NYCGA Minutes 11/3/2011

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Meeting Date/Time: 11/3/2011 / 7pm EST

Location: Liberty Plaza

Facilitators (F): Jason, Laura


My name is Brett, I will be taking stack.

My name is Christina, I will be time keeper.

Review of hand signals

F: Is anyone here for the first time? Raise your hand.  [lots of hands] Welcome! We hope you have an interesting experience, and that you will continue to grow in your participation in this movement. Before we begin, we’d like to go over the structure of how this meeting will occur.



48.1.  Agenda Items (Direct Action Training; El Barrio de Movimiento Justicio Proposal; Principles of Solidarity Working Group (WG) Breakout Discussion; Herbalism Budget Proposal; Sanitation Emergency Proposal; Town Planning Emergency Proposal; Open Source Budget Proposal)

48.2.  Working Group Report Backs (WGRBs)

48.3.  Announcements

48.1.  Agenda Items

48.1.1.  Direct Action (DA) – Breakout Groups and Park Defense Training

F:  Before all that, tonight, due to unforeseen circumstances, we have an announcement from Direct Action which may affect our time schedule and may involve Direct Action training. We are treating this as an emergency breakout group. It should take an hour at most. We trust that Direct Action will be concise and prompt, and then we will move forward to the following agenda items.  Hey everybody! We’re from Direct Action. We’re just going to try to go over some things that you should all be aware of in the event of an eviction. Is Han here? [no] So basically, there’s been a few rumors flying around, there could be a raid tonight. So what that looks like has been talked about before, and whether or not it’s true doesn’t really matter, because it’s great that we have you guys here to talk about park defense and non-violent resistance.

F: Han’s here!  (Continued) Han: Sorry about that. I answered my phone, it won’t happen again. My name’s Han, I work with the community relations working group, and in so doing, I’ve been in touch with community members, the community board, and some of their elected representatives. And what we’ve been hearing from them, as well as union allies, reporters, and others that we think have credible information, is that the city has lost its patience and is planning on attempting to evict us at some point in the very near future. We don’t know whether that’s tonight or next week, but we all agree I think that we need to be prepared. I don’t want to sow panic. None of us think that there’s imminent danger, but we do want to make sure everyone has the latest information and is prepared within this community to defend our occupation, to defend our movement, to support our allies, and stay safe. And with that, I’ll turn it back over to Direct Action, unless there are questions.

F: We will hold the questions till afterwards.  We don’t know what an eviction will look like, so rather than speculating, we’re just going to tell you what actions are being planned and what actions carry certain levels of arrestability. If there is an eviction, there are only two categories of arrestability: high risk, or low risk. High risk means that you are prepared to stay and defend this park through a variety of tactics. No risk means you’re leaving the park. In both of these levels, it should be emphasized that we prioritize people over things. That means don’t worry about the stuff in the park, let’s worry about each other.  Just a quick bit on nonviolent resistance. Basically nonviolence is a tactic we can use to protect ourselves and those around us, while retaining and using power with our bodies. So what that looks like in this park for example, is doing a soft lockdown, which is using our bodies to block people, police, from entering, as long as possible. Just because I use the word nonviolence doesn’t mean that this will be nonviolent. Police are violent, and nonviolence implies that we are willing to use our bodies and put our bodies in harm’s way, with the safety in mind, of course, of those around us, to defend our space and to defend our cause.  So we are going to go into a tactic that would be really super helpful for the park defense plan that we have, which involves hard blocks somewhere in the park. If you choose to stay in the park, you’re essentially making the choice to put yourself in possible danger to defend your space, and to support those who have made a plan with Direct Action to make a hard block to stay in this park.  We’re going to explain what a soft block is, and how it is effective to support those doing hard blocks. One soft block tactic that we find most effective is the human caterpillar. We will demonstrate what a human caterpillar looks like, please don’t laugh!  We would use this around folks who are locked down with hard locks. [demonstration]  This is a human caterpillar. It works really awesome when there’s a lot of people doing it. It also really works really awesome when there are two rows of it. So just to frame this a little bit, we use a lockdown to protect our space by making time for ourselves. Obviously the police can get through this at some point. It’s not totally defensible. But it does create a powerful impression, and it does cause disruption in their ability to sweep the park all at once. So we’re holding space and making time, because people want to be mobilizing others in the park, to get out their personal belongings, and perhaps mobilize people to march, so we need to make time for them. And so that people who are not at the park will have time to mobilize and come here and help us! (Yay!)  So we encourage everyone here to practice this with your affinity groups at some point tonight, and just get comfortable. Get consent before you just grab someone, during a raid for example and just wrap your legs around them. ‘Cause that’s one of these [downward fingers]. We’ll be practicing this tactic and others right here at the top of the steps, after the GA.  Let’s say your with your affinity group, you have an opportunity to create a blockade during a possible eviction, and the first think you think to do is link arms, a pretty obvious choice. There’s a certain way to do it that’s a little more effective and safe. Notice how they are linking their hands and staying super tight. And they are putting one foot in front of the other so it’s harder to push them. That’s really important. If your feet are together it’s a lot easier, especially if you’re super tall. We were going to do breakout groups to practice, but we don’t have space. So meet us up there so we can practice this a little more concretely.  Clarifying Question (CQ): I was wondering, why is it so important that we use nonviolence over violence?

