposals to the GA.  The proposal is a request for funds to bring professional trainers from solo professional outdoor training school to lead 3 days of training.  First day, this Friday, would involve a two-hour training at noon at liberty plaza on winter urban survival.  This would involve skills on sleeping systems, identifying hypothermia, shelter building, later on Friday, we will lead a training for trainers so we can continue to offer the training throughout the winter and at other occupations where winter cold is a concern.  On Saturday and Sunday, they will be offering wilderness first aid certificate training oft the medics, there is space for those interested who are not part of medics as long as all medics who want to can attend the training.  This training will raise the level of training for all medical staff that show up at marches jail support and all occupation locations.  This training will also involve CPR certification, it will be open to around 30 medics, we are also inviting a few medics from occupations in the northeast who could travel to come to this.  Solo is a strong supporter of OWS and is offering this at 25% the normal cost.  We are asking for $1600, 750 dollars for 2 trainers for 3 days, $350 for carpooling costs from NH, and 500 for housing and food costs in NY.  We are doing our best to meet the housing and food needs through our network and kitchen, and if we can do that, we will only need $1100 for this training to happen.  I would like to hear any CQ, C, FA, and make this something we can consensus upon, we don’t have to agree, just consensus.

F:  Please keep questions under one minute.  We just used five minutes, this proposal has ten minutes.  Clarifying Questions  CQ: My clarifying question is are you prepared for town planning, you preparing us for the streets?

A: We are preparing for any outdoor occupation either here in NYC or anywhere where cold is a concern.  CQ: You are preparing participants to survive in freezing temperatures to live in freezing temperatures, training them to live, survive, in freezing temperatures.  How many in this group who will vote will be living on the street with this training in freezing temperatures how many people who live on the street who are away not partaking in this vote, meaning they don’t want to live on the street.  They should vote.

PoP: That wasn’t a clarifying question, that was a concern.  CQ: How come they can’t sleep in the park?

A: The trainers can’t sleep, can’t sleep in the park for the same reason none of us can sleep in the park, if you don’t know that, pleases talk to anyone outside this question.  CQ: Why can’t they sleep with our homeless population where they sleep at right now in these conditions, why must they sleep in a hotel when they have training to sleep in the elements?

A: I cannot answer why, but these professional trainers, as part of their conditions, anytime they ask for housing.  It is just a condition of their training.  CQ: Why can’t these trainers sleep at churches or wherever we are sleeping also?

A: These trainers are going to be training twelve hours a day on Saturday on Sunday, they would like to sleep close to where they are going to be doing the training, which is Liberty Plaza, they would also like after traveling 350 miles, and offering the training that normally costs between $4000-$7000 for $750, to get a good night sleep in a bed in a quiet space so they can be effective in these trainings.

[a lot of crowd disruption]  Concerns  I think it would be really important that these wilderness survival people actually meet with the homeless population who are familiar with NYC and the best ways to survive these particular conditions. Are they going to do that?

A:  That’s not a concern, it’s a FA, but I’d accept that.

F: Everyone please use people’s mic and move in so this is inclusive.

F: Next on stack.  I would like to know why we are spending $750 to teach the homeless what they already know what to do. Use it to house occupiers, stop funding an elitist movement please.  My concern is that, our concern is that we are missing the part about training our medics. As I remember part of it was for training so that our medics can serve us better.  I also think that it sucks that these trainers want money but regardless our medics have had to pay for training in the past and that’s why they can give us stitches, they can treat us for pepper spray.  It’s not perfect, but to be better protected, our medics need training.  I don’t mind that we pay professionals for professional training; I do mind that these professionals sound too good to sleep with the people they are training.  If they can’t sleep among us, we should train ourselves.  Where is a medic located?  Do they have a building?

[Crowd disruption]  Hello, my name is Chris. I was ten years homeless, you want to learn how to live in the street, pay me $750.

F: At this point a lot of concerns were heard.

Medical: To clarify, in the training, sleep systems, which people are talking about, and homeless sleeping skills, is a small part of the training. It also includes how to identify and treat hypothermia, frostbite and other cold injuries.  It also deals with shelter systems that may be available to occupiers that are not normally available to NY homeless.  It also provides trainer training.  It also involves two whole days of professional certified training of your medics.  Also, medics are at all churches, at Liberty Plaza, they walk around with their red cross and are happy to treat anyone at any time.

