NYC Operational Spokes Council Minutes 11/16/2011

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Date / Time: Wednesday 11/16/2011 / 7:00pm EST

Location: 56 Walker Street

Facilitators (F): Bea, Nalini, Leo

Taking stack: Melanie, Jason. Keeping time: Jay. Scribe: Annie, Minutes: Carrie



61.1.  Agenda Discussion

61.2.  N17 Planning Report Back

61.3.  Housing and Legal Report Back

61.4.  Discussion of Needs/Offers/Future Plans from Working Groups

61.5.  Index of Contact Info for Groups at this SC

F: How’s everyone doing today? Before we start, you know, we had a rough couple days. Some people are still in jail, some people are just getting out of jail.  [Group engages in collective hug jumping exercise]

F: We’re not gonna use the people’s mic unless we need it. We just want to introduce ourselves—we are the proposed Facilitators.

[hand signal review]


61.1.  Agenda Discussion

F: Now we’re going to go over the proposed agenda, to make sure it’s okay with you. It might be appropriate to break off from what we’ve been doing to talk about needs and how to fulfill each other’s needs, because obviously yesterday was traumatic for a lot of people. This agenda is different from agendas you’ve seen before, so think about it and if it’s what you want to spend your time doing for the next two and a half hours. We hope groups will come up with something for an opening next meeting. [Music volunteers.]

F: There’s gonna be opportunity for every group to talk about their needs and what they can offer and what their next steps are. But for people just out of jail or who don’t have a place to sleep tonight, in order for them to be present, we really need [interrupted].

F: One announcement: November 17, tomorrow, is a Day of Action. There’s a Direct Action (DA) Spokes Council (SC) happening at right now, so a representative from that is going to come here and fill us in on their plan for tomorrow. They’ll take maybe five minutes to lay out tomorrow’s events.

F: Then we’ll have report backs from legal and housing. Because housing and legal are difficult and not really great for the spokes format, we hope people with individual needs can go straight to them, but if you have questions that might be relevant to the whole group, you can ask them.

F: With your permission, there are times when SC is not an appropriate format, so at times we’ll ask if you are comfortable with opening it up for anyone to talk. We thought this was such a time, to talk about legal and housing questions.

F: Then we’ll take a break. The last portion, in our minds, is to do breakout groups in our spokes groups and clustering in groups that make sense to have those conversations with. Last, as logistical groups and caucuses, we are not the GA, so it would be about operational issues only. We’ve been making a lot of decisions in the SC but really the main use of it is as a coordinating body, not making decisions. We probably won’t be making any decisions tonight. … Groups can decide together what they want to work on. After a twenty minute breakout, we’ll have sixty minutes to report back, so this would be a time for Support to talk about how they are supporting people with trauma, or Library to talk about what’s been going on today, for example.

61.1.1.  Q: Press: We need some money to buy stuff because we’re not together anymore and we need to be in communication. We have not been put into this SC, so I want to know the logistics of requesting money, because we really need some stuff.

F: This body is not in a place where it’s doing financial decisions yet. … At the moment, these needs still go through the GA. That’s something we might want to consider, if this body accelerates, but as this stands, we can’t make those decisions.

61.1.2.  New Q: The GA was for people living in close proximity together but now we don’t have an occupation. Do we really have a GA, is what I’m asking?

61.1.3.  New Q: …. All these people who are stakeholders to be in a room together, it’s great in terms of moving forward and determining what the SC is and what it does, but as far as what the movement does, I think the differences between the operational groups are moot. … To all these projects that are looking how to reintegrate into society, … I think now since we don’t have a site, and we’re not going to likely have it.

F: We are proposing an agenda but maybe we should add if people have concrete things they want to put into this—what are our next steps are, etc.—maybe we can add that now. So is that okay, if everyone wants to add friendly amendments (FAs) to this?

F: First, are you okay with moving ahead with this agenda and not making decisions about what groups are in SC?

[mostly positive]

61.1.4.  Q: How are we empowered?

F: SC is empowered just by the fact that we choose to come together. We can’t make financial decisions.

Q: So you’re saying we are …

F: We can make coordinating decisions.

F: Do people want to add to the agenda, what is the future of this SC tonight? Straw poll. Okay, nine in favor, I’m seeing more for Friday. Is it okay if we have a slightly shorter, more fluid agenda tonight because we have a big day tomorrow and I know some people haven’t slept?

61.1.5.  Clarifying Question (CQ): We’re fine with moving forward with this agenda, but we’re wondering when we’re going to go back to creating SC.

F: Maybe Friday or we’ll talk at the end of the meeting. Are there more concerns for the agenda?