Response: this is a really complicated discussion. People over there need to hear. The question that was posed is why are we using nonviolence as opposed to violence. Obviously this is really complicated. DA’s guidelines support a diversity of tactics. That’s a really great concept that can mean different things, much like the concept of violence. What we want to emphasize is that your actions affect yourself and others. We also consider self-defense as nonviolence. But that’s just us. And we have to support each other through solidarity. If someone makes a decision that we don’t agree with politically, but we’re all being beaten, we should probably stick together and not alienate each other based on political choices surrounding violence or nonviolence, because usually that will break us apart even faster, and that’s using the same tactics as the cops. Also we cannot police each other, that’s just wrong.  This is not us telling you “This is what you have to do if we’re raided.” We’re just suggesting these tactics because they complement the park defense plan that is happening anyway. If you want to participate, you’re welcome to do so. If you have other ways of participating, then do that.  Shawn: Hi everybody! I’m Shawn with the Medics. One tool that the police use is fear. And they also like to turn each other against us. So we must stay calm and strong. Another tool is pepper spray. Is there anybody here that has been trained in decontamination for chemical weapons? [two] Would you guys like to get a quick rundown? [yes!] Can I get one volunteer? I’ll make this brief, but it’s really important. If they use pepper spray, it kind of incites panic. The most important thing is DO NOT PANIC! So. This is water. This is liquid antacid in water (Mylanta). Mylanta in water neutralizes the oils in pepper spray. Has anybody here been pepper sprayed before? It sucks. This works. For those of you who have been pepper spray, were you treated with LAAL (liquid anti-acid water)? It works.  CQ: What’s the ratio?

Response: 50-50 water and mylanta. The active ingredient is magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide. 50-50 water and mylanta, non-flavored!  Shawn: Next: when somebody has been exposed to pepper spray, they should yell out Medic! And somebody will come over to them, introduce themselves, “Hi, my name is Shawn, I’m a street medic, can I help you?” Always ask for consent! If you don’t ask for consent, that is assault! Next: “Are you wearing contacts?” If you are wearing contacts, take them out. It’s very important. It can cause unrepairable damage to your eyes. How to administer LAAL. “So I need to get on your knees, sit on your hands, don’t touch your hands. Are you wearing contacts? Can you lean forward for me?” What I’m going to do is ask them to try to open their eyes, but you might need to help them. “Tilt your head back, and lean to the right”. I’m going to treat the right eye first, from the inside out. So what I would do is pincht their eyebrow and open their eye a little bit. Always wear gloves. Chances are if you’re not exposed, you will be. And if you treat more than one patient or comrade, you’re going to expose the next one. Change your gloves. From the inside out, like that, twice [sweeping water stream across eye from inside to outside]. Twice on one side, twice on the other, and repeat, blink, blink, blink, blink. How are you feeling? Wet. Thank you. Remember, stay calm. Fear is their greatest weapon they have against us.  Tear gas treatment is pretty much the same, LAAL. One thing that people do to help them breath is have a bandana soaked in water or lemon juice. Some people soak it in apple cider vinegar. Anything helps to breathe better. It helps to wear more than one mask. It’s important to wear goggles if they start using chemical weapons. It’s also very, very important to not spread rumors! So stay calm, stay strong.  DA: Our final component for this training is awareness and communication skills. In the event of an eviction, it’s going to be chaotic. What you can do before that is make sure you have a buddy or an affinity group, which is a small group of people who really trust each other. Stick together. IN the event of an eviction, you should try to ensure that everyone around us is safe and accounted for. That usually means looking out for your buddy and your affinity group. As Shaun said, stay calm but stay alert. Check in with people around you. Please try to stay as quiet as possible so that critical communication can be heard. This means do NOT mic check, except for critical emergencies, such as when you need a Medic. If everyone could just breathe in and out with me really deeply, one time.  We should be doing that when there’s a lot of shit going down around us, to stay calm and alert. I know there’s not a lot of space here, but when GA’s over and you’re milling around, if you could take your hands like this, and put them out until you can’t see them anymore, it’s a really good exercise to know the limits of your visual awareness. One last thing, just reiterate the mic check etiquette, it might be a good idea to breathe first, and then think three times again before calling a mic check. Please try not to soapbox in the middle of an eviction. Thank you.

