NYCGA Minutes 11/6/2011

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Meeting Date/Time: 11/06/2011 / 7pm EST

Location: Liberty Plaza

Facilitators (F): Alice, Craig


Stack Taker: Joel, Zach; Keeping time: Craig; Minutes: Dara; Cofacilitation greeters – Chris/ Tracy



51.1 Agenda Items (Demands Breakout Group, POC Emergency Proposal, Environmental Solidarity Statement, Theoretical-Praxis Breakout Group Discussion, SIS Proposal for Surplus Supplies)

51.2 Working Group Report Backs

51.3 Announcements

F: Review of Process. Here we practice direct democracy. What that means is that you are interacting directly with this democratic process. We use some concepts and tools to make this process run smoothly. One tool is nonverbal communication. Hand signals to convey messages to get point across.

Step up, step back means that if you are a person who speaks a lot or comes from a place of privilege step back and let others voices be heard. If you’re a person who tends to speak less or comes from a marginalized group step up and let your voice be heard. This is something to think about and apply yourself not something to impose on others

F: A really quick announcement: A sign of the GA agenda will be posted all over camp before GA so that people know what we’ll be talking about.

F: We would like to now ask GA if they feel comfortable with the facilitation team. Temp check. Positive. Any concerns with team?

Clarifying Question: How long have you been facilitating? How many times have you done this?

Craig: 3 times in the past. I haven’t done it in a month. Alice: First time as cofacilitator.

Clarifying Question: An archives proposal was supposed to be on the agenda tonight, why was it not included?

F. If a misstep was made, then we can have it on the proposal for the next GA.

F. We also noticed that a proposal form last night that was tabled re the march to DC is not on the agenda. We would invite those individuals making it to do so tonight if they are here.


51.1.  Agenda Items


51.1.1 Demands Working Group- Discussion regarding draft proposal

51.1.2 Occupy the Hood- Budget Proposal for $2,000  Consensus on Amended Proposal:  $3,000 in conversation with Finance working group.

51.1.3 Mobile Occupation/ DC March:  Budget Proposal for $3,000 Consensus

51.1.4 Environmental Solidarity:  Proposal to endorse statement condemning “Jobs for the 99%” on the grounds of that group’s support for Keystone XL Pipeline Consensus

51.1.5 Theoretical Praxis:  Discussion. Tabled.

51.1.6. SIS: Budget proposal for $5,000 and materials to export surplus supplies to allies and the unemployed. Consensus


Detailed Discussion

51.1.1 Demands Working Group Discussion First, for your info we are going to read the demand we are proposing together with the preamble then break up into breakout groups to discuss how we can improve the proposal by soliciting amendments and also asking your thoughts on the proposal in general, including what you might like about it. Afterwards, we will be done and go back to our working group with everything we heard and we will discuss ways to amend the proposal.

A quote from Frederick Douglass:  “Power concedes nothing without a demand never did and never will.”

We retain the right to make multiple and or continuous demands of ourselves our society our government as there are numerous and varied problems ot be addressed by our peoples movement
Demands are only one integral part of an already successful movement. In order that 99% can control their workplaces, communities job
This is offered to the GA as an initial transitional demand in hopes others will follow. To help build alliances with workers, unemployed and undocumented. We expect that as the movement grows we will make new demands on our society our government and ourselves. Demands we make and will make are just one of the ways we will take collective control over our common
This is the demand.
Jobs for all. A massive public works and public service program we demand a massive dem controlled public works and public service program with direct government employment to create 25 million new jobs at good union wages. This is to be paid for with new taxes on rich, transactions, corporate profits by reinstatement of the Glass-Steagal act as well as ending all US wars, disbanding mercenaries, ending aid to authoritarian regimes. The new jobs will aim to radically expand access to […] So now throughout the crowd, there are 12 people from our group who have these sheets, and they are based on common questions brought up at prior GA where this was discussed. Please find one of the people holding these sheets and form groups with no more than 25 per group. We will begin a conversation about how we feel about the proposal. We would like everyone to get the information and discuss and give feedback. What we discussed in our working group was to have the member of the Demands working group not to facilitate but really to be present to write down everything brought up to have documentation to bring back and discuss. So that person can be the person to report back and sort of lead, but not really, those groups. That would be good.

