NYC Operational Spokes Council 11/30/2011 (Summary)

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NOTE: This is a brief summary that is posted prior to formal minutes. This summary is NOT all-inclusive. It includes only major highlights (discussion topics, proposals, and meeting dates/times/locations announced). This summary is compiled via Livetweets and Livestream viewing.

– Working Group Report Backs
*MobileOccupation: Discussing East Coast march at 60 Wall b/w 11am-2pm on Friday

*StopStop&Frisk: Meeting 3pm Friday at Pace University to march to Liberty Plaza.

*Direct Action: E-mail them to find out about two marches tomorrow!

*OWS en Espanol: 3pm on Dec 10th at 135 Barclay to discuss the issue of immigrant economic exploitation

*Legal WG: Contact if you lost property during the raid and haven’t reclaimed it. Garage where stuff is being held is at 1824 Shore.

*Arts & Culture WG: OccupyBroadway in Times Square, Dec 2d at 6pm, runs to Dec 3d at 6pm.

*Direct Action (again): OccupyMuseum at 10:30pm tomorrow, Lincoln Center Steps, it’s a protest against Bloomberg’s support for a film mis-construing Ghandi.

*OccupyFarms: Meeting at Sunday @ 5pm on 60 Wall.

*Sustainability: March Sunday from 2pm-6pm, e-mail them for details.

*Kitchen: Meets Tuesdays & Thursdays at 60 Wall St at 6pm.

*Mediation: Basic Needs discussion tomorrow at 60 Wall St 5:30pm.

*TheOccupiers: Emergency meeting to discuss occupier necessities tomorrow at 5:30pm, 60 Wall St.

– Facilitation Document Discussion

*Document outlines future WG/Caucus acceptance guidelines and how to deal with disruptive individuals/groups, among other things.


One Response to “NYC Operational Spokes Council 11/30/2011 (Summary)”

  1. Dee TIlly Savington

    Last night’s spokes meeting was very inspiring and productive in the beginning.

    The coordinated disruption that happened in the second half brought back to me COINTELPRO disruptions I experienced in the 60s. I think we would be naive to pretend that, or similar tactics wasn’t what was involved last night. The timing is right in the movement for disruptions, the money is there to make it happen, and the way it happened last night was straight out of the playbook.

    If you want to dismiss this as a hyperbolic conspiracy rant from an aging hippie, you are free to do so. However you can also consider this from a different position, throw out the COINTELPRO suggestion, and just recognize that there were people there tonight who were clearly disrespectful, not just to the facilitators but to the rest of us who had to sit there and listen to you take over the meeting.

    There was one gentleman in camouflage pants who needs to step back, he kept aggressively pacing the room, bringing up “points of information” that were nothing but soap box rants, and then amazingly tried to take control by literally hijacked the facilitation, drowning out the patient and calm facilitators with his overly male behavior that needs to be checked. He, and his friends clearly are upset and perhaps do not trust the process, but the way they handled that last night can not be tolerated. There are other places, outside of the meeting, where these issues should be brought up. I dont know who any of you people are, because I am unable to regularly attend meetings, but its clear you are passionate about what is going on and disagree about some aspects, but I would have strongly supported you and the other disruptive elements being removed from the meeting for violating the points of unity, the process, the facilitation and everyone else who came to the meeting, some of us came from a long way away to have you step all over us.

    You can cry ‘free speech’ and “people have a need to be heard” all you want, but that is not a reason for what you and your friends did last night.

    I dont want to criticize the facilitators, but those disruptive people should not have been called on over and over again. I know you want to be nice and inclusive and everything, but you are going to have to be more aggressive about making sure other’s voices are heard, and disruptive elements are removed from the meeting. That wont be easy, but there were some clearly poisonous people there last night who were either intentionally disrupting the meeting, or were doing so unintentionally and needed to be checked. They are negative energy beasts that are taking us down with them.