F:  FA, then move to consensus…oh wait, friendly amendments  Friendly Amendments

Medics:  I’d like to offer amendments based on concerns. I’ll get them to spend one night in a church or in other conditions where actual occupiers are sleeping.  They definitely do want to see what’s happening right now on the ground and be connected to what’s actually happening to the occupiers.  My amendment is, half addressed, thanks; I suggest that you ask them to sleep at the churches for the whole time.  I like the idea of at least one but push it for two.  If allowed, that your EMT training not only be open to medics, but everyone else because these people should already know this.

A:  I will ask them to sleep in the churches all three nights.  The wilderness first aid training has a limit of thirty people as requested by these trainers, I will make sure that if there is space it is open to everyone.  CPR training costs $35 for each medic, they will be paying out of pocket for that training. I’ll open that up as many people as we can, I will see if we can get CPR training for the whole community.

PoI: Some people seem upset about the amount of the certification; the American Red Cross controls the price for CPR certification.  FA: Hi, I’m Diego.  This has been kind of addressed, it would relieve some concerns if a certain amount of slots in some specific training could be specifically saved for homeless occupiers so they can take it back to their community.

A: Winter survivor training is open to everyone, I will do outreach through the website, on the streets, with flyers, to try to reach as much of the homeless population as possible.

F: We have three more Fas.  I would like for the people that you have to train me come stay with me out on the street and not in my apt.  I think I could show them a thing or two.  FA: I have hosted occupiers in my apartment before, I believe this is important for the movement, if they don’t have anywhere else to go, that I could host two for the weekend.

A: Please talk after meeting to me.  I would support this training if every dollar we spent on outside trainers we spend on in house trainers like Chris, because I know from giving this type of training in the past, to soldiers, that experience like Chris’s is as valuable as anything they will tell us.  FA:  I would support if after the training those who are trained were certified to give the training to others so we can conduct training in house.

A: The second proposal, that is the plan, we will have a team of trainers that can offer it here and elsewhere, as for the first, I am happy to bring these trainers before to speak one on one with any homeless population or any individuals who want to give them feedback, share experiences or offer critique or skills.

Response:  that’s not what I meant; we should give money to our people for training.

A: I am happy to try to find money for people like Chris or people with skills that are valuable for the community.

F:  Temp check for consensus.  Any outstanding reservations?

?: This makes it hard to ask other professionals, lawyers etc. who also donate their services…I think there has been too much from the presenter, not enough from the crowd.

F:  At this point, I’d like to ask for any blocks.  First, does anyone have confusion as to what a block is?  A block is a serious moral, ethical, or safety concern about this proposal and if this proposal should pass it would be cause for one to leave this movement.  I will clarify, it would make a person want to or feel like leaving the movement which is something we don’t want to have happen.

PoI:  A block is not a disagree with this, or I don’t like this, it is important to say that, because it is not an ethical or safety or morally based to say I don’t like this.

F:  Thank you for that addition.

F:  Restate proposal with FAs so it’s all fresh in our minds.  Medic: The medical working group is asking for $1600 and if housing and food can be donated, which I am working on, $1100 to conduct trainings this Fri-Sun in urban winter survival and two days of training for our medical staff.  I will ask these trainers to stay in the churches; I will work on having CPR training for the wider community in the next few weeks.  I will do outreach to the homeless population to make sure they know about this training and come to this training.  Before any training happens, I will take these trainers to meet with any homeless population who would like to share their experiences of living on the street in the winter and make sure that is integrated into the curriculum we are teaching. I will also make sure our trainers are certified and that people know that when they give these training in the future, they will be certified.

F:  At this point, after hearing the amendments, I’m going to ask again for blocks.

[Major crowd disruptions]

F:  Mic check.  Please keep your blocks up.  We do not need to be yelling at each other, stay with process.  At this point, I’d like your attention.  The GA needs your attention.  We need your focus, thank you.  At this point, he has chosen not to table this, we now move to modified consensus that is 9/10ths…And then we take out the blocks…At this point we do not have to hear every block if the proposer has tried, it is their choice.

PoP:  My understanding of modified consensus as discussed in Facilitation working group is that we count the number of people for and against.  Once blocks are held, the consensus process is over and we are just counting those in favor and those against.  So at this point, we will ask everyone who is opposing this to raise their hands and keep them up.  Someone not on facilitation to count the hands with me.  I have the facilitation and the proposer and a gentleman to count hands for those to oppose this.  Please put up your hands if you are opposed to this proposal.

F: It was just counted that there are 106 people here.

PoI: Let’s count also those who abstain.

F:  At this point we are going to ask everyone to put their hand up, be patient, one person will count off.  When they make eye contact with you…. at this point our number is 86.  We need to ask him based on these numbers how he feels if he wants to readdress blocks.

Medical:  I would be very interested who blocked, to state their ethical safety or moral concerns with this going forward.