61.1.6.  Kitchen: I think we should have on the agenda either later tonight or on a rolling agenda, for Friday, a public discussion about the breakdowns in decision making that led to the calamitous events yesterday. Not to blame, but we should talk about what brought us to this point, and as someone knowledgeable about what was planned for yesterday … I think we should have some discussion of how we ended up without a park.

F: Okay, can I see cards for who wants to see a discussion on this, at some point, Friday or later? [few signs] So, are there any groups NOT interested in that discussion? [few signs]

61.1.6. (continued) Kitchen: To add to that, we’re in a logistical SC; there’s an Action SC that I’m about to leave for. It’s unfortunate that decisions about action are separate from logistics, because we’re facing a lot of issues because …

[slight commotion]

F: Okay, it’s been a long forty-eight hours, but this is not the time to yell at each other. We are all still one. I want to say two things: We can either talk about this Friday and have that as an agenda point, or people can talk about it today. Also, as a friendly amendment (FA), it can go into our next steps in coordination. This is a broad thing and lots can go into it.

Kitchen: We accept that as a FA.

61.1.7.  Concerns  Sustainability: Cory: I wanted to add, there was a lot of talk on Twitter today about a new office that was leased, but I haven’t seen anything about that.

F: Maybe the Organization group can talk about that.  Press: We’d like an emergency measure that just for today, that any group that is represented can participate … just for today.

F: We are not trying to make large consensus decisions today, so we’re going to continue that all groups in the room have a voice.  Press: I’m saying that all groups here can request money or make logistical decisions … in light of the past forty-eight hours, I think that would be beneficial to our group.

F: [interrupted]  [Sage, of the Occupiers with Restrictive Diets working group (WG) objects to F jumping stack.]: I’m waiting on stack. Why do F’s get to respond directly … ?

F: I appreciate that. (continued) Sage: I don’t care, all I care is … If you don’t get on stack, I’m not getting on stack.

F: Next on stack: Sage. (continued) Sage: There are three basic agenda point and they are very simple. The things that led us to yesterday was us not doing these three things. Every conversation we have should be, what are my needs, what are your needs, how can we fulfill those needs, where are we going in the future? … We should stick to the agenda. Questions should not be on the agenda.  Rick: When are we going to have a discussion about reclaiming Zuccotti? I was there all night because it seemed important. There was press there and …

F: That could come out of what our next steps are.

Sage: Is that Direct Action (DA) that takes care of those things?  Town Planning: The guy from Press was talking about the need of this group to talk about finances when who knows if the GA is able to deal …

Point of Information (PoI): F: There are resources for groups if they need things. Like, I’m a part of Labor, and we can talk to Press and help them get things they need. Like, we can talk to outside sources.

F: The GA is not defunct. It happened last night and should happen tomorrow night. It should still be the body making financial decisions. It’s not for us to say it can’t.

PoI: I was in the park before this and they announced there’d be a GA at 7:30.  Pete from Finance: We’ve been put in a position where we can’t release funds to anyone. We don’t have a table to disburse funds or a way to interface with the WGs to disburse funds, and if this thing is going to go on tomorrow, we need a way to actually disburse funds. I need to know what’s going on with finances. If there’s a GA going on right now where they’re proposing things, like financial things, how are we supposed to go forward? Our group has been in limbo. A lot of groups have. Some of these groups don’t even have a reason to exist anymore.

F: The needs you’re describing are a huge need.

Pete: It also affects the needs of everyone here.

F: …. At that point, we can discuss how to make financial decisions …

Press: in light of that, I will withdraw my request

Pete: Just FYI, We have raised $577,000 online, $252,000 in Amalgamated Bank accounts, $74,000 in another, and we have $120,000 pending to be paid to us.

F: We would like to close stack on the agenda for how this meeting is going to go forward.  Nan: Since I have a lady’s WG but I’m also … I want to know how long we’re going to be in the church.

F: That’s on the agenda.  Q: I think if there’s a decision-making body going on right now, we should go.

PoI: I heard it was just going to be a soapbox-style meeting.

F: Stack is closed for concerns

[some cross-talking]

F: I have lots of energy but I’ve only slept for two hours. They think they can stop us, but they can’t. Let’s keep it positive, keep it smooth.

F: We’re going to move forward with group commandments [decided on at previous SC]: no cross talk; one voice, respect the process, only spokes speaking, mutual respect, prioritize time-sensitive material, step up, step back, breathe, honor each other’s voices, use “I” statements, WAIT (Why am I talking?), be open, be accessible, civility, participation.

F: I’d like to introduce a new hand signal, a teepee over your head, which means respect. Respect the house, respect each other. So use that if you’d like.


