3 Responses to “Get informed about Trademark decisions being made”

  1. Laura Graham

    My dad is a Patent and Trademark Attorney….let me know if you guys need any help in that area!

  2. Urbaned

    Who are you? What is the difference between OccupyWallStreet.org, OccupyAssembly.org, OccupyTogether, Occupystream.org, InterOcc, OccupyEverywhere, OccupyCafe, NationalOccupy, OccupyUnity, and OccupyNYC? Occupiers want to know! So, claim your page and briefly explain your purpose at: http://owsnames.wikispaces.com Thanks!!

    • Trish

      My suggestion is not to go there. Too many attempts to co-op info. from recognized Occupy entities. Sit tight, give time, TIME, and accept the fact there are enemies within.

      peace & progress