F:  Stack for those that blocked, everyone that block.  If you want to be heard, keep them up, if you don’t want to be heard, you can put them down.  Blocks  Block: We have people getting assaulted, their stuff stolen, we do not have the money to house them, therefore we don’t spend on training until they are housed you can also get this training for free.

Response:  We have between $400,000-600,000. I believe that if proposals come forward needing money for housing, passing this for $1500 will not take money away from housing. Can I get a temp check from this GA on that. [Good]

Block response:  if that were true, we would have dealt with that already.  So why are we dealing with that?

PoI: I’m from Finance and Accounting.  We have about $450,000 right now, but the way we are structured, we can’t buy housing, we are researching it, but we can’t do it right now, it’s a liability issue, we just got more lawyers to figure it out, we will talk about it again soon.

F:  GA needs to hear, next on stack

F:  At this point if you are withdrawing your block, it needs to be spoken and addressed for resolution, not to reach resolution.    But the process is, a block deserves to be heard and addressed, if we can’t hear your block, we can’t resolve it.  Block:  I think that $1500 is being spent foolishly to keeping people warm instead for spending for training, when it’s on the internet.  Block: I think it is immoral to hire an outside entity for training we could do here and I believe that we should hire the people we have who have knowledge about this training, if they don’t want the money, they can donate it to the homeless.

A:  I do not want to have to do this, but the three blocks I have heard all relate to the training that’s happening on Friday for the whole community.  I can remove that from this proposal and not offer those trainings to the whole community and could only ask this GA for professional training for the medical staff who need certified trainers to give them a license to give higher levels of care here at the occupation.  I would very much like to off training to the wider community, but I feel like all these blocks so far could be addressed by eliminating Fridays training and only offering 2 days of training to medical staff.

F:  Please keep side conversations down so we can hear [major disruptions].

?: I haven’t seen any medical staff here the last couple nights.

Response:  that concern is valid, but is not relevant to this proposal  Block:  you made the proposal without having documentation of the 75% off and showing that they will do it with their letterhead on it.

Response:  I am happy to get you a piece of paper with their letterhead that tells the normal cost for this training and the cost for them to do it here, does that address your concern.

Block Response:  I would like to table this until you have the information.

Response: You can go to the Solo website.  I’m asking for $750 for these trainings, you can compare the two and figure out the difference.  Block:  I’m concerned about the decision making that led to this proposal specifically to those people who in working groups who never were occupiers.  I am concerned that the level of privilege is not compatible with the actual occupiers and the realistic lives they are living here.  Elitism and non-inclusiveness that is deeply concerning.  Block: Hello, my amendment to your proposal is that we don’t have to bring outside people to train our people that’s here we stayed out here in the cold in the freezing snow with no medics, so why should we train someone now, we have 911, cops all around us, 311, so why should we waste money.  Block:  My block represents a moral issue.  We should not be giving money to individuals who will profit off of our misfortune.

F: Please give the attention back to the GA, no more side conversations right now.   We have gotten way off process, what started out as blocks became a stack for grievances that got out of control.  At this point, I believe we have one more actual block that needs to be heard.  But in truth, this cannot pass and Jose is hearing these to try and work something better, not just to do our time.  Last block.  Block:  Now, what I’m going to say is there are ways around our grievances and our miscommunication, for the money we are spending I believe if we can take care of a problem without spending money that will benefit us, for instance if somebody needs help with medical training, if there is a medic or medics who will train for free then we can save money that can be allocated to other things, also if we need extra money so we can save the money we have we must bring it in ourselves, for instance… [Major disruptions]

Disruption: The people who have been excluded from this meeting due to having bags [referring perhaps to the fact that their bags would get wet and they are at 60 Wall St.] via text message want everyone to know they are 33 more blocks and that is why we can’t have exclusive meetings.

F:  That did not pass consensus.  Please keep side conversation out so we can hear, thanks.

Medical: Just to close on the last proposal.  Just understand what those blocks just did.  I work full time and live full time at this occupation, my main focus is housing.  Right now, I need to spend the rest of my time until Friday finding other funding sources for this training that is going to happen.  That takes away my time from finding housing for people who need housing.  Next proposal, please understand that blocks are serious.

F:  Next proposal.

74.1.3.  Medical Proposal #2  This proposal is from Medical WG. We are asking for $1333.50 to reimburse one person who put on their card for the 16×16 and 11×11 military tents that went up and were part of the medical clinic.  We are asking for the GA to approve that money to pay back this person who has had for the last four weeks more or less this amount of money on their credit card.

F:  Please respect process, CQ, then concerns, then FA, then move to consensus.  It’s raining; let’s keep this real and brief as possible.  Stack is open.  Clarifying Questions  CQ:  Please show the receipt.