F:  I think it would be best to hold questions for DA for when they’re doing their training after GA. How do you feel about that? [positive]  Just one more minute, we forgot to talk about people who decide to leave the park, what they should do. A good idea would be, especially for those who are living here, is to look for ways you can provide support to those who remain in the park. There are key working groups that will be already providing support services who will probably need assistance, such as food, comfort, storage. They will need help shuttling water, or sweaters and blankets, for those who remain the park. If you are not providing a support service, but you still live in the park, you should stay close and stay together with your buddy or affinity group, and wait to see what the next steps are. There are folks that have contingency plans that are not necessarily up for discussion in this forum, and that are not necessarily mandatory. Does everyone know what the NLG is? No. The National Lawyer’s Guild are our friends. We should all have their number and give them a call to let them know that someone has been arrested. They’ve been providing counsel and support since September 17th, and they’re awesome. You should have this number written on your body: 212-679-6018. You should write it on your body, because if you go to jail you might not have your phone. They’re going to want to know the name and possibly the birthday of the person who was arrested, this is why having a buddy is really damn important. You want somebody to be able to call for you if you’re arrested. One last thing, I really want to emphasize solidarity between the folks who decide to be outside the park, our park, during a raid. There’s lots of things you could be doing. Talk to each other, listen to each other, stay alert, and stay around until you don’t feel comfortable, and then go. That’s that.  Mic check! Two quick things. There is a text alert for an emergency park defense. As of right now, it’s about 500 people. Within those 500 people, certain people have their own text alerts. Within those, there are text alerts. So there are different tiers of text alerts. If you’re not on one, but would like to be, you want to text @occupyalert to 23559. You’re going to text to that number, @occupyalert. You will not be able to text to that number. There’s a small group of people including folks from DA and people staying in the park, who will determine when an alert goes out. I promise we’re not going to spam you, this is an emergency alert text.  Jon: I’m Jon, I just want to say a couple more things about safety. One important thing is DO NOT RUN. There’s too much stuff to trip on, including people, and people will get hurt. If you see people running, make this motion [calming motion with arms] and say WALK. Do not run. Also, if you have access to bicycle helmets, they are a great idea, they are great to have, because you want to protect your head! To correct one thing that I said, the LAAL does NOT treat tear gas. It does treat pepper spray and pepper spray mixed with tear gas. That shit is nasty. It comes in something that looks like a fire extinguisher. It sucks! Keep your eyes out for it. Stay calm, stay strong.  We’ll be available for questions, since this was really quick and dirty, out there, after GA, and probably during. Thank you.

F: Mic check! So now we’re going to continue with the GA. Before we move on to proposals, there’s a few little things we missed. We first wanted to say a word about Facilitation, which is what we’re doing right now. Facilitation is a working group whose purpose is to uphold and help to evolve our processes of communication. We are not in charge of this meeting. We’re only here to help the people here make their communication clear and concise. And most importantly, with compassion and patience. In the outside world, it costs a lot of money to have your voice heard. Here it only costs patience, so we ask that tonight, with an especially lengthy agenda, you become rich with patience! [review of progressive stacks and Step Up Step Back]

F: We have one point of clarification about the text blast. If you put it in the text blast as two words, you’re not in the loop. You need to get a response that says welcome to owsrapidresponse. This is free, so make sure you text 23559 and the message says “@occupyalert”.

