NYCGA Minutes 11/24/2011

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Date / Time: Friday, 11/24/2011 / 7pm

Location: Liberty Plaza

Facilitators (F):

[Note: The introductions were not captured verbatim  for tonight’s meeting, Legal was the first working group report back.]



69.1.  Working Group Report Backs

69.2.  Proposal from Comfort

69.3.  Announcements

69.1.  Working Group Report Backs

69.1.1  Legal: In regard to the raid, there is no lawsuit in place; If you want to be a party to the lawsuit we must take an affidavit from you, your full name first and last, and a full notarized statement of the offense you experienced that day and night and what you believe you lost it would helpful to have receipts price tags or whatever and your statement being notarized for the lawsuit which may or may not come we are not there yet. If you want to know more please come se me.  CQ: A lot of stuff we had in the tent may not have receipts but we still suffered a loss.

Legal: That’s ok and stronger evidence from you is if you have a description we will take it.

F: It seems that there are more questions; I would like to see hands from people who have questions. Would you like to open a short stack to address these questions to the group?  Temp check [positive]

F: Dan is taking stack.

F: Stack is a list of names of people who want to speak if you have a question please see Dan.

Melvin: My name is Melvin hicks I arrived from Washington from 260. I did not know what is going on. I have a tent over there and watched Zuccotti get raid, live streamed from Philadelphia and I have been hearing stuff. Just clarifying what he said right now, Finance is not doing the right job. I hear its fucked up, we have GA and SC and all these groups.

F: Just so everybody knows I am not telling him to stop speaking. This hand gesture is requesting you speak in short phrases so we can all repeat and everyone can hear, so please continue but in short phrases.  Q: There is a leaderless in this movement so why do we have three councils or more? I’ve been told 7 o’clock tomorrow is when the spokes council is meeting. So why are they not here right now?

F: I have seen PoPs in the crowd, that’s why I am doing this signal now.  That’s a really big question. I don’t feel that I am the person to answer it.

Q: Who is??

F: This stack was open to answer questions specifically about the legal announcement Elaine just gave.

PoI: We have soapbox to deal with all of that shit after the proposals.

F: I am going to ask right now, since this assembly empowered this team to carry forward the agenda, so we are able to continue with this regarding the legal announcement, like this person said a soapbox will be open after the GA in which we can all participate in larger discussions that exceed the scope of this right now. Next on stack Sparrow.  Sparrow: Hi, my name is Sparrow. I lost my home and all of my possessions and my dog in the raid. I was wondering if Legal can get reparations in the form of a hotel paid for by the city to house us until we are able to come up with a permanent solution.

A: That is beyond our scope now.

F: Next on stack is Bill.  Bill: I’ll speak really loud, about the notarized statements, will OWS legal notarize the statements? And if so where are they located?

A: The legal project team will help you write your affidavit and we will get it notarized for you.

F: Next on stack is Bless  Bless: Happy Thanksgiving! My question is for the GA. I would like to know when donations are given specifically to the GA allegedly where does that go?

F: So once again I see PoP in the crowd, the PoP is, there is nobody here right now to answer that question.  Maybe somebody has an answer. Nobody on the stage right now is empowered to answer that question.

[Disruption] I am sick and tired of being diverted, they shut you off when you ask a question and it has always been this way.

F: So once again, the facilitation team is only here to facilitate the agenda and move it forward. That’s our working group. We are not from Finance or another group and do not have specific answers to give you.  Maybe someone in the crowd does.  So once again since we have been empowered to move this short agenda along on this Thanksgiving night, can we continue? Temperature check? [Positive]

F: Next on stack is Miles.  Miles: My question is they are pesticides being used on our stuff, do we know what types of pesticides those are or if you are to get your stuff what are the effects of coming into contact with those pesticides?

Legal: No, legal does not know what has been used or what the consequences s of coming into contact with your stuff. I suggest you ask sanitation. I am sorry I do not have a better answer.

F: I see a PoI, but before you start I would like to say we are going to close stack, if you still have a question specifically about the legal announcement, please see Dan now.

PoI: I personally watched the police take our stuff and dumping garbage on top if it from the garbage cans so I would advise if you get anything back you do a good job cleaning it, there is no way to know what has been on your stuff.

F: Next on stack is Kevin.

F: Next on Stack is Nan.  Nan: Happy Thanksgiving everybody. My question for Legal is since all of our stuff and some of us lost a lot of stuff, what exactly is the mayor going to do about reimbursing us about our stuff that was stolen? That’s how I feel, it’s been stolen. What is the repercussions besides a lawsuit. That is my question.

Legal: To answer the question the only way you can hope to see your money back for lost damaged items is if we pursue a lawsuit. The first step is for you to come see me about putting together and affidavit of lost stuff.