Point of Process (PoP): Why are we doing this exercise before the Emergency Proposal from the POC working group?

F: The Demands item was tabled yesterday, unless GA would like to do POC emergency proposal first. Temperature check. Concerns?

F: I understand that the demands group might have personal reasons for getting out of park quickly.

Point of Information (PoI) from Demands: Some of the people working in this have had past criminal records and are on a curfew to return back to their places of residence so they are here now to make sure they have a voice in something they feel affects them.

PoI from PoC: We have people who are cold and hungry right now.

Question from Demands: How long do you need?

PoC: Five minutes.

51.1.2. POC Emergency Proposal I am Seema (spelling?) from Occupy the Hood/ Urban Nomadic Warriors. I have been part of Occupy North Carolina, and 8 different occupations. We are now occupying in Harlem at 477 W. 142 St. We are battling predatory lending and mortgage fraud. They are attempting to freeze residents out of their homes. They have sabotaged boilers and locked out the tenants. We broke in and have a new boiler. We are cold and hungry and we need help from Occupy Wall Street. We emailed a proposal to allocate us funds to continue our occupation. Our proposal is to be reimbursed for the finances we have spent ourselves for $500 dollars. We are also asking for $1500 for survival. We have over 15 occupiers from this park who are now occupying in Harlem. It is the first occupation other than Liberty Park in NYC. We are waiting for no one to take our community back.

F: We would like to open the floor, open stack, for questions or concerns. If you would like to be on stack please get Joel’s attention. Clarifying Questions & Concerns want a legal solution, a legislative solution to this problem. We want job stability.
F: Excuse me sir, respectfully, do this during announcements. Currently talking about this proposal. Any concerns or questions? How will we know to vote for this proposal or not if we do not know what your budget consists of? What I really mean is that we have to know how much money you already have and what it will be allocated towards. We need to think about different groups who might need funds and how to divvy it up evenly and fairly if possible. I’m Mischa, how can we get in touch with occupy Harlem?
Response: We are Occupy Harlem behind you, Occupy the Hood. We need you today!

F: If want info about occupy Harlem, talk to them after. I’m sure they would like to talk. Right now we are doing questions and concerns. I am Daniel. Indirectly related to this proposal, I am curious as to whether Occupy the Hood has consulted with any legal teams regarding illegal evictions and also I believe some of the questions asked over how the money amount was decided upon and what it will be used for are rather relevant in this body deciding to allocate these funds. I understand this is important but we also need information.
Response: Yes, we are in court. Queen Mother (Lois last name?) is trying to save this building from predatory lenders for over a year. The things we need are Con Edison, metro, food, cleaning supplies, towels, and toiletries. We need everything that this occupation has. We are an occupation. This battle has been going on for over 7 years. The judge locked out of courtroom. The other attorney is in prison because he is not an attorney. I am wondering if anyone is here from financial working group? Because my concern is that this GA cannot disperse funds without the financial working group.
PoI:  The financial working group does not need to make these decisions. The GA can make it.
F: We are making this decision right now in the GA. Other questions and concerns? I think this is a good idea however I am also aware what we might be doing many occupations such as this in the future. We need to keep in mind how we will be able to save many occupations in the future.
Response: We also need bodies. All are welcome. I am Catherine. I support this proposal but wonder if there is a reason that it is an emergency proposal. Is there an external deadline?
Response: They are right now trying to keep the building open so the boiler can be installed. If this doesn’t happen and pipes freeze they will evict everyone. This is the reality of living in the hood, reality of people fighting for their homes and lives because of wall street and predatory lending. Right now there are people who are elderly, disabled and children in this building freezing. We need to keep the building open. We need to help them have this boiler installed. We need to continue the occupation until this is fought in court. This is already happening in LA and Florida. This needs to start now in NYC. I am Keith. I respect what you are doing. You have my solidarity; however, I think there are a lot of such buildings and people who need that kind of help. I also think that running a boiler and using funds to save a building can be costly in the long term. Also a question, was the decision to occupy this building ever proposed at a GA?
Response: Did we ask to occupy this park? And not only that, this is precedent. There are a lot of people who come here that are willing to occupy our neighborhoods. We need to set the example. We need to set precedent now.
Response from Keith: I think you’re right

