NYCGA Minutes 11/15/2011

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Meeting Date/Time: 11/15/2011 / 7pm EST

Location: Liberty Plaza

Facilitators (F): Sully, Ross, Nyshevastar


[Introductions to the hand signals]



60.1.  Announcements

60.2.  Compilation of Breakout Group Ideas

60.1.  Announcements

F: The first announcement is from the Legal working group

60.1.1.  Legal: The rules say you can’t bring several things into the park no tents, that’s what the rules say, no big boxes, and a long list of other things you can look up the rules, the park remains open 24 hours a day!

Legal: The judge says the police can control whom comes in, we can film them all the time, but the park is still ours. We can decide all together how we will act, how we are going to let you know how to get your property back. Unfortunately they only gave us two days, tomorrow and Friday. If you lost something or it was taken bring photo id and your receipts and photographs to Manhattan district seven. West 66th 12th ave. 8 am-4pm tomorrow Wednesday and Friday only.  Fill out a claim, give very specific descriptions. Try to have lawyers here to help our friends who are still in jail last night and this morning. About 220 people were arrested, some of them are out. At least 59 people won’t get out of jail tomorrow, they will be processed at 100 Center Street starting at 830 tomorrow morning. If you know someone who is now in jail you can help them get out a little faster by making sure that we know their names. Here is the phone number: (212) 679- 6018. And now here comes the hard part. We have to decide together what legal strategies, if any, we want to use to limit the police in this space. We need the working groups to talk. The first thing about the medical tent and you want you to really understand our options right now our options and be clued in. Trying to hold the city in contempt for ignoring the injunction, appealing the decision and going forward with the case or dropping it and doing something else. That’s the basic framework. Thank you Legal!  (Much clapping)

CQ: Please repeat the address where people can pick up their possessions.

A: West 56th street between 11 and 12th ave.  So that’s what we know we’ll have some time later to consider responses but we know this.

F: Now a repot back from Medical

601.1.2.  Medical: Hi, my name is Paulie. We are with the OWS medical clinic. I see a lot of new faces. I want to tell you what we are here for, but first I want to say that we are very proud to serve this community. Give yourself a pat on the back. We are here for everybody, including NYPD. We are also here for those who may not be able to afford healthcare. We have a staff who are very committed doctors nurses and medics. We also have people who are psychologists and psychiatrists and social workers. I also want to say, when you guys go out on marches we have a very dedicated group of street medics who are there for you as a first response. I am going to tell you what is going on with Medical right now. We are in the center of the park. Unfortunately almost our entire clinic was taken so we want to help you any way we can, just so you know we really only have equipment to deal with life or death situations. Even all of our old medications were taken so we can help you there also or any other police brutality. We also have a group called Jail Support that is there to treat and assist all that are coming out of jail. If you are coming out of jail let us assist you. We now know a lot from this whole situation, we are going to learn from this whole situation.

F: As many people as possible please sit down. Next a report back from the Kitchen working group.

60.1.3.  Kitchen: Good evening everybody, my name is Sam. I am speaking for the Kitchen. So we lost a lot last night, we’re still in operation. If anybody is hungry please walk two blocks south on Broadway and stop in front of the Trinity churchyard. We are working on a new point of distribution for the kitchen to remain in compliance with the new rules and you will get the food you need. That’s all and I am so thankful to see all you here tonight.

F: Next up, we have an update about housing.

60.1.4.  Housing: Please listen carefully. We have 300 places to sleep; however some of them close at 10pm. In addition you need bedding for some of them the storage space is going to be closed in forty minutes. If you need a place we need five minutes at the red cube. If anyone from SIS is here please come help us. We love you all!

F: We have another sweeping announcement.

60.1.5.  Hi there, my name is Drew, I am from Occupy New Haven. We have ample room. We meet at the red cube in five minutes, thank you.

F: Next up, Info.

60.1.6.  Info: I want to thank all the groups who helped last night. I’d like to thank you all for staying calm and listening to one and another we will be set up on that side of the park all day all night if you are in a working group please find me we will help everyone get resettled according to the community plan.

F: Mic check.

F: We are wrapping up, please don’t mic check except from here. there are more groups that would like to make announcements but in the interest of time we are going save those for the end of the meeting.

F: We know there are a lot of issues that are time sensitive but you all have empowered us to keep this moving so we you respect our judgment and trust that we are doing and working and moving on behalf of OWS as a whole. So now that we know what our status is we need to talk about what comes next?

F: Mic check.

F: There are some things we know: so here is an announcement from the Legal working group about what is happening on Thursday.

60.1.7.  Legal: This is incredible, I love you! On Thursday we will be marching on the New York Stock Exchange! I have been asked by the affinity groups organizing this action to call upon you, this GA to call upon all people threatened by eviction either in their homes or public places of assembly to join us this Thursday morning with this simple request: we are non violent but determined that we gather in the streets and public places of every city and march on the edifices of power that we each carry a simple cardboard sign that tells our story in a few simple words and those who wish to risk arrest do so by sitting in civil disobedience we ask this because our voices together and our stories combined give us hope from despair and give us strength in our multitudes. That is our proposal. So Thursday is our next big chance for a show of power.  Are we ready?!

