Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/29 General Assembly: Trish

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The GA establishes a GA Council and GAs be held six (6) days a week. A GA Council would be representatives of working groups, affinity groups, & caucus. The GA embodies the heart of our movement. It is the body that enables the greatest percentage (consensus) of participation in the movement.

A GA Council would empower the movement and provide transparency, openness, accountability and inclusiveness regarding the logistical concerns of the occupiers and the movement in general.

8 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/29 General Assembly: Trish”

  1. JZ

    I’d suggest more people focus on more ideas and more proposals that are focused on improving the GA (indoor + outreach to get more people to attend) and more ideas that help improve proposals that focus on housing, job support, and getting more people to strategically pressure those in power so they bend to the will of the people’s interests (please be at the Columbus Circle corner of Central Park tomorrow at 4pm).

    Inner conflict and perpetuation of divisions is what those in politics + money interests want to have happen as soon as possible.

  2. s.t.

    ++++ JZ

    one small FA to the wise words: replace the word “jobs” with the word “work”. “jobs” implies that a positive outcome is that we all have the opportunity to trade our time and labor for pieces of green paper that bond all of us to a highly dysfunctional debt-based monetary system (with attached usury) that is currently spiraling wildly out-of-control and is arguably on the verge of collapse, whether by implosion or explosion.

    a “job” may be “work” (or sometimes not), but then we must ask ourselves to what ends is the work accomplishing? “work” may be a “job” in the traditional sense, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

    possible truism: it is possible on this planet (although increasingly rare) is to sustain oneself (and others) on a basic survival level (food, water, shelter) without having a job. however, it is definitely NOT possible to do this without work.

    if one is willing to entertain this notion, riddle me this: what is the work required to accomplish this for not only oneself but as many as possible? and what is the most effective use of one’s time & labor in order to accomplish these goals? is it possible that the notion of “jobs” is an obstacle (and actually counterproductive) to that effectiveness at the time due to circumstances controlled by a central few?

    slogan for consideration : LESS JOBS, MORE WORK

  3. s.t.

    p.s. please excuse the grammatical errors, unfortunately not able to edit the above post.

  4. janessa browning

    watch how you communicate at some of these sites. The one in philly has cop cars within a hundred feet of it. The police can listen within a thousand feet with just a mike in their car.
    I have a car.
    The housing may be a problem at the moment.
    But I will try.

  5. Yoni Miller

    I like idea of dissolving the SC, however GA’s 6 days a week is just divisive and hectic. We need fewer, more organized GA’s, and perhaps even separate GA’s based on types of proposals, and adapt a more open structure like Seattle where they also have grievances circle.

    I am against Trish running GA Council, however if it does not yield any control…I don’t care really.