61.2.  N17 Report Back

61.2.1.  Direct Action: The way the day’s going to work is we have three large actions plans: “Breakfast,” massing for it at 7am, shortly before the Stock Exchange opens, shutting it down, flooding Wall Street with bodies, in a highly arrestable situation. We expect hundreds of arrests. “Lunch” will be a less arrestable time, massing in many different subway stations, doing mic checks in subway stations and lines, talking about social and economic injustice. “Dinner,” we’ll meet at Foley Square and march to the Brooklyn Bridge. Allies from unions will join us, and there will be multiple levels of arrestability. We expect arrests for that as well. Hopefully, but not definitely, we’ll be shutting down the Brooklyn Bridge.

F: The last part is not so true. Lunch is going out to the communities and bringing them in and being welcoming. Two things with Dinner: There is a coordinated arrest planned. This means the labor unions (they are not as dope as us, but we love them) a lot of their members can’t take a hard arrest, so as their union they are coordinating people to be arrested in front of the Brooklyn Bridge. If you decide you want to be arrested, they have offered full legal help. Their legal team can help you.  Q: Why do there need to be arrests?

F: Labor wanted to have arrests, just as a show. This is what they do. This is their piece. You can come see me if you have questions about this piece. Then there’s going to be some awesome light show on the Brooklyn Bridge.  Comment: I got an idea to give people who’ve occupied Wall Street medals, make them and give them to people. I think it would be beautiful.  Press: Feel free to talk to me about press ideas after SC.

F: For more information on N17 activities, go to there’s a banner at the top, November 17 actions.

F: And it’s an international day of action.


61.3.  Housing and Legal Report Backs

61.3.1.  Housing: We do have some housing in churches. We are using St. Paul & Andrew at 263 W 86th between Broadway and West End. There’s no drugs and alcohol in churches. There were reports last night of this. We need to make sure this doesn’t happen again. If you spread the word, remind them of this.  We need people from Security or people to volunteer to be security, who feel comfortable telling people to throw away that joint or whatever. See me outside. Also, that venue last night, we’re told it closes at 10:30. You need to be there at 10:30 and there’s no in and out. We’re gonna need security and medics tonight and tomorrow and maybe for a few days. If you cannot afford a Metrocard, buy one get a receipt and we will reimburse you later.  Q: How many people does St. Paul fit?

A: 140. Also I know there are people at Judson [Church]. If you’re there, talk to me. For now, we are just sending people to St. Paul & Andrew. [thanks other group members]

61.3.2.  Legal: Gideon Oliver with the National Lawyers Guild: I’d like to give a summary of what happened yesterday when police massed around and raided the park: Those of us in NLG woke up others to do legal observing and then to respond to many calls about arrests and property destruction. There’s a group of lawyers mostly from NLG but also from NYC Legal WG, separate from the Liberty Square Legal WG. We woke up a New York Supreme Court judge, and hastily put together some papers and rushed to meet her to get them signed. We got a temporary restraining order enjoining the city, the NYPD, FDNY, and Brookfield Properties from evicting people from the park and preventing people from entering the park with tents and other items. It was signed at 6:30 and we served it to the city, etc., at 7:45. We then served it in hard copy to cops at the park, including Police Chief Joseph Esposito. They ignored it. They even said, “We were going to let people back in, but now we’re not going to because you got an order telling us we had to.” … The case went to Judge Stallman for a hearing for two hours in his courtroom. … The judge said he’d issue a decision. We were asking for the second judge to extend the restraining order that the first judge gave us. We complained that the cops were ignoring it, and there’s a question if there’s room to make … about the city ignoring a judge’s order. At 4pm, he issued a decision denying our request and scheduling a reply from the city by the 23rd or something, and a reply from us by the 30th, with a view toward making a decision on the paper without a hearing.  In terms of what happens next, there’s a lot of options: the lawsuit could be withdrawn, move forward, move forward with other plaintiffs. … The consensus of the Liberty Park WG is that because the risks before going in to court were to say you have to get out of the park, but now the risks have changed because that’s not really a possibility anymore, so we think that moving forward with litigation makes sense, if it makes sense to you all.  The NLG put together a property retrieval and claims for loss or damages sheet …. It will also be on the website.

Housing: Raise your hand if you think you’re going to go to St. Paul to sleep. I said it closes at 10:30, it should take you 45 minutes to get there, but it could take longer if you don’t know the city. Also, if anyone can volunteer to do security, we need to leave in an hour, so please meet me outside.  Legal: The papers that were submitted by both sides and the decision that the judge issued, if they are not up on the website yet, will be. Bail money, if there’s a need for bail money tomorrow, that’s something someone should be thinking about.  Questions

F: Just a reminder, questions must be relevant to the entire group. We are opening stack.  Q: About the current state of the barricades, the limited entrance and exit, and that not being any part of the rules. What is your group doing about that?