F: This is not a discussion abut whether this is a good idea. If there are concerns about the proposal please bring these up. Hi, I’m Maria from Chicago and I got an email with a leaflet that talked about Occupy Harlem. As a Latina, I was thrilled there are people occupying Harlem. I understand that we don’t know their exact money situation. I propose that we give half of the treasury or $1500 as they ask for, whichever is more money.

F: That would be a friendly amendment. We will do that after questions and concerns.

Mic Check – can’t hear. Can we get two generations of people’s mic.  Yes.

PoI: With respect to the earlier concern raised over the consensus not being given to form Occupy the Hood. These occupations are all autonomous and do not need approval. We also did not approve Occupy Oakland but gave them money when they were in need. I am not speaking that we should do this only that there is precedent for this being done in the past. I am Martin. This is a very urgent concern. It is matter of life and death. I think this should be approved as soon as possible and simultaneously a committee established to deal with this sort of thing in the future.

PoI: It is my opinion that OWS was a catalyst for occupations in this country and around the world. What better way to show support for our brothers and sisters in Harlem. They can be a catalyst for the lower class and lower income across the country.

F: I see a lot of points of process and points of information. We are trying to voice and address questions or concerns about this proposal, not endorsements. We would like to close stack on questions or concerns. If you still have them get on stack now. There is also a concern that two generations will be time consuming and that everyone could hear if the first generation could be louder. Temperature Check. Back to one generation My concern is that many other groups will then be coming and demanding that OWS will give money like in Harlem and Oakland.
Response: If they have done enough work and made an impact in their community then OWS should write them a check.

F: Please respect each other in this process. Again I agree, but maybe they should provide a supply list from the group and I’m sure we could get things donated. This will help with future groups who will ask.

F: That is a friendly amendment. Are there any others questions/ concerns?

F: Two more people; stack is closed. OWS receives its funds from outside donors. Has occupy Harlem approached any other sources as a kickstarter. Is it wise to put all your eggs in one basket?
Response: $1500 is needed now. This is an emergency proposal. OWS receives money from individuals. We will continue raising those moneys. I was part of the people writing this proposal. We had in mind when bringing to GA that it would bring attention and awareness with the hope that we could start a kickstarter fund for these people. We can’t do that without media attention and awareness. This is a first step.

F: We would now like to open stack for friendly amendments for this proposal. Friendly Amendments

Question: What is it that makes this an emergency?
F: Please ask someone who had been here the entire time. I’m Justin. Would you accept taking surplus supplies of purchases instead of finances, while still being reimbursed for the boiler to keep you warm?

F: the proposers can accept or reject friendly amendments.

Response: We reject just because there are finances needed in addition to resources. My Friendly amendment is that there are currently 2 amounts being requested. I want to give $3000 instead of $2000.
Response: We accept.

F: Anymore friendly amendments? I propose that in addition to these funds we also come up with the condition that Harlem works with OWS finance committee for coming up with a clear process for how they will have sister and brother occupations in the city.
Response: we accept.

F: Are there anymore? I recommend that we defer to media power to give good press to this occupation.

F: Not an amendment.

F: We will restate the proposal with amendments in just one second. Any final friendly amendments?

PoI: I suggest that you also check with SIS in addition to the funds. They will have supplies to help you.