F: Next on stack is Kevin.  Kevin: Hi everybody, short question. Since so many people are angry about the structure of GA and SC, can I propose as our last agenda item?

F: Once again I am seeing PoP. This stack right now is just about the legal announcement. We will have an announcement section later in the agenda I invite you to come back then.

PoI: if you would like to have that as an agenda point, which is a good idea, you can submit that to facilitation for the next GA and have that as an agenda item.

PoI: If we are planning on either abandoning GA I propose we dispose of the SC also.

F: We are moving on to working group report backs, if you are in a working group and have a report back please come see Dan right now and get on stack.

F: First from Kitchen.

69.1.2.  Kitchen: Just wanted to give you a repost about the food that was cooked and served: we served 2500 meals from Zucotti Park. They were also sent to the church on 86thand the occupation at rockaway, the 47 occupation and the new school. We also sent 500 meals to homeless shelters in local communities including Harlem and the Bronx.  I want people to know there is still space available for 15-20 people to sleep tonight at Rockaway.

F: Next is Strong Women Rules working group.

69.1.3.  Strong Women Rules: Hi everybody, it’s me again, my working group is working on a proposal to bring to the GA to dispose of SC because we feel the SC is not being fair or just to the people, the occupiers and those who are not part of a working group. When I do bring my proposal to the GA I would like to have as much signatures as possible to dispose of the spokes council that’s playing favors. For all the people that are focused on the problem of uniting us, they are trying to divide us as a movement, as occupies as pole I am asking you as individuals here to help me to basically dispose the spokes council. You can email me:

?: Before Library the NLG came up to me, the police say we can bring instruments but you have to check them at the door.

69.1.4.  Library: Hi, I am Charlie. The library did a press conference the other day. You should check it out on the internet. There were lots of independent bloggers and a huge table of obliterated books so please check it out and promote it. It was après conference.

69.1.5.  Music: Hi guys, I am Renee and this is Nikki from Music. A couple of things. We just want to let you know there was a problem with an autonomous project for which a press release went out yesterday with incorrect information claiming that we supported them. That was not true, some statements have been re-released to clarify that and we are going to continue with Legal and Finance because this project is a compilation benefit album. If you want to look it up online the name of the album is “Occupy This Album.” There are many high profile people and a few people from the park on this album. We asked for detail information from the project proposal about participants production and any information on the record label for the purpose of transparency. Those items were not provided and ask that you beware and support us in finding the truth.

PoI: This album was brought to the Arts and Culture music working group. There was an opportunity for new artists and they waited until today to announce it but the project person bringing the proposal did say that no funds would be kept by the famous artists and a significant donations from this person would be made to our fund. You can contact them at

69.1.5. (continued) Music: To clarify the issue I think our working group will put something online.  What he said is true and you are welcome to contact those people.  Those same people did not provide us with information when we asked.  We will bring you more information when we have it. I have one other announcement. There will be a link, if it is not up yet, for an interview for a radio show in Seattle in which I was interviewed the day after the raid and explains our mission as a working group. I think if you all listen to that interview some of these other issues will be clarified.

F: We are going to close stack for working group report backs.

?: If anyone happened to know where Mina is please promptly notify she is a crucial member for our meeting we will not have a place for you to sleep tonight. Please help me address this.

PoI: Tonight we have a sleeping location at church of the Ascension Parish Hall 122 Java Street. Take the G train to Greenpoint Ave. Please do not arrive before 11pm. You must leave before 730 am, you must also follow the guidelines of respect.

PoI: Anybody looking for a place to stay, 160 Fish 116th street in Queens, it’s in a theater and it’s big and there is a bathroom. It’s really comfortable and warm. We have sleeping tickets. Take the A train all the way down to Rockaway, you take the A train all the way to Rockaway, when you get off at Rockaway the last stop you get on the shuttle to Broad Channel. Get out at 116th Street, take a left, 2 blocks building number 160. It’s called Baxters.

F: Next on stack SIS. Many PoI.

PoI: I’d like to correct that information. Beach 116th street is located in Rockaway Park. Take the A train to Broad Channel, change to the shuttle then you have it.

PoI: Please beware that the time you leave to go to the place we are talking about, the shuttle will not be running. So because of that you have to take the A to the last stop, which will be 160 in Far Rockaway, then take the Q22 bus to 116th Street. When you get off make your left to about 34 feet and the place we are talking about will be right there in front of you. It’s a white building, you can’t miss it.

F: Next on stack SIS.

69.1.6.  SIS: Hello Family! I love you. Give thanks for being here. I am actually here for two groups, for SIS we give gratitude to our donors. Tons of people around the world sent us a box of goodies, thank you!  I am going to go around and find leaves, write on a leaf American Autumn, put the leaves in the book. We want to send one leaf to every donor.  It’s a proposal we are working on.

F: Now from Wellness.