A: Legal: We are very concerned about the restrictions. Whether or not there is something to do about that in terms of legal action is something we could talk about maybe after we see what happens tomorrow and know how important the park is to the occupation and the movement. It’s not that nothing could be done, but it wouldn’t be easy.  Ethan: 1) What’s the deal with Brookfield private security? 2) Is there a plan of getting folks together to discuss a meeting outside this group to discuss aggressive litigation strategies?

A: Legal: The security guards are employed by Brookfield to enforce their rules. It’s a tossup which is worse—having the police or security guards enforcing their rules. There’s certainly nothing we can do about their presence there. In terms of a litigation strategy meeting, we just had one, and we’re going to be having them a lot over the course of the next couple days. I don’t know about the OWS Legal WG, but I assume and hope there are a lot of them.  Q: Someone approached me and told me the security guards had pushed them …

Ethan: They beat the shit out of me.

Q: Yeah, so.

A: Legal: Of course, if anyone beats you up, you can talk about suing them. In terms of authority, they have quasi-police power. Press strategies in the short term might be more effective than litigation.  Q: Can the tenants of the park do litigation against Bloomberg or … Do the lawyers suggest we make a stand with arrests as being political prisoners and not jaywalkers …?  Q: Can there be a civil suit for people who can’t get their property back?

A: Legal: I think it’s going to take a few days for the dust to settle as far as what they destroyed what they took. We need more facts. If individuals have property they absolutely need back, you can call NLG and we can talk about helping you. There are lots concerns about class action. One, if there’s class action, the city can come in and get an injunction against the class, which could be anyone who is or could be, an occupier. And as far as this, you don’t really need a class, just a few plaintiffs. But if we do move forward with litigation, we … And arrests, that’s more a political question than a legal one. Whoever gets arrested can get a lawyer and make that decision.  CQ: Can you describe the difference between a political prisoner and jaywalking?

A: Legal: I personally have an opinion on that, but I would feel uncomfortable answering while representing the NLG.  Q: What about desecration of the altar, what legal actions … ?

A: Legal: I would fold that into what to do about the cops fucking up property. Sorry, that’s a crude way of putting it, not only because of the swear, but I would fold it in.  Chanel: I was really disturbed about them checking bags and not letting people in with bags. Is that allowed?

A: Legal: No. The police are supposed to have a suspicion before searching bags like that, unless there are exceptional needs. Like when they started doing subway searches … they said … that could be the kind of logic the city applies here. Before the Republican Convention, the city was challenged in court about barricades and searches and … I think we need to see what happens over the next couple days.

POI: Bobby from Finance: Gideon mentioned getting a reimbursement for property that was taken. If you bought something through Finance for your WG, we should have receipts, so we will try to put a form online so you … because we should have the receipt, and that could help you.  Q: What should you do if you’re a donator of tents, etc., and not an occupier? Also, along with bags being checked, they are refusing any instruments in the park and I’m wondering what the legal reason is for that and if we have any response for that.

A: Legal: I can’t imagine any justification in the universe why they wouldn’t let instruments in the park. If we move forward with litigation, that would be a great example of how bat-shit nuts they are.  [someone shouts they won’t let food in, either] And food. Maybe that would show the judge how they are misinterpreting his order. As for the other question, receipts of any kind will make getting your stuff back way easier.  Q: Can we give them photocopies of receipts?

A: Legal: Yes! Don’t give them anything original.  Q: When the police came … As a WG, what I’d like to see for those WGs who got items destroyed, can the WGs come together and make a class action? Also, a lot of people got IDs taken, but you need ID to get property back, so is there anything we can do?

A: Legal: We are hearing a ton about them hurting people, destroying property … In terms of what’s going on in the next couple days, we aren’t going to be able to think about that right now. The city is making this up as they go along. People should try to get their stuff back and if they can’t, they should document what happens, who says they can’t have it, and why.

PoI: You don’t need an ID. You go and say they took my ID—you don’t need it to get in.

PoI: I was contacted by a woman with the ACLU interested in putting together a case concerning the people who were not allowed to leave the night of the raid. For instance, in the march I was with, it was impossible to leave the group even if you were trying to leave to go home or to the bathroom or whatever, because the police were on every side and would attack you. So if that happened to you, I want to hear about it and maybe in the future we can put a case together. Contact:  Q: At some point recently, the Medic tent had started to collect people’s info to create medical histories. When they were raided, they said under HIPAA these would be confidential. I wonder if you talked to Medical or if the medical records were part of what you were working on?