F: Now we will have Occupy Harlem quickly restate the proposal with the correction of budget and recommendation that they network with finance to figure method to help support other brother and sister occupations like this one. The new proposal is for $3000 and to work with the OWS finance committee and also to access resources that can be donated to deter purchases for the occupation in Harlem at 477 w. 142nd. C  Clarifying Question: Will this money be going to an individual or is there a 501C3? When we had to do our dispersal to Oakland we had to make sure they were set up so the money was going to a kickstarter. We cannot send funds outside of OWS.
Response: The Finance Dept. has a whole process of disbursements through a 501(c) 3.

F: This can be a direct conversation with this group.

PoI: This proposal came out of the People of Color working group, which was approved by GA.

F: Let’s take a temp check about this proposal. It looks positive.

F: Are there any blocks? No blocks, consensus has been reached.
51.1.1 Demands Breakout Group Breakout Session

Demands Working Group: Twenty minutes. There are a large number of people who do not support the jobs for all demand and for that reason there is also information passed out why the jobs for all is a bad idea.

PoI: The breakout groups are for this conversation. 10 to 15 people to discuss for 20 minutes and then reconvene. We plan on bringing the demands proposal back to the GA once we have heard enough voices and considered enough perspectives thoroughly. If you would like more information ask the demands group representative. Discussion Group Report Backs Leah: be more specific about the jobs we are proposing particularly since we are proposing to reduce the military industrial complex and pay for these jobs by ending wars. The group wanted to say what jobs they would be giving to people displaced when we end the wars. Also we should be more specific about environmental jobs. We need to talk about jobs with the food system and water quality. Cecily – We heard that we needed to be more about environmentally sustainable jobs. Also that we need to be clear about “democratically controlled” and what that means so that the government doesn’t F us over. Also some people felt that the demand would be better staged as a question or a vision statement. Positive things –people feel like discussion for demands is a good thing. Also that it appeals to American middle class and because it is so big it taps into major themes at OWS. Eric: Most people in my group were generally in favor of the demands but strongly felt that it could be shorter and clearer or that it could be divided into sub-demands. Jake: 1 favorable comment and 3 amendments. One person said I agree with the demand. I am an immigrant I spent a lot of money to get my teaching degree but I cant find any work. Add comprehensive healthcare and education free for all. They are rights not privileges. Add a plank that includes the 99ers and the long term unemployed are covered by jobs for all. Add something about eliminating corporate personhood so they cant hide their assets from taxes required to fund jobs for all. Steven: my group wanted to make the demand a bit simpler and to make the military language and reinstating the Glass-Steagall act into separate demands. They wanted to specify that the jobs were quality and rewarding jobs not dreary exploitative jobs. They wanted to include reducing greenhouse emissions. Jake: generally supportive of making this demand but a number of people in group who felt needed more work and more time. Some thought that it would be important for the first demand to be about getting money out of politics or to incorporate that into the demand. Many in the group were in agreement with individual statements, but needed another demand to back it up with more specificity. One person suggested that there are related demands and that this is a living document. Add a flow chart showing how these demands are related. Susan: generally my group was favorable of jobs for all. Although there was controversy regarding the word demand as well as making a demand to government. Most were sympathetic to the tone of jobs for all. As far as amendments people suggested that the demand be more succinct and strip some of language re foreign acts and explain more about what act Glass-Steagall would play. Include language about infrastructure. One interesting suggestion was to incorporate this with direct action as well as the visions and demands group. There was an interest that we consider other alternatives. Craig: I heard a lot of what Cecily heard, on other hand, I also heard a suggestion that jobs that are created by this demand be long term jobs. Jobs cannot be short term employment, otherwise I heard pretty much what Cecily heard. Andrew: the big thing we heard was to change the language about how it will be paid for, the union ramifications environmental concerns, foreign policy concerns. Also, discussion about how to phrase whether it is a demand or policy idea. Peter: we had a really great discussion, really supportive. My group wanted to see greater clarity in mechanism of job creation. There was debate about whether Glass Steagall and military language helped or hurt. We also talked about the last sentence and whether it should be jobs for “all” without qualification or whether we do need to specify immigrant or criminal. There was concern that we also should be emphasizing transparency and sustainability in the economy. PoI: one thing was left out of our report back. There was significant opposition to making any demands because it could hurt the power and momentum of inclusion in our movement.
Response:  Just to wrap up we had one minute so if we didn’t raise your concern we will be discussing and debating your concerns. Come join the discussion on Tuesday at 7pm 60 Wall Street.
51.1.3 Proposal from Mobile Occupation re DC March Hi I’m Michael from mobile occupation to ask for a bigger budget as suggested by last night’s GA for our march to DC, which leaves Wednesday we have a few spots available if you would like to come meet us tomorrow 12pm. Budget we are suggesting is $3000 dollars. Breaks down as such. $5.50 ride to Jersey City, $20 dollar bus ride back from DC for about 15 people. This breaks down to about $382 dollars. Eating on the cheap. $10 dollars a day. It breaks down to about $1800 dollars. We also are looking to record what we do, and the tapes required for this are going to be for a Sony HD1 camera – 400 dollars. All this together will be about 2600 dollars. The other $400 dollars are for any unforeseen expenses such as a medical emergency. All receipts will be kept and if there is any money left over it will be returned.