A: The receipt is an attachment on my phone, pleases see me at any point.  If you need to see it come see it. Just to clarify, Finance never releases any money even when approved by GA without a receipt.  Bobby from Finance can verify that.  ?: I assume these tents were destroyed, why not put in a claim for the city to pay for them?

A: We are putting a claim in. If the money comes in, years or decades down the road; it will go back to the GA.  CQ: I would like to know why this proposal going through and Finance is here at this GA. This is the first time I saw people from Finance is here at GA.

PoP: Not relevant, maybe you should come to more GA’s.  CQ: These two tents/tarps, were they authorized by the GA to be reimbursed by the GA, or were they purchased without GA authority or approval or knowledge and now a request for payment for a proposal for an item that was never authorized.

Response: There was confusion when we purchased the tents on whether it was under the standing budget of the Medical team or needed GA approval.  Finance clarified that it needed approval, so that’s why I’m asking now.

PoP: This proposal does have right to come to the GA and ask for these funds, if there are concerns, that is a concern, it doesn’t invalidate this proposal having its right to be a proposal.

F: Stack for concerns.  Concerns  You say it was a budget issue, how much was the budget?  You don’t have the info?

Response: Any budget we have remains in the general funds, whether it comes out of our budget or our process here, there won’t be any extra money taken from general funds.

F: At this point, I’d like FA, stack please.  Its wet, its cold, it deserves our attention.  I’d like to ask how people feel about moving to consensus. [Temp good]

F: Any blocks?  All it takes is one hand raised for us to state it again.  I see no hands.  Blocks  Block: I don’t feel the GA should authorize this amount of money.  There is no transparency here therefore I think we should let this go.

F: At this point, I am asking someone to walk around and count people.

PoP: We would have to have less than ten people here for one person’s block to this proposal.

F:  we have modified consensus.  Modified Consensus

F: Next proposal, I wish this was smoother.  Direct Action for dispersal of funds, if you are part of GA, everyone’s waited a long time.

74.1.4.  Direct Action Proposal  My names Jordan from Direct Action.  You may remember us from the several times we shut down Wall Street in the last 3 months.  Tomorrow there is a conference between department of defense, wall st, and aerospace contractors, they build drone plains and big missiles, they are having a big conference so the DOD and the contractors can help the wall st financiers make a lot of money on killing people, can I get a temp check on that?  Fuck that!  We are proud to announce that tomorrow we will shut down the conference.  In order to do that we have been planning a lot of disruption for the last 3 weeks.  Those disruptions have incurred expenses, we are asking for $2000 to pay for the expenses incurred by the actions that will go down tomorrow specifically we are asking for $200 to cover printing cost, $200 to cover transportation costs, not to transport people but to transport materials necessary to shut down this bullshit conference.  $300 for costumes, specific to actions that will disrupt this heinous conference.  $900 in registration fees for people who will go into the conference.  I am very proud of those people; it is very risky to do.  Finally $400 as a contingency should anything go wrong.

F: I’d like to open stack for CQ  Clarifying Questions  CQ: Total?

Response: $2,000.  CQ: Where’s the conference?

A: It’s at the Credit Suisse building and the cross streets are 24th and park.  CQ: I just need you to clarify how that’s being used.

A:  Specifically, I’ll answer as best as possible.  $200 for printing, we made a bunch of fliers, we distributed around the city.  We printing educational material about where this money goes to and how fucked up it is that our government spending our tax dollars on killing people, do we need people’s mic?  [No], transportation we have materials that are heavy and will disrupt that conference.  We have to rent vehicles, and I can’t say because there are police everywhere.  I can’t tell you what it is for, but the planners know.  The transportation is for $200; maybe we are renting a van…

PoP:  I feel very concerned that you are endangering the possibility of things to happen by explaining everything… please, we need to extend trust.

Direct Action: Everything I’m saying has already been shared that I’ll tell you now.

A: $300 for costumes, they involve suits, other costumes, registrations you have to pay to get in to the conference, that’s all I can give

[Crowd disruption]

DA: So I was in the crowd, hearing the side conversations, there are a lot of people involved, it may cost $7 dollars a suit, but there are lots of people involved, so the amount of people needed for transportation etc. We just need to make sure we have enough money, we might not spending everything.

F: At this point, I’d like to open for concerns.  Concerns  Report back with receipts?

A: Yes.  This is my first time, what does GA stand for?

Response: GA is general assembly, we are excited you are here, but we will be back on process.  I congratulate anyone who does this, what time does it start?

Response: 6:30 am at Madison Square Park.