A: Medical’s not here but I can contact them via text.

Legal: All I know is that people have been concerned about getting prescriptions back.

Emergency announcement from Zuccotti: We got raided again. They took the Library. They took the food. They took boxes of food and fruit. I’ve been there all day working Sanitation. We need people down there. They wouldn’t have taken stuff so easily if more people were there. There are only thirty people.

[some people saying this meeting should have been at the park]  Comment: We still have people getting out of jail who do not have food, dry clothes, or somewhere to stay tonight, so for people who are thinking about getting arrested tomorrow … we should only talk about this …

PoI (Jail Support): Very few people are being released tonight; they are being released Friday morning.

Legal: There are 10-15 people left in, and we expect them to be released tonight, slowly. People arrested yesterday will be out before tomorrow morning.  Comment: When we take a break, those of us for whom it’s a priority to take back that space, maybe we should go down there and talk about it.

[some cross-talking]

F: We are all we have. Let’s be kind to each other. So let’s sing happy birthday to Nalini, who missed her birthday yesterday because she was in jail.


F: We’re going to break for five minutes.


[during break some people leave to go down to see what’s going on at Zuccotti]


61.4.  Needs Discussion

F: So I know that people already started meeting and talking, but we should get into groups, sit down, and discuss. We want you to answer these questions:

–                    What do we need as a group?

–                    What can we offer as a group?

–                    What are our next steps as a group?

F: You should cluster with people you can work with and exchange ideas with. Then report back.

[Sage suggests alternative because he doesn’t think this process will work. He thinks we should all get thirty seconds to say what our needs are.]

F: Temp check on breaking out into small groups—if you have your working group here, you can meet with them, or find other working groups that might have just individuals and then report back (which we consensed on).

[some positive]

Temp check on the second proposal, to have all individuals talk.

Sage: I think it would be easier to find people to talk to if we all hear each other’s needs and then we’ll know how other people can help us.

[temp check: more positive]

F: So we’re going to do that, but you have to speak through your spoke, so spokes have to discuss with their groups.

[Man points out that every time Sage wants to speak, F doesn’t let him, but when he does speak, people like it.]

[disturbances and shouting]

F: Again, this happens. We’ve been through so many things. So can we take three minutes to talk to your groups about what you need, what you can offer, and then your spoke will speak for you?

[spokes/groups convene]

Reports from WGs on needs, offers, future plans.

F: We’re gonna go around and hear needs, offers, next steps. I know everyone is having side conversations, but we did just consense that spokes had to be ready right now. All right, so, is there any particular group that wants to start?

61.4.1.  Volunteer Services: A lot of people don’t even know we existed. We used to be the part of the Part-Time Caucus group, individuals who couldn’t be there every day or sleep there at night. We are Volunteer Services because that’s what we became de facto. An announcement: We have a list of volunteers who want to help on an hourly basis. We’re going to pass out cards and your WG can say where, what, when you need volunteers. Be specific about tasks they will do. Contact:

61.4.2.  Town Planning: We need a town to plan! Reoccupy!  “Kind of with” Town Planning: I’ve been working for three weeks on event tents to cover the whole park. I’d like permission to go talk to Brookfield about this. I have all kinds of sticks, liabilities … Legal put a hold on me because they didn’t want to define the state of play, but now everything’s changed.

F: I know we all want to respond directly, but we’re going to write them down, so we can put together ad hoc groups to deal with them. Let’s set a precedent of not responding directly to each one.

61.4.3.  Outreach: We’ve got a pretty decent communications network, volunteers, contacts with community groups, other GAs. We can help with messaging, getting the word out, printing. That’s what we’d like to offer. Contact:

61.4.4.  Shipping, Inventory & Storage (SIS): We need people to be patient. Now, since the raid, the UFT building has changed their rules, so everyone has to go in back and only ten people at a time can be in there. Offer: People need ponchos, new socks, coats—we have a lot of that. Contact: owsshipping You can place an order for specific needs, stuff to stay dry, etc. has contact numbers where you can call in if you don’t have access to e-mail.

61.4.5.  Design: We don’t have any needs. We can design fliers. If there are graphic designers or if you know one, contact us:

61.4.6.  Music: Our offers are coordinating musicians and … if you have a march or anything you’ll be organizing, we’d like to offer musicians. Offer: Coordinating any kind of benefits. We’d like to work with financial events such as benefits, … Also, we’d like to offer music therapy to shelters as unifying, soothing music therapy. Needs: More tech support for developing an online musicians’ database, a clearinghouse for all we just offered. We are not tech savvy. We’d like to establish constant musical presence in the park aligned with the musical therapy I just described …

61.4.7.  Info: One of the big things we can offer is an extensive contact list. We are still operating and it’s a great way to get out messages … If we can get our priorities in line, Info can assist with whatever needs to happen.