F: In the mean time working group are still working to still trying to meet our basic needs if you’re in a working group make sure there is up to date information on where your meeting and when on the NYCGA website and that the info desk there also be a spokes council tomorrow night at DCTV on Walker Street. In light of our situation that may have a different agenda than the one we have been using.

F: So we are getting tapped in to keep things moving but we still need to figure out what this means for the big picture. So what we are doing right now is we are going to take fifteen minutes and break into groups of ten or less the question you will be asking is: what are the decisions we as a community need to making right now? What are our creative strategies and where are our strengths in your groups? You will choose one person to report back to the group at large we will ask you to pick one idea that your group was most excited about and try to not be redundant with each other. Once you select your person at the end of 15 minutes we are going to have those people move forward so break out now. We will call you back.

F: We need everybody to bring it back.

60.1.8.  Housing: I have another update from housing. We have a church if you are in dire need meet at the red cube across Broadway.

F: We have an update from the Legal working group.

60.1.9.  Legal: We just talked to the community affairs officers they are the nice guys and they say that as long as we follow park rules the park stays open twenty-four hours the park has rules some of them are very specific and some of them are a little vague we know we can’t have tents we know we cant bring in big boxes there is a working group here that’s figuring out what else we can or cannot do.  For now we know we know we know we can stay here what we don’t know how the police will react if people try and sleep here.

F: We are going to give you the opportunity to talk now. We can fill this park with tents right now, we can fill it with our bodies, we can fill it with our ideas. So here is what we are proposing for tonight we are going to keep this space open right here for people who want to get on stack with announcements, but we also need to start talking to each other so outside of this meeting we are still asking people to get into groups. We are still asking people to figure out what sort of strategies and decisions or movement needs right now we can talk to each other all night we can start to build plans so even though stack is open we’d like you to start talking were taking announcements about how we can and should move forward.

F:[missed part of this announcement] About a celebration and about our planning we encourage you to write it down and bring your papers and bring them to the facilitation team. Start talking.

[at this point some people were talking and some were listening to the announcements and it was hard to hear….]

60.1.10.  Women Occupying Nations: We are greatly concerned for their well-being, we need to draw attention this unjust action, and violation women’s rights ….

F: If you have announcements I would advise you to come speak with Ashley.

F: Mic check.

60.1.11.  Announcement: In one of the working groups that assembled tonight a gentleman came up with a brilliant idea he said that we cannot sleep in the park that we occupy in shifts overnight.

F: Next on stack is Ivy.

60.1.12.  Ivy: I live in New York city vie been here all my life. If you have too you know that we have been through it worse, organizing did not start OWS organizing will not stop with OWS. If we keep waiting for GA then when they break up the GA we will have no movement. If you were pissed today and if you were looking for information and wondering what to do you should have gone to the hood, you should gone to the place where they lock up black and brown people, where people live in poverty every day and found out what you could do there you can talk ideas all day. We need action now, we need to connect to people that have been thorough this work. We need to connect to groups who have been doing this work so when they think the cut off the head fifty spring up. We have to be everybody so take your ideas and take your nap sacks and go occupy the hood. If we wait for more permission and more injustice we will never succeed!

Ivy: My suggestion is to talk to each other and find some people who are going to keep the work going outside of OWS. We need to occupy everywhere. There are buildings in the Bronx there are empty stadiums.  Occupy everywhere!

F: Mic check.

F: Next on stack is Jethrow Black, we have a lot of people on stack right. Usually we try to limit announcements to two minutes, try to keep that in mind.

Out of Process announcement: Or some people or all of us and solidarity with everybody that got fucked up last night march.

F: Mic check. We would ask people even though they have valuable input to please follow stack. At this time it shows respect for the group as a whole.  We have eight people on stack right now. I would like to close stack. If you would like to make an announcement please come see me.  If you have paper form the earlier breakout group please come forward and give them to Facilitation.

60.1.13.  Somupa: My name is Somupa, am from the Visions and Goals working group and the Outreach working group. I am happy to announce there are several GA’s every week throughout Brooklyn, throughout Staten Island, throughout Queens and Uptown Harlem and Washington heights. We have GA. I’d like to also announce that Bloomberg, we are going to be even bigger. My announcement is there is an action on November 17th. Occupy your block; occupy subways to shut the city down. Get involved! We will close the subway stops

F: Next is Tim.

60.1.14.  Tim: My name is Tim. I was arrested last night. Right before I was arrested I gave my backpack to my sister [the rest of the announcement was drowned out by noise-I believe he is looking for his backpack].

F: Next on stack is Jack.

60.1.15.  Jack: I understand that many people have made very good suggestions about how we can move the encampment, but are there more logical locations This is well and good however I think for the immediate future it is to our advantage to have a continuous presence here in Zuccotti park, even if this means taking shifts. Assuming the police ban sleeping here it will help to keep the media from selling this a as successful eviction. We need to show Bloomberg he will not kick us out of Zuccotti.

F: We are a very large group right now so please sit down so the people in the back can hear

F: We are collecting the ideas from the breakout groups; we’ve received a lot already. We are going to put out a summary, maybe in the middle of the night, and we can keep talking form there. Consensus takes time. So as long as you want to stay here keep talking.

60.1.16.  Announcement: Those of you that have conventional jobs on Thursday and cannot for whatever reason break way a do general strike I encourage you to be unafraid to bring up these issues with your coworkers.  Simply ask them, what do you think of the values of the OWS? Let the cat out of the bag.  Musician caucus tomorrow.