69.1.7.  Wellness: Seek healers, yoga if you are seeking healing from maybe a week ago. If you experience trauma, if you tap your meridian points and focus on your body and emergencies and release return love and forgiveness, in that light I urge you to take advantage of the blessing of the wonderful goodness healer and travel Emini. Please 20 seconds with Emani at 11pm at the Tree of Life. Peace.

69.1.8.  ?: I want to sing for you, there are only four thousand of these drums in existence. One last thing I know I am over time sorry. For anyone who craves a bonfire and a ceremony with family ongoing we will be doing trail blazing in the woods a few hours north in the woods, consciousness retreat. Love and well-being.

69.1.9.  Occupy Cipher Grove: Hi My name is Frank. I created this group for all the lyricists that’s been here since the beginning. On OWS this group is called Occupy Cipher group for all the lyricists whose minds and protesting minds went into this struggle for a long time. Now I open this group up to keep the revolution in progress through us, through freestyles related to what has been going on through the days of occupy Wall Street.

F: That’s it for working group report backs we are now moving on to the only proposal.


69.2.  Agenda Items

F: While we are waiting, we are going to talk a little bit about the consensus process. We are going to go on together after the proposal is read. We will have a temperature check about the GA feelings. We will use the hand signals we mentioned earlier. After the temperature check there will be an opportunity to ask CQs. After the CQs we will have time for concerns, following concerns we will have time for Friendly Amendments. After FAs the proposer will have the opportunity to address the FAs and either accept or reject each of those amendments. Again should there be any blocks, which again should only be expressed if you have a moral, ethical or safety concern about the proposal, each person blocking will have the opportunity to express why they are blocking.   If there are blocks that still stand at the end of this process we will move to modified consensus, which will look to see if 90% of the assembly is in favor with the proposal.

69.2.1.  Comfort: My name is Sparrow. As you can see I have a full page of writing. I am going to condense what’s on this proposal in the interest of time. So essentially this is a proposal to instill many comfort stations and temporary sleeping locations. Since its inception Comfort has been a mainstay within the occupy community. Currently the needs of our community have changed. We no longer have a centralized location and people are no longer housed. We have adapted to this change by creating roaming comfort. We have been testing this program on various small projects and we are ready to take this service to the greater community. We have assessed the needs of the population staying churches. We have determined there is a high demand for basic hygiene products. A mini comfort station is a small container of select products. We believe that by supplying each sleeping locations with theses bins we will be able to solve the problems of … Self regulations 1. Products are being misallocated because a few people take too many of the individual’s packaged products. 2. It eases transport liability products are being hand delivered to various locations easy to carry bins solve the problem of 3. It ensures access to hygiene products for everyone.  Financial, these are round estimates based on an internet search of stores. With the exception of metrocards these items will be a temporary reoccurring cost, I am sorry with the exception of the metrocards and easy carry binds. We are proposing we be allowed to purchase economy sized containers, sea butter, gold bond foot powder and fifty metrocards.  I forgot to add deodorant. Currently we have assessed the needs of the community and performed small scale testing. We have checked SIS for available supplies. We can begin using this system immediately upon purchase. We are estimating $450 to purchase the infrastructure necessary to make this happen for the people.

F: I’d like to start with a straw poll of clarifying questions.  I’d like to remind you CQs are if you do not understand the proposal. We are going to open stack for these few questions. Dan is the stack taker. He will take your name. Clarifying Questions  Q: I am Jennifer How much money do we have in finance

A: Over half million dollars

F: Next on stack:  Q: I want to know how many people are sleeping in these churches and other places

A: 250-300  Q: Is $450 a monthly cost?

A: 900 per month will serve the 300 people  Brian: How much would the metrocards be worth?

A: $450, we are requesting to receive 125/day for 25 metrocards

F: Next on stack.

F: Stack is closed for questions  Q: Does this include feminine products?

A: We have a surplus of feminine products at SIS.  Q: Why are there only twenty-five metrocards for 300 people?

A: Currently there are many groups that provide metrocards to people going to churches. Based on the list I have complied for the past week we have only needed to provide between 15-20 cards.

F: We are going to do a straw poll for concerns, if you have a concern raise your hands. Stack is open for concerns.  Concerns  Jill: So I am concerned that there are more people that need metrocards, 50 metrocards.

A: I have only requested the amount of metrocards that has been requested specifically from Comfort. If there is an additional need I propose that at the amendments part you amend it so we ask for 50 instead of 25.

F: Next is Katrina.  Katrina: Please double check with SIS about the full sized toothpaste tubes we’ve received in the last day.

A: Noted.

?: People staying at Baxter are short on metocards I think there is a greater need.

F: Next on stack.  Q: Would it be more economical to buy weekly or monthly metrocards?