F: Really quickly. Eric’s backpack is missing.

F: Now open stack about questions and concerns about mobile occupy proposal: Clarifying Questions & Concerns Erin: What are you going to do for shoes?
Response: Everyone going on this march is aware of all the concerns, doing on own fruition. Bringing own gear. Avi: I have a question and a small suggestion. How many more spots do you have?
Response: Kind of up in the air, some are on the fence. We need a definite list by Tuesday night.
Avi: So if the number is up in the air, can you put sign up info at Info because we don’t know about it.
Response: You got it.

F: good point but not related directly to this proposal. If want to talk to him about mobile occupy then do it after. Let’s focus on this proposal because we have 3 more agenda items. John Carlo: I was wondering when you’re planning to return.
Response: Friday after thanksgiving.

F: Again this is something you can get from him directly. Have you proposed from media to borrow camera instead of borrowing new one.
Response: Someone has a camera. We just need tapes. Because you don’t know the number of participants wouldn’t it be better to come up with a figure per person?
Response: Any extra money not used will be returned. I’m leaving it open for about 15 people.

F: Open for friendly amendments on this proposal. Friendly Amendments

F: No friendly amendments. Move for consensus. Temperature check. Good.

F: Any blocks? No

F: It passes.

51.1.4 Environmental Solidarity Statement Hello my name is Tim and I’m from the Environmental Solidarity working group. I have a statement of solidarity of which I ask your endorsement and as you’ll see it concerns an issue of cooption from outside the movement. There is a website called jobs for the this is a website that promotes the construction of the keystone XL pipeline to move Tar Sands oil from Alberta to gulf for world market exportation. This website is a front for groups supporting the pipeline. Pipeline spells game over for climate pristine aquifers and the displacement and replacement of long term jobs.
We propose that the GA dissociate itself from the “Jobs for the 99%,” which is a front for groups supporting the Keystone XL pipeline. This pipeline would transport tar sands oil. It would mean “game over” for the climate, pollution of pristine aquifers, the killing of long-term, existing jobs and devastation of First Nations communities. The leadership of the unions behind this campaign have made a public alliance with the oil industry and Tea Party funders. Big Oil and Tea Party billionaires are part of the 1% . The reference to the 99% is opportunistic and misleading. We express solidarity with the unions that oppose Keystone XL and support a transition to a sustainable, green economy, namely the Transport Workers Union, the Amalgamated Transit Union, the National Domestic Workers Alliance, and Domestic Workers United. We applaud those hundreds of rank-and-file members of all unions who have publicly expressed their opposition to Keystone XL pipeline.
We must dissociate from this attempt at co-optation by the 1% to preserve our movement as the 99%, and as definitive precedent to dissuade future attempts of co-optation.  Thank you!  Peace, Love and Justice! Clarifying Questions and Concerns Aaron: how exactly are we going to show this solidarity. Via post online or some other method
Response: we will do a post online. We will use tailoring of our messaging in the media in our outreach to KXL. In solidarity with unions. Frank: Why hasn’t there been a march against the greed of unions in transit hikes?