F: We have had a PoP that people in the back can’t hear with one generation so we’d like to move to two. So let’s try that. Mic check.

60.1.17.  Enrico: Hi I am hearing a lot of awesome talk about general strikes and arrests and what our demands should be. This is all stuff that needs to be discussed but what I think is most pressing is establishing permanent space outside the park, perhaps in doors and use the money we have to more efficiently become a true non-profit origination that will remain radical, horizontal, transparent, and governed by the general assembly. Anyone who agrees with me should come to the spokes council tomorrow

F: Next on stack is Jackie.

60.1.18.  Jackie: My name is Jackie. This is my first time addressing the GA although I have been before. I agree we need a core at Zuccotti even if we don’t sleep here, so I will stay awake all night right here five nights every week and someone here can have, someone one here can have my bed for that time. I live in Harlem, I believe NYC residents who are willing to stay here awake at night and give their bed to others who need one can maintain Zuccotti as the heart of this movement. Even if ten communities are established. Thank you.

F: Next on stack is Felicia.

60.1.19.  Felicia: Hi everybody my name is Felicia! I am a member of the Hunter CUNY GA and I am a third generation CUNY student and I want accessible and affordable education. For we the people on the 21st of November Hunter College and all CUNY schools will be marching in solidarity to Baruch College at 4pm.  Where the board of trustees will be holding a hearing on five year tuition hikes for CUNY schools and for health insurance or the lack thereof for adjunct professors who only an average of $3,000 a semester. We will not accept that, we do not accept that. We invite you to march with us at Baruch college at 4pm on November 21st. If you have children, if you student debt, if you cannot afford an education, this is your moment. Education is a right. Thank you.

F: Some quick house-keeping as of now you are in the Sanitation working group. We have to keep our park clean. Thank you.

F: Also, we still have groups talking. We have groups that are planning on talking all night. So keep bring your papers up to facilitation or you can email

F: We are going to put out a summary as soon as possible. Tomorrow is the Spokes Council (SC). We are going to try and get on further on group about our immediate logistics. This summary we are going to make of ideas or the group is going to be the starting point for the decision we are going to start making at Thursday GA. Also Saturday and Sunday we are building the power. We need all of you to keep showing up. Thank you!

F: Next on stack is Omar form Occupy Newark.

60.1.20.  Omar: Hey, we come from the other side of the river. This Friday we start our occupation in New Jersey’s largest city, where unemployment is 30%, where 25% of the residents are illegal immigrants. And the high school dropout rate is 50%. Where the prisons and immigration centers are owned by Wells Fargo and other corporations. Starting this Friday we invite you to come bring your tents bring your signs, bring your drums. Come occupy Newark NJ.

F: Next on stack is Lopi.

60.1.21.  Lopi: Hi I am Lopi. Judson Memorial Church has offered an EMT shelter for 100 people for three days. Judson is located at 55 Washington Sq South. That’s it. Thank you.

F: Next on stack is Karen.

60.1.22.  Karen: There has been some concern about housing for women and transgender. Please go across the street to the red cube and see Autumn so you have a place to sleep tonight. Thank you.

60.1.23.  Will: Almost two months ago we occupied the park. This park. We started a movement and the eyes of the county are on us. The 99%, our power is our #’s. That’s the only way we fight. Wall Street represents 1% and the police who serve them. We change discourse in this country. Now we realize we have classes. The poor and the rich. Our power like I said is our numbers.  On Thursday the 17th. We need to bring everybody to this park and hope that we will be able to reoccupy, reoccupy. Reoccupy.

F: Next on stack, National Lawyers Guild (NLG).

60.1.24.  NLG: My name is Kelly and I have an announcement regarding property that was confiscated from this park last night. You have two days this week to retrieve property from the NYPD. You can retrieve items from the hours of 8am-4pm on Wednesday, November 16th or Friday, November 18th. At 56th between 11th and 12th avenues protesters should be as specific as possible about the features of their items. The department of sanitation suggests bringing long receipts and pictures if available.  Please share this information far and wide and I encourage anyone who remembered what the park looked like before it was cleaned to show up and describe our possessions to the best of your ability. I look forward to taking it to the streets with all of you on the 17th. Tell your friends.  I’m not a lawyer. I just play one at OWS.

F: Mic check. I am losing my voice, so Christina is going to take over as stack taker, next is Hunter.

60.1.25.  Hunter: We are the 99%. We are the 99%. The reason why they raided this park is because they are scared we might succeed. There are more of us than of them, we are the 99%. This country is ours, this government is supposed to take care of the people. Please tell me what everyone in this park has the solution. But this government can’t. This system is corrupt. And no matter how much we protest if we don’t kick them out nothing will change. We are the 99%. We are the blood of this country. This country can’t live without us. Let’s take control. I say we start our party we call it the occupy party. And we sever all ties to the corporate, the Republicans and Democrats are all a part of the same party. They are all being paid by the same person. I say we start our own party. With our own system. That’s controlled by the 99%. And I say we say we can win this war and get rid of the companies that say they control us.

F: Next on stack is Colby.

