New Feature: Group Email Subscriptions

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We’re pleased to announce that along with rolling out a new look and feel for the site, we have also just introduced another frequently-requested feature: Group Email Subscriptions.

Now, all members of a group can subscribe to email notifications for activity within that group. On the group’s main page, if you are a member of the group, under the “Leave Group” button, you’ll see a new line that says “Your email status is”. Here, you can click to change your subscription level. The options are:

  • No Email: I will read this group on the web
  • Weekly Summary: Get a summary of topics each Thursday
  • Daily Digest: Get the day’s activity bundled into one email at 5:00 AM
  • New Topics: Send new topics as they arrive (but no replies)
  • All Email: Send all group activity as it arrives

Each member can adjust his/her own preferences and set it up just how they like it. Plus, you can have different settings for each group you’re in. How useful!

And if all that didn’t knock your socks off, Group Admins can now send mass emails to all members of their group. Yay for communication!

6 Responses to “New Feature: Group Email Subscriptions”

  1. tom osher

    First, I would like to get the daily news digest, but see no button to click.
    Secondly, I have a non commercial website: since 1998. I would like someone to take it over or to make it a space for others to share self sustainable ideas. It already has a lot and I realize one can google and get info, this is what really kind of undermined, unintentionally the idea of the site, but it still has some viability, especially if there was more input from outside sources, articles, photos, and videos. I have let it slide a lot and only occasionally add new material. But I think that what ows is about, coincides with the intention of the website and if someone has the skills and time to take it on, I think it would be great. Love, Mofwoofoo in Ecuador

  2. Urbaned

    Great news, Jake. These kinds of informative posts are most helpful. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  3. alexis

    Has anyone been able to make the group email work thus far? I just sent out one, but I did not receive it. Will the admin who sends the mail receive a copy of the group mail?


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