F: I have one more announcement and then we’ll actually get to everything. This is about the spokes council. The spokes council’s first official meeting will be this coming Monday. You’ll get more information about that later. Tomorrow there will be a spokes orientation specifically for spokes of working groups, and facilitators. IT will be at 7PM at 52 Broadway, on the 6th floor. That’s all. We will now move on to agenda items. [review of process for agenda items]

48.1.2.  Proposal from the Movement for Justice in the Barrio

F: Our first proposal tonight is from the movement for justice in el Barrio.  Presenter: To the GA of OWS: receive greetings and embraces of solidarity from Movement for Justice in El Barrio. We hope this message finds you well and in high spirits, or as we like to say, “con muchas ganas de luchar” to continue mounting and insurmountable struggle for dignity, justice, and democracy. We are an immigrant and people of color -led organization. We fight for dignity and against displacement in East Harlem, NY. As part of the zapatista initiated the other campaign, we fight for the liberation of all marginalized groups such as women, immigrants, people of color, indigenous, lesbians, gays, and transgender people. During the past month, we have visited and participated here at Liberty Plaza. In doing so, we have given our grain of sand to and been strengthened by this beautiful space that continues to grow with and across all the differences that make us one. We wish we could maintain a more constant physical presence at this space, but the real circumstances of our lives make that impossible.

That is to say, as low-income immigrants and people of color, who on a daily basis must juggle the demands of working over 60 hours a week, raising our children, and fighting a day-to-day local struggle for dignity, we simply cannot, regrettably, in this way and others, the false gulf between us is kept open. For us, and perhaps many other marginalized groups seeking to build here at Liberty Plaza, this problem is not just a question of accommodations, but rather a commitment to and strategy against fighting a common enemy that feeds off our divisions.

In the spirit of shared struggle, we want to find creative and productive ways to overcome these circumstances, and combine our forces. Towards this end, we are requesting to propose the following before this GA: the Outreach working group has collaborated with us to make this proposal. It has also been endorsed by the following working groups: People of Color working group, Spanish working group, Immigrant and Worker working group, the Anti-Racism Allies.

We are inviting all the good-hearted people of OWS to our corner of the world, El Barrio, East Harlem, to join us, this Monday, November 7, at 7PM for an evening of dialogue. We will present our struggle to you all, so that together, we can continue bringing our dreams of a world of dignity, justice, autonomy, and democracy to life. Our event is called “Dignity Is An Echo In The Heartbeat Of The People”. Our proposal is as follows: that the GA publicly endorse this event and make a commitment to promote and attend it. Thank you.

F: We’re now going to open stack for Clarifying Questions (CQs). If you have a CQ, raise your hand and I will put you on stack. Just to be clear, a CQ is not an opinion. It is only if you are confused about exactly what is being proposed.  Clarifying Questions  Can you just repeat the name of your group?

A: Movement for Justice in El Barrio.  Where exactly are you meeting?

A: The event will take place at the Julia de Bourbos Latino Cultural Center. It’s at 1680 Lexington Avenue between 105th and 106th Streets.

F: We have one more CQ.  My question is, the meaning of these hand gestures.

A: We’ll have someone explain that to you.

F: Stack is now closed for CQs, we will now open stack for concerns. If you have concerns, raise your hand, and you’ll go on stack.  Concerns:  My concern is that we are attending too many events outside Liberty Square. Instead these groups should work to bring those events and those people here to the park, and increase our numbers. Thank you.

Response: We have participated as I had mentioned, many times here at this park. Like I said, we want to continue building with you. But because of the circumstances of our lives, which the 1% imposed upon us to keep us divided, we cannot be here. But we are with you every day in solidarity. As marginalized peoples, we are extending an invitation to continue building beyond these borders.

F: There is one more concern from Richard.  My only concern (and I love this proposal), is that on Monday at 7PM, we will probably be at spokes council.

F: Can we get a temperature check on how we feel about the proposal? [lots of positive] That looks really good. And now are there any blocks concerning this proposal? [none]  Yay! We have consensus! Thank you.