61.4.8.  Press: We need sources of info. If something happens you think is noteworthy, contact us at We can offer a louder voice. If you’ve been brutalized or if something of value or spiritual value was taken from you and you want to get that out, we can offer that. If you want to be heard, we can help you with that.

61.4.9.  Finance: In the immediate future, thirty-six hours, we need to stay safe so we can facilitate … during N17 activities. As far as once we find a way to set up onsite donations again … we are in the process of looking for new place to get our desk set up again and something we REALLY want (fantasize about at night) is getting the SC budget set up and running.

61.4.10.  People of Color (PoC): We are offering getting the word out about

We have a large list of people in the boroughs.

61.4.11.  Kitchen: Needs a space to serve food. We have been thwarted by the cops at every turn to serve food. Bear with us; we are working our hardest. We need patience understanding, protein bars, and water. …

61.4.12.  Safety: I’m speaking on behalf of the Safety cluster of five groups.  Support has been providing emotional support. We are currently offering support at jails, … and wherever there are large convergences of people. We will also offer counseling. Contact: We need: physical space, regular and consistent info about where we will be needed. If you have an event where you think you need support, let us know. We also need walkie-talkies for in the park, more shelters we can send people to, in the short term and also for the, oh, 200 people who were living at the park. When we get a physical space, we need a tent and want it to be close to Medical. We need SIS to be providing ponchos at jail support, coats, food, bottled waters, cigarettes, etc.  Safer Spaces: Direct survivor support can offer connections to people who’ve had harassment, … We are still working on a community agreement and can offer conversations …. We need other groups to spread awareness about Safer Spaces. Contact: or 646-580-7489. We need access to a decompression room—we need a 24/7 space where we can take survivors and people who need safe space. If there are healers, let us know. When space opens up, we need a voice about where tents are. Community Alliance is working to reconvene.

PoI: Medical: The medical records are in custody they are working with lawyers on that. They need donations of medical supplies but are set for tomorrow’s action.  NVC and Mediation can provide mediation. You can go to mediation training, which is still happening on a daily basis from 12-2 at 60 Wall Street. We can help to facilitate any of your meetings. We need a shift in the culture of meetings ….

61.4.13.  Activist Legal WG, different from the Liberty Park Legal WG: We don’t need anything right now. We need your input for anything we can do for you. If you need legal advice, we will put you in touch with people who can help you. We also want to make sure jail support is provided. We need volunteers for that. You are encouraged to assist with that. Contact: The jail support phone to volunteer to help or if you need it is 774-257-4697. After shit goes down tomorrow, there will be people monitoring this number. If you can’t find a friend, leave their name and birthdate.  Q: How many people in here have been arrested? How many two times? Three times? We are from “Direct Direct Direct” Action. We don’t have a sign; we didn’t know this was going on. We don’t have time to come to these meetings because we’re out there … We are starting to feel like pawns when the kings are in here, not out there on the front lines. Contact:

Back to LEGAL: Jail Support has jail support forms. We want to know ahead of time if you think you might get arrested. It might be easier to find you in the system. Call this number (774-257-4697) and they will get you a form to fill out ahead of time.

61.4.14.  Movement Building: We have been building bridges with other occupations nationally but also internationally and we’ve been hosting calls that have had hundreds of people on them and hosting WG-to-WG calls, We had one yesterday for DA and had 100 people on it and they came out with a press release expressing solidarity with us. If you want to have a call like this, we can help you with that. Our website is If there are actionable steps people can take, you can go here. If during an emergency situation you have info that should get posted to that, e-mail: We have a green bus that can fit up to 30 people. For instance, we heard New Haven can host people and we could get them there. Contact:  We need more of a coordinated effort at outreach during emergency situations. We would love to work with people to get better coordinated. We had a similar experience when trying to get info out about Oakland. We need the GA to continue as a decision-making body. We think it should happen tomorrow. It’s important to keep the building block of who we are going on a consistent basis. We need people. We want people who are actually doing work. We have general meetings at 60 Wall Street, 6 pm, Tuesday and Thursday. The bus is gonna be going on tour to other occupations, and they need facilitators and mediators interested in going on tour with them.

61.4.15.  Strong Women Rules: We need housing (extremely important!), dry female clothes, shoes, toiletries, sleeping bags.