60.1.26.  Colby: I am Colby. I have been working with a group organizing up in west Harlem for the action on Thursday. We need support. We are going to meet outside the blue line on 125th and outside the red line on 137th for actions on the train at 3pm.  We are going to distribute copies of the new OWS journal. It’s the poster addition. We are going to poster the shit out of the city. On the red line we are doing the 1 train west Harlem at 137th.  At 3pm.

F: Next on stack is Ken.

60.1.27.  Ken: Thank you! I do an environmental radio show on WBAI FM. There are people at the station who have been there since the Vietnam War days, this occupation has energized a lot of tired old activists. People who are phoning in to their shows are showing again why they have a great reputation.  And it’s thanks to this occupation. There are cynics and pessimists that are turning into optimists. Thanks to you. There are people here leaning green jobs skills there are people here who are learning from the homeless how to survive outside. Information is flowing in many directions. I’ve been an activist for thirty years and some of the mistakes we made back then you’re taking care of a lot quicker than we did. The end of the Vietnam war we got civil rights, we got women’s rights, we got gay rights, we shut down nuclear power plants and we are going shut down the 1%! You guys are inspirational. Thank you.

F: Mic check. We have seven more people who would like to speak tonight. We would now like to close stack so please come up and see me if you would like to also get on stack to speak.

F: Medical with an EMT announcement.

60.1.28.  Medical:

F: Next on stack is Mateo.

60.1.29.  Mateo: Hello guys, I represent one of the small groups that gathered before. We think that we should be less attached to a physical space. The movement is in us. The movement is in us. In our unity, in our life, in our passion, the …of this square. We are alive though, we can occupy a different place every week and it’s not going to take anything out of us. In this way we will even have more exposure.

60.1.30.  Alfonso: Hello, Alfonso is my name, I am working at Arts and Culture. I am here to announce we now have a Music working group. For our march on Thursday we are putting together a gigantic Occupy marching band. This will be led by the drummers that previously drummed in the back of this park. Unfortunately their drums were stolen by the NYPD last night. So we are asking for your help to donate to drums. If you can help meet me under the tripod right after this or post a thread. One more time, meet me under the tripod or post a thread in the Arts and Culture group on Thank you so much.

60.1.31.  Collette: I know it’s been a crazy couple of days. There is a lot going on but I want to talk to you about another occupation that got raided. Occupy Tijuana. Nobody knows about them, they are in a total media blackout. Press were not allowed near their tents, their laptops were stolen, there are only thirty people. They were supporting Occupy Wall Street during our media blackout so maybe since the whole world is watching us we can let the rest of the world know about Occupy Tijuana. If anybody wants to help, come see me. Thank you.

F: Those of you who put down your ideas, please bring them forward before you leave tonight and we will get them on our website as soon possible.  Thank you.

F: Please use the people’s mic. I see a lot of pole over here maybe not participating. It’s how we hear each other so please use it. Thank you.

F: Next on stack is Wellness.

60.1.32.  Wellness: Hi, I’m Huddy from Wellness working group to facilitate our communication, our positive communication and strengthen our resolve. Wellness will continue to offer mediation classes at 3:30 and 6pm at the Tree of Life, the northwest corner of the park. All are welcome.

F: So stack is closed. All that means is that I will not be here to collect names. The people who have given me their names will still be able to speak of course and after there can be a soapbox which is a self-facilitated discussion. So next on stack is David.

60.1.33.  David: Hi I am David, I was working last night with the Medical group when we got trashed. We had treatment plans for people among the homeless as well as among the OWS people. They trashed the medication that the people need. I will put my cell phone number on the net and here too if possible or Polly has my number. I will try to finish up the treatment, long live Occupy Wall Street!

F: Next on stack is Lex.

60.1.34.  Lex: Do not be discouraged by what happened here today, this is just the beginning. Through this movement we have to be able to do things at the same time. The first thing is we have to disrupt the business environment at the same time. We have to rebuild in our communities. Next Thursday during the Thanksgiving parade let’s have a parade of our own! The second thing in your community find a building to occupy and make new hubs, this one everywhere.

F: Mic check. Next on stack is Ashley.

60.1.35.  Ashley: Hello everyone, earlier I made a suggestion on behalf of Women Occupying Nations. Fifty women plus me were arrested. They threw us into a cell for women to a cell with one bench and one toilet. We were asked to use the restroom in front of our inmates but what was more uncomfortable than that is that sporadically and unexpectedly and against our consent male police officers would walk down the female only corridors and so while we were exposed while using the rest room sitting up or standing down many times male police officers would have full view of unprotected and exposed women against their will. This is a sexual violation. This is cruel and unusual punishment and this assault must be addressed now . Half of us were released this afternoon but unfortunately we had to leave half of our sisters behind. They are still over there being violated by the police officers. They risk their freedom and their protection for you. They got arrested and violated for you. But they did sign up for the violation so in closing in five minutes a bunch of us are assembling at the red structure and we urgently implore you all to please have compassion for these women’s safety and march with us only a few blocks down to the precinct to remind the police station that it is against protocol. It is a human rights violation for male police officers to be in view of unprotected women.

F: It looks to me that a lot of people have moved away. I see a lot of space up here, I wonder if we could all move closer and hopefully cut down to one mic generation.

F: We still have eight names on stack, next on stack is Libby.