48.1.3.  Breakout Discussion from Solidarity WG

F: Our next agenda item is from the Solidarity group, which will be a breakout discussion. Is anyone from Solidarity here?  I’m Rabbi Chim Gruver, and I’m going to start this with a sadly perverse joke, that sadly there was news today, that in terms of global warming, scientific government has come back that global warming is now worst than the worst forecasts. Then just a moment ago, I realized how lucky I was to have been poor so I didn’t take as many taxis and took public transportation. And I realized the perversity, or rather the paradox of what’s going on. Because it’s I think the wealthiest the people who are mostly destroying the world. So I don’t know if wealth is the answer. The best thing to do may be somehow to impoverish everyone! That’s the end of the joke.  Back to Principles of Solidarity, there are several groups that are working on various types of documents, with principles or declarations or future aspirations for how they want a perfect world to be. So what Solidarity and Principles is doing in conjunction with these other groups is to try to better work together. Second point, that there’s another group which is coming forward with certain guidances about bell-curve truths having to do with certain principles that are generally always true, such as the more love between persons, means that less money is required for goods and services to be exchanged between them, therefore it’s in society’s best interest to increase love. And just to take this one step further, therefore then society should, with these bell-curve truths, promote love, so as by explaining that honesty is a basis of love, because if people hide themselves, no one knows who the person is to love. Hence, freedom of expression is so important, so we can be ourselves without fear of being harassed, so that we can be loved.  So on that note, we’re going to have another breakout group for Principles! To be brief and recap, Principles has been a document in draft since the first couple days of the Occupation. We had three breakout groups, and a document was consented upon in late September. Since then multiple drafts have surfaced, and we are trying to come to consensus on a full draft. Last week we had a breakout group on a draft that was an extension of the first document that passed consensus.  Today it would be nice to work on a document that has an alternative structure. The structure was written by one person in Principles. His name is Benjamin. It’s not really that important, just throwing it out there. So this document is […] bullet points, but our friend in a different way. In this breakout group you can make edits, and please do. I’ve made edits, and the group has been edits, and the document will be synthesized with all the edits. But also if you could state on this document somewhere what you think of this structure in comparison to the bullet point structure. If you could all form into small-ish groups of maybe ten or twelve, and I’ll hand you the document. If that works. if anyone is not staying for the groups they should know now we have a planned 1PM meeting at 60 Wall Street tomorrow. Thank you. And it is our hope with this meeting to synthesize this feedback. So if you’d like to come and help synthesize, that would be awesome, and less talka bout the process of the document itself would be awesome, so we could get more work done. So break into groups please!

F: Just so everyone is aware, we will come back to the next agenda item in ten minutes.

48.1.4.  Proposal from Herbalism  Herbalism:  We are asking for $1,476 for herbalist supplies and a table.  […] also, long-term, this could be an expensive project. We have been serving patients medicine since day 1 of this occupation. This proposal is not about serving herbal medicine in the park. This proposal is about budget and the need to re-stock our supplies. We are all concerned about side-effects and allergies, and have worked full-time in medicine for many years. This is a serious concern of ours. If you would like to talk more about this, please come to Medicine and talk to an herbalist.  Friendly Amendments:  Richard: I was just wondering if you could take the table out of the proposal because Brendan in offering his.

Response: I will take that amendment with the understanding if I do not receive a table from him that it will stay in the budget.

F: Next on stack: Kelly  My suggestion for an amendment would be to hold some teach-ins so people could be more educated about herbal medicine.

R:  I was at a meeting today discussing trainings in the park, and one of the trainings we are working towards is a self-care training. Part of that training will have herbalists talking about how to use herbal medicine.

F:  So unless there are any more FAs I am going to close stack. Stack is now closed.  So the proposal is a request for money from the GA. We are asking for $1,416 if a table comes through, and $1,476 if a table does not come through. Can we get a temperature check on that proposal? [positive]

F: Any blocks? No blocks. Oh we have one block. Can you please explain your block?  Blocks  BLOCK: Again, teach-ins, education, health-concerns, allergies, reactions to herbal medications which the occupiers have not been prescribed.

R: To clarify: what happens when you come to see an herbalist in medical. They will ask you about any underlying conditions. They will ask you about allergies to food, medications, and environment. They will ask you about any medications you are on. This questioning will go on for a little while to get an understanding of the patient. In addition we will be limiting the herbal medicines we will be using in the park, specifically to address concerns about side-effects. There are medicines that could be safely used in more structured environments that will not be used in the park because of allergy and side-effect concerns. We are also very concerned with educating the population about herbal medicines, and we will be starting classes in the next week.  BLOCK:  Would it be possible to get releases signed by anyone who uses this form of medicine to protect the occupation and the provider?

R: Medical releases do not protect the occupation. Medical releases only protect the providers, and we are comfortable protecting ourselves. Thank you for your concern.

PoI: You cannot sue an occupation.

F: Do you uphold your block?  Yes.