61.4.16.  Organization: In response to logistical concerns about the last 36 hours, we’ve had people at 50 Wall Street who’ve been working …  Contact: If you have important info at any time, e-mail it to that address. We are a mobile movement, we need a communications center. You can also text or call 917-830-4630 if you have or need info. Two people wasn’t enough to handle the past 48 hours. We need people to volunteer to help out, even if you can just do it for one day. Contact Greg at Tomorrow there’s a DA tactical team. About the office, the deal is it officially opened on Monday. It’s open for any WGs that need office space, but there’s an interview process. First, e-mail:

61.4.17.  Women Occupying Wall Street (WOW): We need to know how many of our members were arrested today because we have a mysterious dearth of e-mail responses. We need a women’s safe space. We can offer support and lend our ears. We have a meeting tomorrow, 6pm at 60 Wall Street, if the action allows it.

61.4.18.  Occupiers: Jason: A lot of occupiers left when guy talked about a re-raid of the park. We’d just like to remind everybody to keep a presence in the park. Go home, get on Facebook and blast off info. We always need a presence in the park, if they can only come two hours or overnight.  Q: Is there a group of people coordinating this, like making sure there are people in the park?

F: No, we’ll put that on the needs list.  Q from F: Legal, do you recommend everyone fill out the jail support forms? Because you never know when something’s going to pop off? Because anything could happen?

A: Legal: Yes.

61.4.19.  People’s Library: So as you know, the Library was destroyed, 4,000 to 6,000 books were thrown in with trash … we recovered 1% of what we had. Right before this meeting began, the library was again raided by police. We are offering books from storage that will pop up in small quantities. … If you want books, our Twitter feed is @owslibrary and our website is

61.4.20.  Direct Action: I know you guys got a quick N17 briefing, but more about Breakfast: Meet at Zuccotti. There will be three color-coded marches that will take different routes around. A need would be if you feel comfortable leading marches, be there at 6:30. We don’t know what the perimeter will be. We will have to be fluid. There’s a DA Spokes Council that might still be going at the end of this. In terms of future actions, we are not there yet. In terms of needs: Just looking around I feel bad because there were people in the park on Monday and I’m just really thankful for all your actions wherever, office, home. I love you for that. If you want to be a part of DA, I’ll put it up on the board… I’m super tired, I just got out of jail.

PoI: What about Foley Square?

DA: There is communication to be set up tomorrow across marches and WGs, so if you want to be involved with that, come see me. For occupiers, this is not a DA offer, but I was contacted by someone who wants to start a website for people who are not here in city but want to do four-hour shifts.  Q: Do you have a strategy for approaching the park?

A: DA: We … We are kind of hoping the police will push the barricades out far, so the NYPD effectively shuts down Wall Street for us [laughter]. We are gathering at Zuccotti and, if you can’t, follow the colored marches, moving into wherever the barricades are. The main action will be sitting in front of barricades, not allowing people to get through them to get to work. Resurrecting the history of civil disobedience. People holding their signs, it’s like that Tumblr blog brought to life. In terms of other actions, we support that, … There are agreements: We won’t engage in property destruction or being violent with other humans; sticking with the target—our messaging stays on the Stock Exchange, not the city, not the cops, not the media; sticking to the guidelines and the Principles of Solidarity …  DA: We have been seeing a lot of brutality and fighting in the media and there are a lot of people from marginalized communities coming and we can’t guarantee it will be safe, but we want it to be accessible, acting in a way that people can see themselves in us.

PoI: We have a guy here who has already shut down the NYSE in the past, so DA should talk to him.

PoI: I found out if you yell in a cop’s face, they can arrest you.  CQ: Is there a Twitter feed to see where to go?

A: DA: @OccupyWallSt and @OccupyWallStNYC will have a person on the ground. If they get arrested, the tweets will be delayed but they’ll keep coming.

61.4.21.  Tech: We can offer a space that has not been taken from us: the digital space. We want people to still use We are also working on And I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the Permabank project, where individuals and groups can go and build profiles with needs, wants and you’ll be able to find each other with search capabilities. At the e-mail, you can send your list of wants/needs there. We can populate profiles starting now. Our e-mail is

61.4.22.  OWS en Espanol: … We feel that we must create a presence there even after tomorrow, we need a street meeting there weekly. We could just have fliers about the movement. We are also promoting an event this Sunday about domestic violence, mainly about women who have suffered it, mainly immigrant women. I have the flier right here. We feel that we can work with Outreach in order to promote this event, and also work with PoC and Music, DA, WOW. For the future, we just need a table at some future space. Contact: or e-mail

61.4.23.  Facilitation WG: We need to ensure that lines of communication are open. Without a physical space, we want to make sure that people are accessible, that contact info is up to date on the website, and that we have ways of communicating with each other. We need your suggestions. We are constantly evaluating ourselves. We have a suggestion box, and would love your feedback that way. You are welcome at our meetings, 4 pm, 60 Wall Street. We are in the process of starting a facilitators list, so people leading these meetings and GA are not just coming from people able to attend our meetings but from any WG and occupiers. We want more direct outreach to groups so you don’t have to come to our meetings, we can come to yours. We can offer trainings, intro to direct democracy. For your WGs if you want a facilitator, we would love to do that. We are here to support the community.

