10 Responses to “Finance Transparency Statement”

  1. Eve Gittelson

    This is a magnificent document. You are leading the way in what responsible transparency really means. Thank you.

  2. Madeline Nelson

    Where is the food working group in the expenses? My understanding is that more than $1000/day has been spent on catered food, which may make it the biggest single expense.

  3. Unamused

    Madeline the food is listed. However I don’t see the $20 grand to Oakland listed, and the cost of the processing is ludicious. I also question the comfort amount as they approved, just this last time $2000, for doing the laundry. I understood it was $500 the first time round. So, many things are not adding up. Seems more is going for administration than anything, as well.

  4. Jenn

    This is the “detailed” report? Is that a joke? How much less detailed can you be?

  5. silence514

    Just curious but if we’re paying to maintain the park where did the 150 million that Obama gave in the form of a Gov’t Grant/Loan? go ?? It was given to Bloombergs girlfriend..who is part of the park management group….Why isn’t THAT being used for the purpose for which it was given ….to maintain the park ??

  6. Christina Wilson

    I would like to see an itemized budget and expense report of all money received by Occupy Wall Street. I was told it has been posted at http://www.nycga.net and i have searched and have not found it. i would like the direct link. Right now it seems like a needle in a haystack trying to find it.

  7. huh, where is the transparency?

    This presentation overall seems the opposite of transparent. It seems actually very opaque. The financial statement is a summary with no details. No one seems to be answering the questions that are being posted on this blog. Getting answers to questions would be the first, most basic step.

  8. Jordan Soreff

    Not sure, but I think they are referring to the 16 page document on the Finance Group’s Blog, Financial Releases Tab which has some rudimentary “financial statements” within it. There is a Balance Sheet and P&L as of 10/18/2011