F: We have one more block. Can I ask that you not block unless you have raised a concern?  BLOCK: I am opposing this on the grounds I am opposing herbal medicine in general. I’m sure it causes some benefits but it’s not much better than a placebo affect and therefore not worth the money. Can we have at least an accounting of yeas and nays, because the last vote didn’t seem very enthusiastic?

R: Feelings about herbal medicine is not what is on the proposal. This is about giving money of a specific amount to a group that has already been operating here at Occupy.

I just want to say that other groups have been blocked on money because people disagreed with the reactions of the group. I’m not one of those people but I am acknowledging that other proposals have been blocked for those reasons before.  BLOCK: Are there any ways you can treat someone who has an allergic reaction to any medicine?

R: Yes. We have a full medical staff in our tent including RNs and doctors, and have a relationship to the ambulances. Herbal medicine generally, even when it does cause an allergic reaction, does not cause life-threatening allergic reaction. If any allergic reaction was beyond an herbalist’s ability to deal with, they would call on other medical professionals or call an ambulance.  BLOCK: In your experience to date with the occupation have you come across individuals who have expressed a preference or required administration of herbal medicine as opposed to regular medicine?

R:  Yes. Most of the patients I have had to deal with have preferred to be treated for symptoms like cold or flu with herbal medicine.  BLOCK: If you were blocked, and ran out of supplies for one of these patients would you be forced to against their will treat them with non-herbal medicine?

Response: It would be nice to say yes to that to get my money, but I am an herbalist. I will find a way to get these people herbal medicine when they need it.

PoI: I do not know if this is a P of I or a question. Is there a FA that blockers could propose that would allow this proposal to move forward in some way?

I am not opposed to the herbalist being here, I am opposed to them getting money. He says there have not been negative side effects. I would attribute that to herbs not having much effect one way or the other at all.

F:  This is taking a long time, so in the interest of time we are going to take another temperature check on this amendment. [positive] Do these blocks still hold? I would like to ask if the other blocker might have a FA? A block is to establish a serious moral or ethical concern that would cause the occupants to want to leave the occupation if this proposal were to go forward. So my point is does this blocker really feel does this blocker really have a safety or moral concern that he would leave if this proposal were to go through?  BLOCK:  I have a moral opposition that we shouldn’t be spending money that would be better spent elsewhere.

Response: My only concern is the health and wellbeing of those occupiers who have not partaken of this herbal medicine program. They have a right also to participate. In their right to participate they may expose themselves to allergies or side-effects. I am not comfortable that this medical tent can address those issues. Apart from that, this initial grant money requested will obviously become more money over a two-three month period.

F:  We have many points of process. A PoP is used when we have gone off the process. It is not used to express concerns. It seems to me that the blocks on this issue are not willing to take them back. Since we cannot reach initial consensus, we will move to a nine-tenths vote. At this point, with the amount of people here, I think we will be able to do that visually. If you are opposed to this proposal, please raise your hand. (2)  If you are for this proposal please raise your hand. That appears to be nine-tenths of this group. We have modified consensus.

F:  We have two more proposals

48.1.5.  Emergency proposal from Sanitation:  Hey everybody, I’m Bobby! Sanitation needs money for trash bags and other things. The way money is set up, $100 a day is not enough. So far we’ve been periodically getting more money by going to the GA. I think this will be the last time because tomorrow is the spokes council and next week we will have a budget. Sanitation has decided that we need emergency $4000 for supplies or we can no longer keep the park clean. For instance $1000 will be for contractor bags that will last us a few days.

F: Opening stack for CQs  Clarifying Questions  My understanding is this is an emergency proposal and has not gone through the 24 hour period, is this true?

A: I approached the Facilitation yesterday, I was late. The GA had never been that quick in the 45 days I’ve been here. But Sanitation is crucial for the…of this park and I would say save the park from eviction. It is my understanding that with emergency proposals, after the facilitation has presented it, it is up to the GA as a whole as to whether they would like to hear the proposal.

F: That is correct. That is my mistake. So we will take a temperature check about whether we would like to continue with the conversation about this proposal. How do we feel about that? [mostly positive, some middle]

PoI: I was under the impression that ….if Facilitation cannot decide if the proposal qualifies as an emergency proposal…then it is up to us to decide if the proposal is time-sensitive.