A: There is a situation called the IRS that would not allow us to purchase weekly or monthly passes. If we purchase weekly or monthly passes because we are not an actual organization we can be audited and if we cannot account for every single instance of use we can get shut down.

F: That’s the end of stack for concerns. Now Fas, if you have a FA please get on stack.  Friendly Amendments.  Q: I love the idea that everyone deserves transportation so I would love it to, I am not sure about 50 so I will leave it to you to pick a new number

A: I am under the impression there is an amendment on the floor to up the number of metrocards that we are purchasing as a daily expense.  FA: I make an amendment that you do a survey of people who need money to come to groups and to the park. I believe that is a very good amendment. It’s slightly vague, could I get maybe a more concrete amendment I suggest you find somebody who can do a thorough survey of people who need metrocard so they can come to working groups and the park.

A: We will do a survey of people who need metrocards.  Q: I want to piggyback on Jill’s amendment. For financial purposes, should we set an upper limit of the number of metrocard we are going to give out?  Just so this doesn’t get out of control.

F: So the proposal right now is for 25. What we would be consensing for would be 25. The amendment is for a survey. If there is a need then there will be a new proposal. (continued) Q:I understand but rather than do this again, let’s give an upper limit so we can save an hour in the future?

A:  A more apt number of metrocard would be between 50-75. There are other working groups working on metrocards. I would be comfortable with requisitioning 50-75 metrocard daily. I accept this amendment.

F: Are there any more FA’s to this proposal?

PoI: I am willing to contribute to the effort. Maybe make a working group around transportation that would be more economical.

Sparrow: I agree with your suggestion. At this point in time that group does not exist so we need an immediate solution. After your group is created I would happily hand over responsibilities.

F: We will now ask the proposer to restate the proposal with the accepted FA  Sparrow: We are going to be purchasing six easy carry bins. That is fixed, it is not reoccurring. We will be purchasing six economy sized containers, shea butter, gold bond foot powder. We will be looking into SIS about the toothpaste delivery. We will also be purchasing six medal spooks for the dispensation of the sea butter. This is fixed, it will not be recycling. We will also be purchasing seventy-five metrocards daily. We will also be purchasing a weekly supply of mini deodorants.

F: We are going to see if we have any blocks?

[No blocks}  F: I don’t see any. Consensus!

F: That’s the only proposal no we are moving on to announcements that is the last part of the agenda. We are opening stack. Please keep announcements to two minutes this is Emily she is going to keeping time. She is going to show you a sign please respect it.


69.3.  Announcements

F: First on stack.

69.3.1.  Wellness: Hello, I am here representing Wellness and the Tree of Life altar. As many of you know during the eviction, the altar was destroyed and a lot of the items are lost. So we are trying to put together a petition, which addresses our freedom of religion, which we are addressing to the Supreme Court and to Bloomberg. We are looking for assistance advice and legal counsel. I’ll have a petition around the park that you can sign tomorrow and also if you and look up occupy shrine and occupy alter you can sign it there. This is a very important part of the park life. The more people behind this the more we can get legal options in play. Let’s take this to the press and gather the backing of faith groups. Spiritually is an important part of this group.

69.3.2.  Chaz: I would like to announce that this coming Saturday I am going to propose that we divide all the money the movement has among the people who can prove they were in the park for at least a week before the raid.

69.3.3.  I am just a student that is getting damaged by the corruptions I know these things take time even years but I really want all of this to happen id like to propose a fun art project where we do around what peoples demands are and we write it down even if the list is 20 feet long, even the length of a football field. We can work towards the change.

69.3.4.  John: I feel this consensus doesn’t show what the occupation wants as a whole. Some people have to take care of children and they can’t all be here. My proposal is that we start leadership groups and vote leaders of Wall Street out. If you look at corporate media you see Aaron Black’s face.

Q: Are you proposing we have a spokesperson that deals with media that is aware of our issues and is competent enough to convey concerns of the people and individuals that are democratically elect by us as opposed to an individual elect by outside sources.

John: We need to vote for who is speaking for us. That is important to me. I do not want this movement to stagnate. We are losing solidarity.

PoP: This is the announcement section, not time for back and forth.

F: Last on stack, Occupy Macys.

69.3.5.  Occupy Macy’s: So folks, I arrived from occupations in the American South. I heard about the eviction as I was traveling here. I wanted to live here but it didn’t happen, having arrived here in the aftermath of that terrible event. I’ve notice that where are movement was once united against something we are now learning to unite for something. A lot of the occupants that fight over GA and SC are caught in this transition and so something that might be useful to remember is that these groups are built by us. If we don’t like them we can take them apart but we need to put something better in place. So take your concerns and arguments and get together with everyone and figure out what you want create and not what you want to destroy.

F: Stack is empty. Any more announcements? It looks like the end of general assembly. Soapbox is open!

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