60.1.36.  Libby: This is my first time here. I popped my OWS cherry. The actions taken this morning really pissed me off. No one can take your voice. You have inspired me and you will continue to inspire. You are making change, we are making change. Do not give up, we are the 99%, thank you!

F: Next on stack is Kesan.

60.1.37.  Kesan: This isn’t my first time, this is my first time doing stack. I wanted to implore you all, thank you all for what you’re all doing. I know I look young but I am father of two so here I am occupying Wall Street so they can have a future. Years ago a man by the name of a Philip Randol said to FDR, “We want change.” FDR and the 1% said to him, make us change. So here we are today with that same spirit challenging the 1% together tonight, that for 60 days plus we will continue to show the 1% and the world we are not playing games, we will not beg, we will not plead, but we demand change. We want our rights, we want our country, we want our children, we want our families, we want our future. The 1%, the 99% serves you notice that your time is coming to an end.

F: Next is Annie.

60.1.38.  Annie: Mic check, Brookfield gave us this space the public. …In the term privately owned public property it is stated the public partly owns the poetry and takes partial responsibility for policy-making regarding the property. Police’s concerned this property should be made with our consent. This is our space we are not leavening.

F: I just found out that the march that was just announced will be leaving after these announcements.

60.1.39.  Zach: My voice is totally shot. Two waves would be great. I wanted to share with you all an idea for DA that came up in one of our groups. A number of people were excited about the idea of using the mass this Thursday and the momentum that we’ve garnered from the raid and also subsequent events.  Launch a citywide general strike. Of the kind we saw in Oakland in response to the raid on their encampment. I am wondering if there is anyone here from DA who can meet with a group of occupies who are interested in this idea to discuss its feasibility. Can occupiers who are interested in the idea of a general strike and or DA members meet with?

60.1.40.  Announcement: Seems like we have such a big general assembly it’s never really about the place, it’s about the discussion. As winter approaches the park is just assembled discussing is what counts what I think really happened is Zuccotti park is simply too small for us.

F: Next on stack Oscar.

60.1.41.  Oscar: As a south America journalist and father I come to present my respect in the name of the south American people. Do not be afraid, anything is possible. We had done this ten years ago and we achieved change.  Two very effective ideas: 1. Stay home and do not buy presents for Christmas, love your loved ones, love your family do not give them more money. You have control.  2. Get everybody to support the movement, make noise bang pots.

F: Quiet hours start at 11, its 10:45.  We will end at 11 so we can stay in this park.  We can continue to talk without the people’s mic.

60.1.42.  Jason: I have been here on and off since day 3, I had the most meaningful conversation today with fellow occupiers, we think we need one decision, one message, one idea and the idea we would like to present is for us to demand to get big business out of politics. Many believe this will solve many of our issues…

60.1.43.  Phillip: I have just been released from 100 Center Street. I bring a message from those who will be sleeping in a disgusting cell. They are our brothers, they are our sisters.  They made beautiful sacrifices for all of us last night.  I met one of our New York City councilmen, Ydanis Rodriguez, last night in jail. He was struck down by NYPD two blocks north of here for no reason. His face was bloody, he is a beautiful man and he is an inspiration to all politicians.  I will leave you with a quote from a 92 year old Pete Seger after marching 55 blocks: “Be weary of great leaders. Hope for many, many small leaders. Occupy!”

F: That was the end of stack. It’s been lovely. The GA is over, good night!


60.2.  Compilation of Breakout Group Ideas

60.2.1.  Breakout Group 1.

Establish physical  space to meet organizational and personal needs

(use org contacts, not money)  Use space/occupy Zuccotti Park during day for teach-ins/ Working Groups  Keep space occupied at night by shifts, not necessarily sleeping  Focus Working Group energy on actions not on maintaining park as sleeping space  So occupy park through action, not through sleeping  Also need to challenge legally police ability to screen people in park  Branch out to do General Assemblies at other places

60.2.2.  Breakout Group 2  Hello.  I am working to organize dancers to do a marching dance on Nov 17th

Occupy Dance is a place to find some dancers but more are needed.  Cleo

Breakout Group 3  Our group discussed having a radio transmittal coupled with many battery powered radios. Occupy radio would allow us to communicate more seamlessly. There may be unknown legal implications

We have the materials to build it.; 917-685-5469.

60.2.4.  Breakout Group 4:  Bloomberg Action Suggestion:  Occupy Mayor Bloomberg’s residence where he lives; not Gracie Mansion. His Address is on the North side of 77 just off 5th. Ise79occupydemo!

60.2.5.  Breakout Group 5:  Create shifts for people to be here  Start an OWS Credit Union  Outreach to tourists and visitors to Zuccotti Park  More education – rights, principles, economy, finance  Outreach for disabled / most vulnerable  OWS Credit Union similar to REDDIT.COM

60.2.6.  Breakout Group 6:  I believe that the fastest way to achieve non-violent change is to start electing Occupy supporters to local, state, and federal offices and to start an Occupy Political Party.

60.2.7.  Breakout Group:  Hello Occupiers.  I representing one of the groups we think that we should be less attached to a physical space. The movement is in us, our unity, and in our life.  The rocks of this square are dead. We can occupy a different place every week. In this way we will have more exposure.  We need a donated space for our meetings.