F: When we were approached with this proposal, the Facilitation team deemed the time sensitivity of this proposal to be sufficient to make it an emergency proposal to bring to the GA.  Did you say something about running out of funds by tomorrow?

A: We’ve already run out of materials. You don’t want to see us stop cleaning!

F: So in the interest of being polite we will take a temperature check on whether to proceed with this conversation. That looks very good. We will proceed.  Chloe: My question is can you describe in more detail what the rest of the money is for other than contractor bags?

A: Sure. Cleaning supplies, gloves, storage containers, lights, contractor bags, is sufficient to fill that whole $4000. IT’s basically the same budget we’ve had for over a month.  Kelly: My question is if you need people to help clean and if that’s in the works. Because if you’re asking for an emergency proposal it’s for an emergency cleaning…

A: No, this is not an emergency cleaning, but it’s an emergency if we stop cleaning.

PoI: and you will stop cleaning if you run out of trash bags.

F: One more on stack. Closing stack unless you make yourself known.  Ben: my questions have been answered.

F:  Next and last on stack: Richard.  Richard:  Okay I’m a little concerned that the prices aren’t clearly defined, not extremely up for blocking this because they weren’t defined, but I would have liked to have seen a more clearly defined budget.

A:  I’m really excited to write up a weekly budget. We don’t have at this moment. We’re busy, I’m sorry, but we know what we need.

F: One more CQ.  My name is Galant. People know me from 9/11 because I was the person that brought the generators first down to the 9/11 site on that night and was there for five days. I’m also the person at the …march that Rudi Juliani …attacked because I didn’t turn the generators off …

PoP: this doesn’t have to do with this proposal for cleaning supplies.  (continued) The cleaning supply is another thing. We also were researching whether we wanted to use for cleaning a steam cleaner which produces water, or a vaporizer which can be used with snow. The vaporizer also raises money for the kitchen…

PoP: This is all very valuable information but it’s not pertinent to the proposal at hand and there will be a time and place for him to speak.

F:  Stack is now closed on CQs. We will now open stack for concerns.  Concerns  Ben: Cleaning is very necessary. Without the cleaning crew there will be no Occupy. My concern is that the $4000 is not allotted for anything specific other than what we heard today, so I have a FA which I guess can wait for FAs.

R: just so people know, in case you didn’t know, everything we buy has a receipt from hardware stores. Those receipts are given to Finance. I’m pretty sure you can see them, or you can soon.

F:  Next on stack: Billy  Guys I walk by the park every day to catch my bus back to Jersey. And I see everybody every day and it seems like there’s no one voice. We need to be united in our message to the public.

PoP: that is an opinion about the movement as a whole, and does not apply to this proposal.

F:  Next on stack: Jose  Jose:  My concern is that this proposal gives the impression that we’re not being self-sufficient. The media portrays us as trying to commit to a movement, but at the same time there are individuals who are making it hard to prove that we can coexist in a more sufficient way. An example of that would be to ask the occupiers that are here to contribute to cleaning supplies instead of having many reasons to tap into the resources, but instead to …be more self-sufficient with the proposal.

R:  …We have a large recycling program. We compost. We do gray-water. We’re doing the best we can, but we have to make sure it gets done, and it has to be structured.

F: Next up is Robin.  I am concerned that things are being stolen and then the money we spend is being stolen.

R:  We are doing the best we can. We have people there 24 hours a day that are awake, but people still steal things. We’re working on it.

F:  …We are talking about deciding if they are able to get the money they need to do a cleanup. If you have any other concerns about how they are operating, that should be addressed to them specifically outside of this conversation.  Richard: So you did say that stuff is getting stolen. I just want to know is there a safe area that you keep this stuff when you buy it in bulk?

A: I don’t appreciate that lack of trust in what we’re getting done. All the supplies are used. I just mentioned theft because it’s inevitable in this park.  Daniel: I have two specific concerns. The first is not really about the proposal, but the manner in which it was brought. I think that this could’ve been foreseen, and the GA has consented on wanting proposals to be posted ahead of time for consideration by the GA, and I think we should try to hold ourselves that, so we don’t have a small group of people like we have here determining how to spend $4000. My second point is that I feel like a lot of the information given is very nonspecific with regards to how the amount of $4000 was chosen. That’s it.

F:  Stack is now closed on concerns. We will now open it for FAs. Does anyone have one?  Friendly Amendments

F:  We’ll start with Cameron.  FA: in the future will you please provide a more comprehensive list of exactly how this money is being used and maybe not drop this sort of bomb on us last-minute.