61.4.24.  Occupiers with Restrictive Diets WG: Sage: I’m gluten free, so basically some people’s bodies can handle some things and some can’t. The best way to handle that is to give that person a gift card from Whole Foods. That’s what I was doing. I need to be acknowledged as a working group. Finding people who have restrictive diets and getting them to stand up and say they have restrictive diets, it’s very difficult … I’m not a 99% kind of person. … I just need support so I can fulfill these needs for people. I need to replace my bucket. … I need to be able to go up to the GA or this group. Even if I’m only one person today, I need support. The reason I am always fighting is I don’t operate in culture. I didn’t go to school … I had to beg all day today just so I could have one meal. … If anyone here has restrictive diets, I need you to stand up and tell me.

61.4.25.  Arts & Culture: We would love to be able to offer more of an aesthetic messaging for the movement; it’s really challenging right now to do that. We need multipurpose space … We’d love to be more of a functional, operational part of this movement. We need a multipurpose space, an art studio for painters, etc. We can offer signage, banners, etc., if we get that.

61.4.26.  Screen Printing Guild: We need the same. We can offer custom designs … We did a special shirt for Medical so they are easily identifiable and for Security for 11/11. If you need a special design, we can do that.

PoI: I’m sure you know, Yetta Kurland has been helpful to us. Last year she was working with us during the St. Vincent’s closing, and she helped us store our art stuff, so maybe we can contact her.

61.4.27.  OCCUPYWALLST.ORG Affinity Group: One of the things we’ve been doing is throwing up needs for this movement, so emergency needs, if we need physical things, we can ask for them. We have hundreds of thousands of people who visit our site and our Twitter every day, so we can get you shit.

PoI: It’s important to remember that it’s an affinity group and autonomous. Every person who’s on the street here in NYC [in this group] is in the Press working group.

F: When we become a real SC, affinity groups won’t get a spoke. For now it’s okay.

Sage: I just realized you don’t need to have special needs in order to be part of his group … if you have a fully functional intestinal system, you can still help out. It would make me less confrontational if I had help.

[lots of uptwinkles]

Tech: I’m willing to put this whole list [of needs and offers] on Permabank.

Dan: We are running a service called, a service where people can tweet and report incidents, police actions, anything, directly on to the site so we can have an overview of what’s going on.

F: I suggest that all these groups that are working on information hubs can work together or consolidate information. [Organization volunteers to organize this project.]

Q: On Friday are we going to get back to voting groups in to SC?

F: I’m going to take off my F hat and suggest that maybe because we’re in a different moment now, we can just move forward and be inclusive of everybody. Congratulations on participating in your first Spokes Council!

Finance: We put together basic budget forms for each working group and we’ll give them to all y’all …

Comment: I’m really fucking tense right now. Make sure your phones are charged.

Movement Building: Will there be a GA tomorrow, publicized, and able to make decisions that are backlogged? Can we put out a statement saying there is a GA tomorrow?

F: Since we cannot, as SC, cancel a GA, there will be a GA. Since F has been finding spaces when Zuccotti is not available …

F: There will be a GA. Someone will facilitate it. If we get arrested, this community knows what to do.

F: 7pm at Zuccotti.

Organization: If Zuccotti is closed to us, contact

Q: Who’s doing logistics for tomorrow and where can I find them?

F: Sam [points].

F: Thanks everyone and our hosts who have graciously donated this space to us. I want to mention that the Spokes Council on Friday will not be here and might be somewhere uptown. And our hosts don’t want any trouble with their neighbors, so please go up the block.


61.5.  Index of Contact Info for Groups at this SC



Direct Direct Direct Action:




Legal :


Jail support: 774-257-4697




Medical: Bring supplies to SIS (52 Broadway)




Movement Building:;;;




Organization: 917-830-4630;;


OWS en Espanol:;


People of Color (PoC):


People’s Library: @OWSLibrary (Twitter);




Safer Spaces:; 646-580-7489








Town Planning:


Volunteer Services:



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