F: Friendly Amendments?

F: Blocks?  Consensus!

F: Next proposal, Rich.

74.1.5.  Mobile Info Network Proposal  Mobile Information Network: Who are we? The Mobile Info Network, a newly formed Affinity Group created to have a physical presence to gather and share OWS information in any occupied space. What will we do: Organize people with a written process to provide access to laptops and internet in Zuccotti Park and Charlotte’s Place, with plans for eventually being wherever occupiers are located. Why this needs to be done: Right now the biggest concern being voiced by occupiers is a lack of information and organization. The M.I.N. will directly address this concern. Costs: We are asking for a one-time start up amount of $2,000. This money will be used to purchase 10 laptops at a target price of $150-$200 per laptop, and a pre-paid mobile hotspot. The purchase process will be completely transparent and any extra money not spent on the pre-mentioned will be returned to the OWS general fund.

Additional Info: We are in the process of starting a KickStarter fundraiser for the purchase of more equipment, re-occurring costs and future needs. All laptop info will be encrypted to guarantee privacy. We will have strict, written access and supervision requirements to safeguard equipment. We are asking for a one-time startup of $2,000.  Clarifying Questions  CQ: My question is can other working groups schedule use of them if they need extra laptops?

A: An actual schedule is a good amendment, we are talking with Info.  We should work that in yes for sure.  Who is responsible for looking after them, where are they being stored?

A: MIN working group will look after them, laptops will be stored at the office, and Charlotte’s place said we can lock them up there too  Monthly charges?

A: Prepaid mobile hotspot.  We are doing our own fundraising to handle monthly costs.  Tech is working on extension of hotspots to do it cheaply.  Is this open to other people, the hotspot?

A: Yes.  Accountability and transparency?

A: We need about ten people a day, all stuff will be posted online, and we will work with Finance.  A policy as to where they will not be available?

A: Zucotti Park, and Charlotte’s place, or J and R.  Not at 60 wall Street.  Concerns  This is my idea; it came from the marginalized homeless people to do.  He took the idea so he could access the movement’s money, and he went to JR’s…there are lots of things in the proposal that wasn’t in there.  Library working group has decided to take on the issue of prepaid phones and computers to the marginalized communities.  This proposal doesn’t reflect what we asked them to do.

A: Razor has an issue, with us doing the purchasing which is why we are working with Finance. We would be happy to take Rich out of the purchasing process to make sure of its transparency and all we are buying is what we stated, as cheap as we can, to serve the underprivileged.

Response: The response you just gave doesn’t address issues of credibility and accountability or the process by which this was brought forth.

A: We don’t have to handle the money; we just want to get the laptops to Charlottes and Zuccotti as soon as possible.  If you are an affinity group, working groups are more transparent; I would suggest that you are a working group and not an affinity.  It sounds like the proposal that Library and Open Source group already does.  Library will be doing this, why not work with Library?

A: Already working with Information…

A: We will work with Library, Info, Comm Hub, and will become a working group.  If you do this, you should be a working group, their eyes lit up when they heard that all working groups get $100 a day.

A: Affinity groups do not get that  I’m concerned they won’t actually help the marginalized community.  Let’s vote now, Library should do this; this is not an appropriate channel.  You should work with existing channels.

[Conversation about process between working groups and affinity group]

F: At this point, there is a question about whether this is even possible, and I don’t know how to handle that. We are not able to verify this; I’m not quite sure.  We do have someone.

F: Whether or not Finance will give them funds is another issue.  If you don’t pass it, they won’t get funds. If it passes, then Finance decides if they get funds.  The two people in charge of this aren’t going to take the computers to where they are most needed.  It needs to be supervised by the Library.

F: Friendly Amendments?  Friendly Amendments  My FA is that the Library takes over the proposal since they already established and they are trusted.

A: We accept by offering to become a subgroup of the Library…

PoP: Library doesn’t consent to that!!!!

PoP: Does the Library need to accept this?  Yes!!!

PoI:  The Library wishes to bring this proposal on its own…

F: You aren’t Library, you can’t speak for them.  Library is on the phone.

[Minute-Taker’s Note: Due to extreme wind, rain, crowd disruptions, and the fact that the people’s mic was not used throughout the entire process, these minutes may not portray word for word everything that was said during this meeting.  In moments of chaos [rain on my laptop, people screaming and breaking process] I did my best to summarize the points.  At approximately 10:35, large amounts of water was spilled on my computer as the result of a disruptive GA member pushing their way to the front, at which time, for concerns over my personal belongings, I put my computer away.  I have inserted the live-tweets from the point that I put my computer away.  My apologies.]


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