60.2.8.  Breakout Group 8:  Organize block by block the entire city holding hands for ten (10) minutes on Sunday at 3 PM.  Ana-E

Breakout Group 9:  Let politicians maintain a day job and be politicians as a civic duty.  Not as a career.

60.2.10.  Breakout Group 10:  Balance between keeping site and growing elsewhere.  Mic check at CUNY, Board of Trustees, any public meeting spaces. Organize on website and do one Mic check per day.  24 hours per day shifts, 4 on , 4 off, divide night in half.  Due to impending cold weather, there should be restrictions on sleeping in the park.  Better communication with west coast movement.  Strategies to movement stronger through winter.  Strong west coast movement in winter can feed into east coast movement.  Find indoor spaces to protest in addition to outdoor spaces.  Graceful exit strategy from Zuccotti Park.  But the park has symbolic value – shows that we triumphed over the police.

60.2.11.  Breakout Group 11:  Legal Strategy:  Keep in streets v. in the courts.  Tents are not essential to the movement?  Occupy multiple spaces.  Legal rights – question laws with civil disobedience?  With and without arrests.  Different Public Relations strategy.  Building movement:  Against cutting social security and Medicare.  Global boycott of News Corp. Subset Protests.  Millionaires tax in NYS. Related action (march).  Issue specific Occupy Wall Street action.  Lines of action to tilt the balance in OWS favor.  Raise issue of involving unions – Transportation union, organized labor, and call a general strike.  Contingency plan in case of leaving park.

60.2.12.  Breakout Group 12:  Library in the [Zuccotti] Park.  Kitchen in the [Zuccotti] Park.  Medical [in the Zuccotti] Park.

60.2.13.  Breakout Group 13:  Shifts to keep presence in Liberty Plaza in one central spot. People staying here overnight.  Can’t leave it empty.  Tables, a kitchen, library, food, info.  Flash mobs at Bloomberg’s house.  Moving picket lines there and other locations around the boroughs.

Lakshman.  516-859-0405  Create off-sites on the perimeter of the park for media, library, food, and info.

60.2.14.  Breakout Group 14:  Let’s declare victory and move the primary Working Groups on-line to create a proprietary content hub. From there we can plan, interact, and sort out ideas.  Physical meet-ups can be organized as well so that we don’t lose the impact of person-to-person interaction. Brandon and Sarah.

60.2.15.  Breakout Group 15:  A few of us feel the positive culture of OWS seemed to deteriorate when the park became overwhelmed by tents. The park used to be a place where communication and movement was easy and ideas flowed well.  It was an enjoyable place to exchange ideas.  When the park became overcrowded with tents, this special culture was jeopardized.  We would like people who need housing to be appropriately housed.  Sleeping in the park when there are better options may not be the best way to fight for housing rights. Melinda.

60.2.16.  Breakout Group 16:  Digital human mic. Steve Ratty

60.2.17.  Breakout Group 17:  Let’s squat in some abandoned buildings!

60.2.18.  Breakout Group 18:  My discussion group felt that it was important that the financial committee be given the ability to allocate $40-50,000 immediately for emergency purposes without needing to take these to the General Assembly first.

This will be for whatever might be needed.  Vans, office rental, first aid[e], replacements, legal fees, and so forth.  This is an act of faith [,] an act of trust.  We trust them to know what to do with the money.

60.2.19.  Breakout Group 19:  To Occupy Wall Street, The park was given to “the public” in exchange for using more sky space, further shadowing our city.  Regulations were circumvented in exchange for the space.  The term “privately owned public property” implies a joint ownership.  Therefore, the public, the people, have the responsibility and prerogative to be deciding the rules of the park.  The public at least partially must decide how to use the space.  When the public faced the violations to its rights, it became necessary to use the space to gather and address the grievances.  The public also has a right to property, and this park is at least partly regulated by its rightful property owners. The public possesses the responsibility to make and fulfill policy regarding the park.  Sincerely, Marianna J. Flick.; 610-212-1323

60.2.20.  Breakout Group 20:  Interfering with rush hour to spread awareness and pressure Bloomberg.  Marches, etc.  Use the eviction to become more mobile and quick-moving.  Spread to college campuses: mobilize the students.  Building coalitions with international revolutions such as: Yemen and Nobel Peace Price recipient Tawakol Karman (who is currently in the USA).  Organize Global Labor Walk Outs of Factories to hit corporate bottom lines, i.e., China/Apple.

60.2.21.  Breakout Group 21:

Days of protests around specific issues. Instead of one march with a lot of people all advocating for different causes, which keeps the message confusing, have a day with multiple protests around the city, each one focused on a specific issue.   Have one central place with people holding placards plainly stating what each protest is about and illustrating how they’re connected.  Use the issues to TELL THE STORIES.

And/or a day of protests centralized around a real-life situation. For example, a foreclosure.  Illustrate what’s systemic injustices created the situation and may keep people down.

If this idea is interesting to you, feel free to contact me.   Jessica Stuart;

Breakout Group 22:

Get Bloomberg out!  Demand the immediate resignation/impeachment of Bloomberg and start legal action in the pursuit of SUING the city, NYPD and Bloomberg, for the plethora of unconstitutional, low-blow schemes they have taken against us.

