First Spokes Council – 7pm @ 60 Wall st

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The Structure Working Group will be holding a Spokes Council Orientation, including going through a mock proposal, Group check-ins and other procedural issues tonight at 7pm at the 60 Wall St atrium. We will have a better space for Monday night.

We are asking that every group send at least the Spoke they will send to the Monday night first meeting so they will be familiar with the process. They are encouraged to send more people.

Please download the registration form (PDF)


*There will still be a General Assembly as well

6 Responses to “First Spokes Council – 7pm @ 60 Wall st”

  1. Patricia Lutz


    Can you please update the GA Meeting events listings to reflect this first meeting and the new Spokescouncil meeting schedule?


    • Patricia Lutz

      Sorry, to be clear, I meant to update the Monday, November 7, 7pm GA Meeting event to reflect that this will be the first Spokes Council meeting. In addition, could someone please update the ongoing GA Meeting events listings to reflect the new meeting schedule.

      Also, can we please provide some context and procedural information for the registration form? Such as… what it’s for? Who needs to fill it out (e.g., existing groups that are already recognized by the GA? New groups? Working groups AND affinity groups?)? Is there a due date? How should it be submitted? Etc.

  2. Francis Lenetti

    If there is going to be a spokesperson. I will no longer be part of this movement and guaranty i will go down there and discourage everyone. We don’t need a person. We need resolutions in written form.

  3. Cecil Franklin

    I will be attending the 11-7-11 meeting, and will have a hummus sandwich (foot-long/30.48cm, all organic and local) for the first person who announces “Some occupiers are more equal than others.” REVOLUTION, MY BRETHREN!!!

  4. jarret wolfman

    @ohgazzoo and others who are against the idea of a spokes council: why don’t you all go to one of the meetings first and then decide how horrible it is. i’m not sure if it’s a good idea or not but i’m withholding judgement until i see it in action. usually, i like to taste things before i decide that i don’t like them. :)

    • huh, where is the transparency?

      Everyone should read this in regard to the spokes council and what is happening with OWS (hint: Animal Farm?):

      It may or may not be an accurate representation – but it needs to be discussed openly. And right away. Or people will turn away from this movement and a brief opening for change will be gone.