F: PoP – unrelated to what we are currently discussing.

F: Any more questions or concerns. Open floor for friendly amendments to this statement. Friendly Amendments My friendly amendment involves us endorsing life as opposed to opposing the keystone pipeline or at least emphasize something positive making it look like the keystone pipeline is against life, which it is.
Response: this statement albeit by nature is a disassociation from jobs from in near future we will approach such an endorsement of life.  My friendly amendment is to mention that it would triple our greenhouse gas emissions. Someone said that earlier, but I don’t know if it’s true, but if it is, I would love for it to be included.
F: clarification he was suggesting it be included after fact checking in this statement.
Response: Accept.

F: Any more friendly amendments. Now restate proposal briefly. Don’t think have to read whole thing, but include friendly amendment. We the 99 percent dissociate from the website jobs for the citing all sorts of facts and fact checking other facts to make sure there will be no cooption by the 1% on our glorious movement.

F: Okay now we will move for a consensus. Temperature check. Positive. Any blocks? No.

F: This passes! Cheers.

F: Next up on agenda is breakout discussion with theoretical praxis.
51.1.5 Theoretical Praxis (Breakout groups) My name is Calico. Because this is such an interesting topic I am wondering whether we want to wait until the beginning of the next GA. What does everyone think? Do you want to have a temp check on postponing to the next GA or do you want to hear the agenda. Okay, here is our agenda. We have some questions to discuss. 1. Where do you see occupy movement going. What do you think will come next? Do you think of this in location of your occupation, the movement around the country and international context? 2. What is the purpose for occupying public spaces? Specific role for public encampments. 3. How do we build bridges between our community and the world as it is. These are our questions. Rather intense

Let’s take a temp check re moving it to Tuesday. Okay it is moved until Tuesday. Hope to see you then. Are these questions online so people can think of them bf Tuesday?
Response: Yes and also lots of printouts if you would like to talk and bring to next GA. Let’s disseminate these questions as far and as wide as we can.

51.1.6. SIS Proposal (Transportation in Cabs – $5K)

F: One more proposal from SIS. My name is Sam and I am with the shipping inventory and storage working group. People from across the world know the power of giving. OWS has become outlet for inspiring generosity of 99% after outpouring of support from recent snow. Our shelves are overflowing. Surplus is great comfort but responsibility. More we hoard supplies in face of need from community and need from other occupations the more we will resemble the American status quo. After all change is what were here for. Let’s start moving supplies to where it is needed. Making following proposal. In solidarity with over 15 million unemployed workers, allocate at least 15% of supply surplus to outreach working group to be donated within our community. The Rest will be made available to fellow occupations. Use supplies as incentive to promote improved communication with others in our movement. The release in surplus comes with hoe that internet working group in cooperation with any group will establish part of our website for inter-occupation communication. There are efforts under way-let’s coordinate.

One time export budget of $5000. This will be used to fund travel between occupations and used for shipping. After initial export continue to use newly developed contacts to send more supplies whenever we can. Given great deal of wealth, let’s show wall street how we handle our stock.

F: This proposal is to release the surplus and for funds. Open stack for concerns and questions. Clarifying Questions & Concerns Colin – I just wanted to know what is meant by asking for money for travel. What does that mean?
Response: We are trying to promote inter-occupation communication. We prefer for other occupations to make the trip here to pick up supplies. We would like to reimburse them for as much of the travel expense as we can. Ingrid: sorry I have a low voice. I want to know in general what kinds of things are in surplus and what kinds of things you might still need a lot of.
Response: In surplus we have sweaters, socks, gloves, hats, coats. In need we need boots, thermals, scarves, food, we also need cold weather sleeping bags, not 40 degree bags. Jared: hello my only question is whether or not these donations will be limited to American occupations.
Response: I don’t see why we shouldn’t donate wherever it’s needed and affordable. Emory: I was wondering how you determine what is surplus and what is a good emergency reserve.
Response: We have members who come to storage every day and helping to determine what is needed and what is not. Lillian: will the cost of shipping be greater than the cost of finding these items in their community?
Response: We would prefer to only ship when value exceeds cost of shipping. For example generator from CA would cost us 71 dollars to ship. That is worth it. Paul – from occupy Chicago: I’m here on the east coast hanging out with the occupations. Trying to learn and network. Like to cordially invite to great city of Chicago because in a matter of months hosting g8 and NATO. So, bankers and generals conveniently meeting in one location. Qualify to say that daily reiterates its commitment to nonviolence.