Relocate to “their territory.” Not only should we march against NYSE, but also to City Hall, to have sit ins, small flash mobs, and general civil disobedience to bring more attention to our demands of Bloomberg’s removal.  Also consider doing this daily until our demands are met.  Also could occupy banks!! And also police precincts!!  Immediately expand on the OWS website, creating an RSS feed where people can come to share / gather continual information.  Also recreate the library on-line thru talks, documentaries, good alt news sources, etc.  Start doing TEACH-INS, holding educational seminars in main areas (City Hall, bank lobbies, etc.)

Branding OWS Advertisement.  For those willing to be arrested, we also suggest some civil disobedience tactics to start organizing, such as: (1) occupying Bloomberg’s personal life, heckling him @ home, work, and any and all public events; (2) Engaging in street art brandings of any BANK.  This includes stenciling / wheat pasting on bank billboards, buses, bank buildings, money.; Coming up with a consensual slogan for stencil art and posters.  OWS Public Service Announcements

Gather more support and refocus on our biggest picture.  Seek to gain more support from universities nationwide.  Possibly find a building to squat in??  Find city buildings that support Occupy Wall Street and will allow us to use their spaces for General Assembly, etc.  Establish the need for NON-ARRESTIBLES to come and support/record/document/create a larger group while ARRESTIBLES do their civil disobedience displays/movements.

Divide and Conquer. Work on spreading/breaking apart the police state by: creating mini chaotic movements throughout the city to pull them away from Zuccotti and keep them busy.  Ten (10) different groups of 100+ people spread around the city simultaneously wreaking havoc to pull the police away.  Start OCCUPYING POLICE PRECINCTS!

60.2.23.  Breakout Group 23:  2012 Election – Candidate OWS  Local Central for Communication about rallies, etc.  Self-policing small groups during marches to prevent dispersing and promote safety.  Petition for funding for technology for GA – i.e., Sound.  Agreeing on strong legislation which can be moved quickly.  Gold standard  Direct Action occupy First Amendment  Logo for OWS  Boycott mortgage nationally 2 out of 3 months Shen, Tyler

60.2.24.  Breakout Group 24:  Designated shifts for occupying Zuccotti Park.  Designate specific daily time for critical mass organizing.  Direct Action for Black Friday.  System on-line to allow individuals to pledge specific blocks of time.

60.2.25.  Breakout Group 25:  Scheduling Rotation: target night hours.  Occupiers sign up for time slots to maintain critical mass.  Open up Spaces Outside Zuccotti Park. Combine 1 and 2 for a Dynamic Occupation. Create conversations not just actions but “regular work,” e.g. off-site Teach-Ins, Block Parties, OWS at libraries, flash mobs.  Brief occupations for example at Central Park.  Decentralize physically and personally.  OWS branding selves when not in Zuccotti Park, e.g., wear buttons.  Promote the ideas of OWS outside, e.g., commit to hours per week to discuss with work colleagues… volunteer.  Make it cool!  Do OWS by volunteering at organizations that support our values.  Some have resources drained/diverted to OWS.  Raise our profile.  Expand / affiliate OWS with bigger actions.  MTA subway, etc. shutdown, and General Strike.  Basic values / visions.  Help movement spread.  Less focus on demands.  Immediate stuff:  Think a step ahead.  Guess officials next move and options. Create contingency plans. Where is media attention?  Support Working Groups who may fray.  Don’t let them break our unity.  Do other actions elsewhere; imply action against OWS NY?  See beyond immediate crises.  Proactive not reactive.

60.2.26.  Breakout Group 26  Occupy your life, your habits, and your actions, be aware of yourself, and be mindful.  How do you contribute to the movement in your everyday actions? How do you contribute to the problem?

In six months when the public spaces are no longer occupied, how will you continue to participate?  Reduce consumerism.  Selective boycotting  Continue spreading information  Buy local, independent  Run a sustainable home

60.2.27.  Breakout Group 27:  Need people at Broadway and Morris at the Bowling Green now!!  If lose location go to the entrance of Battery Park.  Eviction response. Be there by 3:10 AM.

60.2.28.  Breakout Group 28  Continued presence of protestors.  They can be rotated.  Enables this space to be an idea generator instead of a campsite.  Daily flash mob protests targeting random corporate locations (Verizon, Citibank, and Starbucks) anywhere.  Know legal rights.  How long we stay there.  Film it.  Put it on You Tube.  These should be daily actions.

60.2.29.  Breakout Group 29  Some people are being denied park access.  Can we hold meetings near the fences?

60.2.30.  Breakout Group 30  Andrew, Sabrina, Deborah ( ), Martin Ideas for building consensus:  Bombard various legislatures with petitions regarding reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act.  Target corporations with the most egregious workplace practices with a boycott campaign.  (Apple computer).  Maybe a national day of boycotting where we buy nothing.  If successful, extend it.  Each time we buy from corporations that use slave labor to create cheap products that are sold for huge profit margins, we feed the corporate monster.  They turn around and use it against us.

60.2.31.  Breakout Group 31  More mic checks during public invitation meetings and speeches by people who need to hear why we’re protesting and why they’re actions are wrong, unfair, and/or contributing to our country’s problems.  It’d be good if the mic checks could also include a short idea of a solution.  Also create a way for people to submit ideas for where these mic checks can occur and a toolkit for creating effective mic checks for events.