Response: This is not a bomb, Sanitation works 24 hours a day and we need to get supplies. The spokes council is tomorrow. This is the last time this type of proposal will come before the GA.

PoI: Spokes council is Monday

PoI: Spokes council is going to be requesting 24 to 48 hours notice for proposals, so this is still going to be a concern for the spokes council.

F:  Next on stack: Rossi.  FA:  Rossi:  My amendment would be to put together what you’re going to spend the money on, after we allow the money to go through.

F:  It sounds like this amender is asking Sanitation (correct me if I’m wrong) to provide a list of what they purchased after purchase.  (Continued) Rossi:  Basically what i’m getting at is that we know we need cleaning supplies and will continue to need supplies. $4000 is reasonable regardless, and do with it what you will.

F:  Next on stack: Daniel  FA:  Daniel:  This amendment is actually coming from the person who sat over there, forgot his name, but the amendment is to request $500 tonight to be able to purchase the cleaning supplies necessary to get through tomorrow and to propose again with a more fixed amount for what the cleaning supplies are and how much money is needed for them.

R:  This is a fixed amount. Do you want me to read the old receipts? I think that would be a list of GA’s time. ….We know what we need. This is a consensed-upon amount within Sanitation.  Concern:  Trish: I have a concern: I know Sanitation needs $4000 immediately. The spokes council –

F: PoP:  Are there any more FAs?  Trish:  Everyone that visits the park has to clean the park for one hour every day! [not accepted]

F:  So it seems like now we can move to take a temperature check on this proposal. Sanitation needs $4000. temperature check on that? [positive] Any blocks? no.  We have consensus.

F:  As an extra bonus, our final proposal has been tabled till tomorrow.

48.2.  Working Groups Report Backs

F: We will now proceed with WGRBs.

48.2.1.  Direct Action: Hey everybody! On Saturday there’s going to be an “Obama don’t be a puppet for the banks” because he’s doing behind the back deals with the banks so they don’t have to pay fraud charges to the district attorneys. So we’re going to have a giant Obama puppet here on Saturday at 2PM Liberty Square and going to Foley Square. The other thing is were’ going to have a big Structure meeting tomorrow you can meet us at 1:45PM at 60 Wall St and we’ll go off-site from there, but were’ going to be talking about how we can make direct actions bigger and more all-encompassing and how we can incorporate that in the meetings.

F:Stack is now closed for WGRBs. Stack is now open for Announcements.


48.3.  Announcements

48.3.1.   ….on the steps of the

F:  Next up: Jay

48.3.2.  Mic check! On Saturday’s meeting of the music guild of the arts and culture group which meets at 60 Wall Street at 9PM sharp, sharp because we will be moving, a discussion will take place on the planning of Occupy Lincoln Center. All are welcome to attend. 60 wall st, Saturday, 9pm.

F:  Two more people on stack, closing stack unless you make yourself known.

48.3.3.  Chris: on Sunday, November 6th, there’s going to be a tar sands protest in Washington, DC where we circle around the white house holding hands. …old Obama climate statements.

F:  Next on stack: Kate

48.3.4.  On Saturday, November 5th at 1Pm the organization Asian Americans against violence will be holding a Move our Money action in Chinatown. Afterwards in Columbus park they will do a community education and outreach on the big banks.

PoI: Chloe: if you haven’t been to 60 Wall St., it is a large public lobby that shares an address with a private corporate building. So if you walk from one direction like I did, you might be confused when you see this corporate lobby. Go a little further, next door there is a large, tall lobby that is public and where many working groups meet. It is beautiful.

48.3.5.  Robin: I’m going back to Maine tomorrow (well the next day, I’m stopping in Boston) and we are trying to get an occupation starting in Rockland, so if for some reason you find yourself  in a small town in Maine come join us please. I might be the only one.

48.3.6.  Chris: [not here]

F:  It seems that we are done with Announcements, which means we’re done! We want to thank you guys for all your patience, this takes a long time. We’re getting better at making this shorter, but it feels good right now. Facilitation meets every day at 4PM at 60 Wall St. Facilitation training and intro to direct democracy is immediately after that meeting at 5:30 at 60 Wall St. We would love for you all to come and you all to facilitate. We especially encourage traditionally marginalized voices to be a part of the facilitation, conversation, and process. Thank you.

GA ends at 10:30PM


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