F: That is not on topic for this proposal. Lets talk about this more in an announcement. Friendly amendments

F: Can we ask everyone to take a knee. Thanks.

F: If you have a friendly amendment, please get on stack. It looks like we don’t have any. Would it not make sense to try to find out who is going to other occupations on their own instead of using UPS to send those supplies with them.
Response: Yes, it is our policy to contact those who are driving inter-occupation. We would like to reimburse them for gas or tolls.

F: Let’s do a temp check for this proposal. [Positive.] Any blocks? No. We’ve reached consensus.

51.2 Working Group Report Backs

F: Working group report back – get on stack now. Keep report brief. Two minutes.

51.2 .1 SIS: I’m Justin, you kind people just passed our proposal. Thank you. That being said now we have much work to do. Please come volunteer all the time. The storage unit is at 52 Broadway. We will be conducting inventory this week. We need help next weekend. Come next weekend.

51.2 .2  Outreach: Ronnie from outreach. Today we had a community organizers lunch where 150 people attended. This coming weekend we are holding an event called occupy your block asking communities in NYC in solidarity to do works in their community and tie it back to occupy wall street cause. Contacted by New Haven. The occupancy there wants to take surplus occupiers, people who want to sleep in park but can’t because no space here. That is all. If you’re from a working group where you think this is related please contact outreach to work out a system to send people and supplies to New Haven.

51.2 .3  Theoretical Praxis: hey everybody I am with Theoretical Praxis. Our update is this. We’ve tried to have our discussion twice and it hasn’t happened. We are going to try again on Tuesday. We meet at 3pm at charlottes place – down a block and over  ½ Albany and Greenwich. If you’ve already thought about questions on paper give back or bring with you.

51.3 Announcements

F. if want to make an announcement get on stack

51.3.1 Last night someone gave me their jacket. It’s really nice, it belongs to Luis Santos, gentlemen named Blessed, but I think it belongs to Louis Santos and I have his id and important documentation and I am wary of the info desk. I am going to leave my contact info at info desk when if Louis Santos is found and reports there so he can get his stuff.

51.3.2 Chris: I am from Occupy Duluth and we are facing an eviction under guise of protecting us from cold, trying to remove from permanent camp in front of city hall. Please help us by visiting Solidarity forever.

51.3.3 Mike – Hi, I am Mike. With part time caucus table.  Between library and info. If any working groups need volunteers come here and we will send them to you. If you know people coming and want to volunteer send them there.

51.3.4 Tomorrow night Henry Kissinger is being honored as a history maker by the New York Historical Society at their annual dinner. He is the oldest US war criminal, responsible for deaths of 1 million people. There will be a demonstration tomorrow night at the Waldorf Astoria from 530 to 730. Let’s give the New York Historical Society a history lesson. We should make it a citizens’ arrest.

51.3.5 Paul: My understanding that I am the last speaker at this GA so please allow for an extended comment. I will wait for the soapbox.

51.3.6 New working group – Occupy the Cipher for live mcs and spoken word poets to create future music re: the philosophy. My friend who is here will also help with that. We have 5 MCs we need more.

F: That’s it for tonight’s general assembly. You guys are awesome for persevering and you accomplished a lot. I would like to close GA with 3 times power to the people but first after GA is the open forum. Anyone can come up and talk but you don’t have to stay. I would like to say that I made a mistake and I am apologizing to Paul please listen to him after.

Close GA – Peoples Soapbox

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