60.2.32.  Breakout Group 32  Coordinate w/other occupy groups.  Unified symbolic actions / marches.  Plan for weather.  Important to occupy 24/7 even if in shifts.  List of gear.  Sponsors.  Flood Bloomberg and other authorities with letters.  Hold police accountable for actions and hold authorities accountable for inconsistent logic and thinking.  Brainstorm other social forms that facilitate easy involvement like this park.  Focus on outreach.  Target symbolic / strategic places to occupy Black Friday.  Forms a boycott Working Group.

60.2.33.  Breakout Group 33  Occupy an indoor space / school / Essex street market (old), charas.

60.2.34.  Breakout Group 34  Agitation for a General Strike.  Macro strategy.  Mobilize over time.  Flash mobs – decentralize. Continuous outreach (subways, boroughs, etc.). Flyers, stories, etc.  Make any action positive (perception).  Police rely on system[s] that can be jammed.  Alerts / texts / etc.  Constant choreography in various neighborhoods.  Show of force through beauty.  Antagonizing / provocative actions, too.  Cooperative anonymous component actions (banksy!)  Workplace sabotage.  Mobilize towards longer term General Strike.  Centralize ourselves to use texts / alerts / etc. to keep all empowered.  Flash mobs as intermediate actions.

60.2.35.  Breakout Group 35  Make it illegal for anybody to profit from anybody’s health or well being or sickness.  Make any and all records of government funded programs available the second they are made.  No more secret programs or experiments.  Make being linked to secret societies or clubs an ineligibility to run for any government office or state positions.  Stop the manipulation of the stock market to dissolve the wealth of the people and buy whole businesses for pennies on the dollar.  Get corporate funds out of government.

60.2.26.  Individual Comments  Have OWS be a source of “horizontal goals” or “horizontal suggestions” to reflect the horizontal democracy of OWS. Thus – a series of problems – suggestions. Not weighted. In a sense, let OWS be an alternative media source to cover what the media ignores. And these media releases (after consensus) could be posed as: (1) problem: (i.e., for instance, money in politics). Posed as a question: Why is there so much money in politics? (2) suggestion: limit lobbies, repeal Citizen United as possibilities, not demands. In sum:  (1) problems – (i.e. money in politics / corporate deregulation / tax inequities / bailouts over jobs, phony housing foreclosures/ etc. (2) suggestions – even multiple suggestions. And these might all be framed as an alternative information source, which is now not being addressed by the mass media. A kind of Z. F. Stone Weekly, if I can be a senior citizen’s example. Thanks OWS, Nick.  Create an educated, transparent flexible organization capable of shifting the national discourse toward real social change especially through education, and provides an example of the power and accountability of a fully transparent organization. Our long term goal will be to educate ourselves and others, and transform our various systems of governance into entirely transparent organizations, which we believe will solve systemic inequities.Create a not-for-profit think tank which develops real solutions to societal problems, and uses the protest, media, and social media to support our platform.  Establish legal control over the space as a trust for the public, operated by the Friends of Liberty Park, a sub-organization developed by OWS. This space will serve as an agora, a public meeting house of ideas, and ongoing discourse that serves the community, with a specific focus on financial trainings and the purpose of government.  Create an identity program for occupiers, meant to also bring in functioning homeless folks who want to help, and willing to put in the work. We will require a picture, plus whatever name you choose (public) government name (private) Define full membership as housing-and-food-provided, on sites, as well as occasional recreation (minimum of once per week) at least 20 hours per week of logged hours and 5 hours of education (10 is preferred). A minimum of one working group, and a maximum of three, to be declared by the individuals no later than Thursday, and assignments to be made on Saturday. Every one must take American Revolution through Articles of Confederation through Constitution class, as well as Accounting and Finance 101, and alternative energy and systems is the third required afterwards everyone.  Create a profile system that keeps everyone’s skills, equipment issued, and educational level.  Create a winter program. Acquire live space (rent / own? / occupy) for people to sleep, shower, and get away from the park(s). Also a live/work space with event space inside. Work with established groups, like Picture the Homeless and Take Back the Land, to begin reclaiming unused space and converting it into homeless shelter and rehabilitation programs, that provide work by growing food.  Create internal by-laws, and further develop organizationally, with the help of outside consultants, initially mimicking the U.S. system of governance, with the exception that specific recall criteria are put out for all positions (60% vote of no confidence on consecutive weeks). President and Spokes Council are answerable to the Public Assembly in a specific meeting each week. Other Public Assemblies are for work, shopping, polling public policy analysis breakout groups and education. President has control of discretionary funds budget, and Executive Action (license to occasionally break the rules); every Executive Action must be reviewed at the next Public Assembly. The President has the option of delaying the Public Assemblies’ response to an Executive Action for a week, but not the
discussion, and he must announce his intention to do so before the next
Public Assembly.  Bring in experienced people to help us structure our departments/working groups.  Establish a grievance process, by which a mediation session is required when enough complaints are received, and the discourse and contents of that session are made public. This process is administered by a group of 9 individuals, trained in the by-laws, as well as mediation. This group rotates every 3 months, and has 9-18 additional individuals to swap out of the body.  Rename the park Liberty Plaza.  Create a platform for ideas which must be enacted.  Create a stances group, nominated and voted on by General Assembly that decides on the official stance of the whole group. It is continually rotating and meant to be demographically representative. All members speak with one voice.

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